Fashionable women's shoes 2012

What will make any woman happy? No doubt - charming shoes that look to the shop windows. Fashionable women's shoes in 2012 will appreciate the beautiful ladies for its diversity and originality.
The designers have made in the model of shoes the most daring, extravagant imagination, not shown on the catwalk before. A key attribute of fashionable shoes is a high heel, as well as a platform.

High heels

It is difficult to imagine that high heels will come when some of fashion. Wide, textured heels among the popular trends, but also thin rods is also not forgotten, because it is a symbol of elegant women's shoes.

Wide, stable high heels took incredible forms. For example, they have Lanvin curved inwardly. Heel original twisted into a spiral and fixed to the sole decorative "jumpers."

In 2012 there was a boom in construction of all kinds of shoes for high heels. Backs of shoes decorated with threads, beads, sequins, yarn, ribbons, leather, flowers, fringe and other decorations.

Platform shoes

Shoes on a platform in favor. It seemed that the platform will not be popular, but to abandon it entirely trendsetters failed. So, an impressive platform of more than 5 cm in height - it is one of the favorites for spring and summer of 2012.

The platform complements the heels of medium thickness. Massive design was also interesting. Female legs shod in the fashion of the season, will surprise and impress.

Fashionable Shoes Wedge

Defender wedgies - it is Christian Louboutin. It is spring and summer shoes 2012 with the element and used for its production of the classic cork.

Shoes Wedge focuses on open toe with a buckle on a wide membrane.

Wedge - an alternative to the heel, and it works on the standard rules of fashion. In decorating wedgies all restrictions. Upholstery leather, fabric decorated with sequins, beads, sequins, embroidery, biker studs, rivets. Walk Wedge is much easier than high heels.

These fashion trends shoes 2012.

 Fashionable women's shoes 2012

 how to clean suede shoes


  • What is suede
  • How to clean suede products
  • How to quickly get rid of stains
  • How to care for suede

Suede - beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch material. Things made out of it, look rich and elegant. And no matter what kind of products - shoes, clothes, accessories and furniture. All these products immediately become a subtle shade of a low-key, but a refined luxury.

Suede all good, but she has one drawback - it is not very practical. If you wear the wrong stuff starts overwritten, to shine, it loses its appearance. In order to avoid this, it is necessary for her to care. And here we are now look at how to clean suede shoes, how to properly care for the products, how to dry after cleaning suede things, and what resources can and should be used.

What is suede

Let us examine for a start, what constitutes this material. It should be noted that there is suede, natural and artificial. Natural is made from animal skin, which excrete a special way - fat tanning. It differs velvety softness, thinness and ductility. Faux suede, which successfully competes with natural, made from the latest modern materials. Suede, both natural and artificial, are used in the manufacture of fancy goods, footwear, apparel.

This material is characterized by fine fleecy structure that readily absorbs water, due to which it swells and becomes rigid. Therefore, treat it very carefully. But in everyday life there are various minor troubles - something may leak, some scuff, step on or touch. As a result, there are a variety of pollution that are not so easy to get rid of. Naturally, in this case, a reasonable question arises, what to clean suede at home?

 how to clean suede

How to clean suede products

Immediately I must say that this stuff does not like moisture, so dry clean suede best means and methods. If pollution are not as significant in nature, you can try to get rid of them using a special eraser, which is very carefully cleans suede surface. Special eraser can be replaced by a conventional band. If the dirt deep and not superficial or old, is not to spoil the thing you need to take it to the dry cleaners.

For those who want to know how to clean suede at home, we will give some tips. The best folk remedy for this is considered to be a solution of skim milk with soda (a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk). However, in this case, the surface may remain white residues. If this should happen, paint stains.

Effectively removes impurities from the surface of suede and a ten percent solution of ammonia, which can be replaced with soda (half a glass of milk on a quarter cup of ammonia). Cloth soaked in the resulting liquid, wipe the contaminated area. The treated surface should be cleaned with a damp towel soaked in ordinary water or a mild vinegar solution that is even better (per liter of water one teaspoon of vinegar).

Bright suede items can be cleaned crumb of white bread. Dried spot rubbed with dried crust of bread, fine sandpaper or rubber brush. Press hard, or do not need to press (in order to avoid the appearance of scuffs). Then comb the lint brush.

Heavily soiled light suede and kid things you need to wipe a cloth soaked in a solution of soap or powder with the addition of ammonia (20 g soap flakes or powder, a few drops of ammonia per liter of water). The treated surface should be rinsed with water and dried. Note: much of the wet stuff suede is not recommended. By the way, you can remove grease stains gasoline.

Gloves made of suede can be easily and quickly clean off the dirt using a conventional soap. To do this, they need to put your hands dry and treat pollution remnant. Then the soap to wash off with warm water and put the gloves to dry in the expanded form. In no case the battery! If after drying their roughness, is to give soft and fluffy the original species can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a clothes brush with stiff hairs. White Suede is dried on a towel.

When the shiny patches on the products, you can sprinkle the starch to stand for half an hour or so, and then clean, dry lint brush. If the processing of dry dirt does not disappear, it is necessary to make starch and liquid ammonia solution, which is applied to the surface. Once the stain is dry processed starch swept away lint brush.

Today in the shops you can find a lot of creams and sprays for the care of suede items. What tools to choose - depends entirely on the kind of things and your financial capabilities, as some of them are expensive. By the way, to clean suede products recommended to use special shampoo. With it you can remove even the most stubborn dirt without damaging the surface structure.

Clear the natural suede

During socks on products made of suede (especially in the folds of clothing or shoes) formed creases. Often happens zaminanie cloth. In this case, the thing you need to steam. For these purposes it is possible to use an ordinary iron or basin with hot water. So, your favorite jacket should be short to hold over steam it lightly moistened. Then the problem areas need to comb clothes brush with stiff bristles.

Suede shoes can also be put in order by means of steam. The main thing - do not overdo it, or your favorite boots much zagrubeyut. Dirty shoes or ugg boots should be cleaned with a soap solution with the addition of ammonia. Thereafter, it is better to treat water-repellent spray. Such a tool can be purchased at any specialized shop. Shoes and things of genuine suede can be perfectly clean the brush. Obmoknite it in coffee grounds and get to work.

How to clean faux suede

Faux suede should be cleaned with a weak solution of water and washing powder for delicate fabrics, then, is not pressing, dried in this expanded form, or hang on the garment hanger. But keep in mind that they are in any case can not be washed by hand or machine, otherwise the item will lose its form.

All of the above home remedies for cleaning suede is very efficacious, our mothers and grandmothers often resorted to bread, eraser and soda. You can choose any of them to care for their things, but pre-test a small area of ​​raw products. Such precautions are necessary so you do not spoil your favorite boots, gloves (especially salt, soda and turpentine).

Wet cleaning is carried out using suede paralonovym sponge. To get rid of dirt on white articles to choose the means, which are not a part of the coloring elements. You do not want to turn the light shoes spotted. After a "wash" blot the moisture with a towel and put the thing treated dry. From time to time wipe the beads of water. In no case do not put the boots, jacket near the battery and do not use a hair dryer.

Unfortunately, the artificial material quickly becomes unusable. Therefore cleaning suede at home should be done only if you have no other choice. This is especially true of expensive things. Sofa, sheepskin coat can cover the light spots. And with that, because there was nothing to be done.

 suede brush

How to quickly get rid of stains

What if you put a stain on sheepskin boots or on the street (who does not happen?). How to clean suede? So, first of all remove bits of dirt and attached to this place a napkin. Note gloss over or scour the spot is not worth it. Otherwise, even in dry cleaning will not help you.

Before you clean suede, you must find the source of contamination. Milk, eggs, ice cream, blood should be rinsed with cold water, without using soap, powder, and other chemical agents. If the stain is dry, get rid of it will be much harder.

If you spill a thing on the wine, put on top of the napkin or towel so that it absorbed the liquid. Then, as in the previous case, the product rinse with plenty of water. Please note: baking soda in this case should not be used because it can discolor the treated area. This substance corrodes even the white matter. The same goes for salt. Immediately contact the experts! In such places usually all processed or steam, or with special chemical solutions. If in the next 2-3 days jacket is not clean, the spot will remain forever.

How to care for suede

To the product looked as good as new, and you do not have to blush for dirty or zalosnennye things for them to properly care for. Summer shoes and bag made of suede sponge should be cleaned with a special hard surface (such sold in stores). Not only does it remove the precipitated dust, but "rascheshet" matted villi.

In winter, unfortunately, it is much more difficult to provide proper care. Suede boots deteriorate due to moisture, salt, which is sprinkled with wipers track temperature changes when you enter from the street into a warm room. Therefore, in any case, you will have to acquire the following means:

  • Dye

What should I do if the place burnt shoes and brightened much? It should be treated with special paint. Choose the right shade will not be difficult, because today there are so many different colors.

  • Sprays protected from moisture

Sprays, aerosols only help to protect the products from the negative effects of moisture, but also prevents the occurrence of white streaks that occur because of the salt, snow and water.

  • Brushes and rubber bands

Allowing you to quickly and effectively get rid of various types of pollution. They are typically used for dry-cleaning products, and brushing suede.

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned products is not cheap. But without it you will not be able to provide proper care for suede.

So, before you buy items from this material, carefully weigh the pros and cons. Think about whether you will be a daily morning and evening for 20 minutes to brush, combing, dyeing or sheepskin boots.

 How to clean suede shoes: get rid of the stains well

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