• What is fasting
  • How fast: the types and methods of treatment

Nowadays, people are beginning to lose faith in traditional medicine. Many of us at least once in their lives experienced treatment failure, incompetence of doctors, the high cost of medicines. Plus, not everyone wants to poison your body with so-called chemistry, which is a bunch of side effects.

That is why the fair sex are increasingly resorting to the help of alternative (non-traditional) medicine. Yoga, meditation, herbal tea, fasting on water - physicians skeptical of such methods. This is despite the fact that the effectiveness of some of them has been proven and described. But before you do, for example, decide to refuse food, to purify your body, be sure to read the information below.

What is fasting

This method of treatment of the body has become popular all over the world after the publication of the book Paul Bragg "Miracle of Fasting." This method of treatment is based on voluntary rejection of food and water, followed by dieting for a certain period of time.

Bragg was one of the first who insisted on the renunciation of the modern power system, the main place in which is occupied canned and refined products. To understand this issue, you can also get acquainted with the recommendations A.Suvorina, G.Sheltona, G.Shatalovoy. Surprisingly, despite the large amount of literature, this method to date poorly understood.

Certainly, there is evidence of a beneficial effect on the body, when it was the improvement in the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, asthma, digestive disorders, diseases of the skin and joints. It is believed that the rejection of junk food not only cleans our body and helps to restore health, but also has a positive effect on our spiritual life. Such treatment is advisable to start with cleansing the digestive tract (by administering laxatives or special enemas). One day before the start of the procedure recommended a bland diet that includes raw vegetables, cereals, and drink plenty of alkaline mineral water. During treatment, prohibits smoking, excluded medication, alcohol.

 therapeutic fasting

How fast: the types and methods of treatment

Fasting can be divided into "wet", "dry", combined, fractional, step. "Wet" implies a complete exclusion from the diet any food. However, patients have to take in this case at least one to two liters of distilled water. It is important to comply with an active lifestyle, make daily walks in the fresh air, sleep in a well-ventilated room for at least eight to nine hours. It is also recommended water treatments (reception contrast shower, dousing, hike in the bath). Thus you will accelerate the excretion of toxic products through the skin.

Treatment of "dry" starvation takes less time and is considered to be more effective. In this case the liquid is not allowed to drink. This procedure takes 1-3 days, during this period also eliminated water treatment, allowed only oral hygiene as a rinse. Note that you can not brush your teeth paste. Purgation in this case is not required.

Under the combined method it is meant that the patient first two or three sticks "dry" mode, and then proceeds to "wet". The study of fractional, as well as other kinds of fasting involved many scientists. The most recent procedure is described in detail at the candidate of medical sciences Georgy Voytovych. It involves several successive fractions or combined complete rejection of food.

The first fraction takes seventeen to twenty days, followed by refeeding (period of twenty-eight days). The second fraction lasts as much as the first, but the recovery period increased to thirty-five days. Clear time limits for the third fraction is not provided, it usually lasts until signs of physiological hunger.

Required restorative power that must be observed between the groups, consisting of lacto-vegetarian food. This method of treatment is young. Its principles were first developed in the seventies in the Belarusian Research Institute Phthisiopulmonology Voitovich. The effectiveness of fasting is quite high. It helps in many diseases, including those that are considered incurable.

Stepped fasting involves alternation of full or refusal of food combined with a recovery period. Fast usually five to ten days, recovered within three to five days with the help of juices, stewed vegetables. It is recommended that 3-4 stages of fasting once or twice a year.

Precautions for therapeutic fasting on water

The duration of fasting on water depends on many factors. Among them, such as health, diet quality preceding, a history of experience. The important role played by the fair sex, age, working hours, time of the year. Short-term starvation (duration of one day) is useful as a prophylaxis for virtually any organism. It must begin with the rejection of the dinner. In the morning you can drink a laxative and then a day do not take any food. Allowed to drink plenty of filtered water. The next day begins with the reception of fresh carrot juice diluted with mineral water (in a ratio of 1: 1).

If you already have a positive experience of the daily fast in the water, you can try to resort to this method of cleaning the body, but not more often than once a week. Such meal break in a positive effect on the immune system, helps to gain strength, get rid of fatigue. Naturally, the chosen day for healing the body should not fall on the noisy events, parties and meetings with friends. Not all are adherents of alternative medicine, and on this basis may be violent disputes which may adversely affect the course of treatment. On such a day is best to stay at home, do chores, read, listen to relaxing music.

Once you get used to such a diet, you can move on to the three-day fasting (just sit on the water). If your impressions are positive rather than negative, you can try a ten and fifteen times. There are cases and forty refusal of food. But do not forget that this is a very serious and dangerous step that is taken only if you are prepared. Such a long period of fasting on water is carried out after less prolonged periods and, of course, under strict medical supervision. Otherwise, all may end in failure, even death.

The last stage of fasting on water

From fasting on the water need to know how to get out. If you immediately nakinetsya all that is in the refrigerator, it can occur deterioration or exacerbation of certain gastrointestinal diseases. Cases volvulus. Unfortunately, not all of the fair sex can resist the temptation to eat any goodies.

The basic principles of the correct output: granularity of power consumption of vegetable and dairy food, adherence to time slots. During the first two hundred out of your diet completely eliminate salt, proteins of animal and plant origin (meat, beans, mushrooms). Please note that the length of the output should be at least half of the duration of fasting. So, for example, if the fair sex did not eat for 4 days, 2 days, she should have little, often, with food washed down with copious amounts of water.

Your diet must be vegetable and fruit juices, which are taken every few hours in small portions. In the early days it is recommended to dilute the concentrated drink water then can be consumed whole. Gradually, the menu includes porridge, soups, salads, dairy products, seeds and nuts. All of the above use once a day. On the second or third week, increases the number of meals to three to four per day. There are many diets that are suitable for recovery. Choose what you prefer.

What you should not eat after fasting

However, there are products on the use of which is to abstain, if you come out of fasting on water. This list includes: ketchup, mustard, spicy tomato juice, pickles, green olives. Unsubscribe from the recommended and salted nuts, fried foods, pork, canned soups, flour, pasta. Salt should be treated with caution. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle believe that it poisons the body, damaging the walls of blood vessels, increases blood pressure. Using natural salt substitutes, such as seaweed, garlic powder, lemon juice, is safe. Plus, these supplements are easily digested.

When and to whom fasting on water contraindicated

During pregnancy and lactation, fasting on water is unacceptable. There are a number of diseases in which the choice of this method of treatment is contraindicated. Be sure to review this list, not to harm your body. And in any case do not forget to pre-consult with a specialist. Important! Visit gastroenterologist and inspect your stomach, to prevent gastritis, ulcer, cancer and other diseases.

Keep in mind that fasting on the water should be carried out only under the control of a competent person. During this period it is necessary to constantly monitor indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure. It is also advisable to keep a record of drunk and allocated liquid, monitor the condition of the skin and mucous membranes of the weight. For the period recovery of the body using this method is better to take time off from work, because the procedure requires you to slightly different rhythm of life. During this period, you will need to make a three-time hour and a half walk in the fresh air, which should be alternated with a three-hour rest. Morning exercise should become an essential attribute of the start of the day.

Sit on the fasting is necessary with a positive attitude and belief in his favor. Avoid negative emotions, controversy, conflict, be friendly to all. H starve yourself if you badly. For maximum effect, spend healing meditation. Very important is the belief in the possibility of your body. Many consider fasting on water panacea for all ills and replacement of any drugs, as well as the best preventive and anti-aging therapy.

 Fasting: cleanses the body correctly