flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands


  • White Rose
  • Bouquet of wildflowers
  • Flower on the hair clip

"If only you knew from what rubbish flowers grow without shame! ". These Akhmatova line found incredibly vivid confirmation of our chemical-synthetic reality, its way of life filled the plastic packaging and plastic packaging. Without further ado, generous to the most fantastic ideas mistress needlewoman-invented to make artificial flowers just out of the garbage, namely, from plastic bottles.

What is usually sent to the rubbish bins in their capable hands able to turn into a fabulous flowers: daisies, poppies, roses, peonies, Kala, crocuses. And by the way, we are also in a state of their own hands to create such beauty. Let's learn how to do it, and try to turn plastic bottles into flowers.

White Rose

Neat bottle of white opaque plastic, which is poured yoghurt, kefir and milk will serve as the starting material for our lush white rose, made with his own hands. In addition to these bottles still need a candle, the flame which will be cast with plastic and glue (hot gun or any other adhesive, firmly securing polymeric materials). By the way, if your kitchen is not electric and gas cooker, the candle can be replaced by a gas burner. Oh, and it will need a long forceps, which is necessary to keep the details, treating them over a fire.

Let's get started. First, how should we shall wash up and we shall cut a bottle of her pieces in the form of rose petals. You can use a template or simply cut "by eye" several small petals, some medium and some large. Now, holding the tab forceps, begin to give it the desired shape, holding the flame.

Important! Do not get too close to the fire part! Firstly, it is in this case soot and secondly, can simply break! So be careful - keep tab over the fire so that it is only heated and warmed up, the plastic begins to bend.
Turn the lobe in different directions, you can give it the desired shape by controlling the bending and twisting of the parts. Treated in this manner all the details begin to gather rose petals bonding adhesive: put in the middle of a very small detail, we wrap them those that are larger and do outer petals of the biggest details. That's all! The flower is ready!

 Plastic flowers with his own hands

Bouquet of wildflowers

This bouquet will collect from daisies and cornflowers. And we will need for it: a bottle of blue plastic cornflowers, white opaque polymer bottle daisies, green bottle for the stems and leaves, brown and yellow (orange) plastic for seredinok colors. And prepare a candle, glue and stiff wire braided, which will serve as the basis for the stems.

So, we begin ... From the middle of the blue bottle cut out circles with a diameter of seven to eight centimeters. Two circles - one knapweed. Now these parts crosswise incision, made eight cuts from the edge to the center and before reaching the city center about half a centimeter. Then, the edge of each petal cut a shallow sharp teeth and attach flower curved shape, holding the item over a candle flame. Then in the center of each cornflower do puncture thick sharp awl.

To cut out the stem in a spiral thin strip (five millimeters) from the green bottle. Then encircles the strip around the wire, holding it over the fire and closing coils of wire along the entire length. The tip of the wire is exempt from the braid, leaving the metal rod length of about four centimeters. Another green bar is twisted into a tight roll of and slightly pushing midway, giving it the shape of a cone and fix glue.

From green bottle cut out small circles with jagged edges (this will be the sepals) and also is first treated them over the flames, and then make a puncture in the middle. Now put on the wire first green cone, then sepals followed two pieces cut from a blue bottle. We fix via Melt.

For stamens cut out circles of brown bottles and incision of their long thin edge of the fringe, then process the item over a candle and make a puncture in the middle,. We put on the stamens on a wire, metal wire end Bends, fixing flower. Decorate the middle of a black or silver beads, placing beads on the adhesive.

To daisy cut out of white plastic bottle round parts with a diameter of eight centimeters. Making incisions on each part, as in the first case, only much more to obtain ten-sixteen petals. Each sector is cut off at the edge, giving the rounded petals. Now handles the details of hot air to the petals took tortuous, and do in the middle of every detail puncture.

For each flower midway Cut two small circles of yellow plastic and a little incision them over the edge, making the fringed edge. In one circle to cut out a triangular segment of a circle and turn the cone, softening of hot air and fixing glue. The second circle just treat over the fire and pierce the center. From green bottles do sepals.

On the wire (prepared as cornflowers and) put on first sepal, then two pieces of white plastic, then the yellow circle and fold the metal wire, fixing flower. Yellow cone, like a cap, close the metal loop. We fix glue.

From green plastic leaves with petioles cut out the shape of true leaves of cornflowers and daisies. Each leaf handle over a candle, leaving the stalks intact. Then attach the leaves to the stems, petioles wrapping around the wire and softening them over a flame. Putting a bouquet and admire the beauty of the created their own hands.

 flowers with his own hands made of plastic

Flower on the hair clip

Flower hair with his hands from the prosaic plastic bottles! We are ready to make such a miracle? Toga proceed. For this we need the middle part of the transparent plastic bottles, white, green and pink acrylic paint, candle, glue, hair clip.

From bottles cut out the middle part of it and has cut into three circles of different diameters: the size of the largest circle and determine the value for the flower barrettes. Now we divide each circle into six sectors and makes an incision from the edge to the center before reaching the center of the one and a half centimeters. Each petal cut off, rounding the edges. We lit candles and begin to shape the petals. First passes near the flame-edged petals podplavlyaya them and making wavy. Now we turn over the item and heated midway of each lobe, causing the plastic to bend, and the petal to become convex.

Important! Details of plastic bottles heat up very quickly! If you overdo the plastic over the fire, it will be curtailed into a tube or even turn into an incomprehensible flourish.
The large slices, which will be the outer rim of the flower, make a slightly concave petals. On average, let them wrap a little more, and the smallest can hold onto a little longer over the fire.

Collect flower, folded parts, one to another, so that was the big blank at the bottom and small on top. Fastening parts glue and inks, trying to recreate the color of flowers. Petals can decorate with both sides, and can be coated with paint only one side - that's the way you like best.

From plastic bottles do and leaves. Cut the workpiece desired size and shape, melted edge of the flame, and the veins on a piece of coin or draw hot needle by placing a sheet folded in several layers of cloth. If posted on the soft tissue of the plastic with the strength to hold hot coin (not only clamped his bare hand!), It will leave a trace on the details of the relief. Hand made leaves cover green paint.

By the way, for this flower can be used bars of colored plastic bottles: blue, blue, green. And you can paint a flower with his own hands, using stained glass paints. Then turn the flower color, but transparent. Ready flower and leaf glued to the hair clip. Done by hand hairpin with a flower out of plastic bottles ready! Try on, admire and enjoy!

With my own hands from plastic bottles can be made not only for the flowers barrettes, and tiny flowers for jewelry. These delicate flowers will look great in a bracelet or necklace, earrings or even a ring. And flowers from plastic bottles can be interior decoration, if you just put them in a vase to decorate them or cook or make your own hands housekeeper, racks, panels. What is important is to determine what colors you want to do is to prepare the material and tools. And that his skillful hands you will be able to create beauty even from plastic bottles, no one doubts. Be of good cheer! And all you get.

 Flowers from plastic bottles with their own hands - a weightless beauty

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