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Every girl, sooner or later there comes a time of life when all I want to radically change. A good start would be a change of hairstyle. Remember the famous words of Marilyn Monroe: "If a woman changes her hair, so soon change lives." But if you think about it, in fact, the way it is. Coming out of the salon with a new haircut, we flit and smell sweet.

Haircut cascade on short hair was a favorite among the girls 80s and 90s, but it remains relevant to this day.

Hairdressers use the term "cascade" to refer to a hairstyle that resembles a water cascade, when the hair is shorter on the top. This hairstyle is suitable for everybody like girls with long and short hair. Furthermore, it does not require special efforts and time for installation.

 especially haircut cascade on short hair
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Features haircut cascade

  • If you have a narrow face, this hairstyle is the place to be, because it makes hair lush and visually extends the face. Milling ends add volume, but curly hair will only pushatsya;
  • Hair looks great both with a bang, or without. If you have a high forehead and a long face, better do a bang;
  • Cascade is best suited girl with blond curls or streaked dark;

Pros haircut cascade:

  • versatility;
  • It gives fine hair splendor;
  • simplicity in the care.


  • If you have brittle hair and split ends, it is necessary to cure them before doing a haircut;
  • If hair carelessly stacked, they can pushitsya.

 cascade haircut for short hair

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Types of haircuts

On how strong transition between the ladder, it depends on what kind of haircut will. Type "quad" four of a kind different from ordinary smoother transition between the slices. The second type - "romantic". Transitions start at the very top of the head and evenly distributed over the entire head. This hairstyle is perfect for "disheveled" hairstyle.

The technique of shearing

The most important thing to remember - the smooth transition from short to long strands. Daylight can be either soft or torn, thus forming something resembling a ladder. Before you begin, wash your head. Cut best when they are wet. Thoroughly comb it. There are two techniques haircut cascade. First, consider the first.

  1. Take the gum and make a low ponytail and comb your hair.
  2. Pull your hair back, hold a lock between two fingers at the level where they will end already cut hair.
  3. Take scissors and cut the oblique and not perpendicular to its entire length, so that they are well formed.

The second option is more interesting, and perhaps the simplest.

  1. Take a comb and hair zacheshite forward to face.
  2. Make the tail in front of the forehead (to get a few asymmetrical hairstyle, make a tail on the side).
  3. Just as in the first technique, grab the tips of the fingers between the level of the desired length, and cut them diagonally.

Once you have her hair down, you get a beautiful cascade of hair ends.

Types of installation: from casual to evening

Haircut cascade is so universal, that every day you can please yourself and others new and exciting images from casual style to punk rock. For installation you will always need a varnish, gel, mousse, or foam. For daily styling mousse take a little on the fingertips and beat the hair at the roots and the tips lay in the right direction. In addition, it fits girls with any oval face:

  1. When a round face shape will suit styling "cap." Hair done by a circular comb and cover inside the cheek, making your face a little bit already.
  2. If you are the owner of a narrow chin, on the contrary, tighten the ends outward.
  3. And with a wide chin tighten the hair inside underneath.

Flowing structure hairstyle gives you an easy way and a natural look.   It is so versatile that every day you can come up with new fashion images.

 Features haircut cascade

 hairstyles for fine hair


  • Long thin hair
  • Fine hair of medium length
  • Thin short hair
  • Professional recommendations
  • Terms of care for fine hair

Many girls owner very fine hair all the time complaining about the difficulties of care and the lack of volume at the roots. Specialists in this solidarity: thin hair - not the best option. They are difficult to lay, hard to take care of them, and haircuts and styling long stick and quickly lose their shape. Today we'll look at some hairstyles for fine hair the most current and fashionable at the moment and that it is recommended to pay attention to the care of the hair of this type.
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Long thin hair

Owners of long thin curls hair stylists advised to make complex multi-level hairstyle - volume hair look beautiful and attract attention. Asymmetry and different length - that would make the hair volume and make them very lush. No less popular and haircut layers - is one of the multi-level hairstyle.

Shearing layers allows you to concentrate on the principal amount of benevolent. Excellent with a hairstyle will look rather long thick bangs. Generally, stylists recommend to always leave the bangs if your locks are very thin. It is only necessary to correctly choose the shape - oval face is suitable for flat and straight bangs, but for the round - or asymmetrical bangs diagonally.

Doing laying on the long, thin strands, it is not necessary to use forceps. They weaken the already slack hair. It is best to use small rollers. The stronger curled your hair, the more magnificent, more volume and more interesting to look your new haircut.

 hairstyles for fine hair
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Fine hair of medium length

With not very long hair a little easier to handle. Despite this, all the haircuts and hairstyles that hairdressers are advised to take note owners of long curls, fit and those whose hair has an average length. The first method, which will help to increase rather short hair - is the usual highlights. Color hair one color, you can not create a surround effect.

Therefore, using two or more colors. Pay attention to the fact that the dye used for dyeing must be a very soft, gentle - be careful not to injure the weak hair. It is best to carry out highlights in the cabin, but if you have the right skills, you can do this procedure at home.

To make lush hair thin medium-length hair, use a large round brush. Gently twist locks, lift them. Due to the gel, foam or varnish secure locks raised up - start right from the roots. Such a simple hairstyle looks very nice and natural thin hair.

You can also cut large strands, giving them different lengths. Now, on top of their lift and secure with a round hairbrush. In this case the asymmetry - also advantageous variant; it will make your image more daring, playful and careless.
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Thin short hair

Thin strands of small length - this is probably the easiest option hairstyle that does not require such thorough care, as, for example, long hair. Also obtained in the short hair volume can hold the whole day without changing their shape. Today, short-weakened hair has a lot of options for stylish hairstyles.

The most popular of them and always fashionable - bob and square. To make a bob haircut, the barber aligns long locks at the nape and crown - is to create a uniform and a good amount of the whole head. Catches allowed to keep long locks front and a short stay at the back.

Four of a Kind - another great option, which is particularly relevant today in its different variations. This can be a graduated neck, elongation-to-face, but anything - such forms allow you to give more volume to the hair on the back of the head, thereby sealing the front of the structure.

Very popular today haircuts performed with hot scissors. These hairstyles are more useful for hair than usual: hot scissors can solder tip of the hair, preventing its cross section and thereby strengthen its structure.

Please note that all the hairstyles for fine hair master is performed using a large number of styling products. However, we know that any, even the most expensive and fashionable sprays and gels, foams and mousses still adversely affect the condition of hair, and, if resort to the use of such cosmetics every day, you will further weaken the hair and destroy its structure. In your case it is better to spend more time comprehensive hair care.

 hairstyle for fine hair
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Professional recommendations

And now we would like to give expert advice to give volume thin curls:

  • Staining

Few people know this, but there is an excellent way to give volume is too thin and weakened hair - it podtemnenie roots. Make it pretty easy. Select the desired paint. It is important that it has been a couple of shades darker than your natural or color-treated hair. Apply the paint to the roots. If you want to get the most natural effect, do not forget that the length of the roots to be shaded by an average of three centimeters. Boundaries color transitions have to be soft and smooth, so it looks natural.

To this end, the barbers used "stretching" the entire length of the hair, combing the paint directly from the roots. Disadvantages of this technique only in the fact that the darker your hair, the less obvious result will be. So if you're a natural brunette, the best thing you resort to the technique of coloring strands of the parietal area, as well as a person: strands need to paint in lighter shades. Among themselves perfectly combined honey and chocolate.

  • Bulk packing

Fashion trends from one year to prove the same thing: the lush and voluminous hairstyles for fine hair is always up to date! Even if you correctly and competently picked up a new hair color, it will be noticeable only after a good placement. To give your hair a bit of volume, you'll need a hair dryer, comb ceramics and light mousse texture that will give the root volume. Do not be amiss and protein lotion.

Lotion tightens hair, protecting them from high temperatures and help permanently fix the result. Furthermore, the hair lotion does not stick together, and at times it facilitates laying. Dried hair gradually, lock by lock. The thinner the strand, the better the result. Sequentially change the direction of the curls, first on the face, and then to face. This will achieve the desired volume. After installation is complete, sprinkle with hair lacquer.

  • Build-up

It would seem that everything is already understood that hair extensions no benefit - hair looks unnatural, dull, and it is not true today. Capacity and corrupts the structure of the hair itself, thus making them very "tired". However, women continue to increase their hair, and they do it for nothing.

Under the weight of hair extensions your hair broken, whipped and lose their shape. Sooner or later, they still have to be removed. And what do you see? Only damaged hair that requires immediate recovery. Do you need such consequences? On the money to buy better-quality professional cosmetics for hair care.

  • Lamination

It is impossible not to remember and about lamination - this is what the method often used a lot of girls to seal the hair structure and revitalize hair. Europe has long been shifted to the use of natural resources laminating - about silicone there is all forgotten. However, to have such technology has not yet arrived. Typically, in beauty salons not offer customers quality, inexpensive lamination, which do more harm than any aesthetic effect.

Even in conventional cosmetic products in large quantities present silicones, to say nothing of cosmetics for lamination? You do not need to follow the advertising and give preference to this method - to opt for a competent care for their hair.

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Terms of care for fine hair

Of course, it is important to focus on how to properly follow the beauty of fine hair. The structure of the hair is soft and prone to damage, so making the haircut or hairstyle, you need to exercise maximum accuracy. This is especially true scratching.

No need to use a comb made of plastic or metal - such coarse materials only damage your hair. Combing only need to dried hair, using soft brushes made of natural bristle. Do not be amiss to a couple of times in a few days to pamper yourself with a massage of the head - it allows you to speed up blood flow, thereby establishing nutrition and an active, fast hair growth.

It is important, and your food. Naladte their diet to include primarily the B group vitamins, vitamins A, H, C and E. Improve the appearance of hair zinc, calcium, sulfur, iron, selenium, and silicon. These minerals make it possible to strengthen the hair from the inside, making them alive, healthy and incredibly soft.

Pay attention to how you wash your hair. Do not use for that hard water. Rinse hair with mineral water and medicinal herbal decoctions. Perfect sage, plantain and chamomile. For thin hair is not recommended to use ordinary shampoos and balms - buy specifically for itself professional cosmetics series, which is designed to care for thin weakened hair. Typically, such agents have a composition and keratin protein.

The system of care for fine hair, and involves the use of masks, which will provide an external hair care. It is best to use clay or egg mask, you can try also less useful kefir or olive versions of masks. Very effective masks based on linseed, wheat or castor oil.

Correctly choosing the fashionable and trendy hairstyles for fine hair and hair providing good care, you always will be irresistible! Eat right, take care of themselves, forget about the stress and provide yourself a good sleep - if your hair does not know what weakness and dullness, but will exude a healthy shine and strength!

 Thin hair: stylish haircuts and hairstyles