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Just imagine how much load each day falls on your feet. They have to bear the entire weight of your body throughout the day. And the pursuit of fashion, often makes us wear beautiful, but uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels, from which in the evening there is swelling and pain in the legs. Unfortunately, if time does not take care of their feet, then over time, you risk earn "bouquet" of diseases: varicose veins, deforming osteoarthritis, and other equally unpleasant consequences. Unfortunately, all of these diseases are chronic and are reluctant to respond to treatment, which is why it is so important to spend time to prevent their occurrence.

Whirlpool baths are widely used to relieve fatigue and relax the leg muscles. Made of plastic trays with integrated pump and aerator. Sometimes, as additions magnets inserted therein or infrared lamps. With hydromassage baths for the feet, made of hygienic and cosmetic foot massage, which perfectly removes fatigue, swelling, restores normal muscle tone, improves blood circulation. Plus, there is stimulation of biologically active points located in the feet and which are projections of almost all internal organs. Thus, the stimulation is carried out of the entire organism.

The most important function of the electrical and pleasant baths for feet - a massage with air bubbles. Air is expelled with force into the water, creating intense vibration massage, which penetrates deeply into the tissue. This massage helps to strengthen the flow of blood, causing the body receives more nutrients and oxygen and stimulates the metabolism.

Another equally pleasant way of massage performed by thin streams of water, which are fed under pressure. This procedure helps to dilate blood vessels, increases blood pressure, exerts a refreshing effect.

Some foot bath with Jacuzzi equipped with magnets for regular treatments with cramps, pain in muscles and joints. The magnets are mounted in the bottom of the pan and create a weak magnetic field, which has a powerful healing effect on the whole organism.

Some trays are integrated infrared lamps (located under the canopy waterproof). Warming up the lamp can be used both in the empty and in the filled bathtub - the effect will be positive. Infrared radiation is beneficial to improve blood circulation and increase the elasticity of the muscles.

Just a few minutes a day will be enough to rest your legs, and the pain is gone.

The benefits of hydromassage

Besides the fact that foot baths, hydromassage and simple, perfectly removes fatigue, they also have a number of medical indications. For example, hydro-stop has been successfully used in reflexology, which is influencing those same points on the feet, which are responsible for most of the vital organs. Thus, by acting on certain areas of the foot, you can positively influence the work of some organs, and massage the entire foot well affect your body as a whole.

With whirlpool baths, you can positively affect the tonsils, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver, bladder, sciatic nerve, the appendix and other organs.

Unfortunately, the use of whirlpool baths is not available to everyone .  What would be useful and would not be safe whirlpool foot bath, they also have a contraindication .  For example, in tumors, open wounds on the legs, inflammation, muscle injury, allergies or fungal skin lesions, use a hot tub is contraindicated .  It is not advisable to carry out hydro at polyneuropathy (reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings), as it is likely burns or hypothermia .  Be careful with the use of whirlpool baths during pregnancy and circulatory disorders .  In order not to risk, consult with a specialist .  Most likely, the doctor will allow you to take a foot bath, not too hot and brief .  It is advisable to consult a doctor if you have pain in the joints, vascular disease, varicose veins or thrombosis, diabetes, cancer .  In general, the main recommendation - to make sure their condition after using bath .  If you feel worse - it is better to consult a doctor or stop the use of massage .

To achieve maximum benefit from whirlpool baths, you can use special cosmetic additives. It can be various oils, salt, herbs, foams or milk bath. Herbal extracts and essential oils have a positive impact on the whole organism. Chamomile, for example, will be useful for sensitive skin, and lavender can help relieve stress and soothe your feet after a hard day's work. If you suffer from constant swelling of the feet, use as a cosmetic additive horse chestnut extract. If you are concerned about excessive sweating feet in warm water, add a little dried flower of rosemary. Before going to sleep, you can take a relaxing bath with Melissa.

Some whirlpool baths are specially designed for small containers of oils and salts. This allows you to gradually dissolve in warm water additive necessary to you and get the most out of the bath.

It is useful to take a contrasting foot bath. They significantly improve blood circulation and increase the overall tone of the whole organism. Very important is the length and intensity of the impact of such baths. In order to carry out such a procedure is necessary to have 2 trays: one ode to fill with hot water, the other cool. Legs should be immersed alternately in the cold, then hot water, and then wiped dry with a towel. That's all! You should not abuse this procedure, use it no more than twice a week.

Girls who have experienced what a hot foot bath reviews are left almost always positive.

To use the whirlpool baths brought only positive results, you must follow some precautions. For a start, remember: foot bath can be taken only sitting. The bottom of the device is not designed for heavy loads and bath can break.

For the procedure you need to fill the tub with water, but in any case do not allow the complete immersion of the device in water. Never use the appliance to the network if you have already lowered their feet in the tub and did not leave the appliance without supervision. Do not use the device in rooms with high humidity.

 hot foot bath reviews

Types and models of whirlpool baths

Now, whirlpool bath - it is a pleasure accessible to everyone. In shop windows, you can see a large number of different models of massagers. Here are a few examples of the most popular whirlpool baths.

Hot foot bath company Lanaform BUBBLE MASS. With its help you do both vibrating massage and bubble. Moreover, the tub is equipped with an infrared lamp that provides deep heating of tissue. This tray is easy to remove puffiness and fatigue, can help relieve stress and relieve pain in the legs.

Footbath with effect Turbomassage BF2011. Use of this bath provides deep relaxation and toning effect. Acting on the acupressure points on the feet, you can get rid of colds, migraines, varicose veins and other ailments. This bath is also provided a container for oil, for a more enjoyable process.

Hot foot bath MD6014. The use of this device is most effective influence on the veins, increasing their tone and promoting blood flow. It perfectly removes puffiness and equipped with a heating element that keeps the water temperature at 42 degrees C throughout the procedure.

Hot tub Babyliss Hydro Spa 8046E, French production, relieves stress and tension, soothe the pain. It combines massage with bubbles and feed has three modes of intensity.

Hot foot bath bosch, made in China, is a very popular and affordable model. Many shoppers like it due to the diversity of levels of intensity massage, and a few special tips to ensure the most pleasant and comfortable massage. Models baths are in different colors, so they will take a worthy place in your bathroom. The kit to many models of whirlpool baths for feet Bosch is also set for a pedicure, for more comfortable foot care.

Many prefer reliable hydromassage baths, Japan. They stimulate blood circulation in the legs, nice massages your feet, helps to relax and relieve fatigue, has a revitalizing effect on the entire body. Tray allows the massage in three different modes: dry massage, water massage and massage with air bubbles.

The choice is yours. The price of hot tubs range from 1000 to 10 000 thousand rubles, which makes them accessible to any woman. Take care of your beauty and your health!

 Foot massagers

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 lasting nail polish

No woman is complete without a manicure, because it complements any manicure image and gives it a completeness. But to choose the ideal varnish turns out far not at all. The main problem in nail polishes is their durability on the nails. How to choose a good-resistant nail polish? And indeed, what criteria must meet a nail? What brand can be given the title of "the best nail polish?" That's what we will discuss in this article.

Types of nail polish

Cosmetic companies offer to our attention a great variety of different varnishes of all possible colors for every taste. But apart from the usual varnishes now there are three types of nail polish - "term", "Chameleon" and "Crackle".

Nail polish "term" is probably the best option for our latitude varnish. This paint changes color depending on the ambient temperature, which in our latitudes often changing. With this varnish your nails during the day several times changed his color, but because the paint will not get bored soon.
Lac "chameleon" is also very original. Luck of the species changes its color depending on the light, so a nail too soon you will not get bored.

Lac "Crackle" more simple, but it is the highlight - thanks to this varnish on the surface of your nails to create a beautiful effect of ceramics.

As you can see, the types of varnish, though not too much, but this amount is sufficient to meet the needs of every woman. It is not necessary to stick to other people's opinions when choosing nail polish: Which would be better for you - only you can decide.

What should be part of a good polish?

Whichever type of varnish you would prefer not to know that a good varnish should possess such qualities as:

  • Uniform distribution of nail varnish
  • Uniform smooth shine
  • Fast drying (no more than 4 minutes)
  • Resistance (minimum 5 days)
  • Resistance to mechanical damage.

To nail met all these qualities, its composition should include nitrocellulose, plasticizer (castor oil or dibutyl phthalate), diluents (butyl or ethyl alcohol), synthetic resins, color pigments (aniline dyes, for example), the solvent (alcohol or acetone), acid (silicas or bentonites).

Nitrocellulose is responsible for the resistance to mechanical damage, as well as gives the lacquer shine. This component must be present in resistant nail polish. Plasticizers make the nail elastic. Mediums give lacquer viscosity, and due to synthetic resins varnish "sticks" to the nail plate. Colored pigments is, of course, responsible for the color of the varnish.

In addition, the varnish is often added nacre, which is derived from river and sea shells, fish scales or pearl stalemate. Even in the varnish may contain metal particles, which is achieved due to the effect of "metallic."

 nail polish which is better

Tips in Choosing a varnish

Deciding to buy a new varnish, do not rush to buy the most expensive or the most famous brands, as no stamp varnish, nor its price can not be a guarantee of quality. That should be part of a good polish, we have already told you. But in addition to its composition, in a choice of nail polish should pay attention to a number of indicators.

To begin to pay attention to the bottle .  It should not be external damage - chipping, cracking .  Bottle - an important part in the selection of nail polish: a bottle is better to choose? It is better if the bottle is the most common form, without bends, which can get stuck nail .  The bottom of the vial should be broad enough and stable to prevent accidental tipping .  Also contained in the lacquer insoluble components settle on the bottom, so the lacquer should be shaken, and the curved shape of the vial can become a hindrance thorough mixing varnish .  Well, if the vial are metal balls which promote better and faster mixing varnish components under shaking .  In addition, should pay attention to the location of the brush in the bottle - it should not touch the bottom, but to be too short, too .  Also, the brush must be commensurate adjustment of the vial, i.e., high bottle brush must be longer, and the short - shorter .  Cover with a brush must be convenient for holding in the hand shape, ideally - cylindrical .

You should also pay due attention to the brush itself. Pile brush should not be too hard and too soft. Also lint brush should be of different lengths. To check the brush, it should put it on the nail. A good brush in this case, the villi must be distributed evenly on the nail in the form of a fan. If the brush is split into individual villi, or in portions sticking out, then this should not take the paint.

Do not buy nail expired and varnish, whose shelf life is running out.
Before purchasing liked varnish should make it a test - to get a brush of paint and see how long paint will gather in droplets and fall. If the time does not exceed 3-5 seconds, and varnish thus falling droplets, but not reaching, the nail is good.

You should also apply varnish on the nail - then you will immediately see how well the lacquer on the nail goes, how many layers of lacquer have to apply for the desired effect.

So, by following these straightforward tips, you can become the owner of the best nail polish of your proposed range.

Choosing a paint color

You probably know that some people are warm colors, and the other cold. Such a color belonging to a specific people depending on their skin color. The same applies to nail polish.
If your skin is golden brown, peach or ivory, then you will approach varnishes warm colors - honey, orange, dark red tones. Suitable also scarlet lacquer.

For perfect skin pinkish color schemes are all shades of pink, red, orange and burgundy. Also suitable coral shade.

For olive or pale skin color of ripe cherry suit, maroon, white. And the color of the Armenian brandy will look great in the dark. Also it may suit some shades of red and pink.

These tips, of course relative. Experiment with colors, mix paints. A good solution would be two-tone design of your nails or design "nail in the water." In general, some nail polish to choose - your own business, most importantly, do not forget, how to choose a quality paint.

How to apply nail polish?

Nail polish will last much longer if it is properly applied. So, you first need to degrease the nail special agent-degreaser. To do this on a lint-free cloth and wipe the means to put her nails.

The next step is to apply the base (the base under nail polish). Apply basecoat should be 1-2 layers on both sides of the nail plate, whereby the nail like "sealed" on both sides.

After drying, the base should be applied nail polish. And to do it in a way that did not get to the nail cuticle and side bolsters of about 0, 5 mm. Before applying the varnish vial should warm between palms, then pull the brush on one side and wipe it on the edge of the vial. Then put the drop on the nail varnish, a little above its middle, then bring to the cuticle and then - down to the free edge. Also painted over and the sides of the nail. If there is such a need - apply a second coat of varnish, waiting for the complete drying of the first layer.

When the paint is completely dry, it should be applied to the nails fixer glossy lacquer or vinyl flooring. This will give the nails a smooth and shiny, and to protect the varnish from rapid wear and chipping.

If you follow this technique lacquering, the lacquer on your nails will last from 5 to 14 days. This is only possible if the household chores such as laundry and washing dishes, you will be engaged in rubber gloves. Furthermore, the duration of your manicure depends from the varnish. If it is - super resistant nail polish, is subject to the application technique of lacquer and hand protection rubber gloves during homework, the life of your manicure easily reach two weeks of age.

 most durable nail polish

Long-lasting nail gel polish

In a separate section of this article, we decided to tell you about lasting nail gel polish, which appeared in the cosmetic world recently. Nails painted lacquer, gel, have no effect modeling looks easy and the surface of the lacquer coating is perfectly smooth, without the effect of smear coating. Furthermore, such a lacquer is absolutely no harm nails.

Lac-gel is applied as a conventional coating, but it differs from a simple nail is that after application of nail varnish to be subjected to polymerization-LED devices, or under ultraviolet lamps. This is necessary in order to nail firmly entrenched on the nail, becoming solid. Polymerization takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the type of apparatus used.

To remove nail gel polish is also very simple. Removal of the varnish does not require any sawing. One needs only a special nail polish remover gel that removes the varnish for 10 minutes.

Resistant lacquer, gel nails, we recommend using all because this varnish makes nails stronger, they become less prone to chipping and breakage. Clearcoat gel in one layer provides soft, translucent color, dense and intense color can be achieved by applying the second layer. In general, about the nail-gel can safely say that it is - the most resistant nail polish of all existing kinds of varnish, because the life of gel polish on the nails up to three weeks.

Review resistant nail polishes

If you want a nice manicure, it is important to choose a good varnish. How not to get lost in the variety of different companies and some nail polish to choose from them? It is very often the case that even a very famous brand of nail polish does not stay more than two days, and this period, is very small. Let's look at a few really good brands of nail polish that lots of women have been recognized.

The best paints varnishes were recognized:

  1. Isa Dora
  2. Sally Hansen
  3. Christian Dior

Lac Isa Dora in a series of «French Manicure» long keeps on nails, fits well, is not erased and not cracking on the tips of the nails. In addition, the paint does not harm nails, keeping them healthy. In general, the brand can truly be called a super-resistant nail polish.

Sally Hansen Nail Series «Nail Prisms» dries quickly, lasts a long time, and its price is quite acceptable. In addition, the varnish excels with an acceleration of nail growth. There is one drawback though - good quality differ only in pearly shades of this series.

Christian Dior Nail different bright colors, dries very quickly and lasts a long time. It does not harm your nails.
In addition to these three brands are good reviews varnishes Belweder, Kiki, Ceramide Resist by L'Oreal, Bourjois.
So here came to a logical conclusion of our article. We hope that our advice in the choice of varnish help you become the owner of the stable, and nail polish your nails will delight you with its beauty for many days.

 Nail polish - which is better?

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