Food Poisoning Treatment

With food poisoning every day facing a huge number of people. Particularly relevant this problem during the summer, when the temperature is high enough and the food spoil faster. In addition, an increased surge of food poisoning accounted for holidays: New Year, March 8, May holidays. And so about the food poisoning, symptoms, treatment needs to know everyone. After all, if a person has food poisoning - it is desirable to begin treatment as early as possible.

It is, in principle, it is easily explained. As a rule, on the eve of the products purchased for the future, and sometimes in the confusion they forget even just put in the refrigerator. Yes, and the remains of a festive table sometimes eat up a few days later. People pity to throw more good, in their view, the products.

However, very often for a "lean" people have to pay their own health. Shortly after eating stale food a person has digestive disorders such as nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, which indicate the presence of food poisoning.

Variety of food poisoning

By poisoning the human body, in most cases results in the presence of toxins in food, their metabolic products and decomposition. Contact bacteria in food is a result of violations of technology of their manufacturing process, and that is much more common storage conditions. Also, very often the pathogens into the water, and then - as the human body.

Too many people are trying to determine the suitability of products for their appearance or smell. However, not always the products containing microbes change their taste, color, odor or consistency. As a result, in food consumed substandard products.

  • Food poisoning meat

In principle, any meat product may be a source of poisoning. However, the greatest danger is chicken, because the skin of chicken in a large number of live bacteria salmonella. It is also often the cause of poisoning are products of minced meat. To prevent this type of poisoning always carefully expose the meat products heat-treated, do not keep the meat out of the refrigerator. Ready-made meals of meat, try to eat in the first few hours after cooking.

  • Poisoning toxins staphylococcus

This type of food poisoning is probably the most common. Staphylococcus multiplies remarkably even at room temperature, usually for products such as pies, cakes with cream and dairy products. Especially often such food poisoning occur in summer, due to the high temperature environment.

  • Food poisoning mushrooms

Poison mushrooms - the most dangerous for the human body. With this type of poisoning largely affects the liver and kidneys and the central nervous system. If you suspect poisoning mushroom man must be delivered as quickly as possible to the hospital. To avoid mushroom poisoning never collect unfamiliar mushrooms, mushroom growing next to the road.

  • Food poisoning fish

Poison fish ranks second in severity after mushroom poisoning. Fish in the decomposition process allocates highly toxic substances which negatively affect the central nervous system and the human body as a whole. Always very careful about buying fish. And in any case, do not keep the fish at room temperature - it starts to deteriorate after just half an hour.

  • Botulism

Botulism is today one of the most severe poisoning, a serious threat to the human body. Usually, the first signs of the disease can occur within an hour after receiving substandard food, but in rare cases between food and onset of the disease takes several days.

The causative agent of this disease are botulinum spores stick. Propagation of these spores is only possible in the anoxic space. Usually Canned ideal for reproduction, home-made, and in the lower layers of meat products. Average boiling in the fight against botulism inefficient - disputes is very viable and killed only at temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius.

Symptoms of botulism are very specific, and they are difficult to confuse with the usual food poisoning. As already mentioned, after a short time after eating the contaminated product of poor patient person there is a sharp cutting pain in the stomach. Almost immediately, a person has a never-ending exhausting vomiting.

After about two - three hours a sick person the significant deterioration of vision, as if the eye drops a veil or fog. An hour later - half a human patient begins drooling, impaired swallowing, it disappears. Gradually developed paralysis of all other muscles, including those involved in breathing. If a sick person is not given immediate and qualified assistance is very high risk of death.

Help the sick person, in this case can have a doctor! Immediately call a brigade "first aid", which will bring the patient to the infectious department of the nearest hospital, where he will be given first aid. Self-treatment is not possible, as the only effective means - the introduction protivobotulinicheskuyu serum. Keep in mind that the chances of a favorable outcome of the disease are reduced with each passing hour.

The only thing you can do before the arrival of "emergency" is a sick stomach wash. This measure will help reduce the number of spores, sucked into the blood and got into the intestine of the patient. About how to properly wash the stomach, you will learn a little lower.

  • Other types of food poisoning

Much less, but still sometimes together with spoiled and substandard products in the human body fall into such pathogens as causative agents of dysentery, salmonellosis, and even typhoid.

 Food poisoning symptoms

Symptoms of food poisoning

The incubation (latent) period of the disease can last from several hours to several days. Generally, it depends on what germs are in the product, as well as their number. The first is usually pain in the abdomen, but after a while can join diarrhea, but not always. Sometimes poisoning may occur and without diarrhea, but not often.

After a few hours at the poisoned person has a headache, chills. Very often, when a person has food poisoning, the temperature rises to high enough numbers, the aches in bones and muscle pain. In severe cases of poisoning possible confusion, delirium, and even fainting.

First aid for food poisoning

Unfortunately, quite often simple food poisoning led to severe intoxication, disturbance of the normal functioning of kidneys, liver and pancreas. And it happens most often due to the fact that people do not know what to do with the food poisoning. Timely to provide emergency assistance to food poisoning can often save not only human health, but also his life.

If you or your loved one are observed above symptoms of food poisoning, you should call the brigade "first aid". But even before they arrived to start to provide first aid to the victim. For starters, always flush stomach sick person. Many sources of information are advised to wash the stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. But, unfortunately, even the smallest, insoluble crystal can cause severe burns of the mucous membranes of the mouth, esophagus and stomach.

It is much safer and less effective to wash the stomach with soda solution and iodine. To make it dissolve in water, soda and iodine rate of two tablespoons of baking soda, and five drops of iodine per liter of warm boiled water. Allow the patient to drink a solution as much as he could, and then click on the root of the tongue to induce vomiting.

Irrigate the stomach is necessary as long as the vomit will not be transparent and clean - in other words, until there is only water. Please note that there are several categories of people who do a gastric lavage, you should not:

  • People who are unconscious. Firstly, they can not drink the water, and secondly, there is a high danger of suffocation - i.e. flooding. Moreover, if a person who is unconscious, begins vomiting, which often happens when a person has an acute food poisoning, be sure to follow all the time, so that his head was tilted to one side - it helps avoid choking.
  • People with confusion. Strictly speaking, it is impossible to wash the stomach all the same reasons that people without consciousness. Even if the person seems to periodically wakes up, the risk of choking is still quite high.
  • Children up to two years. Kids alone to wash the stomach and in any case impossible. Here are two reasons - it is unlikely you could get the crumbs drink this rather unpalatable solution. But even if you do manage to say it, you lie in wait for a very serious threat. The fact that these kids irritation of the tongue and vomiting can trigger sudden cardiac arrest spontaneous.
  • People who have had heart attacks and strokes. The reason that gastric lavage is contraindicated, such as children and. Gag reflex has a significant load on the cardio - vascular system of the body. And the state of the sick person can significantly deteriorate.

After gastric lavage immediately give the sick person any laxative if it is at hand. If in the home medicine cabinet there is nothing suitable, give the sick person a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil - it has an excellent laxative effect. However, please note - you must give laxatives only if a sick person is not diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, let the sick person activated carbon, the rate of one tablet for every five kilograms of body weight.

After you make the above procedure, try to warm the sick man, wrapped him or by applying a heating pad to the legs - usually vessels spazmiruyutsya limbs and feet are cold most. Be sure to ask the patient warm tea or milk. By the way, the milk is very useful if the food poisoning - keep this in mind. Independently no medication other than activated charcoal and a laxative, do not let a sick person - if a person has food poisoning, treatment may appoint a doctor - infectious diseases.


Very often people themselves begin to take prescribed antibiotics and food poisoning. However, you should not do that! In most antibiotics in no way affects the causative agent. But a heavy load on the kidneys and liver antibiotic still holds. But they and without antibiotic to be done a great job - to withdraw from the human body all the toxins. So whether or not further burden the body, which is already difficult?

And, moreover, the use of antibiotic drugs greatly alters the normal intestinal flora, making it unable to fight toxins Once ingested with poor diet. Then, in order to restore the natural balance of the normal flora, you will have to make considerable efforts and spend quite a long time.

Although in some cases, intestinal infections without antibiotics can not get around. However, the doctor ordered a pre-required tests. And only if the tests show the presence of the microorganism in the body that are susceptible to the antibiotic, a physician will prescribe a medicine.

Diet during illness

Once the crisis was over and the sick person begins to go better, very important Diet after food poisoning. In the first day of a sick person, it is desirable to completely abandon the use of food, leaving only fluid intake. On the second day, if vomiting has stopped, a sick person can start eating soups, crackers.

On the third day in the diet is necessary to include liquid porridge, soups. The first days all the food must be mashed or viscous consistency. In no case can not ignore nutrition food poisoning because otherwise may develop serious complications. These include various violations of the normal functioning of the digestive and excretory systems.

Poisoning in Children

Separately want to talk about poisoning in children. Children often mouthing toys, dirty hands and so on. That is why intestinal infections in children - not an uncommon phenomenon. However poisoning in children occurs much harder than in adults. And why food poisoning in children requires much more attention from adults. Take immediate action immediately as soon as you notice the first signs of food poisoning your baby.

Do not try to diagnose yourself. In children diarrhea and vomiting can accompany many diseases, so diagnosing poisoning can only pediatrician. Very often, for poisoning the parents take the most ordinary bacteria overgrowth. Therefore, when the first signs of an indisposition call a doctor immediately, or "first aid".

If poisoning in a child treatment strategy should be slightly different. First, you need a little child at the first sign of the disease is necessary to go to bed and bed rest. Children have a very high risk of dehydration, so the loss of moisture from the then highly undesirable. Also be sure to monitor the temperature in the room - the air should be neither too cool nor too warm.

Next, you need to immediately start otpaivat child. For watering, you can use the solution crumbs rehydron or ordinary glucose, which always have to be in any home with a child. If they suddenly appeared, you can unsolder the child compote or juice, or as ordinary water. Use for watering baby mineral water is not recommended - it will cause extra strain on the kidneys of the child, because of its content of salts.

Desoldering child should be as follows. About every 15 minutes, the baby should drink about three teaspoons of liquid. If the child starts to vomit, try to give two or one teaspoonful, reducing the time between doses of the liquid up to five minutes. But even if asks crumb drink, do not give more - otherwise the liquid will not be absorbed the intestines and the desired effect could not be reached.

In the event that the baby food poisoning takes place against the backdrop of a high temperature, parents can give the baby child antipyretic. However, remember that doctors do not recommend to shoot down the temperature of less than 38 and 5 degrees with the help of medication. If it bothers you much, try to knock her traditional methods - cool wraps, rubdown.

Most often pipsqueak refuses a meal. In the early days of the disease it is completely normal and should not cause alarm among parents. But on the second day of the child can already start feeding. However, diet food poisoning in children should be particularly strong:

  • The volume of food. In the first days after illness the amount of food intake should be reduced at least twice. In addition, food must be fractional - the food a child needs to give very small portions, but often. The break between the baby food should be not more than two hours. The next day, you need to add to the volume of about ten percent. We need to continue to add up until you do not restore the previous volume of food that pipsqueak ate before the disease.
  • The consistency of the food. During the illness, and in the process of recovery is by no means impossible that the crumb used in fried and fatty foods, spicy foods. The food should either be liquid or viscous. Ideal porridge on the water or chicken broth soup. Do not give milk crumbs - the first week it is better to change to yogurt or yogurt. Put the baby on his usual food should be gradually, gradually introducing foods into the diet. And be sure to pre-consult with a pediatrician, what to eat when food poisoning your crumbs.

 Symptoms of food poisoning treatment

Traditional methods of treatment of poisoning