fetal hypoxia

Fetal hypoxia. This concept is constantly on the ear - we hear it very often. Some future moms very scared hearing about fetal hypoxia, while others - not just not pay it any attention. But whether they are aware of what is hypoxia crumbs really? And what it is fraught for the baby's health? Let's try to figure it out.

So today on the agenda of the following questions: What is hypoxia, than it is dangerous for the baby and how to prevent its development. Let's start from the beginning.

What is hypoxia and why it occurs?

Doctors call this condition the term hypoxia organism crumbs at which its tissues and organs are supplied with enough oxygen. And note - this pathological condition of the baby is never an independent disease, but rather a companion - another disease occurrence.

Moreover, these diseases can be very diverse - from both the expectant mother, and from the future baby. Although in most cases the cause of fetal hypoxia are just maternal disease. They are quite a large number, but the doctors still identify several major groups:

  • Different types of anemia

There are several types of anemia, among which the most widespread is iron deficiency anemia. In the event that the expectant mother suffers from this disease, it interferes with the normal function of erythrocytes and the resulting oxygen to the various tissues and organs are not fed in the required amount.

And as for ensuring that the body baby, too entirely responsible is the parent body, cells and organs do not get too crumbs so they need for normal development and functioning of oxygen. It turns out a kind of closed circuit - sick mother, and so sick and toddlers.

  • Various diseases of cardio - vascular system

In that case, if the expectant mother is suffering from acquired or congenital heart or vascular system, it is very likely that because of the increased load during pregnancy occur circulatory failure. What happens next - not hard to guess. If blood flow is not sufficient, to the baby gets less oxygen than it needs. And the stronger the will expressed by the failure, the more will suffer from hypoxia pipsqueak.

In that case, if a pregnant woman is suffering from such diseases of cardio - vascular system, as asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other pregnancy can also provoke them aggravation. A worsening in turn, a very negative impact on the course of pregnancy.

In most of these cases, the expectant mother develops such unpleasant phenomenon of respiratory failure. And this condition not only brings a woman uncomfortable, but also very negative impact on the crumbs. Because respiratory failure is growing rapidly so-called hypoxia of tissues and organs. But remember, we have already talked about the fact that the organisms of mother and baby are directly related to each other? So, the body and the baby is suffering from hypoxia, is not less than the mother's.

  • Kidney disease and diabetes

Not less risk of the crumbs subjected to hypoxia and those expectant mothers who suffer from diabetes, and various kidney diseases. And advance it is almost impossible to predict, so doctors - gynecologists watching the likes of pregnant women is particularly closely.

Sometimes the cause of the development of the unborn baby hypoxia are various violations of placental blood flow. The reasons for the development of such a violation is also quite a lot:

  • Perenashivanie pregnancy

In that case, if the baby does not appear to light in due time, the placenta ceases to perform its functions in full. And, moreover, the same thing happens in premature aging of the placenta, which could begin well before the expected date of the appearance of the crumbs into the light.

  • The threat of premature birth

Of course, hypoxia develops not in all cases, the risk that the baby hurry to see his mother. But about half of these cases, hypoxia still makes itself felt.

  • Pathology of the umbilical cord and placenta

Abnormal development and structure of both the placenta and umbilical cord is also often leads to the development of hypoxia. And the more complex and harder these violations, the more pronounced the baby hypoxia. Typically, these violations are detected during ultrasound.

  • Other abnormalities of pregnancy and childbirth

There are still some pathologies flow both pregnancy and childbirth, which can lead to the baby hypoxia. However, they provide virtually impossible to even an experienced doctor - a gynecologist.

Finally, it remains to understand what the pathology of the health of the unborn baby can lead to him yet, and hypoxia. By provoking such factors include:

  • Hemolytic disease of fetus

Similarly, the term doctors refer to the condition that develops in the fetus, if the blood and blood group incompatible his mother. Hypoxia develops in such cases is about 70%.

  • Intrauterine infection, congenital malformations of the baby

There is a huge amount of a variety of infections that can infect the baby, and then cause the development of fetal hypoxia. In the event that a baby has certain congenital malformations, the risk of fetal hypoxia also increased significantly.

 the effects of fetal hypoxia

What is fraught with fetal hypoxia?

Well, we figured out what it is that can trigger the development of the crumbs hypoxia. Now I turn to find out what is fraught with fetal hypoxia for the baby. Whether so devil as he is painted? Perhaps here and did not worry about anything, not that sound the alarm?

But, alas, the doctors say the opposite - lack of oxygen is very detrimental to any living organism. And even more so for the new emerging life - for your crumbs. Because hypoxia affects all without exception vital systems baby, violated the metabolic processes.

The extent and severity of these disorders depends on two factors: the degree of hypoxia and gestational age. At various stages of pregnancy the body responds to hypoxia crumbs differently. If hypoxia began to develop early in pregnancy, it will inevitably lead to abnormal development of the internal organs and systems of the fetus, a lag in the development of the embryo.

In the later stages of pregnancy hypoxia is fraught with significant growth retardation of the fetus, as well as a significant defeat of the central nervous system. Sometimes the consequences of such hypoxia makes itself felt throughout a person's life. Yes, and the adaptive capacity of the newborn child in the womb who suffered from a lack of oxygen, too much worse. As a result, the baby, born, much worse adapted to yet another new environment for him.

As mentioned above, very much depends on the extent of the hypoxia. In that case it is insignificant, child's body can not cope with it without any consequences for themselves. But in the event that severe hypoxia, prospects, unfortunately, is not so happy.

The child appears very quickly ischemia - tissue regions experiencing strong flow deficit. If hypoxia at this stage is eliminated, the real break necrosis - death of tissue. You understand that completely similar violations can not pass. It all depends on what specific organs and systems developed like areas of necrosis. Pathology may be very different - from small functional disorders that are fixed quite easily, to severe mental disorders.

Diagnosis of fetal hypoxia

If the expectant mother with due diligence refers to the condition, it can itself to notice the first warning signs. Just watch how your baby moves. Usually, at the beginning of the development of hypoxia baby behaves very restless - he perturbations are amplified and become more frequent.

If the mother is not the time to score anxiety, hypoxia will continue to progress and movement crumbs become much more lethargic and rare. Too many expectant mothers are afraid to see a doctor, assuming that nothing disturbed or only the fear of being ridiculed. But do not be afraid - in almost all cases, the doctor only praise you for such care and carry out all necessary investigations. Well, at worst? Better to pass overly impressionable "beremenyashkoy" than to miss really a serious threat to health and sometimes the life of your crumbs. Because the symptoms of fetal hypoxia is very vague.

The first thing you should do your doctor - a gynecologist - is to assign Doppler and cardiotocography. Cardiotocography (CTG) today remains the best method to assess the condition of the fetus during pregnancy. Special instrument evaluates the frequency and strength of the child's heart rate, as well as its motor activity. Such a study, as a rule, appointed for a term pregnancy of 28 weeks. And labor is also one of the most effective ways to control the condition and state of health of the baby.

Another no less beloved physician, and a very effective method of research - a Doppler. During this study, the doctors can evaluate the accuracy and speed of blood flow as the placenta and umbilical cord. This method avoids the possible pathology of the structure of these vessels, as the cause of hypoxia.

Treatment of hypoxia

In the event that a doctor will suggest that there is a serious fetal hypoxia, future mother as quickly as possible is admitted to the hospital. And you can not give up hospitalization in any case - in the hospital doctors are not only much more quickly diagnose the cause provoking hypoxia at the kid, but immediately render all necessary assistance. But the sooner the cause of hypoxia persists, the less chance of any - any complications.

In addition, for pregnant women diagnosed with intrauterine fetal hypoxia, it is important to observe complete rest. But it is unlikely that you get it home, is not it? Cleaning, cooking, and if in the family there is the eldest child? About a woman alone can only dream of.

At the hospital, the woman not only ensure complete peace, but also take all the measures aimed at improving the supply of oxygen to the crumbs, as well as to normalize its metabolism. Such therapy must always be strictly complex, including the drug.

In the event that, despite all the efforts of the doctors, to normalize the crumbs failed, and gestational age - Bole 28 weeks, it may be decided to hold an emergency caesarean section. Of course, heard of the decision of the doctor, the expectant mother is very frightened. However, remember that doctors resorted to caesarean section in a similar situation, in exceptional cases, when no other way to help your child. And the risk without surgery for a child is much higher than after birth. After all, you already know what the consequences of fetal hypoxia may entail.

 Fetal Hypoxia - invisible threat

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