the development of a baby in 6 months


  • The correct menu and schedule
  • The child begins to develop
  • What games are suitable for the general development in 6 months?
  • When should I contact a specialist?

The proper development of children 6 months - is a complex set of measures, the constant communication with the child, which allows it to correctly understand the world that surrounds him. At this time the baby is able to roll your own, sit, sit, keeping the back flat. The kid should already recognize the sound, the taste of food, to take their own food from a spoon lips drinking from a mug that keeps adult.
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The correct menu and schedule

At six months, the baby is ready for his first acquaintance with the "adult" food. He is now interested in everything, so he often seeks to take from my mother's plate vending piece and send it to his mouth. But everything can not give the baby right now, so your calendar development at this time should be quite strict in relation to feeding.

It is very important to the development of the calendar contains the correct schedule for the baby. We should not drive the child in any strict definition of the scope of as feeding and sleeping for all can be a little different.

Do not follow the clear advice to all mothers and grandmothers, try yourself to find out what suits your child, consult with the attending physician.

Among the mandatory requirements that must be met are:

  • Sleeping baby should always begin at the same time. Choose a time when the child begins to sleepy, typically 8-9 pm, and put him to bed. It is advisable that parents are going to bed at this time, so the child will get used to the regime;
  • Up to one year your baby is not necessary to wake up very early, if he has a need for a morning sleep, a couple of "after-hour" watches let it lie in the crib;
  • For children aged six months to sleep during the day is best in the open air, the time of day trips should be two hours;
  • Encourage your toddler that day should begin and end with water treatments, he should understand that hygiene is required. Do not force it to do by force, better to make a fun game out of the wash.

 child nutrition in 6 months

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The child begins to develop

Development of a six-month baby - a very complex and exciting period during which small and helpless man gradually becomes more independent, he becomes aware of not only themselves, but also the world, recognize faces, to memorize the names of objects, although normally utter them have not yet obtained. Now for a kid interested in everything, from their pens and ending with the outside world while walking.

Children six months to open a tremendous opportunity, but at this time they learn about the world mainly to the touch. So do not bother the baby to touch everything what he takes, but make sure that he himself is not hurt. If a kid wants to touch sharp or hot objects, do not yell at him because you just create these complexes, but softly and surely remove the handle, talk to him soothingly. The fact that children at this age are already beginning to distinguish between gentle and strong tone.

The kid at the time interested in everything, so when you are carrying, for example, swimming, spend his pen on the wall hanger, clothing, tile. In the tub for bathing, you can add a special foam bath toys.

Calendar development should include games, during which the baby will be able not only to touch the objects, knowing them and relate them to a specific set of sounds in a word. Give your child an object and immediately speak its name. So it can be repeated several times, changing the items that the baby is not only remembered for what they feel, but also to develop their memory.

Getting train pens, general physical condition

For six months, the baby should begin training arms and legs, which is great help interesting games. This is a great development of coordination and motor skills. To begin to learn handles such movement:

  • "Hen vodichku drinks." This hand movements when the fingers are formed in the form of the bird beak, hands rhythmically lean forward and backward;
  • "Stroking a kitten" - light, fluid movements as if you pet a small kitten;
  • "Painting the fence" - a simple movement of the hand left and right, up and down.

All these exercises should be carried out by first taking the baby in her arms, gently guiding him. The child then begins to repeat them yourself by copying your movements. This will properly handle and train your fingers to initiate proper physical development.

For the legs, which are now not very well keep the baby, are also required to coordinate the correct movements. The child begins to try to sit up, he is actively crawling swipes legs. Encourage those of his class, if the baby tends to stand on their own, support it, but do not let go!

At six months, the child begins to actively move, he is now lying on the back or tummy starts to bend, to feel her legs. He makes the first attempt to sit straight for three to ten minutes, is aware of the gravity of his body. Be sure to include in your calendar of kid unpretentious exercise as a game, it will keep the baby correctly to start not only the head, but the body, but it does not mean that it will start to go in the coming weeks, but in the right direction already laid!

Social contact and speech development of your baby

Calendar of six-month baby is very saturated, at this time, he learns not only to detect and recognize faces of others, but also to communicate with them. Child's vocabulary is still very poor, he began to put their own words from sounds such as "m-n", "hoo" and the like. Now the baby is very important for constant communication, he was able to recognize facial expressions, distinguished by strict tender voice. His bright start to be interested in toys and various sounds, which he enthusiastically begins to imitate.

At this time, you need to constantly communicate with the child, calendar development must necessarily include not only feeding, but also a constant game, communication, speech development. Talk to your baby, read aloud stories and sing songs, the child is already well distinguish between words, he gradually begins to repeat them, to understand when certain combinations of sounds are used in life. It is desirable that the baby was surrounded not only adults, it is useful to begin his fellowship with other children. In order to gradually accustom the child to the community, he has gradually overcome their fear of strangers.

 sleeping child in six months
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What games are suitable for the general development in 6 months?

Children aged six months already sufficiently active to start playing with their parents. But the game is still very original, this is more an attempt to learn the child to establish contact with others. So what you can play with the baby, who was six months?

Children love colorful toys that make loud noises, so it is advisable at this time to buy just such a "sounding" toys, with which the baby begins its communication. Most children enjoy stretching toys around, take them back, and they are trying to publish his first sounds resembling words.

Try playing the game with a child in "hat" if it has already begun to slowly recognize faces. This game is very simple, but it helps the child to develop memory and logic. It consists of the following: Mom or Dad, sitting in front of the baby, wearing a hat is removed, and the appearance of the child varies greatly. If your baby started crying, frightened by a stranger, it is not necessary to insist, try this game, when he is a little older. But most of the children like to play, they begin to take themselves and wear different hats and headgear.

This not only develops memory, and motor skills, baby learns to handle soft objects. The child gradually realizes the immutability of certain objects and people around them, it ceases to be afraid of strangers acquiring social skills, aware of the cause and effect.
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When should I contact a specialist?

It is advisable to consult a specialist if a child under the age of six months are indifferent to communication, feeding, games, not to seek to communicate, that month does not result in development. Particular concern should be is the fact if the arms and legs, facial muscles begin to twitch and such attacks are repeated often enough. Require the attention of doctors and sleep disorders when the child looks obviously not sleep either permanently sleepy, apathetic.

Age six months - this is one of the most important stages in which the child begins to slowly learn the world through touch, hearing, sight. He begins to not only see, but also to recognize objects, to distinguish them from each other, to distinguish between voice, respond to facial expressions, identify the sources of sounds. This is a complex, but very exciting time, when the child climbs to another small, but such an important step in its long journey to the knowledge of the world. And the task of parents in this age - to help your child develop fully, to learn how to react to his environment.

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