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  • How it works?
  • Features of the female body
  • Methods for measuring the basal temperature

It is known that the possibility of planning pregnancy interested people since ancient times. At the same time great importance was given to one of the most important factors - the definition of gender of the future baby. This factor manifests itself at the moment of conception and depends on the sperm to fertilize the egg. During fertilization sperm with a Y-chromosome is a boy, and with the X chromosome - a girl. But the centuries-old observations argue that there are methods to conceive and have a baby of the desired sex. It is believed that through such methods to the light appeared the long-awaited heirs nobles. Myth or reality?

Of course, not all of the known methods are credible, but there are ways that confirmed the veracity of long-term statistics. One of them - a floor plan of the child for ovulation.

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How it works?

The ability to explain the effectiveness of this method came after scientists were able to conduct studies of human sperm. It turned out that not all spermatozoa same. For example, "Men» Y-sperm are significantly different from the "female» X. They are smaller in size, moving much more active, but have a low resistance to negative factors and the short period of life.

Methods of determining the sex of the child for ovulation has been developed in Poland by local doctors. She began to be widely used in the late twentieth century, using showed fairly stable percentage of accuracy of 87%. This method is based entirely on the performance and durability of the activity of sperm. During sexual intercourse, at a time when ovulation occurs or immediately after it, the more active "male" sperm will reach the egg and thus have more opportunities for her fertilization. If sexual intercourse takes place long before ovulation, then have a short shelf life of Y-sperm cells die and the chance to appear at the X-sperm.

 Ovulation Test
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Features of the female body

The probability of conception when the girl had sex a few days before ovulation and is due to the peculiarities of the female body. The lifetime of the egg may be from 1 to 2 days. Waiting for that moment, the sperm must spend a certain period in the female genital tract, where, depending on ovulation varies acidity. On the eve of "birth" of the egg environment is more alkaline, which promotes "male" sperm. A few days before that time medium is a high acidity, resulting in the death of Y-sperm. There are only resistant to adverse factors of the X sperm, which reach the egg.

Proponents of methods for determining the sex of the child for ovulation also admit the view that the egg itself "chooses" his sperm right, passing it through a shell. According to this theory, the baby gender planning should be done in the following way: if you want to give birth to a boy the woman must have sex before ovulation, if the dream of a girl conception should occur immediately thereafter. Not to mention the statements of scientists who believe that the fertilization of an egg after 24 hours of her life desirable. According to them, the egg is exposed to the aging process, and a child of either sex, conceived in such circumstances, may have birth defects. It does not rule out the likelihood of miscarriage or premature birth.

 measurement of basal body temperature
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Methods for measuring the basal temperature

Whichever method is used, the basic condition for its authenticity - a very precise determination of the time of ovulation. Even today, this condition is seen in practice rather complicated. There is only way to self-determine the time of ovulation, which has a certain degree of probability. It is based on the measurement of basal body temperature.

It called basal temperature measured in the rectum at rest. As a rule, temperature fluctuations in healthy women indicate increasing isolation of progesterone that occurs before the onset of ovulation. In order to have reliable data, it is necessary to make a special schedule, which recorded daily measurement readings.

In the measurement of basal body temperature must follow certain rules:

  1. The temperature should be measured immediately after awakening from 6 to 7 am for 2-3 weeks.
  2. To measure a rectal thermometer inserted in the hole for a term of 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. It is advisable not to use electronic and conventional mercury thermometer.

After several cycles of measurements can form a picture of the processes in the female body, prior to ovulation. So, for 2 weeks up to this point the temperature will range from 36, 3 to 36, 8 degrees. The sharp jump in temperature to a level of 37 degrees and above will indicate the release of an egg from the ovary - its "birth". Such a high temperature will be kept to a month, then back to normal. The absence of basal temperature increase or fuzzy readings can indicate a lack of ovulation and, as a consequence, the presence of all sorts of diseases.

It should be borne in mind that the testimony can be influenced by various factors: sleep less than 5 hours medication, sexual intercourse before the measurement, cold and poor health. It is not recommended to engage in the measurement of basal body temperature when traveling to tropical countries and a sudden change of climate. It certainly will affect the credibility of the testimony.

By planning sex of the child according to the method of ovulation, should take into account all the above factors. After a mistake in one day may lead to the opposite result when, instead of the long-awaited boy will be born a girl, and vice versa.

More precisely, ovulation can be determined by ultrasound. But such a study should be carried out every day at least 10 days, which is quite difficult. When follicles reach desired size, and will be ready to leave the ovary, it is displayed on the screen.

When planning the birth of a baby, you can use not only a method of ovulation, but also some others. In any case, the percentage of the error probability is sufficiently high. The main thing - to understand it is important for your baby's sex? Is happiness from birth little man is overshadowed by its sex? Boy or girl - it's your own child, which is like no other will need care and love. And only you can make him happy.

 Features of planning sex of the child for ovulation

 the content of folic acid during pregnancy


  • The consequences of a lack of vitamin B9 during pregnancy
  • Which contains and how to take B9
  • For more information about vitamin B9
  • Contraindications B9
  • Medications containing B9

Today the number of people who are deficient in vitamin B9, is not precisely defined. Some scientists believe that there are about 20% of the total population, while others voiced figure of 100%. Meanwhile, B9, also called folic acid is essential for the development and functioning of the body.

Folic acid is especially important during pregnancy.

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The consequences of a lack of vitamin B9 during pregnancy

The absence or lack of B9 can lead to serious violations of the fetus, such as:

  • the absence of a brain;
  • hydrocephalus;
  • delay physical and mental development;
  • defects of the spine;
  • the premature termination of pregnancy;
  • encephalocele;
  • stillbirth.

It might seem like a lack of vitamin A can lead to such disastrous consequences, because the bowels of a healthy person produces a small amount of self-B9? Yes it is. But the pregnancy - is a kind of stress on the body, during which the need for folic acid increases significantly.

The role of vitamin A in this case is difficult to overestimate it actively participates in the formation of the placenta, affects cell division fruit promotes the formation of nucleic acids, from which in turn depends on the transmission of hereditary traits. The use of folic acid is directly related to the normalization of blood formation and the formation of the important components of the blood - platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells. If a pregnant woman feels pain in the legs, suffering from depression, anemia and toxemia - there is a lack of B9.

With slight deficiency of vitamin may disturb the mother-fainting, irritability, hair loss and loss of appetite. Regular is a lack of folic acid, leading to severe forms of the deficit threatens to diarrhea, severe problems with immunity, the appearance of sores in the mouth.

 folic acid in the products
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Which contains and how to take B9

At the first appearance of these signs every pregnant woman should consult a specialist. Perhaps the doctor receiving the recommended tools eliminate the unpleasant symptoms and will reduce the risk of fetal abnormalities to zero. But you can not forget about folic acid and in everyday life. Often women do not realize for a long time about her pregnancy, and learn about the appearance of the baby at the time when the internal organs of the fetus tab occurred.

As established scientists, the process begins with 16 days after conception. Mortgaging the neural tube, from which the correct development depends entirely on the psychological and physical health of the child. And to the formation of the neural tube is proceeding normally, you need folic acid. Experts recommend starting the drug is still in the planning conception. In such a case, and the time of conception and during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother will be fully provided B9.

In order to maintain the necessary level of folic acid during pregnancy, except for complex vitamins need to eat foods that contain this important component. The very name of vitamin speaks for itself - "folium" is translated from Latin as a "sheet". So, and B9 contained in plant foods. Most of it in Brussels sprouts, flour, meal, green peas, broccoli and avocado. Marked by a high percentage of folic acid in leafy greens - lettuce, onions, spinach and parsley, in the pulp and juice of citrus fruits, asparagus, melons, apricots, beans and pumpkins. Taking drugs on the basis of yeast, you can make up for a lack of vitamin B9.

People who use herbal products in small quantities, often are deficient in folic acid. This is due to the fact that animal products, it almost does not occur. The largest amount of vitamin noted in the liver, and meat, fish, poultry and cheese its content is negligible. Therefore, if you are not a follower of vegetarian cuisine, and the emphasis is on meat food, you must observe certain rules and to take additional vitamin preparations.

If we talk about what the rate of folic acid during pregnancy, everything here depends on the health of the expectant mother. If you need child-bearing organism increases by 2 times. If a pregnant woman there are different kinds of problems or a lack of the vitamin, the daily dose can grow in 2 more times.

In any case, the right amount prescribed by a doctor. We should not be afraid of such large numbers - an overdose during pregnancy can occur only when a person takes more than 25 vitamin pills a day. Even if you accidentally drink and a few tablets more than recommended by your doctor, the entire surplus safely bring the body naturally.

In some cases, folic acid during pregnancy should be taken in high doses? These are factors such as:

  • diseases that prevent absorption of acid during pregnancy, or enhancing its elimination;
  • the risk of the formation of the neural tube abnormalities of the fetus in pregnant women with diabetes and epilepsy;
  • the presence of genetic diseases and pathologies;
  • toxicosis;
  • gastrointestinal disease.

The above reasons are responsible for the increase in the daily requirement of vitamin B9 2-3 ​​tablets.

 More information about vitamins
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For more information about vitamin B9

During pregnancy, the need as carefully monitor your health, paying attention not only consumed the food, but also to take the drug. So do not be superfluous information about folic acid during pregnancy. You should know that:

  1. During gestation baby excretion of vitamin from the body much faster as a result of hard work of the urinary system.
  2. Drinking strong tea promotes the excretion of folic acid.
  3. The number to use vitamins should be increased when taking the following medications: antacids "Fosfalyugel" and "Almagel" estrogens, zinc supplements, anticonvulsants "phenytoin" and "carbamazepine".
  4. In addition to the formation of internal organs and cells of the fetus during pregnancy folic acid is consumed in the maintenance and restoration of nearly 70 trillion cells in the body of the future mother.
  5. Since the baby is transferred to acid during pregnancy and then when feeding breast milk, its deficiency in the mother can lead to a deficiency in the body of the child.
  6. For the dosage of folic acid in fruits and vegetables preserved to the maximum extent, they should be eaten raw or steamed.
  7. When planning the conception complex with vitamin B9 should take not only the woman. Folic acid has a positive effect on sperm, greatly increasing their activity. Therefore, vitamin man greatly increase the chance of rapid and healthy conception.
  8. Prior to the time of pregnancy the dosage B9 is totally dependent on the habits and lifestyle of the couple. Of great importance are the following factors: what food and what amount of alcohol consumed man and a woman take any medicines or contraceptives have any digestive problems.

 selection of drugs

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Contraindications B9

Speaking about the benefits of folic acid, it is impossible not to mention its shortcomings. Just as with all drugs, B9 has contraindications. They are:

  • allergic diseases and asthma (non-compliance with certain rules vitamin can lead to life-threatening bronchospasm);
  • folic acid may enhance the growth of cancer cells, so it is strictly forbidden to use in oncology;
  • B9 is the proliferation of renal tubular epithelium, so its intake is contraindicated in patients with pyelonephritis and renal failure;
  • in some cases, individual reactions occur on administration of drugs with Q9: nausea, vomiting, insomnia, abdominal pain and cramps, and diarrhea. In this case, the need and dosage determined by the physician;
  • not recommended intake of vitamin B9 deficiency of vitamin B12, as folic acid neutralizes the absorption of B12, thereby worsening the condition of the body.

 course of pregnancy with a shortage of folic acid

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Medications containing B9

Today, many products produced, including in its membership folic acid. The most convenient form for the application considered pure acid tablets, each tablet containing 1 mg of substance. In order to maintain the normal functioning of the body, it is sufficient to take such pills daily. Also, drugs are presented in pharmacies "Folacin" and "Folio". The concentration of vitamin B9 in the first very large, so its use is indicated only during pregnancy with severe deficiency of acid, and the second drug can also be used for prevention.

Also folic acid is found in such medicines as "Eleven", "Materna" Pregnavit "," Multi-tabs perinatal "" Vitrum prenatal forte "and other multi-vitamin complexes for pregnant women. The dose of vitamin is low, so it is usually recommended for the prevention of B9 deficiency.

If you are planning to conceive or are already expecting the birth of a baby during pregnancy, do not neglect the intake of vitamin B9. Folic acid - an important component of both your health and the health of the unborn child. Follow expert advice and your pregnancy will take place in joy expectations of a new member of the family, without causing discomfort and anxiety.

 Folic acid during pregnancy: the health of mom and baby