Summer shoes 2011

In summer, every woman wants to look fashionable, stylish and irresistible. To each of us could realize his desire, designers tried their best: create a whole new season collection of fashionable summer shoes 2011. The female will only have the right to choose a beautiful and comfortable shoes for the summer.

The previous few seasons can not be called brilliant. And although this time many have become accustomed to a neutral and discreet shades of shoes, this summer the weaker sex to adopt a bold decision. After all, women's shoes this year is not just a very bright and colorful.

So, what is a summer collection of shoes in 2011? This is a huge variety of fashionable shoes: summer shoes, sandals, ballet shoes, slap and clogs, of which every woman will choose the model that not only emphasize the beauty of women's feet, but also make the walk easier and sexy, attention of the opposite sex to his person. Today, virtually every modern woman knows that any shoes, and especially summer, have to be not only fashionable, high-quality and beautiful, but also comfortable. Because it affects the very, very much, but in the first place - the beauty of female feet and gait.

Trends of the season

 women's summer shoes 2011

Summer fashion shoes 2011 allows you to vary how styles and materials and color combinations. Because of this, every woman, regardless of her age could no problem to choose the most suitable variant of the shoe. The main thing - correctly orient in fashion trends and fashion trends.

  • The most interesting trend of the summer season is a floral ornament, which is able to create a real miracle: full owners of the feet will help give the perfect silhouette. Also presented at the spring-summer fashion show models with floral prints look very fun and mischievous.
  • Another interesting trend of the season - striped shoes with high heels enough
  • In the new summer season is also a popular women's shoes, imitating the color of various animals.
  • It is very fashionable this summer will be shoes with laces made of various materials.
  • It remains actual shoes with heels, wedges and platforms.

New models

Want to know what a gift prepared women of fashion designers for the new summer season?

In the summer collections of designer shoes 2011 models are available to suit every taste: sandals with high heels and soles low, colorful ballet flats, sandals on a platform and many other interesting options that will not leave indifferent any woman upcoming summer. And to personally see this, we offer you a glimpse into the fashion magazines or catalogs to see what is fashionable summer shoes 2011, photos of the most recent models of the new season can also be found on our website. This spring and summer, judging by the photos, summer shoes 2011 without spikes will be very popular. And not only among those women who are tied for first place comfort and convenience. This season, his preference for such exhibits will give even the lovers of high heels. After all, this year in addition to the many favorite classic boats in the summer collections are very interesting, sometimes even extravagant models without a heel.

 Fashionable summer shoes 2011

Women's Summer Shoes 2011: photos of trendy patterns can be found on our website or on the Internet. At the peak of the popularity of this season are sandals made of genuine leather stylized tiger, leopard, crocodile and snake coloring. Such shoes will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas and allow a woman to feel like a real Greek goddess. Moreover, in the surrounding can appreciate exquisite style holders unique pair of shoes.

If you can not figure out what to wear women's summer shoes 2011, photo from the fashion catwalks to help in this matter. Modern and stylish sandals with thin soles with an abundance of low-straps are perfectly combined with shorts, leggings and even sundresses.

 Summer Shoes 2011 photo

Fashionable summer shoes 2011 - this interweaving of different styles. Undoubtedly, in fashion this summer will be on the strap shoes that perfectly combines the rigor and femininity at the same time. This shoe can be worn with almost any woman's wardrobe things. They look equally good with both the dress and skirt or with jeans or flared trousers.

Trendy colors, materials and décor


Designer's imagination is truly the limit. In the new season, when ever a lot of attention given to decorating shoe designers float virtually everything that can be used as decorative elements. It spikes and feathers, flowers and butterflies, ribbons and chains, openwork plexus and more. Also suitable for decorating all kinds of fasteners, locks, latches, buckles and lacing rope, jumper straps abundance, both functional and purely decorative, and various other items that just strike the human imagination. At the peak of popularity are their belts and the weave. Also great attention is paid to the form and decoration of the heel, ankle and lift the area.


This year's summer shoes for relevant natural materials, and the closer they are to nature, the better. When creating fashionable shoes summer 2011 season most designers prefer corkscrew, wood or rope soles, leather and textiles.


Colours of summer shoes and sandals of the season can be very, very diverse. Summer fashion shoes attracted the attention of brilliance metal: gold and silver. Also relevant for sandals as classic white, black and bright saturated colors, and a combination of several shades. Models for the summer, designers presented this year, very versatile. Combining colors fashionable summer shoes 2011 photo we suggest you look below, it is possible to choose how to work and to the party. In short, these shoes fit for all occasions and no heat in the summer they are not afraid.

What to choose: high heels or flat soles?

 Summer 2011 women's shoes

    Heels and studs

Already that year in a row shoes with high heels on the fashion catwalks dominates, and it seems that in the near future is not going to leave them. Designers each new season, do not cease to surprise and delight fashionistas with new models and colors, experimenting with the decor and the materials used. Thanks to this woman every season have the opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with new fashionable shoe that looks gorgeous female legs: gives them the grace and makes walking more attractive, riveting admiring glances of men. That is why high heels this season, are still at the peak of popularity. And that ladies' legs are not sweating in the heat, many designers offer in this current season shoes with open toes.

With a bright female summer shoes 2011, illustrate this photo, you can personalize and show others your taste. But some of them to give their preference: a wide stable heel, high heels and a classic flat shoes - the choice is yours. Admirer of classics will find yourself in the summer collections are many good options for shoes classic colors on a small heel, which will emphasize the refined taste and the owner will not leave unnoticed by his mistress. These shoes look great with a cocktail dress and sundresses.

 summer collection of shoes 2011

    Summer sandals

Sandals - a favorite by many women shoes for summer. For summer sandals in the new season there are no restrictions. They, as well as summer shoes can be of various shapes and colors, have a flat sole, high platform or classical pin. The decor can be used as a variety of jewelry. Particularly fashionable this season sandals decorated with lace, sequins or guipure inserts. This footwear goes well with skirts and pants suit absolutely any length.

Popular and summer shoes 2011 without a heel: photos of the most recent models of the season, visit our website. The real hit of the summer 2011 season will be a long summer boots flat shoes are made of different materials: thin skin, satin, lace and even silk. Equally popular are Female summer shoes, which can be both on the heel and on the platform and the thin soles. Summer shoes without a heel in 2011: photos of girls in fashion magazines with fashion catwalks of the world is well illustrated by the beauty of the female legs in beautiful and fashionable summer shoes. Top up your summer wardrobe a few trendy models of the designer collections, you will always look perfect, the main thing - the right to choose the most suitable coloring and accessories for the summer as well.

 women's summer shoes, 2011 Photos

    Platform or wedge

In the summer 2011 season almost all models of fashionable footwear has at its base platform or tankette. Although the main trend of the season is recognized as a powerful high wedge, it is little interested. Therefore, for everyday wear is best to choose a more suitable option. And if you prefer fashion or tankette platform, the degree of massiveness define for themselves.


Flip-flops on a flat sole is most certainly suitable for a visit to the beach. However, many modern ladies prefer to walk in them, even at work, choosing the most appropriate model.

 2011 women's summer shoes Photo

    Trendy sandals and espadrilles

Summer cloth slippers, made of natural materials that have a rope sole season in a row are very popular among women of all ages. This summer a rope sole will be one of the main trends of the season. What it has attracted the attention of a female? First of all, the fact that it is made of natural materials, beautiful and incredibly suited to almost any outfit. However, it is fragile and very easily soiled.

Not forgotten in this year and sandals. The collections of the summer 2011 season they paid a lot of attention, a variety of models to suit every taste - sweet and rough, with animal prints.

 Summer shoes 2011

    Flat shoes

Do not forget designers and flat shoes, which is ideal for every taste and occasion: work, leisure and everyday wear.

    Lightweight ballerina

Fashionable ballerina - a combination of comfort and beauty. They have many years in a row at the peak of popularity and, apparently, is not going to give up their positions.

    Shoes with pointed toe

Modest shoes with pointed toe - the perfect embodiment of elegance and refined taste.

    Flat shoes with a square-toed

Clear favorite of the season - suede or leather shoes with square toe,
which, by their appearance, are very similar for men

    Shoes on a low heel

A lover of the small heels in the new season a pleasant surprise - summer shoes on a low heel trim. This extremely comfortable and fashionable trend came to us from the previous season.

 Fashionable summer shoes 2011 photo

    Retro Shoes

Vintage style is present in this year virtually all designer collections. Boots with rivets, brass, something reminiscent of our grandmothers bots, obviously will please fashionistas and lovers of retro style.

Choose shoes

Footwear - is an essential part of our wardrobe, without which it is simply impossible to manage. By the choice of shoes should be taken very seriously, as incorrectly matched shoes can ruin an elaborate way. Remember, shoes - it's not something where you can save. Because of its quality often depends not only on the entire look of a person, but primarily his comfort and health.

Here are some highlights that are worth paying attention to when choosing shoes:

  • Tying visually shortens feet and makes them better.
  • Shoes even on a small heel look much more elegant than in general without a heel.
  • Model with a slightly tapered toe of the foot is able to make even more elegant.
  • Bulky Shoes visually reduces growth and makes heavy legs.
  • But high heels, on the contrary, increase growth, and not just visually. In addition, a properly selected heel give slimness female legs.
  • Owners of the full figures should prefer closed shoes, such as, for example, pumps.
  • Shoes with strap are more suitable for tall girls, as they make the legs shorter.

It is advisable to buy shoes in specialized stores, it will avoid buying low-quality goods and frustration. After all the bitterness of poor quality is felt even when the sweetness of low price is forgotten for a long time!

 Fashionable summer shoes 2011

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