long hair with a ribbon building


  • Process technology
  • Correction, Maintenance and precautions

Tape hair extensions becoming every day more and more popular.

And all because the technology capacity - ideal for those who want to add to the native tresses density and length, but does not want to harm his hair too. So what is the tape hair extension and what it has advantages?

 technology of hair extension tapes
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Process technology

The main plus of tape capacity - security. Donor strands are attached without the use of heat treatment, which is usually terrible harm to hair. The strands are connected by a special tape that is attached to the base and roots. Adhesive agent is made with the use of keratin, a length of about 0, 5 cm. Tapes Classical width of approximately 4-5 cm, and the length - up to 60-70 cm.

Master tapes attached no closer than 1 cm from the roots. This is done in order to avoid excessive stress on the native hair. A tape is attached to the bottom strand and the other - on. So, how would the donor strands envelop the natural hair. Typically, capacity is used for a tape of 20 to 70 strands. The required amount is calculated individually (depending on the density and thickness of the natural hair of the client).

Recently, a new technology - mikrolentochnoe capacity. It differs from the conventional in that the affixed tape strands several times already. It is remarkable suit owners thin and weak curls due to the fact that the area of ​​attachment is small, and the load on the roots minimum.

Tape hair extensions done fairly quickly and easily.   Unlike other conventional methods of hot and cold capacity, tape hair extension takes an average of 30-40 minutes. In addition, this method is hypoallergenic and is suitable even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

 fastening tape hair
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Correction, Maintenance and precautions

Accrued strands in this way need to be quite often correct - every 1-2 months. This is considered a disadvantage of this technology. If the correction is not done on time, you may experience a variety of unpleasant consequences. Strands grow and become visible area "interface" ribbons and natural curls. In addition, an adhesive which is attached via tape, collapses over time and they start to come unstuck.

Removed locks quickly and easily. They are treated with a special spray that dissolves the adhesive. Strands do not suffer when removed, so they can be reused. On average, tape strands used in the correction of up to 6 times.

Curls, accrued using this technology, need constant special care. You will have to buy a special comb that does not harm strands. In addition, use shampoos that do not contain too humectants, as These substances can degrade the adhesive and tape are eliminated. Also have to give up high and too intricate hairstyles. When lifting the curls attachment points will be visible, and it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. Before going to bed is recommended to braid is not very tight plait. So strands less confused and comb hair extensions will be much easier. During a visit to the sauna or solarium, experts recommend to put on a special hat. This will help protect them from the harmful effects of temperature.

If you do not run the state of their hair, the increased locks will look very natural, harmoniously and effectively. Take care properly for their hair extensions and they will delight you every day plush density and excellent long!

 Features and benefits of hair extensions ribbons

 Professional rectifiers for different types of hair


  • What should be the cover plate of the rectifier?
  • How to choose a hair straightener?
  • Make a stylish hairstyle with the help of the rectifier
  • Useful tips for beginners

Household and professional hair straighteners - is piling devices that allow a smooth surface strands using special heating plates between which is clamped a lock. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of types of ironing.

 covering professional ceramic straightener should be
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What should be the cover plate of the rectifier?

Covering plates curling manufacturers today called quite differently, but their purpose remains the same:

  • the warning of overheating, uniform heating of the strands without hot spots;
  • reduction of friction between the hair and stacking plates. The best devices have a high smoothness that allows for stacking most resistant with a reduced time of contact with hot surfaces and locks;
  • lining material should be such that when using special cosmetic preparations for termoukladki not occurred sticking to the surface thereof. This will protect strands from overheating, the negative thermal effects. Do not forget that the quality curling are easily cleaned surface, unlike the cheap;
  • desirable coating ionized.

Sami plates for stacking can be:

  1. Metal - is the most common material for the manufacture ploek now used less and less because it has a number of disadvantages: cosmetics adhere to the surface, it heats and cools more slowly, to regulate the temperature is much more complicated. It is not recommended to use such curling.
  2. The ceramic plate has a more gentle effect on the hair. Typically, such pads have special inclusions of tourmaline and nano-diamonds, which ensures that the function of ionization, and it is necessary to preserve the health and shine of hair.
  3. Titanium plates for irons and are of high quality, they are rapidly heated to a selected temperature, do not have such a negative impact, as ordinary metal.
  4. Teflon coating provides excellent slip, that is the time of contact with the strands is minimized, but when using cosmetics for laying plates are highly polluting.
  5. Mixed variants are now used in most of the instruments. This ceramic-Teflon, ceramic, tourmaline, ceramic-titanium material.
  6. Antibacterial coating - a relative novelty. It consists in the fact that you are using a special spraying nano-silver or made a special scheme under the influence of high temperature activates the air conditioning.

What should be the dimensions of the plates?

All rectifying devices may have different plate width differs. There are very narrow, with a width of 2, 5 cm, and there are more extensive. Select curling must be based on what kind of locks will be installed. For thin plates tight fit for thicker hair - wide. Narrow curling recommended for styling curls, wide it is simply impossible. But the broad enable to reduce the time to create hairstyles.

Also, wide pad (ceramic or metal) can be crimped, that is obtained from the hair strands unusual ripple.

Why ionization?

Some professional curling irons have a special function of ionization. Why is it necessary? The essence of ionization is that all the plates are covered with a special instrument ionic layer (for example, tourmaline), which upon heating releases a stream of negatively charged ions. They envelop each hair quickly restore water balance inside.

Not all devices now have a function that allows you to keep hair smooth, manageable, shiny. Of the additional bonuses from the use of the positive features of ionization should be noted that the hair is no longer electrified, ie hair remains unchanged, always looks very nice and neat.

 curls using rectifier
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How to choose a hair straightener?

In order to choose a professional straightener, you need to pay attention to a number of factors, including:

  • class instrument. Available not only professional, but also curling household who do not have the required functions and so precise temperature control;
  • heating time. For the professional, it is only a couple of seconds, but the domestic hot for much longer, though, and their price is much lower;
  • the presence of a temperature regulator is not less important, as failure to comply with an adequate level of temperature adversely affect the condition of the hair;
  • possible to select the mode according to the type of hair;
  • Curling coating material plates (ceramics best she does not have the negative effects on the condition of the hair);
  • shape and width of the plates. It is best to take a curling iron with rounded ends, it will provide an opportunity to wind the strand in a different direction. Well suited for this flat ceramic plate, but you can use corrugated plates, which create a very attractive effect;
  • the presence of additional nozzles allows you to create a variety of styling.

When purchasing preference should be given only to trusted brands, even if their cost is higher. This will give the opportunity to save for laying the health and shine, their excellent condition.

The impact on the hair straightener

The level of exposure to curling hair depends on whether you use the device. Some come utjuzhkom style your hair every day, and condition of the hair while it does not change, for others rather than once that hair become dull and brittle.

The fact that the use of high temperatures with a curling hair dries, depriving it of the necessary moisture. If it does not provide additional moisture and care, your hair will become unattractive, dry, brittle, lose their natural beauty. Therefore, using styling irons recommended not very often mandatory to apply for this special cosmetic means for termoukladki.

 perfectly smooth styling hair with straightener
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Make a stylish hairstyle with the help of the rectifier

Straight hair - it's so beautiful! Shiny, luxurious wave that ripples in the wind, or between the toes, can conquer all. But no matter how it was weird, straight hair is rarely popular. Not long ago, a sign of stylish hairstyles were lush "chemical cap" on the head, as in the ancient world straight hair worn only in mourning. Everything has changed in recent years, in our days laying with straight hair - a sign of style and good taste.

But today, the use of curling irons to create a most unusual and attractive hair. Since it is possible to make packing using ironing? Quite simply, it is necessary to prepare:

  • curling selected (preferably to the edge of the plates were a little rounded);
  • foam or gel termoukladki;
  • nail fixation. Suitable for hot and he was laying, it allows you not only to fix her hair, but also protect your hair.

Before you start packing, you must thoroughly wash and dry your hair, then apply them special Heat protective agent, gel or mousse. Strands of hair are divided into separate small parts, each wound from the root, it is necessary to keep the curling iron vertically. Circular motion rectifier is sent to the tips of locks, if the result does not satisfy you, then the process must be repeated. Do not hold your iron is a long time since the hair at the same time can be very damaging.

After laying the hair need to sprinkle varnish termoukladki, but only when the hair is cool. This will keep your hair all day.

Doing hair, do not forget that the temperature of the plates is higher than the forceps that is necessary to put it in line with the type of hair. For damaged curls better to put the controller in the 110-150 degrees for normal - 160, for hard and thick - 220. It is not recommended to curling remained in one area longer than five seconds.

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Useful tips for beginners

To ensure your hair is not damaged when using curling irons, you must follow a few helpful tips:

  1. Before you start straightening curls using a curling iron, you need to put on hair special thermal protection means. To this end, today released a special cosmetics: balms, sprays, mousses, which differ special formula activates when heated. This allows you to keep the beauty of hair, shine, thickness. Such agents include vitamins, extracts from plants, proteins and other natural ingredients which do not allow moisture to evaporate, that is effective in protecting them from drying strands.
  2. Make sure that the hair before styling were slightly damp or completely dry.
  3. Starting from the recommended use of the curling roots strands should be carefully separated from each other. The size must match the width of the working surface, in one place can not be delayed, the passage should be smooth.
  4. Subsequent washing after laying be using oils or special masks, which have a reducing action.

Choose hair iron should be very careful, because it depends on, you save your hair healthy. It is necessary to pay attention to many factors, including material manufacturing straightening plates, the presence of the thermostat, and many others. Selecting ploek cosmetics and hair care products will keep their excellent condition.

 How to avoid mistakes in the choice of hair straightener?