women's pants with stripes

In our dynamic time unisex firmly established in all areas of fashion, pants neotemnoy become part of the female wardrobe. Now they are sewn not only for men but also for the female.

In this article, we will focus on such original things like women's pants with stripes. They sent us to the era of 70-ies of the last century, but a modest flares, stripes and monotone color palette make it a mandatory attribute of the wardrobe and in our time. This trend in spring 2012 will be of even hopelessly far from the sports girl of any age and physique.

Models that offer designers

  • Women's leather pants with stripes suit for confident women. They can be worn for a walk on a club party.
  • Cotton trousers with elastane on the wide belt that perfectly drawn and pleasant body, made specifically for women "with a tummy". They are perfect as a supplement to Tunica, used by young mothers for feeding.
  • Loose pants made of denim, stripes which are embroidered by hand with various decorative elements can be useful for creating almost any image. They look very beautiful.
  • In fashion are also classic trousers, a key part of which - stripes with tucks. This style will probably never leave us!
  • Very original look stylish narrow trousers with stripes, which effectively emphasize the dignity of women who have shapely legs.
  • · Golden Autumn is time to encouraging designers to new records, one of which has become the gold pants with stripes made in sport and romantic style.

Pants with stripes are now out on the forefront of fashion shows that got a lot of fans. They perfectly fill a popular casual look. To create these designers are choosing light and flowing natural fabrics, the most popular of which are cotton, satin and linen. Products made of these materials will delight you with the comfort and excellent quality.

 stylish pants with stripes

From what to wear fashionable trousers with stripes?

  • Combining tight pants with boots with high heels, you can visually draw the silhouette, adding he slimming. This ensemble will be a win-win in any environment.
  • To create a refined image of pants can be supplemented with an air soft blouse or cardigan.
  • For pants with stripes is perfect for a simple and comfortable sweater knitted with the effect of bruising. The focus of the image will bring knitted pattern on the back of the flower, which is designed to match the fabric.
  • In the ensemble with a showy golden trousers will look great sweatshirt, made in the same style.

Asked what to wear pants with stripes, it should be noted that if you choose such models, you must first focus on convenience and comfort. Their length should be adjusted independently, since it will differ depending on the selected footwear. It should also be remembered that the presence of extra folds lying accordion, is simply unacceptable, as it may spoil the harmony of the whole image.

If your goal is profitable to emphasize the dignity of all shapes, then pants with stripes are simply irreplaceable thing!

 Fashionable women's pants with stripes

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 what to wear a corset

Today, the corset - one of the most seductive and feminine objects of any girl's wardrobe. But recently it became increasingly unfairly ignored by those who lack the imagination or desire to create a unique and harmonious way. So let's understand and try to fill this unfortunate gap in the question, what to wear a corset, a photo of which is presented below. Indeed, the current fashion allows easy it is to create the most unusual and varied styles.

Where to wear a corset for women today?

It all depends on your inner qualities. For example, active girls like the usual practical corset waist that simply executes the action a good fixation and emphasizes grace. Most often it is becoming a woman, which consist in a leading position as a corset - perfectly underlines the confidence and rigor.

Schoolgirls use it as a beautiful accessory on prom night, trying to have a such a young age to develop and maintain their taste. The most unusual, shocking and themed corset is definitely better to wear to the occasion and mood.

On the issue of how to wear a corset, be sure to remember that the very first impression of a man at all remains in the memory for a long time, perhaps for life. Such a case could become a solemn wedding, gatherings of friends or just a warm pleasant evening with a beloved man.

He also often used as a kind of erotic accessories, such as love games. And do not underestimate the advantage of its high, because couples who value a strong relationship must constantly maintain the sharpness of the senses.

 what to wear a corset photo

What goes corset?

The simple combination - white pants and decorative corset. Best of all, that it is high - you need to put it on the body without shirts and blouses. Supplement will shawl or silk scarf, which warms and will not leave you with a feeling of insecurity. You can also add some jewelry and a white handbag.

Very simple, but no less elegant arrangement of a simple shirt, straight corset and tight skirt. To excel in color, pick up a trendy skirt color, such as brown. The secret of this way is that all the elements of the invoice should not be different.

An interesting variant can be considered a velvet corset, combined with a long jacket and skirt. It's quite the calling position, so it is better to complement the strict classical shades of outerwear. Please add the image can be in color accessories to look harmonious and not strictly.

The original American style as a daily option - a white corset with jeans and shirt. White removes extra notes, open tender and feminine simplicity, and in this way there is no surplus.

The most simple and gentle blend can be called brilliant white corset with beret of the same color and a beige jacket with a skirt. This is a very unusual and harmonious ensemble, which will complement the silver jewelery, adding a touch of cold. Jacket will continue the line of the corset, forming the silhouette of the neck to the waist and hips. It will look, certainly quiet, but at the same time rich and solemn.

Terms of wearing corsets

Continuing the theme, it is necessary to say - if you have never used and only watch that part of clothes, then it is necessary to know how to wear a corset. It should not cause you any inconvenience - it is one of the main rules! Not slimming him very much. The corset must be tightened so that you can move freely and breathe.

When you tighten the corset, do it with some effort, and then loosen it slightly, leaving himself room to move. Remember that it must necessarily conform to your figure. Women corset custom made to standard templates, which complied with classic proportions. If your figure is not quite standard - do not worry, over time, the corset "sit down" and take your forms.

On the issue of how to wear a corset, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of their skin, and if you have not done this before, you start to care for her need right now. These corsets, especially Waist, made with steel bones. Every human skin is very delicate, so you need time to get used, despite the fact that the inner lining is made of eco-friendly cotton.

 From what to wear a corset?

 women's jackets 2012

Jacket has long ceased to be an exclusively male clothing. Today the garment firmly settled in women's locker room. Today jackets are all - students, housewives and business women. Moreover, the ranks of their fans grow every year and replenished. Their popularity is easy to explain - in such clothes a woman always looks fashionable, stylish and modern.

What women jackets 2012 will be the most popular this spring and summer? This issue is relevant for many girls and women who always want to be a trend. To find out which of the jackets will be able to attract the attention of the fair sex, offering to make a small tour behind the scenes of the fashion catwalks.

Female jackets: the latest fashion trends of the new season

Jackets Women's Spring-Summer 2012 are pleased with the variety. The new collections of fashion designer they are presented in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. Because of this, every woman, regardless of age and physical capabilities, will be able to choose the best option based on your taste and personal preference. Actual cuts spring-summer season will help everyone to create their own image, to supplement and enrich it. Classic jackets and cropped jackets with three-quarter sleeves, single-breasted, double-breasted, and with the smell - there are plenty to choose them! Judge for yourself.

 jackets Women's 2012 photo

  • Feminine jackets spring and summer of 2012, with an emphasis on the waist. Most designers offer a fashionable women candidly form-fitting models and styles with lush bottom. Talia products such style can be highlighted by a special cut, draperies, or a belt, often subtle and elegant. On the fashion runways can meet a lot of interesting models, decorated with ruffles, ruffles or pleats. As for the colors, in the spring collection of women's jackets are presented in soft pastel shades and bright saturated colors.
  • Rage - short jackets that are incredibly popular in modern fashionistas. Among these jackets are common models that are in appearance very similar to the bolero. Shorter versions may be implemented as leather, fur, and other materials that are relevant for the warm season. In most cases, this style jackets have elegant bright finish - ruffles, flounces and more. The color range of jackets in the collections of 2012 also encouraged its abundance. Along with the neutral tones in the spring collections are a lot of choices of bright colors, among which the most appropriate white, beige, brown, gray, navy and black, and yellow, red, olive, mustard and orange-red.
  • Knitted jacket for women 2012 - bright and the undisputed favorite of the spring-summer season, which, like a fitted jacket, often intercepted belt - wider. Wear knit jackets this spring and summer can be arbitrarily how little jersey dress or tucked into a skirt, pants or shorts.
  • Long jackets - another fashion trend of the season, which is equally well with both from a sports and business style of clothing. This jacket looks great in the ensemble with black trousers and a direct style white blouse, and with things sporty - leggings, T-shirt or topom.
  • Rigorous, refined and elegant jackets unisex acting leader in the hit parade of fashionable women's spring jackets will certainly find its fans.
  • Do not forget about the designers and double-breasted jackets. This season, they can be very different lengths and colors.

If you do not know what to wear women's jackets 2012 photo from the fashion catwalks - a perfect example to follow. At the fashion shows was seen a lot of interesting and at the same time, unusual combinations, the most spectacular of which can be called a combination of classic fitted jacket with loose shorts length just above the knee.

Do not be afraid to experiment and show imagination. Fashion Accessories - chiffon scarf, handbags, belts and gloves made of leather, textiles, and even various fur perfectly complement you've created an image that will win a lot of men's hearts.

 Women's fashion jackets - 2012

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