Women's Trench

Who would have thought that such a thing the female wardrobe, like trench coat - the usual trench coat, namely the way it sounds in English the language, so will demand modern women of fashion this summer. Women's Trench in 2011 is the most fashionable clothing, which earned popularity due to its functionality. Trench coat, raincoat, trench 2011 - you can call this trendy little piece ladies' clothes as you want, this demi-season coat women do not become less fashionable. No wonder, if it is needed and relevant, even in the distant future.

And it is not even that being popular for hundreds of years, trench coat today remains true to its quality: the practicality and convenience. Short women's coat goes well with almost any woman's wardrobe things. In addition, it is perfect for any weather. And this is very important because the modern fashionista in the rain and sleet will certainly want to look as stylish and impressive, the girls in the trench 2011 in the photo with the world's catwalks. Given these requirements for the new season's leading designers have created a myriad variety of models and styles of women's coats, which will help every woman to create a unique image. When choosing not forget that this year, in addition to fashion shiny fabrics are many models of women's leather trench coats sewn from matt and patent leather.
A huge range allows every girl without problems to choose for themselves the most suitable outdoor clothing, not limiting their opportunities and regardless of the form of the figure.

Trench 2011: The Trends of the season

  • The colors, fabrics and finishing

Choose subtle for the new season demi-season coats, or as it is referred to as a trendy trench coat in 2011, have many models from a wide variety of fabrics and colors. This year it could be sewn from any actual fabric for spring, summer and autumn season. This may be as cotton and denim, and polyamide Kabardin dense and even skin. Regardless of destination: for rainy or sunny weather, for every day or for social events, elegant women's trench 2011 must be a bright color. This year, unlike the previous few seasons, very fashionable coats plain pink, blue, yellow, green or green color. This choice is not limited to trench. In the collections of many famous designers can also find models with prints: flowers, watercolor, stripes, cells, peas, and even animals.

 Trench 2011

As the finish can be used as large buttons and contrasting colors border from another tissue or texture, and a variety of yoke straps and more.

  • Models trench

This season, the classic double-breasted trench coat is going to be the most fashionable and necessary thing in a woman's wardrobe. Therefore, his choice should be taken very carefully. You can opt for the fashionable cloak as a model in sporty style and opt for a more feminine style trench with prisborennymi cuffs and sleeves. However, the most popular this season are light-colored trench coats. In addition to the classic double-breasted models in the 2011 collection presented single-breasted trench female truncated versions of the flat buckle. Due to the short trench you can visually lengthen your legs and visually add a little bit of growth. As before, at the height of fashion is trench coat in 2011 with a deferred collar. You can also find models with English collar and belt, which designers are advised to slim girls casually tied at the waist, and the rest - from behind.

As for the length of the trench, the majority of classic models in this season fitted, underlined belt silhouette to the knee. Young slender girls better to prefer a shorter model. The best option - the length just above the knee. Although fans of shocking the fashion is still a mini-trench coats made of lacquered acrylic, leather or suede, the length of which is barely waist. Choosing a trench women whose photos can be seen in catalogs and popular fashion magazines, you will undoubtedly find yourself the center of attention and make a lasting impression on others.

How to choose a trendy trench coat in 2011?

Looking at photos of women trench wide variety of styles, offering us to try fashion designers this season, never ceases to surprise their fantasies. Our photo overview of the most popular destinations, colors and styles of fashionable trench coats in 2011 to help girls not to get lost among the variety of offers and make the right choice. If you are unable to choose the most suitable trench in 2011, photos of celebrities can serve as a good example. After all, stars never cease to amaze, and to appear in public in the new season. Do not spared this fate, and women's fashion coats. Especially liked the starry beauties hit elegant trench coats by Burberry. It is not so important, what brand, a style or model you give your preference from the collections of the 2011 season - you can be sure you have chosen an elegant trench coat will create the image of fashionable, stylish and elegant lady.

 trench female 2011

  • If your wardrobe is dominated by things out of denim, trench when choosing fashion stylists advise to prefer bright colors. Even in the most inclement weather, bright and rich colors can improve your mood.
  • If you want to create an image of a refined elegant lady, choose light-colored trench coat. Fine bright trench coat like nothing better than to help you emphasize this image.
  • To dress the classic style of light colors are best suited for the traditional trench coat colors - brown or gray. This cloak you'll look very fashionable and stylish.
  • Choosing red trench will help you emphasize and complement the image of a sexy vamp.
  • If bright colors are not acceptable to you, and you want a quiet notes of in the locker room, you can safely choose a leather trench women that never goes out of fashion. You can also opt for a fashionable coat with a variety of finishing one of the pastel tones.

Why women trench must be in every woman's wardrobe?

The designers claim that this year without a fashionable part of the female wardrobe, like trench women's shorter, can not do no fashionista.

An elegant trench coat will protect you from the chilly autumn rain and wind, but at the same time beautify its possessor regardless of its shape.

Preferring fashionable cloak, you are not only beneficial to stand out from the general crowd, but also to attract attention to the person of the opposite sex.

The correct style of fashion this year trench will allow you to look fashionable, stylish, sexy and at the same time business.

From what to wear fashionable trench coat in 2011?

 Women's trench photo

According to the famous fashion designers, stylists and designers, refined and elegant women's trench emphasized today is appropriate at any time of the day. All depends only on what to wear, when colder. A huge variety of colors and kroev this wonderful dress gives women the possibility of unlimited choice. And although many ladies still only thinking about buying a trench, they already know the answer to the question, what to wear this fashionable things in the new season.

For everyday work such cloak equally well it looks like with jeans and trousers, and with dresses combined with high heels. Whereas for business meetings can be a good option with an elegant combination of trench female suits, skirt or trousers straight cut. If for everyday use any color, then it is desirable to choose the business image of the classic trench coat colors: white, black, brown or copper. This coat looks great in combination with an evening dress. Especially you will look fashionable in case the edge of evening dress will be a little peek out from under his coat, which in this case, you can just throw on the shoulders.

When you purchase is necessary to pay special attention to the accessories that you will definitely need if you decide to wear a fashionable trench coat. After all, the accessories can drastically transform any thing. Moreover, they are able to complement the trench and give the image a finished appearance. That is why it is important to choose a fashionable trench 2011 Accessories: handbag, hat, belt, scarf, neckerchief or scarf. Complement and complete the created image will help attached to the outer clothing fabric flowers as brooches and a clutch of brocade.

Replenish your wardrobe so fashionable and necessary thing, you will not be left unnoticed, as this new thing as a fashionable trench, can transform any woman pep its image.

 Fashionable women's trench coat - 2011

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