Fashionable Summer 2011

There comes a hot time of holidays and many are already beginning to think about your summer wardrobe replenishment. One of the main attributes of the female wardrobe - it's certainly a swimsuit.

Trendy color swimwear 2011

In summer 2011, designers prefer swimsuits tranquil hues and refined, elegant colors. For example, not bright ultramarine, elegant pink, muted gold or silver color. Swimsuit 2011 should look festive at the same time, and at the same time is not catchy or bright. This task is best cope plain swimwear. But this does not mean that swimsuits with prints went out of fashion.

Still at the peak of popularity of animal prints, floral patterns, abstract, African ethnics and geometry. Most patterns are familiar to us - it is peas, both small and large, and the strip, it can be broad and narrow. Demanded in 2011 exotica: drawings of tropical plants, birds of paradise and fruit. Also popular swimwear in a nautical theme. This anchor, gold decoration and marine strip.

Fashionable style swimwear 2011

 fashion swimwear

This season, designers have focused not only on the coloring of the swimsuit, but also his style. In fashion layering, asymmetry, and a variety of decorative accessories: rings, braided ribbons, lace trim, inserts of transparent fabrics, laces, slots in different locations, and more. Feel free to buy swimsuits as solid and separate, trinkini - swimsuit, whose upper and lower combined various elements of cloth. Among the separate bathing suits in the lead bikini bodice with "gangs" that have no straps and laces.

Do not forget to complement your swimsuit related accessories, which include a large beach bag, straw hat, sunglasses, a dress or a pair.

 Fashionable Summer 2011

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 Summer 2011 advertising campaign of Gucci

The authors of the campaign Gucci summer 2011 season began Pigot and Marcus Mert Alas. My favorite genre this duet - black and white pictures. But this time Pigot Alas and decided to focus on the color. Images for Gucci turned summer, juicy, exudes glamor. The smooth tanned skin, sexy cutouts, scarlet lipstick, gold accessories show on the photo model Carmen Pedara, Joan Smalls and Kaylee Clawson.

 Summer 2011 advertising campaign of Gucci

 Summer 2011 advertising campaign of Gucci

Last season, the creative director of Gucci collection was Frida Giannini. Collections advertised supermodel Natasha Poly, Rekuel Zimmermann, Sasha Pivovarova, the singer Rihanna. In recent years, the fashion house Gucci works exclusively with Marcus Pigot and MertomAlasom.

In conclusion, let's see what offers us accessories fashion house Gucci in the spring - summer 2011 - namely, Gucci bag spring - summer 2011.

Frida Giannini at the show spring - summer bags presented in black and white tones with a predominance of black, white, gray and brown colors. Bags, traveling bags, clutch bags, small bags on a long handle, they are all made of reptile leather or smooth leather and decorated with woven straps.

 Summer 2011 advertising campaign of Gucci

 Summer 2011 advertising campaign of Gucci

 fashionable shoes in 2011

The increasing popularity is gaining such a simple and comfortable shoes, like sneakers. For those who are a fan of such shoes, the feeling is always inherent in his youth. They are suitable for everyday use, and when buying, do not include costly. Now a lot of stores offer to our choice of a wide variety of shoe: flat sole and laces and buckles platform, heel and velcro, high and low cut, etc. What you can wear sneakers, and some of them are fashionable this season, in 2011 try to understand this article.

Pick up a wardrobe for shoes according to Figure

Each time the sneakers more transformed and brought to shoppers in a variety of colors and with new creative prints. In order to understand what can be put into this shoe, you need to dig a little in her closet and find the things from your wardrobe that will certainly suitable for this ensemble. Although there are women who are not suitable, due to a certain style of clothing. Or just have a good spend money to create a new image. For example those who got skirts, and again I want to wear jeans, but not just for shoes, and standing out in the crowd. This will help to make shoes.

So if you're the owner:

  • Flawless slim figure, a sports store and I enjoy wearing sports clothes, you will not be difficult to find something that can be worn under shoes. It can be and skirts, and shorts, and jeans and dresses. If you are not afraid to come to work in a shocking, then the sneakers perfect denim overalls or short leggings with a shapeless jacket, successfully picking up this ensemble under the corresponding belt. This option will answer the question: how to wear shoes with jeans.
  • With the figure in the form of "guitar", which can clearly be seen waist and wide hips, you can pick up blue jeans and a T-shirt bright colors to kedam. Beautiful accessories in this case, will perform the hoop or belt.
  • If you have a beautiful slender legs that you are not ashamed to show that you can use them to show others how to wear high shoes with socks. This is ideal for such a model, moreover, when it's cool, they will help to warm the feet and keep the muscles from the cold.

Connect your imagination and pofantaziruet

 what to wear sneakers

Sometimes funny look like wearing sneakers with jeans, picking the wrong cut of trousers or the wrong color shoes.

Speaking of giving charm and brilliance to your appearance, you can connect to the imagination of the ability to experiment. With a wardrobe of white jeans, you can not worry about what might wear sneakers pink and blue. The ideal situation for this style will be matched denim clutch bag, which can be in the tone of the shoe or the top.

Black shoes, although it looks corny and more associated with informal youth movements like "emo" or "Goth", but can give a girl a modest and decent appearance by a black pleated skirt and white socks. In this way, you will resemble a fun and carefree schoolgirl. This style will help show people that this season trendy kedam 2011 the same place!

 how to wear high shoes

Perhaps the combination of black sneakers with long pants and clumsy or layered T-shirts T-shirts with long sleeves. This option is suitable for those girls who are not accustomed to bother with the choice of clothes.

An example of exquisite style and fashion worship is Natalia Vodianova, which journalists caught in the street in a long green dress narrow cut in combination with the bright green sneakers with laces. Decorated with a glamorous outfit green beads, brown belt and a black clutch bag. This is another striking example of how to wear sneakers.

 How to wear sneakers

Tights and leggings - this is one of the options, what to wear high shoes. Throwing on the shoulders of a leather jacket and a bag over his shoulder with a long handle, you make others pay attention. A closer look at the various options of what shoes are high, consider the following.

What to Wear with high sneakers

A bit of history ... These shoes used by tourists for rafting on mountain rivers, and goes a long hiking trails. After all, they are very convenient and easy. One of the first models of such high shoe was «olliepad», which was slightly raised heel.

Now, high-cut models are widely popular among women. This model is particularly stylish looks, dressed in tight jeans in combination with skinny jeans. They will visually lengthen legs and emphasize the clear line of the hips. This option may take note of those girls who does not know how to wear high shoes with jeans.

Questions about how to properly wear high shoes, raised by many women and girls, but they should remember that any model should be combinable with wardrobe. If high sneakers are rivets and aged effect, then certainly a chiffon dress pale pink, they are unlikely to fit, perhaps as a new model on the catwalk for some creative designer. But if you have in the wardrobe of high shoes with famous logos of brands presented with classic lacing and elegant socks, it is another suitable option is to wear high shoes with jeans, giving the image of glamor and glitz, with such nuances and details inherent shoe.

Shoes with heels

 what to wear tall shoes

For those who like to stand out from the crowd, such a model is likely to appeal. Sneakers with heels come in a wide variety of colors and designs, decorated by various prints or decorated with colorful laces. Let us try to understand what wearing shoes with heels, and who likes to do it.

If you like to attend fancy parties and all kinds of party, then you should know what to wear shoes with heels. And if not everywhere around us ready to give and to help stylists who notices a lot of details and know much more about the intricacies of our locker room than we had time to do for women? This season, they offer us the shoes with heels. These sneakers heavily attributed to athletic shoes, but cause envy friends, they are quite capable.

Statistics gives a very strange data on how women are kedam heels, she was determined that 50% to 50%.

This occurs by the fact that most women simply do not know what to wear shoes with heels. Indeed, in recent years there were many different models of shoes, and if earlier sneakers were only tourists, but now them "beeps" not only men, but also the female gender. And now they are simply varieties of the sea, and the heel, and platform and the high and low, and with or without laces. Just look, what to wear sneakers photos, which our website has given you, and you make sure that the shoes are not only comfortable but also fashionable.

  • They are perfect for a short denim shorts, combined with Mike. This image will be very sexy and it to you to pay attention many men!
  • A great option would be torn jeans with the shoes or breeches with suspenders. Then the question of what to wear shoes with heels, disappears by itself.
  • Going to a party you can wear sheath mini sleeveless dress adorning the large bracelets and caps, interesting cut, and on his feet all the same shoes with heels ...
  • Pants without arrows such kedam fit too.

Advantages and disadvantages of shoe

 what to wear sneakers photo

For one of the main advantages of the choice of shoes for women include:

  • Convenient and practical;
  • Style and fashion line;
  • The complete absence of pantyhose (for those who does not like them);
  • Comfortably and securely (heel on a shoe break, is extremely difficult);
  • Compatibility with almost all kind of clothes;
  • A wide range of different brands and trends.

Perhaps it would be possible to add a few points, but this is enough to understand one of the worthy representatives of this year, the shoe will be - fashionable shoes in 2011.

As for the disadvantages, here's the deal, of course, the question of how to properly wear sneakers, care of women around the world. After all, whether high or low shoes with heels or without their lack of one - no pads. Any flat sole poorly absorbs impact (heel) on the surface of the earth, in connection with the skeleton of a woman receives a small injury (microtrauma). And due to lack of adequate support feet, muscles and tendons in the legs, feeling a constant voltage at which the risk of races and damage ties.

But! The woman will not sacrifice for the sake of fashion and style? Did it stop the doctors say if she had wondered about for shoes that are this season? And high heels, doctors are advised not to wear, and where do without a charm?

But hard to warn yourself from the bad consequences worth considering. Doctors say that wearing shoes, body weight properly distributed throughout the foot and gradually acquired clubfoot effect that contributes to the displacement of the knee and hip joints.

However, we all change, and today fashionable sneakers filled the shelves of our stores, and tomorrow something else. Life does not stand still, however, such statements relate to those who are not accustomed to change any style of clothing or lifestyle.

 Choosing fashionable sneakers

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