Fitted dressing room

Dressing rooms in our homes in recent years become increasingly common. They are comfortable because in such rooms can remove all clothing and shoes to expand, thereby, the space of residential buildings. We will talk about how best to equip a dressing room to make it the most comfortable and beautiful.

The dressing room is often not enough light. Therefore we must take care that the room was well-lit. Do not hang it in low lamp: they can catch the door high cabinet or hook when changing hands. Therefore it is better to make a comfortable high lighting.

In the dressing room must be the mirror. They allow you to transform a room and see yourself in the reflection in the dressing. It is advisable to arrange them around - then you can see yourself from all sides. The best option in this case would wardrobes with mirrored doors - they will perform the functions of both mirrors and wardrobes. And if you do it for some reason you can not, you can put one large mirror that reflects a person full size.

At arrangement of dressing it is often a desire to do it only shelves. However, it is impractical: on the shelves of small things - handkerchiefs, jewelry, socks, etc. - difficult to keep in good order. Therefore, at least one cabinet must be put.

In that case, if the dressing room is quite large, it is possible to make a small personal corner, putting him a dressing table and chair. And to make the interior of the room will help original hanging on the doors of cabinets handbags, hats, scarves, shawls. Not only did they create a kind of surroundings, but also be kind of a clue in which the closet and that is.

If the dressing is used by all members of the household, you can purchase a screen, which is convenient for change. Today, commercially available screens capable of harmoniously fit into any decor dressing. But if dressing room is small, cover it will not fit, so when dressing room have to use alternately.

Furnished our dressing room, must be observed in all practicality. This also applies to the position of doors. It is desirable that they went to the bathroom or bedroom, but not in the dining room or living room.

As for the color of dressing, it is better to make a light and smooth, without decorative elements. This will not detract from its image in the mirror.

 Fitted dressing room

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 General cleaning of the apartment

Where does the dust in our homes? It seems to be the windows and doors closed ... and she is going back! Recently brushed the carpet again full of dust, and it lies at just grated furniture.

Scientists say that every year on our planet falls nearly three hundred tonnes of cosmic dust. And it creates millions of tons of earth inhabiting organisms. And so diligently Cleaning her mistress just shift it from one place to another. So why would seem to conceive while cleaning? First, in order to reduce the amount of respirable dust and prevent premature spoilage of furniture. In addition, we want our house was cozy and attractive. And, even if the cleaning causes irritation, do it from time to time still falls. Thank God, that today it is possible to facilitate using the achievements of the chemical industry, for example VILEDA. There are several methods by which you can significantly speed up the cleaning of the apartment.

General cleaning of the apartment good hostess arrange two or three times a year. They sorted out behind cabinets things to wash all the dishes, carefully wash the bathroom, toilet, clean old clothes and so on. To such cleaning is not exhausting, it's better to split into stages.


We start with windows. Curtains send to the laundry. If aluminum window frames, remove them from the slots and add up to the bathroom, which is on the bottom, so as not to damage the enamel steles mat. If the wooden frame, then, with the help of the soul and the rags are washed from dust and dirt and leave aside to frame dried up.

The ceiling and walls

Neaten ceiling and walls of dust with a dry cloth wrapped brush. This process can trust a man if he is free, and agree to help. He can clean the dust from sofas, bookshelves, cabinets.


Proceed to clean the floor. Transportable stranded - sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, - swap and carefully sweep off all the corners and baseboards. Then carefully my floor. If it is tiled, add the water to the floor and shampoo my floor with plenty of water. Water drove the rubber squeegee attachment to the side, collect and then wipe the floor well wrung cloth.

Go back to the windows, which are used to wash my glasses. Wash and hang the wet curtains on curtain rods - curtain on them dry and evenly otvisnut, so do not have to iron them.

Bathroom and toilet

Go to the bathroom and toilet cleaning. First, remove the curtain over the bath, and soaked it in bleach containing chlorine solution. This solution removes all stains from the curtains of the mold. We collect all the bottles with detergent and shampoo in a large bowl. Sprayed on the bathroom sink, the walls cleaner ceramics. Smeared lather and leave it on the surface for ten - fifteen minutes. Then wash off the foam with water first from the walls, the bathroom, the sink, and then the toilet. Rinsed curtain and hang it in place. My mirror, wipe all the bottles and put them into place. Go to the kitchen cleaning.


We divide the kitchen into zones. We clean all cabinets one by one, removing them from the entire contents. Loop through the dishes, dividing it into necessary and unnecessary, and load the dishwasher or in the sink if there is such a machine. Fill the dishes in the sink with hot water and detergent. Lockers, while dishes soak, wipe first dipped in a liquid dishwashing detergent with a cloth, and then damp cloth. To wipe dry with lockers and leave for airing their doors open. My dishes and dried, and adds it to the lockers after they dry. Likewise washed out stove and refrigerator: their removable parts soaked in soapy water, wipe the inside and outside of the soap first, then a damp cloth and dry and ventilated. All small items. Gather in the kitchen sector, - caps, cork and the like - is collected in boxes and we arrange the boxes in drawers, closets.

The walls, windows, ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom cleaner as well as in rooms. Ceramic tile and marble table surface clean with a liquid for washing baths. This liquid is well removes limescale deposits. The final stage of cleaning - washing the floor in the kitchen and in the bathroom. We hang the curtains. Cleaning is finished!

 General cleaning of the apartment

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 bedroom interior with their own hands

  • Interior plan
  • Choose a color scheme
  • Choosing furniture
  • Turn your bedroom into the abode of love and passion

If your house has a bedroom - you are a happy person. Having a separate bedchamber and not to combine this sacred place with a living room or office, until recently, for many was an unaffordable luxury. But even in the cramped conditions of Soviet life (and post-Soviet wounded - too!) Wife tried to make the bedroom of his personal territory. Probably, since the very times we stayed in the thrust to equip this space as comfortable as possible, and even overly romantic. But what to do! Interior Designers - a phenomenon in our lives a new and still not available to all. Bedroom interior with their own hands - that is still relevant.

Fortunately, today designers are eager to share with us their professional secrets and are proud to show the products of their work - they also need to somehow attract potential customers. And we are not born yesterday. How to spend money on professional services, carefully studying the photo-designer, but eagerly look to pictures in glossy magazines and pictures in foreign films. What? Bedroom - a purely personal territory, not for prying eyes. So as we like, so the bedroom and settle. Still, you should not discount the basic rules of design and interior planning laws. That's what we'll talk.

Interior plan

Do not rush immediately to acquire the main piece of furniture in the bedroom - the bed. Tempted represented in furniture stores samples of this wonderful invention, you run the risk then the entire interior to adjust it for him. As a result, you do not get what you want, but that happens. So initially you need to plan the situation bedroom on paper. Yes, do just that professional designers. You agree that the single bed situation is not limited to the bedroom. There are desirable to place a wardrobe, chest of drawers, a dressing table. And who would want to equip this room, shelves, tables, or even put the TV there (hang a plasma panel).

Therefore draw a plan of the room on paper first and schematically place furniture on it. Moreover, it is important to keep in scale all the dimensions of the room, mark the doors and windows, as well as calculate the optimal size of the furniture. Arrangement of furniture and it's easier to plan the drawing, and "moving" it is easier on paper than in reality. Universal advice here can not be - it all depends on the size of the room, how is it positioned windows and front door.

Another important stage of planning - choice of style. Do not try to console myself with the idea of ​​the universality of modern furniture. Style - it's not only furniture but also the color, accessories and decoration materials. In addition, different styles correspond to different temperaments and different people's way of life. Romantic and refined natures suit exquisite styles: rococo, gothic, Provence. Practical people will like rustic. Lovers of the exotic will be delighted by ethnic styles. By the way, it is not necessary to dwell on any one stylistic decision - styles can be combined.

 Beautiful bedroom interior with their own hands

Choose a color scheme

When ready to plan the future of your bedroom, you must decide on the color scheme. First, this decision will depend on your aesthetic preferences, and secondly, on the style, and the third, from the laws of interior design. By the way, you can first determine the color scheme of the bedroom, and then to select the corresponding style. Still, taste taste, and neglect the psychology of color is not worth it. That's what they say psychologists and designers of the color scheme for the bedroom.

Bedroom - a place of rest, so its interior should be kept bright colors and, if not bright, at least in the calm. For rooms, located north-facing designers recommend choosing warm colors: beige, peach, milky-pink, pale orange, soft yellow. South room is best to draw in cool colors: all shades of green and blue, and white and gray. If you like bright colors, you can dilute the color of your bedchamber ensemble of individual bright spots, which can be a window curtains, bedspread and pillows on the bed, mats on the floor. The walls and ceiling of the bedroom and designers, and psychologists recommended to paint in bright colors.

As practice shows, the most successful design for the bedrooms are bright shades of blue, pink, lilac and pearl gray. In addition, certain colors are harmoniously combined with the texture and color of wood. Bright and vivid colors for the bedroom absolutely not suitable. They excite, cause anxiety, arouse aggression. But as they say, the owner-master. And if you definitely want to issue a bedroom in a boudoir style, paint the walls in red or green wallpaper paste over them with gold lettering, it is your will. But soon it all starts to annoy you, you will not get enough sleep constantly, and all your efforts and money to create a cozy and comfortable interior of a bedroom will be in vain.

Choosing furniture

Well, the plan amounted bedroom, with a style defined, color chosen. Now it remains the most important and most pleasant - to choose furniture. Previously, we have been? Bed, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside table - that all the necessary furniture for the bedroom. It should be noted that this minimum, and today remains unchanged. However, it is complemented by other pieces of furniture. If your intention is to buy a bedroom set, it just consists of this minimum. Then additional pieces of furniture you have to buy separately. Here you have two options.

First, you can buy the missing furniture of the same series as the bedroom set. Today, it is easy to implement, given that modern manufacturers produce not only furniture, but a whole furniture line (this is a line of cosmetics). Therefore, to buy additional drawers or shelving of the same "style" that bed with closet, you were not working. It is easy to pick up and harmonizing with the case furniture couch or chair. These pieces of furniture are also now in demand in the residential interior.

Another option - to combine completely different and even contrasting furniture. For example, you can put in a thoroughly modern bedroom wardrobe, but to complement the situation vintage antique bed or dressing table. However, for such experiments need to have an innate sense of taste measure. Although the deliberate combination of incongruous - it is exactly the main feature flamboyant style kitsch. And if you're a brave man by nature, you can arrange your bedroom in this style.

In general, furniture for sleeping must be, above all, comfortable. In the second place - beautiful, and thirdly - the functional. Bedroom - a place where not want to use the furniture designer. The bed should only be a bed and dresser drawers only. But all at your fingertips. And if you set sights on creating an interior bedroom with your hands, you can, for example, to make a custom bed-podium. Or create a real niche in the alcove. Or to put in his bedroom with a canopy bed. For example, what can be done with her bedchamber, to turn it into the abode of love and passion?

 Modern bedroom interior with their own hands

Turn your bedroom into the abode of love and passion

Create an erotic atmosphere in the bedroom and turn the marriage bed in this abode of love and passion, it is rather simple. If you listen to the advice of experts (this time not designers, no!) And call for help all his ingenuity, reach the desired results without drastic alterations of the interior. So ...

  1. Remove from her bedroom furniture all the excess, leave only a bed and a couple of cabinets or tables.
  2. TV and computer in the bedroom is not the place - they will distract your attention away from the partner, and his attention on you.
  3. Blankets and bedding should be warm colors to create a romantic mood or atmosphere for bright passions. If you use the bed as a "seksodroma", the bedding should be not only beautiful, but also pleasing to the body.
  4. On the table or bedside table or place a table lamp Provide bedroom floor lamp with a red shade. Do not confuse analogy with red lanterns brothels: there was an expert in this matter.
  5. Beside the bed put a box of toys. No, they do not necessarily have to be from a sex shop. It may be cute little things that bring pleasure in bed, for example, pieces of fur, feathers, beautiful clothes ... But you better know that gets you and your partner.
  6. Buy incense sticks, aroma lamp or a candle. Soft light and light scent contribute to a raising of mood, relieve fatigue, and like nothing better than to help tune into an erotic twist. Just remember that not all smells evoke sensuality, so choose only the smell of aphrodisiacs.
  7. Although experts in feng shui are not welcome accommodation in the bedroom mirror, many men are delighted watching the reflection in the mirror partner during sex. Therefore, from time to time, you can diversify your love life, putting a mirror near the bed on wheels or on a footrest.

As you can see, to design the interior bedroom without the help of designers - a feasible task for almost everyone. For a man there are no unbearable problems! And if that person is also a woman ... Well, ladies, all in our hands and draw a plan sleeping and with the style defined and choose the furniture. And if necessary, and turn an ordinary bedroom into the abode of love and passion. On that we and the women to make life more beautiful!

 Bedroom interior with their own hands - no accounting for tastes

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