Luntik - best cartoon for raising children

To please your baby, parents are looking for any way to entertain. Believe it or not, but in the cartoon world is all the same way. The tremendous group of people, which includes writers, artists, composers, animators and many others, day and night working to create the next masterpiece. In 2006, on the eve of September 1 before the audience appeared a completely new character. About the one who came up with it and how it is created, read on.

Animated Series "Luntik and his friends" a few years pleases us with interesting characters and a completely unpredictable plot. Perhaps the secret of the success of many years of love and people's sympathy has arisen thanks to the people who work in the world of animation. But perhaps it is such a character is now relevant, it needs kids. Now you can see Luntik all series in a row, or choose one that is the most liked. Now let's take a closer look at the author of this wonderful cartoon.

In fact, script very much. This is a great team, which never ceases to surprise us their story and distinctive novelty among the characters. These people have a tremendous experience, and most importantly, they know how to work for the children and for the children they love and respect the wishes of kids of all ages. Sometimes our children are given the most incredible questions can make the most unpredictable thing. Oh, you can not cover everything, based on their personal life passed way. Therefore, this issue is so important to show kids cartoon, created by professionals, people subtle children's sense of humor.

Animators, working on a unique story that can not be found in any other animated film. Each series is unique, as, indeed, our children are unique. By the way, the creators of the cartoon have repeatedly stated that they are ready to scenes adopted by viewers themselves. So if you have your own suggestions, plans, dreams, and farewell, share them and, possibly, very soon you will see their ideas on the monitors. And at this point we suggest you look Luntik all series in a row!

Above the cartoon runs a large team of artists, the work was so bright and interesting, with a clear image on the face traits of each character. A very competent way are used modern animation, two- and three-dimensional image. Computer graphics unobtrusive, on the contrary, it naturally complements all the actions of the characters.

It is necessary to accept the fact that the authors are Luntik master craftsmen in their field work. They also have to try on the role of a psychologist, educator, teacher and a fascinating man. The authors have done their best to cater to your every viewer. To do this, and have put in a large number of cartoon characters, whose own character and history.

You yourself choose what you watch: Luntik or Fixico newest series. It is important that your child receives the charge is only positive emotions, received a positive example of behavior. Fixico newest series are unlikely to stand on a par with the "Luntik and his friends." Lunar perpsonazh - a brilliant invention, which will delight his audiences for many years.

Give your baby a good cartoon "Luntik and his friends." It produces a stunning effect with a view to prevention education.

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 Finally happened: Luntik - best cartoon for raising children

 Kangaroo or sling


  • What is sling and how to use it
  • Advantages of slings to carry wheelchairs and other
  • Which sling is better to choose: the advantages and disadvantages of structures
  • All of the bags kangaroo: what parents need to know
  • Bag-kangaroo or sling: it is best to choose

Slings and kengurushki - it is something without which the modern mum and dad could hardly do without. Today, there are a lot of debate around these devices. Someone thinks that because these babies can be bent legs, handles, folding. Others express a protest, because crumbs can lull. But even opponents of these children's accessories agree that such convenient and practical things parents make life much easier.

What is sling and how to use it

Sling - a special device to carry the baby, made of thick fabric. On the shelves are so many different models, even the eyes diverge. Slings with rings in the form of scarves, May- or pipe - manufacturers have developed many convenient designs that mom and dad were able to find a suitable option for themselves. After all, depending on the model, their child can be put, put into his stomach, hip or back.

But just recently, these devices look pretty simple. I take the normal flap of tissue that binds specifically and putting on a woman. The free part of the matter put itself child. Through this hands mothers have always been free, she could do household chores, work in the fields or to buy products on the market.

 slings and kangaroos

Advantages of slings to carry wheelchairs and other

  • Development

In the course of experiments and scientific observations, it was noted that the children of such parents have evolved much faster, because it was easier to explore the world. Those kids who are constantly in strollers, cribs and playpens, are not able to watch what is happening around. Therefore, in the development, they are a little behind. Plus, the more your child will contact with you, the more in the future, he will trust you.

  • Ease of use

Mom to feed the baby, or to lull him, do not have to break away from the household chores. You can cook, clean, do a manicure while your hands are free. If, for example, the baby wants to eat in the store or in a cafe, the special design of the sling will allow you to feed the baby, hiding the chest. And no one would guess, than a child of this time involved.

If the baby starts to act up, you can put it in a sling and go, for example, walk to the shops. Or simply go do something around the house. Bag will be walking a little jiggle, lulling the child. Plus, if he does not want to sleep, though distracted by extraneous objects. A silence for parents - this is probably the most important thing in the first three years.

  • Getting used to the baby

Often, women bear a child, faced with postpartum depression. As a result - they do not even want to see the baby, and not to take care of him. But if the child will be constantly close, then the fair sex begins to emerge the maternal instinct. Also tired woman will not irritate always crying and screaming man, as in a sling, he behaves more relaxed than in a carriage. Why arrange a tantrum if he is so near the mother.

Which sling is better to choose: the advantages and disadvantages of structures

Sling with rings: suitable for children calm

This device is a kind of bracket that fits and is worn over one shoulder. Adjust the length of the free flap is possible by means of rings. Thus, you can use a sling for several months, extending it when the baby gets older. The child will be able to sit there and lie down.

  • pros

The advantages of this design is very comfortable to wear baby sling and transportation. In contrast to the wheelchair, the thing you can take with you on vacation, and the clinic, and to walk and to work. If you buy a really high-quality thing, wash and take care of it will be very easy.

  • Minuses

As for shortcomings, it should be mentioned that not all babies like to be pressed against the face to parents. Sit back and forth do not see - that this could be interesting? So it all depends on the nature of your child. If the child is a freedom, it is unlikely to be comfortable. But there is a solution - wear it on your hip.

Another minus - is asymmetrical load. The fact is that every half-hour the parents should change the side on which the sling is worn. But, unfortunately, Mom and Dad forget to do it. As a result - the evening starts to hurt neck, back, arms. And the kid, of course, it is inconvenient to be turned in one direction. Plus, the fabric is constantly sags, because of what the child can go awry. But if you follow his position, everything will be fine.

Sling scarf: cheap and practical

Sling scarf - a certain length of a piece of fabric (from 5 to 7 m), which is fastened and fixed by the parents. It can be used to wear very young children and for the older. However, in order to plant a wee inside, you need to show skill and ingenuity.

  • pros

The undoubted advantage in this case is that the sling is located exactly in the middle. As observed complete symmetry, the load is evenly distributed on the muscles and the mother and child. If you properly wear this device, your baby will be safe. Fell out of it is simply impossible. And, as in the previous case, if you get dirty cloth, it can be easy to throw in the washing machine along with other things. Plus, the cost of the sling will be much lower.

  • Minuses

Again, not freedom-fit children as constrains their movement and limits the viewing angle. The kid does not see what is happening around, can not play, so it gets boring quite quickly. Another drawback - the difficulty in the exploitation of. Yes, sling comfortable to wear, but the assembly and fixing the first time will have to spend a lot of effort. Only with time mothers quickly learn to tie a cloth.

May-sling: perfect for modern moms

This is probably the best option in which virtually no drawbacks. It simultaneously records the baby, that he has not dropped, and allows the child to move his arms and legs. May-sling - a cross between a conventional bandage and a bag-kangaroos.

  • pros

The child feels comfortable while driving, he can safely look around. Also, the baby does not fall out if you are somehow not turn around or when he tries to free himself from "captivity". Wearing a sling may be on the back and front of him.

  • Minuses

The only negative - it is the lack of support of the head and spine. Therefore, this option is best used only when the baby is alone can normally sit. Also, if the parents are planning to travel with a baby over an hour, you should not forget to change the position of your child. Otherwise, it can zatech legs back sick. And do not forget about the stress that is given to the spine parents. Wear long gravity is not recommended. So buy this sling the best mothers and fathers who do not plan too long a walk.

 to choose a kangaroo or sling

All of the bags kangaroo: what parents need to know

As in the previous case, the bag-kangaroos frees the hands of parents, so that they were able to go about their business without leaving the baby unattended. Most often it is a device used yet for a walk on the street, going to the store, etc. At home, such a thing is not very convenient to use because of the dense structures and non-small size.

When choosing a bag-kangaroos, should pay attention to details such as the material, fasteners, the density of the back, comfortable seating, reliability straps. It's best to buy such a thing in a specialty store, not to buy low-quality products that will break the next day. In this case, you are risking the health of the child.

Mothers who use baby carrier, have to comply with certain precautions. Firstly, if you are wearing this bag with your child, you can not bend over. In order to pick something up off the floor, you need to squat with your back flat. Secondly, descend or climb stairs sideways only need to see, where to put the foot. If the foot slips, you will not be able to keep the balance. Thirdly, the need to give up on the heels. Otherwise, or turn up the leg or the back of overstrain.

Bag-kangaroo or sling: it is best to choose

Well, if you have the opportunity to buy something, and more. You can, for example, use a sling at home and on the street - kengurushku. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy such expensive things as a small child and so many wasted. And then the problem ceases, what is worth to prefer. Choosing a suitable option, consider the following indicators:

  • The weight and age of the child

The baby carrier is suitable for children weighing less than 8 kg. But this baby is able to sit himself must, or at least - to keep the head. Sling can also be used for carrying infants and older children (up to 20 kg on average). If you use a sling-scarf, the spin mom will not hurt so much, because the load is distributed evenly. With the same backpack in the evening aching lower back will be exactly assured.

  • Comfort baby

The kangaroo baby will not be able to sit for a long time, because after a few minutes he will numb legs. If you plan to walk in the cold season, use this option can not be carrying as a child dressed in a suit just does not fit there. The sling can be worn as a baby, even if it is a diaper, stockings, panties and many other clothes. Plus, it will not feel discomfort, as with normal wear on the hands.

Another advantage to the sling bag is that when driving your child to talk and will not hit the back or stomach legs. But the older the child the more difficult are the parents. The kangaroo is your child complete freedom: wants the hair pull mom wish - try to pinch the hand.

  • The position and the load on the spine

The bag baby is in a sitting position, and so on a chair or stool with a tight back. What you have to remember in such a small age such a load on the spine is dangerous development of some serious diseases. The design of the sling allows you to position your child so that your lower back does not strain. The load in this case, evenly distributed on the hips, and a handle, and on the back.

Plus, because the baby's legs are separated while in the sling, you can avoid such troubles as hip dysplasia. By the way, in some cases, pediatricians and orthopedic surgeons recommend the use of this tool as prevention of some of these diseases.

  • Recreation

If you put a child in a bag-kangaroos, you can not rely on the fact that he falls asleep in this position. It is inconvenient as the fabric presses, and thus there is no support. The sling baby falls asleep pretty quickly enough to lay it horizontally. While walking bandage will wiggle, lulling your child.

  • Convenience for parents

When my mother wants to feed the baby, she would have to get it out of the bag-kangaroos. If her sling, it is enough to pull the baby to her chest and covered with a cloth from prying eyes. It will be convenient in the case when the need perepelenat baby or change a diaper. Remove the baby from the sling easier.

The second thing that plays an important role - it is carrying devices on their shoulders. The straps of the backpack more subtle and dense, they are strongly dig into the skin. And if you go out for a walk with your child, you have a half an hour later you will want to get rid of the backpack.

Thus, as you know, in a duel ryukza kangaroo - Sling wins the last. Although several decades manufacturers are trying to upgrade the bags to parents was easier to go with them. The sale recently received a small backpack in which many of the shortcomings were eliminated. So after all the final choice is yours.

 Kangaroo sling or - to choose modern parents?