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If you are going to work out - namely, running, single-quality athletic shoes you can not do. When running test load not only the legs, but also the whole body. It is therefore important for each sport to pick up that option, which will provide training during the most comfortable conditions. Old sneakers or tennis shoes for such activities is unlikely to fit. The best shoes for the sport - it is, of course, shoes. They do not necessarily have to be expensive and beautifully decorated; all that is required of them - is the ability to sustain a long and tedious run. For beginners, the best option may be to practice running shoes asics.

What other qualities should have sneakers for daily workouts?

  • One of the most important qualities that should have these shoes, is its ability to absorb. This quality is usually necessary in order to reduce the burden and pressure on the foot while jogging. Today, most manufacturers of athletic shoes used for this springs under the heel and the air cushion, which is a cavity at the bottom, filled with a special gas. This not only reduces the impact load, but also helps to repulsion.
  • Also, running shoes should be light, comfortable, they should be securely fixed stop. All these qualities has sports running shoes asics shoes, and other well-known manufacturers.
  • Whichever model you preferring, in each of them there are in the instep, which is needed not only for the convenience of feet, but for proper distribution of body weight during the movement. This significantly reduces the load on the spine.
  • For training in nature are best sneakers with more aggressive outsole with a jagged and various "special effects" to increase traction.
  • Select shoes with laces is recommended, from soft, durable and natural materials - leather and cotton. Today there is a huge choice of models with inserts a mesh that during exercise allows the feet to "breathe."
  • The best shoes for winter running shoes are considered to be insulated with a special sole, does not solidify in the cold. These shoes in any weather remains flexible and elastic.
  • For playing on a hard surface, such as asphalt track, give preference to models with thick soles with dual shock absorbers - under the toe and heel.
  • For a better ventilation for winter running shoes you should buy one size larger than you normally wear.
  • Training outdoors have one indisputable advantage - in addition to maintaining the body in top form, they also contribute to hardening. Just pick the right shoes!
  • Sports shoes best buy in specialized shops, where in contrast to the market range of consumer goods corresponds to this definition, not only in their appearance.

 asics running shoes

How to extend the life of sports shoes?

To shoes as long as possible has served you faithfully, followed properly care. Unfortunately, not every one of us knows how to do it. Following the advice of experts, you can greatly extend the life of your favorite pair of sneakers.

After every workout should be removed along with the insole and shoe to ventilate and dry them in a warm place, away from heating appliances. If the shoe remaining dirt after running, gently wipe it with a damp and then a dry cloth. If the shoes are soaked in the rain, use the old-fashioned method: tamp shoes with old newspapers and do not forget from time to time to change the soaked paper to dry.

And finally I want to add, because that's how women are, they always and everywhere, even on the playground, you want to look perfect. Fortunately, nowadays the choice of athletic shoes is so varied that pick up a pair of sneakers that have joined in a harmonious tendeme beauty and comfort, not too difficult.

Choosing running shoes asics, or any other brand, remember that it is intended exclusively for training. Therefore, use it for everyday wear to work or stroll through the city is not recommended.

 Footwear for running: Tips for choosing

 From what to wear boots

High boots gaining in popularity, and are one of the most important attributes of fashionable women. However, to look important and elegant boots must be able to competently combined with everyday clothes.

In no case can not wear high boots, combined with too short skirt and neckline. This image is very vulgar and evokes associations with representatives of the oldest profession. For this very reason, should not wear boots made of shiny material with sequins and feathers.

Boots with high tops should only be made from expensive high-quality materials, then they will look luxurious and elegant. Do not skimp on their cost, and your way with the help of such shoes is very sexy, but sustained and screaming.

Traditionally recommended to wear high boots with dark tights, it is desirable that the color matches the color of the boots themselves. Completely eliminated a combination of dark boots and body stockings. With jackboots very well together short tunics, dresses, skirts and shorts. The general principle is this combination - the more complex the cut of clothes, the better will look plain ordinary boots. Conversely, a simple uncluttered clothes well combined with bright boots, decorated with rivets, unusual prints, buttons.

For everyday wear suit traditional white or black boots. A Party will look good red boots. A special attraction give models with different buckles, laces and belts that accentuate the elegance of ladies' legs. And for everyday life will be a great option boots with zip, as the most convenient and simple.

Deciding to buy high boots, should take account of their shape. For boots with high heels and a direct long sweater dress or able to visually remove a few extra kilos, make the figure more slender and graceful. If you prefer to surround the top of the clothes, the boots should be as narrow to visually figure is not complete. Treads are contraindicated only ladies low as visually make the leg length is shorter. To cope with this problem, you should choose high-heeled boots and a very long leg.

 From what to wear fashionable boots

 Shoe Care. How to recognize good shoes

Good quality shoes and expensive does not mean that it does not require maintenance. On the contrary, shoes made of leather requires care for her more than ever.

How to determine that the shoe is stitched leather? Leather shoes, especially winter shoes, is not cheap, and it must be considered when choosing. If you are offered a cheap and say that the shoes made of genuine leather, it is likely you are deceived.

Natural leather can not be hidden by the experienced eye. The edges of the skin are not usually tuck, and it shows. But leather is a fabric, topped with leatherette. If you do not cut artificial skin tuck, the edge of the fabric will be shaggy and did not hide. Therefore, manufacturers of shoes based on the leatherette, knowing this, tuck the edge of the material. The skin is thicker leatherette, so it does not tuck the edge, and it does not have any sense. After the edge of the skin is just as durable as the middle, and any part of the leather.

Thus, any shoe that is sewn from natural leather, can be recognized, if you look at the slice of its territory (they usually have the sides may be on the nose, etc.). edge untucked speaks in favor of genuine leather and tucked indicates that the skin is made of artificial leather.

Leather shoes require constant care for her. After the purchase is recommended to soak the skin in any fat, specifically designed for this purpose. After receiving such a skin becomes softer, wear resistant, will not crack and break, there will be water-repellent properties. Over time, such actions must be repeated.
Do not forget about the ordinary shoe polish. It will not only give the shoe an attractive appearance, but also protects from premature wear.

Caring for leather shoes will extend its life several times. So do not forget about it.

 Shoe Care. How to recognize good shoes

 boots Fall 2011

Fashion never stands still, and this time the designers are offering us the boots, which are already beginning to gain in popularity among the fashionistas. This new trend in fashion entered the woman to become elegant and graceful. The main difference of this shoe is narrowed toe and a high and stable heel. Currently, designers have perfected different types of ankle and mind closer to them as boots and shoes to. Models are found in high heels, low or none at all. Depending on the preferences of fashion, a form of heels can be very different. Large assortment of footwear (decorated, futuristic, classic, on a massive platform, high and low), you can wear them almost all year round.

The main highlight of this season will be an unusual faceted heel high platform and all kinds of parts for bold jewelry. This shoe is great for school, for a party at a club or just a cafe. In the new season, designers have contributed to the fact that the boots did not look perfect and too trendy, but at the same time makes women's legs visually longer and more attractive. The most current styles will be presented in the style of the 80's and in the men's style. It is difficult to understand in a variety of trendy ankle boots fall 2011, photo collections last will help you with this.

The color and material of ankle boots autumn 2011

This season, preference will be given to the color black, brown, red, cream, burgundy shoe models. However, the creative and courageous women can choose for themselves, and bright colors, and leopard. When choosing colors ankle is necessary to consider, where and under what clothes you are going to wear them. After a bright shoes with a massive metal buckle will not blend in, for example, with a black business suit.

The material from which are made boots, - it's mostly leather, reptile skin - from large to small scales, suede. In some collections present patent models, which are the undisputed trend this year. Often female boots you can see the combined mixture of different materials: suede or denim inserts on the shoe leather or leather - models made of other materials.

 boots fall 2011 photos

Elements decor

Like any other fashion shoes, boots fall 2011 should include decorations. The decor can be both flirty and strict. The choice depends on the purpose for which you choose shoes. For jewelry should be approached from a critical point of view as very important the appropriateness of decoration.

Relevant are:

  • Lace
  • Straps
  • Classic lacing
  • Fringe
  • Charms
  • Fur
  • Brushes

Models Fall 2011 fashion ankle boots

Models with fur trim become parties to the fashion collections this year, because the fur is a trend this season. They may be fully or partially fur trimmed fur. Fur is used both natural and artificial.

Women's boots fall 2011 lace is very relevant in this season. They are best combined with a thin heel that adds a women's appearance a certain chic.

Option model with knitted elements creates a cozy image of a woman, and if you add to a shoe wool knit dress and date this season handbag, you get a great stylish way.

Ankle reptile skin in the same way as with fur trim, are the most relevant in this year. Particularly elegant look model with pointed toe and high heels, decorated with metal buckles - they are perfect for business meetings.

To determine the choice, it is better to see once and even try on a shoe. After all, there can be so that the model with pointed toes and high heels does not fit the shape of your foot and ankle on the platform or in general without a heel will be the most suitable option. The conventional wisdom is that the shoes fit high-boots girls slim build, but it is not so. This model is suitable and wonderful ladies short, as the heel conceals figure flaws and adds a few centimeters to grow.

 fashion boots fall 2011

Fashionable and comfortable

What fashion boots fall of 2011 and how to choose? Most designers offered a classic version of this shoe, that is narrowed toe, high heel, decorated in the form of lacing or fasteners with buckle. Ankle boots are a fashion and style, and convenience. They are resistant, lightweight, so legs are almost tired. These shoes will fit any modern woman that combines sexuality, femininity and attractiveness. The big advantage of ankle boots is that they are perfectly suited for all ages. This shoe goes well with outfits and accessories are not focusing their attention on themselves. Therefore, when choosing the model does not really matter how fashionable boots do you prefer, the main thing that they are most comfortable.

What better to wear boots?

These shoes can go up to any outfit. However, selecting it, you need to follow some guidelines:

  • Ankle visually shorten the leg. Experts recommend a choice to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the figure in the first leg.
  • When selecting a model with high heels should be remembered that they are perfectly combined with a short and free cut dresses, skirt, "pencil", stretch pants.
  • With boots on the platform will look good monochromatic outfit complex shape, long, straight or flared coat (length must be below the knee).
  • Models with an open ankle are best worn with colored tights and a short skirt "pencil".
  • Ankle boots with thick heels look good with jeans of any length and style.

Most of the women at least once thought about to have in her wardrobe boots. To make a good impression on others want every girl and lady of any age. Besides the fact that this shoe is currently at the peak of popularity, it still attracts its practicality. If you decide to buy boots, it currently does not take much, they can be purchased at any store of women's shoes. And if you want from a specific collection to choose a trendy ankle boots fall 2011, a photo of which can also be seen in the well-known magazines, then for this, there are specialty stores and exclusive brand of footwear. To always be stylish and beautiful, emphasizing its slender legs, interested in fashion and follow the novelties of the year.

 Trendy boots autumn 2011 - the most current models

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