Spring 2012 fashion coats

With the onset of spring sunshine want to throw heavy winter clothes, and finally try a free and easy. This will help enormously popular today raincoats as they look very original, and are versatile enough details of the female wardrobe. And such quality as impermeability, will save you in the most inclement weather, protection from the rain and strong winds.

Raincoats new spring season have combined several styles - the elegance of the fifties and the seventies futurism of the past century. These original styles with cutting-edge technology allows designers to create modern, comfortable, bright and very beautiful model. Such familiar materials such as leather, suede, nylon, cotton and microfiber, and to date remains the most popular in the production of this fashion brand.

 the most fashionable rainwear spring 2012

A variety of lineup

For the fashion trends this year include the classic trench coat and its interpretation. Despite the fact that this style is characterized familiar cut, the designers decided in the upcoming fashion season to make it more fashionable modifications, shortening the length and decorated with all sorts of drapery products.

Coats in the style of minimalism, which is characterized by clean lines and lack of spare parts will also be very popular. They will not leave indifferent any girl.

From the past to the new season passed cloak windbreaker. This model is very convenient and practical addition to all looks very elegant. This product is a distinctive style, which makes it possible to use it as a simple capes and ponchos as the dispersing. Very comfortable and original!

Doubtless the favorites this season are considered fashionable leather coats Spring 2012 beige, flesh, red and khaki. Muted colors never irritate, but rather pleasant and attractive to others, in fact, things are in such a natural color always looks elegant and expensive. This season's trendy are the most diverse combinations of textures, materials, a mixture of styles. Unusual and original look small, almost imperceptibly, collar-rack.

Minimalism, which is trying to express the world's designers, incredibly fashionable, so laconic, expressed in two colors, is easy to emphasize your individuality. This style can be called a very low-key, because there are no completely decoration and details in the form of collars, pockets, belts.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that when choosing a leather model, you need to pay attention to the details of the product - the smaller decorative elements it has, the slimmer your figure will look like.

 fashion leather coats Spring 2012

Fashion style

  • Asked what style will be trendy in 2012, it is necessary to say that a new coat spring season will not have a form-fitting shape, but rather will look broader.
  • The models also differ separate parts: the collar can have a classic cut, the pockets can be oblique, the usual length of a sleeve or a little more than half of his cloak, and times are often tied to a knot.
  • Color plays an important role in the choice of any thing as taste preferences of every fashionista purely individual. But there is no cause for concern. Designers have prepared for a huge variety of beautiful women, the color palette, so it is safe to say - everything is very bright and cheerful!
  • The most fashionable rainwear spring 2012 will be colorful flower and the animal ornaments that are still very relevant and in demand.

In conclusion, it should be noted that in anticipation of the spring 2012 season, many experts say the unusual surge in popularity of women's cloaks. And if you have not yet managed to get the thing your dreams, it is now you have an opportunity. Do not miss your chance to look fashionable, stylish and original in every day!

 Fashionable women's coats spring - 2012

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 pleated skirt

Especially popular in the spring-summer 2012 season will enjoy the light, feminine, flowing skirts, pleated model. Therefore, designers of the world to a new fashionable season prompted many variations on the theme of pleating. Among the huge abundance of beautiful things, fashion designers presented their new collections in the new fashion season pleated skirt has a special place. This is not surprising, because this style perfectly underlines the waist and makes the figure more feminine.

They first appeared around 2000 BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In those days they were considered exclusively male garment, and only in the nineteenth century, they were worn by women. Since then, the fashion for pleats that subsides, it flares up with renewed vigor. So this season is no exception. Back in fashion this autumn and winter, the spring fashion skirt climb up to the top of popularity.

 Pleated Skirt

What models attract the attention of fashionistas in the spring and summer of 2012?

We offer you a fashionable skirt, which will take pride of place in your wardrobe:

  • A young girl certainly will like stubby playful skirts in the crease that many associate with the carefree school years. However, despite these associations, pleated knee conquered the hearts of many of our contemporaries. The main advantage of such a skirt is that it allows owners of the length of the slender legs to demonstrate the advantages of the figure.
  • Timeless classic knee-length or slightly below with a low waistline - perfect for all occasions. In such a skirt can be sent as a visit and to work.
  • However, the undoubted hit of the season promises to be a skirt with vertical folds length of the floor. That such models when creating new collections Spring-Summer 2012 preferring the most modern designers. Models maxi-length, made of pleated fabric, helping to create the most romantic, airy and sensual image. In addition, it visually makes a woman more slender and more, emphasizing the waist. Stylists are advised to use such as a skirt as the embodiment of everyday clothing, as well as for the publication, combining them depending on the destination with a variety of items of her wardrobe: fitting sweaters, bulky shirts and blouses, as well as with straight jackets and cardigans. Also, this skirt looks great with a translucent blouse, turtleneck or normal fitting top.

 pleated skirt 2012

Accessories, fabrics and trendy colors for pleated skirts

Length, width of the folds, colors and material for skirts with vertical pleats in the season spring-summer 2012 can be very diverse.

Pleated Skirt-2012: fashionable colors spring-summer season is very broad and diverse. Skirts white and beige designers propose to use as a basic wardrobe. A lover of the avant-garde surely will please pleated green, turquoise, red and purple. While admirers of classic style will approach the skirt of gray, brown and black.

For sewing pleated fashion masters prefer to use subtle flowing fabrics: silk, chiffon, crepe, etc. While the upper band can be made from a very different cloth textures. Light, airy skirt pleated at the floor looks very interesting in conjunction with the articles of clothing from knitwear, satin, leather, fur and jeans. This stylists are advised not to overload the image of accessories and finishes, such as the skirt and without enough attracts attention.

Pleating on the skirt can be both small and large enough visually similar to the crisp folds. As accessories to these skirts are good belts as narrow and wide, made of leather, fabric, decorated with sequins, stones or beads. You can wear them both at the waist and below, belted skirt itself or the upper part of the ensemble.

 fashionable pleated skirt

Trendy Skirts: the choice of a suitable style

The beauty and originality are at the peak of popularity of pleated floor-length tempted by many of today's fashionistas. However, these skirts are not every woman. So do not blindly follow fashion, and carefully choose their style and length pleated products.

  • Since the skirt pleats add visual figure one size, this model is the most slender tall girl.
  • Owners of wide hips, short legs and a full figure should try on a few different models, among a huge variety of styles you will discover certainly the best option that suits your figure.
  • Ladies with a curvy hips stylists advised to give preference to skirts with pleats starting from the hip.
  • The girls of short stature should choose the model of medium length, because the length of the maxi-skirt are unlikely to decorate.
  • Also note that these skirts look especially harmoniously combined with light makeup and natural hair styles.

Having Pleated an integral part of your wardrobe, you will always look fashionable, stylish and elegant.

 Pleated skirt - the main trend of the spring-summer 2012 season

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