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Many women face the problem of cellulite and sagging skin. Especially frustrating to realize the existence of this problem in the warmer seasons, when you want to wear short shorts, light dresses and a bikini. But taking care of women's health and beauty, beauticians have developed a procedure known as dermotoniya.

Methods dermotonii has its origins in the modern philosophy of the recovery operation of the body because the skin - a body which works in unity with other agencies and with the entire human body as a whole. Not for nothing is said that all diseases of internal organs are reflected on the face.

Dermotoniya - a vacuum reflex-therapeutic method aimed at combating cellulite. The procedure is intended to revive the microcirculation in the tissue to deliver nutrients and oxygen to stimulate the metabolism in the cells and remove toxins. The object of influence are the dermis and hypodermis. As a result, the procedure activates venous-lymphatic circulation, arterioles dilate and toxins are derived.

Resorted to this procedure, if necessary, treatment of stretch marks for postpartum recovery of body shapes and regenerative correction of breast shape, for the treatment of scars and varicose veins.

How is dermotoniya?

Since the procedure does not provide for the use of cosmetic products, the risk of allergic reactions is zero. Duration of the course is always individual, but more often from 8 to 15 sessions. Schedule of visits daily, or one day.

This cosmetic procedure is hardware. Nozzles for massage adapted to the structure of the body, constant and pulsating modes contribute to the reduction of volumes, modeling silhouette and improve skin condition. In the study, which will be held dermotoniya, a specially selected light and turn on nice music for relaxation.

The procedure takes place in four phases:

  1. Examination of the patient, identifying areas of skin with fibrous tissue (zone dermatonii);
  2. Reflexology. Processing of biological points of the body easily absorbed regime apparatus;
  3. Massage. The device continuously impact force absorption is determined by the sensitivity of the individual patient, and from the area of ​​the procedure. In cultivated areas there is a slight feeling of warmth. Exposure causes an improvement of metabolic processes, increases the tone of the tissue, has defibrosing impact.
  4. Drainage. The unit pulsed. First held the opening of the lymph nodes (processing areas of the projections of the lymph nodes) after -limfoottok and final action is closing the lymph nodes.

The procedure is perceived by women as quite pleasant. In the supine position the device acts on the stomach, chest, arms, front of the thighs, and in the prone position - on the back of the thighs and legs, buttocks, waist, back.

 dermotoniya body

Dermotoniya body

Dermotoniya body - the process of mechanical action on the skin and muscles of the human body. Exposure is performed by hardware using ebony sticks that are moving towards each other (swinging movement). Speed ​​and amplitude specified. Sticks gently grasp the skin folds and also affect different areas of the skin. Vessels and tissue while completely traumatized. During dermotonii body, it improves the microcirculation in the epidermis and dermis, which increases elasticity, while improving the process of lipolysis begins to occur burning fat.

Basic dermotoniya helps reduce the volume of the body, say goodbye to the local fat deposits, helps get rid of cellulite, helps to restore skin elasticity and relieving pain. The frequency of exposure - 50-70 Hz, providing an analgesic, decongestant and lymph drainage effects. Capillary flow during the procedure increases five times, lymph - three times.

Dermotoniya persons

Dermotoniya face - the procedure of aesthetic treatment smoothes wrinkles, remove the double chin, "bags" and dark circles under the eyes, swollen eyelids total removal. Use dermotoniey should, if there has been a weakening tone facial muscles, causing the appearance of a double chin. Violation of lymph circulation causes swelling of the eyelids and dark circles under the eyes, it also will help the procedure.

The saving procedure can be in the fight against fine wrinkles caused by facial expressions as an active and natural skin aging, and in the fight against weakening the circular muscles of the eyes. What does this procedure? Women noted the improvement of complexion, increase softness and elasticity of the skin, changes in facial contours for the better.

 dermotoniya skin

Indications and contraindications

This procedure is not so many contra-indications, but not to mention they still can not. Here's what could serve as a hindrance:

  • Inflammation of the skin;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Infectious diseases of the skin;
  • Fungal diseases of the skin;
  • Education on the skin (eg, tumor);
  • Thrombophlebitis;
  • Fever;
  • Hypertensive disease of 2-4 degree;
  • Coronary artery disease;
  • More than six months pregnant;
  • Acute respiratory infections.

Indications for dermotonii:

  • Circulatory disorders;
  • Impaired metabolism;
  • Abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The presence of postoperative scars;
  • Burns;
  • Adhesions:
  • Pain syndromes;
  • Prevention of bedsores;
  • Prevention of striae (stretch marks);
  • Local fat;
  • Cellulite;
  • The severity and leg swelling;
  • Capillary mesh;
  • Circles under the eyes;
  • Double chin;
  • Eyelid edema;
  • Sagging skin;
  • The folds and wrinkles;
  • Unhealthy complexion.

Questions and answers

And now we give answers to the most frequently asked questions about the procedure dermotonii women.

  • Can I remove the fold on the belly, which is the result of the completeness or pregnancy?

This fold - deformation of the anterior abdominal wall. The people call it "hanging fold" or "apron". The excess skin and fat, resulting from excessive completeness or pregnancy dermotoniya not able to remove. Help can only surgery.

  • Will the procedure for weight loss when it excess?

If you will be a comprehensive treatment of overweight, then by removing excess fluid dermotonii procedure will be a good assistant in this difficult matter.

  • How long dermotonii and the required number of sessions?

The procedure involves an individual approach to each patient depending on the susceptibility of the organism and skin condition. The processing procedure of the body takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, and processing entity - thirty minutes. The number of sessions - 5-12 visits.

  • Is it possible to combine the process of vacuum massage with other treatments and resources?

An integrated approach to care for the body does not contradict dermotonii procedure, but on the contrary, it helps to ensure a more sustainable impact.

  • What to do to effect preserved as long as possible?

Comments about this procedure, leave not only cosmeticians, but already past her patient. To achieve a good result you need to go 2 full rate for the year. The effect is quite long, as the metabolism is normalized.

 Fighting cosmetic defects of the face and body

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 Elos Rejuvenation


  • How to rejuvenate with the help of modern technology
  • What ELOS and what are its principles
  • Benefits Elos rejuvenation
  • This procedure shows
  • As soon as you get positive results
  • The benefits of rejuvenation: statistics
  • This is counter-Elos Rejuvenation

Everybody wants to be young and beautiful, but it takes its time. Over the years, reduced collagen production, giving to the skin elasticity, wrinkles appear, oval face changes its shape, expanding the pores. And looking at myself in the mirror, many of the fair sex are thinking about the procedures that will help regain youth.

One of these techniques is elos-rejuvenation. This technique is practiced cosmetologists all over the world for over 10 years and perfectly corrects any manifestations of skin aging.

How to rejuvenate with the help of modern technology

And if you are looking for an effective method of face lift without surgery, rehabilitation and long-term harmful effects, it is best to use the procedure Elos rejuvenation. This unique combination of light energy and a high frequency electric current. After the course of such procedures, which are highly efficient, more than 92% of the clients are completely satisfied with the results. Today, after the invention of ELOS-technologies, the opportunity to impact on the deeper layers of the skin. What makes collagen production is much more active. This synthesis allows energy to 20-30% increase in penetration depth without damaging the skin.

Facial Rejuvenation gives very good results. With it you can:

  • tighten skin;
  • smooth out deeper wrinkles;
  • oval face give precise contours;
  • not only rejuvenate the skin but also the arms, chest, thighs;
  • remove skin pigmentation, spider veins and stretch marks.

This procedure is useful for improvement of skin condition in adulthood, and as prevention of aging. Beauticians recommend to use it after 30 years. Usually after the procedure elos rejuvenation of men and women look younger than 10-15 years old, and have a clean and radiant skin. The great advantage of this procedure is that it does not take much time. Plus, virtually no need to wait, when will the rehabilitation period.

What ELOS and what are its principles

ELOS-technology was established in 1999 by Israeli doctors. Within a few years, experiments, tested effectiveness. After this technique of rejuvenation have adopted beauticians. For a short time the technology ELOS-won thousands of fans around the world. After all, it can help to restore the skin young and fresh, and after just a few treatments. Great complexion, lack of scars, wrinkles - all this (and more) can be achieved with the help of hardware cosmetology. Amazing, is not it?

ELOS-technology (Electro Optical Synergy) - is a combination of electro energy. In other words - the simultaneous effects of light and electric current to wrinkles, age spots and vascular formation. This is done by means of light pulses, creating a temperature difference between the surrounding tissue and the treated plot. The transformation of light energy into heat, the temperature rises sharply changed tissues. However, the changes and their conductivity.

Electric current selectively affects the desired cells, leading to their destruction. On the surrounding tissue thus it has a minimal impact. In addition, intensive heating of the level of the dermis leads to increased formation of collagen fibers. In each case, the pulse parameters are selected individually. First of all it depends on the condition of the skin and solve aesthetic problems.

 elos rejuvenation

Benefits Elos rejuvenation

In laser skin rejuvenation or photo thermolysis is used, and a deeper penetration of the beam may damage the top layer of skin - the epidermis. After heated not only those areas for which there is exposure, but also the surrounding tissue. A consequence of this warming can be burned.

When using ELOS-device does not require anesthesia and does not use other pain medications. The applicator with gentle temperature regime creates a less bright flash, the result of which will be only a slight tingling of the skin. Sometimes, though, there are pain in the processing of spider veins on the wings of the nose.

Thus, the skin is treated centimeter by centimeter. The doctors give high assurance that your face will not undergo burns - 97 percent. Slight redness can be observed only in patients who have recently sunbathing or long in the sun. Swelling of the skin after treatment Elos also been observed. As mentioned above, even after the first procedure will be noticeable positive changes.

For a sustainable and long-term effects should undergo 5-6 treatments, with a short interval - once every three weeks. Although it takes a decision on the attending physician (depending on the overall condition of your skin). After going through the entire course of treatment, you can at regular intervals carry out Elos rejuvenation as a preventive measure. But only after consultation with a specialist.

These are the advantages of the procedure Elos rejuvenation. Plus, give feedback to at least once resorted to this method, do not leave a shadow of doubt in efficiency. Another argument in favor of ELOS-technology is the fact that this procedure has no adverse effects. After its use even prolonged exposure to the sun causes pigmentation.

This procedure shows

All women dream of a smooth and beautiful skin. And quite often they are interested in not just a pretty face, but a slim trim figure. The skin of the neck, arms, chest will look well-groomed and soft after using ELOS-procedures. If you have any defects on the body, the Elos rejuvenation is easy to get rid of them. With it, you can remove:

  • enlarged pores;
  • spider veins;
  • dark spots;
  • facial wrinkles;
  • sallow complexion;
  • flaws of acne and blackheads.

In addition to the removal of these defects treated skin gets its firmness and elasticity. To see the result of tightening and rejuvenation will be after the first procedure, and as soon as possible. However, the end result will be achieved only after 5 weeks. To consolidate the effect it is necessary to spend from 4 to 6 treatments.

Elos rejuvenation requires little training. It is that 2-3 weeks before the procedure you have to give up visits to beaches and tanning salons, because overly tanned skin may appear burns and dark spots. In just a few days before the visit to the clinic is desirable to avoid the effects of chemicals on the body. On the day of the procedure should not use perfumes and cosmetics. And parts of the skin, which will be held electro effects, it is necessary to remove the hairs.

One process can take a total of from 45 minutes - until at least 2 hours (maximum). Everything will depend on the number of applicators and worked area. For example, the procedure for facial rejuvenation Elos usually takes half an hour maximum.

If the client is interested in only the lifting of the skin, the physician is likely to choose one applicator. This session will help women look great for the upcoming celebration, if it held it in advance - for 3-5 days. In case you want to remove the defects of the skin and at the same time carry out lifting, the doctor will certainly recommend two applicators, which alternates will be processed leather. The same goes for rejuvenation.

 elos rejuvenation

As soon as you get positive results

Naturally, Elos rejuvenation of the skin can not give the same tension as plastic surgery. But it has no side effects and is completely safe. Plus, after the use of such procedures, the need for a surgical skin tightening significantly postponed in time.

Visible changes in the skin immediately after the procedure, each person will, of course, different. But on average, all in all will take much time:

  • over 30 minutes on the skin may be slight swelling and redness. Also, there is a narrowing of pores;
  • spots and skin with spider veins may darken after a few days. Sometimes these places formed a crust, as the impact on them is quite intense;
  • three days improves skin texture, lightens it, and then becomes noticeable lifting effect. But spots and defects still stand out;
  • after 2-4 weeks after the procedure is much lighter pigmentation, and 8-10 weeks fade and vascular defects.

The benefits of rejuvenation: statistics

All women want to be beautiful. But many of the ladies who come to the clinic, concerned with the question: how to improve their appearance after the procedure Elos rejuvenation. The results of treatment all over the world speak eloquently for themselves:

  • after sessions of facial rejuvenation, breast, neck, arms, improvement occurs at 50-75%;
  • pore size after the procedure - by 50-65%;
  • leveling of wrinkles - an improvement of 65-70%;
  • elasticity and firmness of the skin after the procedure increased by 60%;
  • lightening hyperpigmentation occurs at 50-75%;
  • Treatment of acne scarring and acne - an improvement of 45-50%;
  • in the treatment of scars and stretch marks - an improvement of 40-50%.

After reading these statistics, you will be able to decide whether you meet such figures. Do not forget to compare them with similar reports by other methods. But keep in mind, and that is found in patients and immunity of the skin to the effects of radio waves. This happens in 3-5% of cases. But after the first procedure, the doctor will be able to define it and advise on other options.

 Elos rejuvenation contraindications

This is counter-Elos Rejuvenation

As with every medical procedure Elos rejuvenation has its contraindications, which can be:

  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnant women;
  • the presence of cancer;
  • skin diseases and herpes in the acute stage;
  • a pacemaker;
  • allergic to sunlight;
  • the presence of a strong sun, which can cause burns to the skin;
  • vitamin A to the last six months;
  • antibiotics that increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight.

But even if you do not relate to contraindications, health risks are not in vain. Pre definitely consult a dermatologist. And do not forget to test the skin susceptibility. As soon as you can to protect yourself from burns.

As you know, Elos rejuvenation - is one of the most modern and effective methods of pretty used in hardware cosmetology. But it can be used only by specialists, specially trained in clinics. Modern methods of rejuvenation meet the requirements of safety and have a good performance.

ELOS-technology advantage is that it works even in small problem areas on the body. In practice, the impact is only on those areas of the skin that are really in need of treatment. The surrounding tissue is not affected. Plus, when you remove age spots, in addition to the impact on melanin, also occurs elos rejuvenation. Electro-energy is directed to the desired point and creates the effect of photothermolysis.

Following the procedures of ELOS-woman can immediately use makeup as any restrictions on its use does not exist. This option is very convenient for the working of the fair sex. Going to the procedure during the lunch break, the work can begin immediately after the conference. None of the others would guess that the woman had time to visit the clinic. But pay attention to the refreshed and radiant skin.

After a session of rejuvenation is not forbidden to do water treatments. The only thing you should refrain - a sauna. Exposure to vapor may cause side effects. And, of course, is better not to carry out the procedure before the trip to the resort.

After reviewing the recommendations, you decide the suitability of this procedure is right for you. Everything will depend on the final result that you want. But in any case, you must carefully weigh all, to consult with specialists at the clinic, who will always be able to advise the best option.

Of course, taking into account the characteristics of your skin. And if you want to look at 100%, then do not delay a visit to the beautician for later.

 Elos rejuvenation of the face: how to look 40 to 20

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