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  • Types ample plants
  • Placing flowers ampelnye
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Today we offer you to plunge into the wonderful world of ample plants. Beautiful hanging from the balcony flower, creeping up the facades of buildings colorful vines, green pergola - all this is fine Ampelio.

Ampelio in German means "hanging vase for flowers." The most common use of pots of various forms of pots, baskets, pots and so on. To create beautiful compositions can be used by houseplants and greenhouse flowers, and even some types of shrubs open ground suitable for this purpose.

It has long been fashionable to use ample plants for the garden, for vertical landscaping suburban areas, and, of course, very nice ampelo look at apartments. From ordinary indoor plants, they differ only in that they have on the walls, decorative grilles or high tables, but especially look blooming colorful composition waterfall literally hanging from the balconies.

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Types ample plants

Ample plants are divided into three main types:

  • Decorative and deciduous: asparagus, ivy, Tradescantia, saxifrage, Fittonia and others.
  • Flowering: dyusheneya, Hoya fleshy, fuchsia, and other kolumneya.
  • Ampelnye succulents: disocactus flagelliformis, Zigokaktus, stonecrop and others.

This is not all of the colors, there are many more varieties Ampelio.
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Placing flowers ampelnye

Basket plant, such as Chlorophytum, ivy and Nephrolepis well acclimatized and look in wicker pots. Typically, the material used for the weaving of the most diverse: rope, cord, vine. Very attractive look Ampelio on the shelf or round serving table. Particularly suitable supports on wheels, because they can be easily moved from one place to another.

In the summer it will be good to move the plants to a balcony or decorate their entry into a country house in the country. However, when moving the illumination level must be considered for each type of plant. For example, asparagus and saxifrage like sunny places, while ivy, philodendron and ferns prefer to stay in the shade.

On the plot ampelnye plants are often used as hedges, flowers adorn the doorways, porches, verandas. Often you can find ornamental flower arrangements and in parks and gardens. Hanging baskets Plant for busy streets. A special place is occupied in the design of balconies and loggias. Most often used for this purpose hanging baskets. With their help you can easily decorate a boring house walls or windows. For suspended structures, there are various types of containers, including fabricated from readily available materials.

The main requirement when selecting colors for hanging baskets is the nature of their growth: they have beautiful dangle from the basket forming waterfalls of flowers. Many houseplants are perfect for such purposes, such as fuchsia, petunia, sweet peas, ivy, nasturtium, Chlorophytum, spiderwort, and others. The most unpretentious and "comfortable" ampelnye flower can be considered a room begonia. First, it is growing rapidly, and secondly, blooms profusely and, thirdly, is able to wait patiently, if you forget to water it in time. Also, its advantages include painless transplantation, which makes it even more popular.

Note that in overhead structures is good air circulation, so the soil in such containers dries quickly. Therefore, plant them in the best drought-tolerant flowers (Pelargonium plyuschenistaya, hang-downing petunia, verbena, Scaevola pleasant ferulelistnaya bidens).

Creating a multi-level compositions, using different shapes flowering plants. You can mix curly, carpet, bushy, pryamorastuschie and flowing plants, placing them in the neighborhood. At the edge of the container can be planted Rugs (purslane, Gazania) and sweet peas, morning glory or Thunberg fine form dropdown veil. The top of the composition can be issued pryamorastuschimi plants, for example, spicy greens. These bushy colors, like fuchsia and begonia, can grow both up and down. A nasturtium ready to grow and the middle tier of the composition.

Pay attention, at what level will be located your "flower basket". If it is below the height of a man, a winner will look bushy or pryamorastuschie Ampelio. A highly colorful look hanging pots hanging cascading flowers of different forms.

 ample plants for the garden

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Care ample plants in the apartment

Basket plant unpretentious, and care for them does not require much effort and additional costs. Let us dwell only on some essential points.

Most species are native to ampelo hot tropical countries but direct sunlight delicate flowers can not tolerate. Therefore, place them far away from the window. Periodically rotate the plant to the light source by different parties in order to form a uniform krone from leaves and flowers.

If you have flowers on the shelves or decorative rack, try to trim lightweight plastic pots. Necessarily the presence of a thick layer of drainage, because excessive watering and standing water is much more destructive for these plants than overdried soil. Drain any remaining water from the sump of the watering.

Note that the higher the ceiling flowers located, the smaller the air at this level of moisture is contained. So do not forget to spray the plants with an atomizer, and in the cold season, use a humidifier or place containers with water immediately adjacent to the Ampelio.

Growing plants in pots, it must be hung so that you can freely check the condition of the soil, and periodically rotate the container with a flower from side to side. Important: hanging, plants do not come into contact with other potted flowers. Otherwise, there is a high probability of infection of plant pests from each other.

Plants with aerial roots, demanding to moisture, so often spray them. Note that drops from plants which remain on them while spraying into the soil, and therefore it is necessary to reduce the amount of irrigation. Another good tool is located near the humidification wet moss.

Despite the fact that some species of flowers humidity is vital, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria and fungal attack. In order to reduce the risk of such diseases, added to water for irrigation or biological products such as Trihodermin fitosporin.

 basket plant

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Care ampelo outdoors

The most popular garden ampelo purchased petunia, fuchsia, pelargonium plyuschenistaya, nasturtium, verbena - they are perfectly combined with each other. Ampelio on the street, in the garden, at their summer cottage - a great way for creative self-expression and your imagination. You can try all possible combinations, hanging baskets move from place to place, combine incongruous, and still it will look cozy and nice.

For ample plants growing in the garden, too, used the suspension design and a variety of baskets. Especially magically appear flowering of artistic composition in such containers, such as old boots, leaky wicker basket, a broken wagon, and others.

Basket plant in a pot - the most unpretentious for the content, it is enough time to water and feed periodically. You will not have to weed, spud your pet and fight against weeds. Of course, an outdoor soil dries quickly, and therefore need frequent watering. This is a basic condition for the content ampelo outdoors. The bigger the pot, the more often you need to water the plant. May best be watered in the morning and evening.

Necessarily the presence of drainage and drain hole in a pot. As the drainage can be used pottery shards, tree bark and a traditional concrete block. Substrate ample plants for planting should consist of sand, peat and leaf mold. You can add organic compost. For the accumulation of moisture in the soil is not superfluous to add vermiculite or hydrogel beads.

An important condition for the formation of a beautiful composition is a regular top dressing fertilizer plant. It's best to buy a complete fertilizer for flowering plants in pots. And, of course, do not forget to remove the faded flowers and withered shoots. Regularly check for the presence of plant pests. Several times during the season with special spray insecticide solutions and arrange a shower, spraying the plant with plain water.

As you can see, basket plant - an excellent alternative to decorate your home and garden. It is difficult to find the same flower arrangements, options for creating a suspended structures exist in abundance. We just need to show imagination, ignite and inspire the desire result. Once created colorful Ampelio, you will be conquered by its grandeur, solemnity and creative simplicity. We wish you success in decorating the interior with the help of flower "waterfall"!

 Flower waterfalls and hedges: create Ampelio