Features Winter Hair Care

You're behind the dry summer and now, apparently, there is no threat to our hair, neither dry nor burn. You can and relax. However, experts warn that the winter is even more insidious season for our hair, than the hot summer. It is no accident the stars, living in a warm climate zone, with the onset of California "cold" in a hurry to protect their skin and hair with additional measures. Head massage, hydrating mask, use of metered styling and avoiding the use of straightening irons - not the whole list of rules which seek to uphold celebrities with onset of cold weather. And rightly so.

Professional advice and properly selected tools for hair care will not only save, but also to increase the beauty and health of curls.

Great drought

The main problem of the hair in the winter time is the increased dryness. After all this time of year we are more likely than in the summer using a hair dryer, regularly peresushivaya strands. Complicating the situation and an abrupt change in temperature. Coming from a warm premise on street and back, we will expose their hair real test, of which escape is almost impossible. So as not to injure the already weakened hair and thereby minimize the damage - it is in our power. Try to give up hot irons. And be careful as possible with a hairdryer. Of course, just to give it up just unreal, but at least occasionally let your curls dry naturally. Pick the best arsenal of hair care products. And the result will not take long, a month later your hair noticeably improved.

Right choice

Change your normal shampoo and conditioner in the moisturizers even in the case if you think that you have no problems with hair. Make it a rule once a week use shampoo for deep cleansing of hair and scalp. This not only get rid of excess styling, but also help them breathe in the literal sense of the word. In addition, it will fully absorb all used nutritionally-moisturizing ingredients masks. Experts advise to apply the mask directly to the soul. After all, under the influence of vapor useful components most deeply penetrate deep into the hair. Rinse with cool water facilities is recommended. This will help the hair scales not only close, but also reliably seal the moisture in them. After the procedure, the curls will become alive and shiny, with no hint of dullness.

Natur product

Despite the huge variety of different means of hair care products, top stylists are calling us to experiment with homemade recipes. A few hours before washing the hair strands to apply olive oil and wrap head with a towel. The result did not take long: after the first mask hair become soft and silky. Dumb complicating additive previous recipe whipped eggs and avocado pulp, you get a more nutritious mix that loves to pamper your tresses between visits to beauty salons Hollywood divas. However, Demi Moore, unlike Cameron Diaz puts on castor oil.

Important stuff

  • Hair coloring is a huge stress for your curls. So if you prefer to paint them every 2-3 months, it is advisable to do so before the cold weather. As the temperature drops repeatedly reinforce it.
  • Excessive moisture in the winter makes the hair more fluffy and unruly. Using smoothing shampoo and conditioner to help avoid this problem.
  • In the cold of headwear hair begins to electrify. To cope with such a problem, apply a little polish on the brush and before going out gently walk her through his hair.
  • Regular use of serum and balms for split ends. These funds are to moisturize and smooth damaged hair.
 Features Winter Hair Care

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 The secret to beautiful hair singer Fergie

Celebrities, as well as for ordinary girls sometimes have problems with hair. Is it any wonder that, for permanent staining, exposure to the sun and styling are not in vain. That Fergie suffered the same fate, but she found a way to quickly return to a healthy and attractive look to their tresses.

According to the singers of the band Black Eyed Peas, her hair does not always look like now. However, the method of healing hair salon she prefers home care. To do this, she uses oil Moroccan tree. She does a miracle cure for the entire length of hair, gathers them into a knot, wrap a towel and goes to sleep. Waking up in the morning, she washes his head with regular shampoo. According to her, the course of such procedures, it could cure your damaged hair.

Moroccan oil, unlike many other means, suitable for all types of hair without making them bold. This tool has a special formula that positively affects both the hair and the scalp: deeply nourishes every hair, heals and restores them after coloring and perming. After the treatment the hair is shiny and have an attractive healthy.

 The secret to beautiful hair singer Fergie

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 how quickly put hair


  • A few rules of proper hair care
  • Secrets about aids for hair
  • Options pilings long hair at home
  • Some secrets of stylists, hairdressers

At any time of year to do a hairstyle that would be good to keep for the day - not an easy task. One has only to go out, both on her will be over, especially if the weather is rainy or windy. How can that be, if you want all the time, regardless of weather conditions, look attractive? We offer you some "tricky" tips on how to quickly put the hair, using which you will look irresistible at any day and hour.

A few rules of proper hair care

Every girl knows that silky, thick, shiny hair - is not only a natural decoration, but also an indicator of health. Not just because our great-grandmother said that "wearing braids - to live long," "Spit - a girlish beauty." Therefore, for these to be, primarily, proper care.

In order to quickly make the styling for long hair, you should always monitor their purity. Dirty curls look not only aesthetically pleasing, but also serve the cause of certain diseases, because even implicit damage to the scalp sometimes become the site of entry of various bacteria.

Be sure to comb your hair every day is necessary. This procedure facilitates uniform distribution of the sebaceous glands and the secretions considerably improves blood circulation of the scalp. To matted locks not uproot, it should use a comb with a few teeth. About metal better forget, because they are a result of prolonged use causes irritation. Long hair, try combing two brushes at once, preferably several times a day.

Wash your head is warm and preferably soft water. Of course, a great option - it is rainwater, but it is not so easy to collect and store, especially if you live in the city. In addition, you must be able to determine your hair type, and according to them to choose the right shampoo.

The most useful drying curls - using a warm towel. If you need more quickly, use the hair dryer, but choose the "cold" mode. In any case, it is better to leave the hair nedosushennye than vice versa.

 quick hair styling

Secret s about aids for hair

  • Currently, there are several basic types of locks - a mousses, gels, lotions, paints and fluids that differ in the degree of fixation and the effects on different types of hair (for the painted, damaged, thin and dry).
  • Foam light and normal fixation is ideal for laying thin curls. Apply it in the direction recommended by the roots to the tips. It gives the hair shine and provides a lift at the roots. In addition to fixing elements of the mousse (foams) includes moisturizers and nutrients that prevent drying and provide excellent protection in all weather conditions.
  • Foam strong hold - a great tool for laying unruly hair. It should be applied on slightly damp hair, pre-distributing them on a wide strands. Then screwed on large rollers, dry with a hair dryer and put his hands. This is perhaps the best option for recalcitrant hair in the autumn and winter.
  • A gel is a water-based lock. It is used to create the effect of wet, as well as allocation of individual strands in her hair. This tool is best suited to the nature of lush hair. The gel can be applied on wet and on dry curls.
  • Lotion - an indispensable tool for laying oily hair. Due to their Member alcohol-based components that are quickly neutralized fat lotion is perfect for laying on curlers, because it dries quickly and provides elasticity of curls. And, most importantly, with the hair remains soft and mobile.
  • Varnish is the most common fixing means. With easy locking action, it is usually used as the final stage of hairstyles for fine hair, while the lacquer strong fixation is ideal for stacking heavy curls. Moreover, it perfectly preserves the hair in any weather.

Hair is very capricious. Even today, they are perfect and easy to style, tomorrow they can hardly be collected in a bunch, especially if the street is fine, frost, fog or strong wind. However, regardless of weather conditions, each woman may look properly, remember a few secrets of the above.

 fast styling long hair

Options pilings long hair at home

Owners of long curls constantly concerned about how to make styling long hair at home, without resorting to masters? Below we offer you a few simple options that you can do yourself carefully doing everything step by step. So:

Option One

  • First, comb the hair. The main advantage of this installation is that in the process there is a complete natural, that is, instead of a comb - hand.
  • Grab curls hands and make a high tail. Secure it with a solid gum that he had not sat down and pulled off.
  • During the last wrap hair rubber band to pass through her curls do not end up as well, to get a small loop.
  • The remaining ends of wrap around the base of the tail and secure with pins or studs.
  • Now we begin to form stacking. Little by little, gently pull the loop gain of the hair staggered in different directions. Not too fast, palpated each strand hands to avoid drawing the expected lost hair. Can you pull curls and thin, and wide strands, it all depends on your desire.
  • To make the whole process fast, try to pull out a few strands on the one hand, do not forget about chess order, and only then on the other. In this case, hair styling can be done much faster.
  • At the end, take a look in the mirror may need to pull some more curl. All correct and secure with lacquer weak fixing.

Option Two:

Very interesting way - to make the laying of long hair in the form of a butterfly. This embodiment is also characterized by simplicity and speed, and you will need a maximum of five minutes. To create hairstyles take gum and varnish. So, let's begin:

  • To start separate strand of hair on the right side next to the ear, to divide it into three parts.
  • Now begin to weave braid, picking up each time a new strand of the main mass of curls and her weaving.
  • Doplesti braid from the right ear to the left, all secured with rezinochki.
  • The fixed part of the hair, right near the gum spread the strands and make a hole through which the tail and pull the pull.
  • From the tail are two small thin braid strands and braids. Sprinkle tips varnish quickly and run them through the same hole. You should now have two wings like a butterfly. One of them was made a bit smaller so that they do not hang, and are separated from each other.
  • The tips of the wings braids, woven into the basic braid with the remaining strands of the tail.

Option Three:

To start, you'll need a few pins and elastic.

  • Separate a small section behind the ear and begin to twist the hair into the type of harness, moving to the other ear.
  • Weaving should not be so very tight, but on the contrary, more voluminous.
  • Move horizontally. Folding locks into the harness, attach them using the entire length of the stud.
  • Now grab the rest of the hair into a low ponytail gather behind the ear and secure rezinochkoy.
  • To hide the rubber band, wrap the base of the tail thin strands.
  • Everything is ready, and the usual classics turned into an interesting hairstyle in just five minutes!

Option Four:

Fashion is developing with lightning speed, and in our time always returns bad forgotten past. In this case, we are talking about hair in the style of the sixties, but in a more modern version. It is suitable for an evening stroll, and for going to work.

  • Immediately separate the fringe and side locks, if possible - clean the ears, or simply kill it.
  • Now select the top front part of the hair a little and make a light fleece. Spray paint a weak fixation on roots. Of the rest of the tail do.
  • Those locks that were left at the temples (the sides), twist and kill in any order behind.
  • Coiffed hair to the lower right on the tail of the strand you just secured.
  • And, in the end, close the gum obkrutiv her thin strand.
  • For variety, you can fix the side locks on top of the tip of the comb.

Option five:

If you are fond of bold experiments, that is an option for you! Now we will discuss how to quickly put long hair so that they become short. Interesting? So, let's begin:

  • Divide into two parts, locks, from ear to ear. The upper part of the kill it.
  • Lower divide again into two parts vertically.
  • Now the two are not braid tight braids and secure them with rubber bands at the tips, as close to your hair color.
  • Braids twist in random order and secure with hairpins, invisible, as flat as possible.
  • Few nacheshite upper part of the hair, lower, covering her braids, and secure the ends of a rubber band.
  • Now, attach the ends of the pins to the top of the braids that were left inside.
  • Your new haircut is ready, and it took only five minutes!

Option Six:

Like all the previous installation, this is also quite fast. In addition, it is perfect for travelers: firstly, it will draw attention to the neck; Secondly, it looks natural and very simple, that like all men.

  • First perekin'te hair to one side and divide into two equal parts.
  • Now we need to tie the two strands in a free bulky knot.
  • One of the parts of the screw in the wiring, wrap the right side and kill using stealth. In the same way a second wrap strand, but now to the left.
  • If the ends of the stick, you can tuck them under the node itself.
  • On top sprinkle with hair lacquer.

Some secrets of stylists, hairdressers

  • Foam or mousse will create more magnificent styling, apply if the funds is on the tips of the hair.
  • If, due to the excess styling products your locks look greasy, greasy strands sprinkle varnish. This will give them a dry look.
  • Lotions and foams should only be applied on a slightly dry hair.
  • Styling gels STYLER not only dried thin strands, but also make them more stringent.
  • Leaving the house is recommended not earlier than twenty minutes after styling.
  • If hair too quickly loses its shape, so when it was created correctly observed sequence of applying cosmetics.
  • To blow not lost its shape, sprinkle with curls varnished and then lay them with wax.
  • Excess gel can be easily removed using a head wrap wet warm towel.

Now, many will understand what to do on their own styling for long hair is not difficult. In addition, do not forget that the right care is caring for the hair. Be beautiful!

 How quickly put the hair: a few simple

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