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Soups are very popular among almost all age groups. Kids love them because they are not like the rest of the soup, which they have to make very difficult. Those who prepares a dish, soup allows you to mix a variety of products, as its recipe is not difficult. And another feature of this soup is that it is very gentle and easy to digest. But it should be borne in mind that this does not need to eat soup with a soft bread, and dried with crackers or toast. A set of products for this dish can be absolutely anything.

For example, you can cook the soup mashed potato or pumpkin, onions and other foods containing starch. In any case, this will require a meat or vegetable broth. As components constituting the bulk (puree), used all kinds of cereals, starchy vegetables and meat. Grind them with a blender or grinder ordinary. For soup, mashed potatoes and a suitable instrument as the tolokushka for ordinary mashed potatoes.

 potato soup with carrot puree
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Top tips for cooking soup dishes

So, in order to select a particular recipe, you first need to determine the order exactly what soup you are going to cook. For example, you can cook meat, fish, mushrooms or a vegetarian soup. In any case, to cook soup of potatoes can be broth, which is formed as a result of broth of meat, fish or vegetables. When grinding the ingredients go into the pot, they can settle to the bottom and burnt.

To avoid this, you need to constantly stir the soup until until vegetables and meat mass is not completely dissolved in the water until the consistency of mashed potatoes. Another option may be to use a lens in the cooking, which will prevent sticking of the products, even if they settle to the bottom of the pan. Well experienced chefs and culinary suggest adding to the mass of frying a few spoonfuls of flour. With the help of mashed never drown, and be evenly distributed in the broth.

To potato soup soup was more nutritious, it can be added when applying a certain amount of neprotertye vegetables or toast.

And during cooking soup can fill the egg-milk weight. Preparing it is very simple. To do this, you will need 3 beaten egg yolks, a little more than half a glass of milk. All this is mixed and filtered through a sieve. Gradually filling poured into the soup. This dish is not advisable to warm up too often. Therefore, if you are not going to eat it immediately after cooking, place it in a pan with water and leave in the water bath. This will not give a soup to cool, and at the same time it will not maintain a constant temperature. So should do in all other moments when you need warming up.

 mashed potato soup with bacon
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Potato soup and cooking

This dish belongs to European cuisine. To prepare it, you need only 40 minutes. So, soup has the following composition:

  • potatoes - 900 g,
  • cream to taste.
  • 2 onions,
  • garlic,
  • Carrots - one thing
  • butter and vegetable,
  • spices and salt to taste.

First, how to wash the potatoes, peel it. If you are cooking soup from fresh potatoes in the summer, it is possible to remove the rind is not very thick. If the preparation is for the autumn, winter and spring seasons, when the potato is not fresh, cleaning should be thicker. You can then immediately cut the potatoes into cubes (as a regular soup) and add water to a starchy potatoes are not darkened. Clear the bow (preferably taking the usual rather than pen and salad) and cut it thin rings when a small bulb or semicircles in case large bulbs.

For this soup, mashed potatoes you will need a pot of not less than 2 liters. It pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and warm up the pan. Once the oil begins to boil, omit it and fry the chopped onion until it becomes transparent. After that, go back to the potatoes. It must cover with cold boiled water. At 900 g of potatoes, we need about 900 ml of water. Boil the potatoes until tender (about 20-25 minutes after boiling).

At this time, you can peel the garlic. My teeth, and if they are large, they must be cut into 2-3 pieces. If you have a small garlic, then fry it entirely right. It should not fry in the same oil as the bow, and in a separate bowl on melted butter. In contrast to the onion, garlic, fried until golden brown. Once everything is done and potatoes are already soft, we add the garlic directly into the pot, which is still being cooked potatoes. Then remove the pan from the gas stove and give future soup cool slightly. This is necessary to the blender function properly.

Grind garlic potatoes and onions is necessary to turn, so that they are uniformly dispersed in a single mass. At regular intervals during the grinding of potatoes can be gradually added to the bowl of potato broth. When you are ready, proceed to the final stage. Everything we've got, we shift back into the saucepan, add the cream, salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil, but do not boil. Before submitting a dish on the table, it should be a little cool, add the toast of white bread and sprinkle with herbs. This recipe is the base, since it includes the most basic products, are sure to find in each apartment. Adding to it all the ingredients, you can create your own unique recipe for soup, mashed potatoes.

 mashed potato soup with additives
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Soup of mashed potatoes with leeks - recipe and cooking

Leek is the most abundant element in the soup puree. He not only perfectly combined with other products, but also allows you to cook a full healthy meal. For this soup you need a minimum set of products:

  • leeks - 3 pieces,
  • potato - 500-600 g,
  • butter,
  • vegetable oil,
  • 1 cup milk
  • chicken broth - 800 ml
  • spices, herbs, salt to taste.

Leeks require careful handling before heading into the pan. First, we cut off the top, the green part of the onion, which we did not come in handy. Then we proceed to the part that will directly prepare and then eat. This white root leeks. It was washed in several waters. It is better to carry out the following recommendations. In a deep pan pour water and throw back the onion.

Wash it well, discard in a colander. In a saucepan, change the water and wash the onions again. So to be repeated until the onions until there are no more dirty place. It is the root that was in the ground, and no one will want to get a taste of sand during the meal. Washed leeks cut - first along the bulbs cut it in half, then cut into thin half-rings across. In a deep skillet melt the butter, add to it a vegetable (or olive oil) and mix them. The heated mixture ship leek. This recipe implies only cooked in the oil, but it is possible to first boil the water. Onion cooked in oil for about 8-10 minutes until it becomes soft.

Later we proceed to the processing of potatoes. At first he, like leeks, my then purified and cut into cubes. Once the onion is ready, pour it into the potatoes and add to the resulting mass of salt and a little pepper. Better to take it easy in this case, since each then himself be able to add the necessary spice. Tightly close the skillet, add the gas at full capacity and bring to a boil.

Then gas diminish, otherwise the entire contents of "escape", and cook a little longer on a power soup. It will take no more than 15-20 minutes. Ready soup must be crushed. To do this, you may need a blender. If not, you can use a meat grinder, but in this case you will need to repeatedly twist vegetables. If you have a blender, then it should not be too overloaded. For this purpose boiled vegetables can be ground in several steps.

Again, mashed potatoes ready pour into a saucepan, add the required amount of milk (but do not overdo it, and then turn the soup liquid), sprinkle with herbs and serve with croutons or pies.

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Potato soup puree in Japanese

It is inexplicable fact according to which the recipe of the dish was called "Japanese." Nothing exotic and original preparation of this soup is not intended. It can be prepared in a hurry, when you do not have the time or when the refrigerator is almost nothing left. This soup recipe is radically different from all the others: it all is that, for its preparation you did not need any broth. As the bulk of the acts mashed potatoes.

The recipe of its preparation is simple. Washed and peeled potatoes cut into large cubes and boil, a little salt. To calculate how many potatoes you will need to have to start from the amount of potatoes per serving. It is about 150-200 grams. So, as already mentioned, the broth in this soup in its traditional form is not. It will take its place white sauce (which we just need to add the broth) and boiled cream. For a family dinner, you will need about 1 kg of white sauce. It consists of:

  • 2 tbsp. l. flour
  • oil or butter,
  • meat, chicken or vegetable broth - about 1 liter
  • half a lemon,
  • 1 onion,
  • spices and salt to taste.

First on the frying pan fry the flour. After it acquires a golden color, pour it in the broth and stir thoroughly until smooth. Onions and other herbs finely cut, add the broth and cook for about half an hour. Finally, pour the lemon juice, add a knob of butter and filter.

Boiled potatoes Mnemonic tolokushkoy, pour in sauce with mashed boiled cream, butter. Do not serve soup very hot. Give him a little brew and then pour soup bowls and sprinkle with herbs on top (but can and chopped garlic). Serve as usual, with toast or croutons.

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