Fitness via bicycle

Any fitness involves getting rid of the extra calories, the excess in the body that are causing fat deposits. If you do not have time or desire to attend a special fitness clubs, you can get rid of them with the help of the vehicle, namely - the bicycle. In order to burn up to 400 calories, enough to buy a cheap bike and ride it for one hour. This not only will disappear extra weight, but also to form a beautiful and slender body, which is so dream girl.

Do not believe? Let's calculate how much muscle is activated during the drive? Thus, arms and shoulders hold the steering wheel, which is quite difficult in the Russian off-road conditions. Heavy backbone keeps the body in balance, and muscles of the hips, buttocks and calves allow you to pedal. Thus, almost all the muscles of your body is actively involved in the process of driving.

Naturally, cycling - this is a good way to lose weight, but with small design manipulation, this method can be more effective. To start you need to lower the steering wheel to the level of the seat. With this arrangement, your back will be parallel to the ground level, which will significantly increase the load on the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Of course, it is desirable to use the best women's bikes, because of their design excludes any deformation, but a simple and inexpensive model is also suitable.

Once you leave the wheel, start adjusting the seat: lower the pedal in the down position, do not put her heel and straighten the leg. The seat must be set so that such an arrangement has been retained in the legs during the drive. If you do not, then after riding your feet are very tired, while the other muscles will not feel tired.

Attention should be paid and routes. To lose weight, you should choose a route on which to meet the ups and downs. The results are riding on smooth asphalt hardly surprise you, because like riding that does not involve stress on the body - an inefficient waste of his time. Off-road with descents and climbs, narrow paths that would require certain driving maneuvers - this is what you need. In this way you can lose weight and adjust its shape better.

Regarding the choice of the bike, then preference should be given reliable models that would not disappoint you in drive. Today the market offers bikes Cube in Moscow, the quality of which can not be criticized. Alternatively, they can use.

 Fitness via bicycle

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 How to remove fat from the abdomen


  • Fat on the abdomen: whether it is harmful?
  • How to fight the fat deposits in the abdomen

Not a secret that most of us would have given much for that to have a flat, tight stomach. Every day we watch on television on certain models and actresses, and every day to understand that fat pad on the abdomen - this is not the ground on which men appreciate a sexy woman. And then, obstinately compressed lips, what we decide at any cost to achieve the ideal parameters of the figure and make your belly slim and fit. What are we to do this? First, we try to stop eating, and then unconscious swing press or spend money on the latest "magic" creams and ointments that promise to solve the problem. Here are just some reason, hanging belly and did not think to leave. What's the matter? Is there a secret way to remove fat from the abdomen, not mere mortals?

If there was a secret method by which it was possible to instantly lose fat in the abdomen, then surely it would cost huge money. Here are no secrets there is no - to remove fat from the abdomen can only change their own way of life, leaving aside the bad habits. For many girls and women - very boring and uninteresting way requires constant work on oneself. However, it makes it all so graceful maidens that flaunt before us on television with its perfect pressure, always stay in great shape.

Fat on the abdomen: whether it is harmful?

First, let's think about why most women in the lower abdomen accumulates large amounts of fat. Is it only an inactive lifestyle and a love of high-calorie food to blame? After all, for centuries the greatest artists the world celebrates the beauty of the naked body, carefully painting a nice roundness just below the navel. And no one had not occurred to deal with this "scourge", considering this situation perfectly normal. Perhaps the modern desire for a flat stomach - it's just something wrong, it is not adequate to the nature of the female body?

In fact, this idea is rational. The woman - a continuer kind, her body should be prepared to bear and bring up children. From time immemorial, men chose to marry girls with a strong body, wide hips - that are able to give birth to a whole bunch of kids (and in fact did not give birth to one or two, as now, but ten or twelve - and it was normal). Fat reserves was a must in case of unforeseen hunger, he helped mobilize forces to fight diseases, to store energy for breast feeding. A couple hundred years ago, few of the men who dream about healthy offspring would have come up with the idea to choose his companion girl with belly stuck to the spine.

Another thing - our time. Now young people are less likely to stare at the rosy, strong pampushek, preferring to subtly thin, thin girls. Fat on the abdomen and thighs became a curse for all those women who do not find time for sports and nutrition. However, not all the male population of the planet is so meticulously to the gentle lady's tummy. On the eastern continent still in the price neat female body with wide hips and waist, and in some African brides specially fattened before the wedding - or you can stay without a husband.

Not so long ago the world-renowned professor of Microbiology and Immunology Makio Ivashima proved absolutely shocking fact: belly fat helps to regulate the immune system. The fact that the cells of the gland (so-called storage adipose tissue) secrete a substance that activates our immune system and plays a very important role in the regeneration of damaged tissues. So recently, many doctors insist that belly fat - it does not harm and enormous health benefits!

Here are all the many girls and women who want to be slim, sexy and attractive to the opposite sex, that does not help. Whatever it was, but a flat stomach - a stereotype of female attractiveness of our time. Therefore, we will give some valuable tips on how to quickly and effectively remove excess fat on your stomach, without harming their own health.

 remove fat from the abdomen

How to fight the fat deposits in the abdomen

Many girls who decided to remove the fat from the lower abdomen, allow the same mistake: they relentlessly shake the press, without changing the diet and without leaving any bad habits. For the past week, aching abdominal muscles, every step brings pain and nasty fat and did not think to go! Why is that? You reveal a little secret: our body decides which part of the body fat is needed, and what - no. If after prolonged strenuous exercise your fat pad is left in place - hence, the body fundamentally disagree with your ideas about beauty. It is possible that you and lose weight, but not in the stomach, and, say, in the legs, or chest.

Did you know that even the fat is removed safely away from you forever - he comes back, but in another place? So after liposuction - a procedure mechanical liposuction through a tube - the entire volume of fat-position back, but up - to arms, shoulders, chest. This is a scientific medical fact, recorded by scientists observed within six months of the thirty-two women who have liposuction. Conclusion? Mother Nature does not deceive ourselves, and the body carefully controls the amount of your favorite fat cells. Once a cell is destroyed, the body immediately creates another.

But do not get frustrated and give up: if the method to remove excess fat from the abdomen did not exist, you would never have seen the ranks of slim beauties proudly strode down the catwalk. After all, it is somehow possible? So, will you have. Here are easy ways to count on immediate results and is not: the flat, elastic belly - is the result of constant work on oneself. It should just relax, and everything will have to start over again.

Balanced diet as a lifestyle

First, they prefer to make the girls who dream of a flat stomach - is to sit on a rigid diet. So they count as soon as possible to find a model figure and perfectly flat, elastic stomach. We hasten to disappoint you, the decision is unlikely to do you good. We will not tell you about the harm to health that you can cause yourself - a sick stomach and prolonged depression are familiar to many ekstremalka losing weight. The fact is that these diets help lose weight by depriving the body of water, not fat. Lose you so at least twenty kilos, fat belly hanging anywhere from you will not go away (of course, it will decrease, but the flat press still does not work).

In fact, in order to remove fat from the abdomen, you just need to stop overeating, counting the number of daily calorie intake. The danger is not in the pasta and meatballs, and their quantity. So how to remove fat from the lower abdomen? Just around the need for a moderate, even if the fat, at first glance, the food will not cause any harm to your figure. Try to eat more foods containing dietary fiber - is vegetables, fruits, whole grains. In order to digest this food, the body needs more energy - it's when he draws from unspent reserves in the form of Zhirkov on your stomach and waist.

But do not forget that a balanced diet should be part of your life, not a short experiment for a slim figure. Try to make every day the amount of energy consumed were smaller and consumed - more. After all, our body begins to clean up their fat reserves only when the energy deficit will feel! The more your belly, the harder you have to treat their weaknesses as sweet cakes and chips (to use up those calories per day oh how difficult!)

Physical activity for all muscles of the body

Now back to the favorite method of many girls who want to quickly remove excess fat from your tummy. Of course, it is a daily, exhausting rocking the press. It would seem that everything is logical: the more we strain the abdominal muscles, the faster the excess fat will melt, turning into a sample of stomach tightened, elasticity and harmony.

And here and there! Our cunning body burns fats not only in the place where you swing, but absolutely all over the body, and almost uniformly. That is to say, doing exercises on the arm or waist, you will help to ensure that burn body fat and abdomen. Therefore, if you are concerned about how to remove fat quickly and efficiently answer: giving the body a complex exercise!

Hundreds of experts tried to solve the question, what kind of exercise will help you achieve the desired results, but so far no single solution could not be found. Someone advises weights and strength training at the gym, someone - in the morning jogging, cycling and swimming (here the emphasis is on strengthening the exchange of oxygen). Our tip: combine and then, and more - so you'll get the best results.

If you belong to the category of women who are not on friendly terms with sports, then just start moving! Go for walks, go up to the sixth floor walk, lead an active lifestyle. And if you do decide to do physical exercise, it is not necessary to exhaust itself, achieving impossible results. Make them at your own pace: first, it will be more useful for weight loss, and secondly, you do not turn away from following physical activity. It tormented a couple of days on a par with experienced athletes, you can easily spit on everything and go back to the old way of life.

In one of the American institutions anaerobic study has been made experiment: women who want to lose weight, divided into three groups. The first of them was engaged in sports exercises, as they say, "wear" - they were called "riders". The second dealt with moderate and became known as "middling". And third, the slowest - "turtle". What do you think, who at the end of the experiment took off most of kilograms? Surprisingly, this "turtle"! While this is just a theory, conclusively only one thing: if you play sports for fun, not clenching his teeth in pain and tension, and the results are more impressive.

Well, finally, do not forget about the dangers of smoking and alcohol. Lover so angry at risk to earn a much deeper layer of fat, rather than those who are free from these bad habits. The body of their weakened immune system is reduced, the metabolism gradually slows down. Even if the smoker with the experience subtly thin, the fight sagging belly it is not an example of other more complicated. So think twice before you pick up a cigarette and drinking a cocktail next portion.

Learn how to remove fat from the lower abdomen, do not sit on the ground and begin to act immediately. The earlier you begin to address this problem, the better your chances of success. Select a soft, comfortable chair, move away the packaging of high-calorie donuts and go for a walk - this will be your first step toward becoming a leaner and healthier.

 How to remove fat from the abdomen: the truth about the fight against body fat

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