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  • Components of female sexuality
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  • A man and a woman - what's the difference?
  • How to raise a sexuality?

Female sexuality - what is it a mystery? Some women believe that the case - only in appearance. According to them, the vast majority of men have a weakness for women's rounded forms and soft curves, and the figure of "hourglass" - a universal dream. However, we are all familiar with the phenomenon when an unusually beautiful woman is not attracted men. So what's the deal here? What are the secrets to female sexuality?

Components of female sexuality

What is women's sexuality? Certainly not from inflated silicone lips and breasts the size of the fifth. Women who look like that, do not have a clue about any of sensuality, nor the appeal. If you connect the logic, it becomes clear that this appearance has no sexuality irrelevant.

Love to your body - it's one of the main components of female sexuality. It manifests itself in a positive assessment of your body, and in love to the procedures of care. It, in turn, is responsible to us pleasant to the touch velvety skin manicure elegant, beautiful figure and a well-groomed person.

Sexuality - is not only and not so much a beautiful body. It is also easy, flirtation and coquetry. You agree that flirting - it's very sexy and sensual process. Languid eyes, biting lips, unobtrusive demonstration of our charms - it's not just a game. Flirting with a man, we would have if challenged him, saying: "I am a woman, and you're a man. I like to be feminine next to you and feel your manhood. "

Some people believe that female sexuality - is aggression and aggressiveness towards the man. But it is not, or rather, is not always so. If you want to tease a man and make him a little nervous, you can stay silent daring and aggressive. But women whose style of behavior consists exclusively of perseverance, do not look sexy in the eyes of men. Secrets of female sexuality are enclosed in a delicate balance between humility and arrogance, aggression and tenderness, care and detachment. Find the balance - the number one task for any woman.

A really sexy and attractive woman with attention and interest the men. She's not afraid - on the contrary, she knows and feels them. Such a woman is not born with this knowledge, it is simply trying to understand the nature of men and find contact with them. And she did not come to mind thoughts like "all men goats" or "men-all the normal povymirali." So respect for the men - another component of female attractiveness.

Sexy woman - this unpredictable woman. She plays on contrasts: today it peculiar gentleness and meekness, and tomorrow she will enchant your man with a head of a tigress. Be spontaneous - you want romance today? Of course!

Tomorrow you wanted to jump with a parachute? What a question - all this must be put into practice. Then the man will never be bored with you, and you will be able to increase his sexuality in his eyes through the spontaneity and unpredictability.

In addition, sexuality - is the ability to have fun. Agree satisfied and enjoy life a woman looks very sensual and attractive. And it's not just sex, but in all spheres of our life. And most importantly - sexy woman is able to enjoy intercourse with a man. Moreover - a really sexy woman would never agree to live in a world without men - otherwise who will appreciate her sexuality?

 the mystery of female sexuality

Sexy Clothing

Particular attention should be paid to which garments are present in the wardrobe of sexy women. All of us have experienced such a magical feeling when you'll dress a favorite dress, beautiful shoes - and sexuality immediately starts off scale, and men - stick like flies to honey. So beautiful clothes could increase our sexuality.

First of all, appreciated the frankness easy, so you can fantasize and dream. The nakedness should not be too much - it's not sexy and vulgar. There is also a general rule of selection of clothes: it should match your age and build, have a bright touch, but do not turn into a kaleidoscope. Do not chase the new-fangled trends - men do not appreciate your futuristic appearance. In all it must be a sense of proportion - and leopard accents and the length of the skirt, and the depth of the neckline.

What items of clothing should have in their wardrobe every self-respecting woman? Men love to see a woman close-fitting dresses and coats with a belt or waistband, narrow skirts, tight-fitting dress and jeans. All these things highlight the silhouette that adds one hundred points to sexuality. Pullbacks case with broad and shapeless things: loose overalls, tunics, trousers.

Most men do not like them under any sauce, because to see among this cloud female figure is not possible.

No less sexy and elements of a business wardrobe: pants and skirt suits with fitted jackets, pencil skirts and tight white blouses. If we add to this image a neat haircut, glasses that suit you and the boat heels, then you will become a magnet for men's views. Firstly, this style is almost every woman (and what looks good and emphasizes the dignity, always sexy and attractive) and, secondly, it is associated with attractive images of the secretary and business woman (what is their mystery - unknown ).

In addition to the things that add appeal to you, there is absolutely asexual things. These include the wide trousers with a high waist, shoes without heels (especially ugg boots), elongated t-shirts, sport style, ruffles synthetic, panties, peeping out from under jeans. All this is either gone or unfeminine, or both. Avoid like clothes and shoes, if you want to be sexy and attractive. It is better to take the weapons secrets to female sexuality that we have disclosed to you.

A man and a woman - what's the difference?

Women's and men's sexuality are of different nature. Agree, we call attractive men and women have different characteristics and personal qualities. This is largely due to the concepts of femininity and masculinity - what we think of masculinity and femininity.

Women have long been prescribed to be emotional and delicate, soft and a little weak, sensitive and mysterious. The behavior of women affects the development of female sexuality. Clear and open to each and every woman can be sexy, as well as a soldier rough. Masculinity is completely different: we consider sex strong, tough, persistent, dominant, independent and self-confident.

Watch for the appearance, of course, will not prevent both sexes, but males turned on itself mostly cause resentment, not lust.

On our sexuality, of course, affects the nature of our intimate experiences and feelings, and they are very different from men's. This can be explained by the difference in the physiological and anatomical features and characteristics of education. And yet, as we are so different from each other?

  • Love and seksBolshinstvu women to get pleasure from sex strong need to feel affection for the partner. No, of course we are able to engage in sexual intercourse without love, but it does not bring us a lot of pleasure as a man.
  • OrgazmMuzhskoy orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse occurs always, and women - no, but our "final" is much stronger and brighter than the male and may be repeated an infinite number of times. Men need time to recover. That is why men largely chasing amount of sex, and we - the quality. In addition, only a woman is able to enjoy the process. Men are not the same in many respects, but the result is interesting.
  • Erogenous zones of men, they are mainly concentrated around the penis, and in women - throughout the body. And we like that intimate caresses scattered all erogenous zones, and not only in the genital area. Interestingly stimulation character: women prefer gentle and barely perceptible stroke, while the men - a rough touch.
  • PrelyudiyaZhenschinam need time to "accelerate". Men are sometimes enough to imagine a naked woman, and he was "ready." Largely because of this man so often fantasize about sex, because their "predseksualnoe" state of almost constant. In addition, for women more exciting is delicate and sensual foreplay, and for men - more than rough.
  • IzmenaDlya many men cheating - it's just a normal sexual intercourse with another woman. And for the fair sex is something completely different: as a rule, female adultery is accompanied by love in partner sex and romantic mood. And that is why female infidelity is more dangerous for a relationship than men.

There is such a phenomenon as "active-passive". As it opened, that man is by nature a hunter stalking his prey, and this relationship is transferred to the woman. Accordingly, it should be soft, pliable and passive. But do not be one hundred percent believe this theory, since Many men find sexy woman that she could take the initiative in love games, and even sex is concerned in particular. However, this initiative should not be overly assertive and intrusive - like everything else in the women's behavior.

These are the main differences between male and female sexuality. Of course, some feminine traits you can find in his lover, and he is in you - men. But the trend has a tendency, and it was because of her, we are who we are. Men's sexuality is more coarse and "mannered" - a animal or something - it has more to do with instincts and aggression than women.

And we, in turn, is closer tenderness and sensuality, romance and love. It is no accident there is a definition of female sexuality: "The girls all the sex - in the head." And this is largely because - without the appropriate mood and psychological attitudes we can not be sexy, or enjoy sex.

 evolution of female sexuality

How to raise a sexuality?

Unfortunately, this is not easy, because the scheme of sexual behavior are placed in us throughout life, but the fact that for a long time is formed, it is not so easy to change in a moment. However, it is possible in the presence of desire, perseverance and self-confidence. Generally, self-confidence - the basis of sexuality, and for both sexes. Sometimes it is even enough to be attractive to men. You can add a couple of tricks and sexual techniques - and go into battle.

Accordingly, the first step in the development of sexuality is to increase self-esteem and develop confidence. This can help you some psychological exercises, the most important thing in the performance of which - strict adherence to the instructions and regularity. These exercises are:

  1. Take a blank sheet of bumagiNapishite on his left side all its drawbacks. Then on the right side, try to describe the positive aspects of these drawbacks, for example, if you think you are ugly, then it means that you are not stupid, but pretty hollow. Or laziness can be transformed into the ability to enjoy every moment of your life and catch the thrill of it. Pofantaziruet and try to come up with as many interesting and unusual choices. After that finish the job list of its strong advantages. At least once a week, try to fill the second list, and it will contribute to the rise of a positive perception of itself.
  2. RatsionalizatsiyaPodumayte, what qualities, characteristics or features you do not have enough to consider himself sexy. Maybe you feel attractive when you become slimmer or change the hairstyle? Or you become sexier when learn to savor every moment of life? Make a list of qualities and then analyze what's stopping you to buy them and what the necessary resources, where they can take. For each feature, create a plan and its implementation to embed the usual routine. After a week, check what you have achieved positive results.
  3. AutotreningNe forget the power of suggestion and self-hypnosis, which you can use for their own purposes. To become confident, several times a day to spend sessions muscle relaxation combined with positive: "I am beautiful," "I'm sexy", "I attract the attention of men," and any other .. Remember the heroine Irina Muravyova from the movie " I - the most charming and attractive "? In the end, all her life goes well - and so will you.
  4. TantsyZnaete that best promotes sexual liberation and increased self-confidence? Yes, it dances. First, you start to feel better and to control his body, and this is important. Secondly, you will become better and sexual drive. Third, dance somehow magically make any, even the gray and downtrodden "mouse" confident and sexy. For your choice of direction that depends on what you're interested - or strip dance latin, ballroom or contemporary. The positive effect is guaranteed in any case. In addition, your life will be passion and labor of love, and it also adds points to your sexuality.
  5. Not nervnichayteNervoznost - it is the quality that men find nonsexual one hundred percent of the time. Fussy, overwrought and concerns a woman does not attract anyone, even herself. Therefore, learn to relax and relax: meditate, take a bath with foam and sea salt. By the way, the periodic shift of focus towards life sensations very cool effect on your sexuality.
  6. SebyaPrislushivaytes Listen to what you want. Every minute we're having needs: the need for love, in strawberries, in music, information, activities and many other diverse desires. Unfortunately, in the rhythm of modern life, we tend to not pay attention to them. Because of this sensitivity to his "zamylivaetsya", and very soon we will no longer understand what is it that you want. To regain this ability is necessary to re-establish contact with him and his body. Therefore, at least five minutes per hour dive in yourself and listen to your body. The result did not take long: very soon you will instantly understand their desires, and it is very important in sex.
  7. RiskuytePeriodicheski do something out of the ordinary: jump with a parachute, publishing appalling wear heels or do something else that's not in your rules .. When we do something risky, something that stands out from the usual schedule, our blood stand out adrenaline and serotonin. From this shining eyes, changing tone and gait ... Feel, which we tend? In life infused new colors, and a woman is going through all of this, it becomes definitely sexier.
  8. ChuvstvennostPoprobuyte do the following exercise, which aims - to focus their feelings to the touch. Select several pleasant to touch things - it can even be pieces of natural fabrics: silk, cashmere, fur, etc. ... Put them in turn to his knees and slowly start to touch them lightly. Concentrate its attention on those feelings that are at your fingertips in contact with objects. You can try to fondle these things in different ways, for example, stroke them against the pile and pile around, up and down. Give it ten or fifteen minutes a day - it will help boost your sensuality.
  9. Attention muzhchinyNelzya ignore one very important point: sexy woman depends on how men react to it. Therefore it is very important that your partner gave you a positive feedback, telling you about what you are beautiful, gentle, sensual, etc. ...

Unfortunately, some men think that sexuality - a lady in a short skirt, fishnet stockings and red lips. However, women's sexuality - is a very special quality that is impossible to describe something one: the appearance, character and demeanor.