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  • Cascade medium length
  • Rack for the mean
  • Bob haircut for the mean
  • Asymmetry for medium length hair

Medium length hair gives huge scope for the imagination of stylists. Options pilings here very much. And best of all, they fit any woman, regardless of age and lifestyle. For good reason, many well-known business lady choose exactly medium hairstyles traditional "square", "bob" and "page" can look elegant and practical, feminine and sexy. And if we put this right hairstyle, it will correct the visual shape of the face and figure flaws.

So, what kind of medium length hairstyles are fashionable this season? And some styling so characteristic of hairstyles? In this article we will talk about it. And you will only select the image that best suits your lifestyle and mood.

Cascade medium length

Cascade haircut was and remains at the peak of popularity. And young girls and ladies held. Let's start with the fact that these hairstyles are versatile, they are suitable for all hair types. For example, thick hair, cut cascade fully disclose all of its beauty. A thin and brittle it becomes more lush and voluminous.

Species haircut cascade much they differ one for calibration and shape bangs. If you choose this particular cut, the master will advise you on which option to stay, to fully reveal the identity. Trendy and stylish hairstyles for cascade stacking imply naturalness and some confusion. With this haircut you can not do without styling products. Fixed mousse or gel strands remain in perfect condition for the whole day.

Fashion cascading hairstyles look equally good both on direct and on curly hair. The severity of a business woman perfectly underlined smooth and straight tresses. But to create a romantic image tighten up the tips of the hair up or lay the hair in the air, stylish hair, casually falling waves over her shoulders.

Natural styling - a suitable option in any situation

To put your hair trimmed cascade, you will need quite a bit of time. So:

  • Wash your hair and give the hair a little dry;
  • Now take a hair dryer, tilt your head down and dry your hair, starting from the roots;
  • Simulate hairstyle will help you fixing means. Take some styling mousse and distribute curls as tells you the imagination;
  • You can add to the image of a little romance. For this, the hair is still wet, apply a fixing agent, and start to dry them, twisting the ends of the circular comb.

That's it - a gentle and natural way for a hairstyle for medium hair is ready! These hairstyles never go out of style, as, indeed, and very natural.

 trendy styling for medium hair

Rack for the mean

Another hairstyle that is always relevant and suitable for almost every woman. Fashionable, elegant and smooth hair, arranged in a square, visually pull the figure, making it slimmer and slimmer. Form bang for a haircut at medium hair can be different. For example, dense and long bangs fell over his eyes, give the image of mystery and sensuality. A short - will make you a little naive and open to negotiations.

You can select a square without a bang. This hairstyle is worn on the front or side parting. The ideal option for the evening will be a parting of the image, a low dipped to one side. So your curls will fall on one side of the face, which will give you a seductive and sexuality.

How to put a square graded?

  • On the clean, damp hair, apply mousse fixing. Now divide the curls into two zones. Temporal zone should be laid on the face, and the front - from the forehead. Laying is performed with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush. Fix the result of a small amount of varnish;
  • Graduated bob looks good when laying on curlers. Screw you need to wet hair and wait for the complete drying. Now, take a hair dryer and a round brush and put locks in the direction of the face. The tips of the hair can be a little tweak tongs;
  • Another embodiment of stacking. We share a zigzag parting hair, we dry their hair dryer, lifting the horses. We folded the lock of the person so that they are curled down. And on the back of the head, on the contrary, we fix them up.
  • In the past, and this season notorious ladies prefer "shaggy" laying in grunge style. By the way, for the laying of such a penalty is acceptable. But it is worth considering some nuances.
  • Firstly, such a hairstyle should not be too different from your overall image. Here, every detail is important, so trendy tousled curls are not turned into everyday sloppiness;
  • Second, be sure to consult with a competent stylist, who will tell you the circumstances under which such a blow would be appropriate and when it is better to abandon it in favor of classic hairstyles.
  • And, thirdly, do not forget to listen to your own mood! Do you want to become a whimsical girl today - be it. Tomorrow give preference seriously. After all, fashion styling hair of medium length and so good that they can be changed at least every day. Of course, do not forget that everything should be in moderation.

Bob haircut for the mean

It is for this fashionable haircuts many celebrities decided on a radical change of image. And I must say, they were right! Bob does not hand over their positions for several consecutive seasons. This haircut is required to have a stylish taste is following the latest fashion trends for women. Its main feature is the ease during installation. Consider a few options bob haircut.

  • Bob for medium hair looks perfect on straight, smooth and thick curls. Especially in the evening version. With hairspray and glitter, you will create a fashionable and glamorous image that just will not stay without attention;
  • Textured bob with a soft shapes, looks both democratic and elegant, suitable for any type of hair and facial contours;
  • Bob the oblique long bangs. Charming, slightly naive image. It can be as romantic - naturally dried hair falling on your face, and strict - straightened fringe and slightly raised roots;
  • Bob with longer sides. Styling for this hairstyle is different. It is the ease and naturalness of undulation or smooth elongated curls. For a festive way you can add a little volume;
  • Disheveled Bob - the trend of the coming season. In this hairstyle to a place to be stylish and fashionable hair accessories that will add elegance and image sharpness.

 trendy styling for medium hair

Asymmetry for medium length hair

The variety and versatility of asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair make them relevant to any age or type of person. However, many women find these hairstyles are too bold and extravagant. And for good reason. It gives a huge asymmetry of room for imagination, there is no rigid framework for laying. You can improvise and create new hairstyle every day!

By the way, asymmetrical haircuts for medium hair can be done initially with bob or bob. The contours of this hairstyle can be both torn and smooth. Stacking is performed with strong fixing means. I must say that there are asymmetrical haircuts, suitable only for curly hair, or just flat. In this situation, you will board an experienced master.

As you can see, the average haircut versatile fashion. Whichever option you choose hairstyles, confidence will not leave you nor at work, at home or at a party. Always different, charming and stylish - it's so easy! The main thing is not afraid to experiment and allow yourself a little bit away from the classic image. You will love!

 Fashionable styling to medium hair: the most stylish images of the year

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 curly hair


  • Perm: luxurious tresses or strands falling out?
  • Biowave: gentle or useless?
  • Hair care after a perm
  • Kucheryashki hastily
  • How to choose the right option?

Curly hair girls usually want to pull the ironing, direct - cheat on curlers, long - cut, and the short - to build up. And if some one hundred or two hundred years ago, on the chic curly tresses could only dream of, but today almost every second beauty salon or hairdresser proposes to do with hair anything, starting with the so-called know-how - biozavivki, ending with the usual inexpensive chemistry . But say for sure that all procedures are equally safe, after which they may be the consequences, whether you like the result, it is very difficult.

Perm: luxurious tresses or strands falling out?

For the first time spoke about the chemical wave in 1908 after the London demonstrated a great haircut, made by Karl Nessler. He reeled in curlers completely straight strands, treated them with a special solution, and, after some time, the hair began to curl curls. About what happened to the girl's hair and then, history is silent. But in those years about the harmfulness of this procedure, very few people thought.

Experts claim that in the twenty-first century to become the happy owner of wavy hair is not only simple but also completely safe. Modern means for curling hair, hardly contain corrosive components. But in any case, the master must test reagents to avoid allergic reactions, burns, and similar effects.

So, first thing in the salon professional should inspect the hair and scalp, as not all clients hair is in perfect condition. Sometimes it is first necessary to heal a little, or even undergo a long course with reducing ampoules, professional balms, masks, etc. And only after that you can start similar experiments with style.

Curling: as it happens

On the day of the X head master thoroughly washed with a special shampoo to clean hair from dirt, dust and dandruff, and then prepare them for the procedure. Depending on what you want curls (small, medium or large), the curlers are selected, which are wound on the strands. Then quickly a chemical solution is applied and worn cap.

After a certain time (at least ten minutes, maximum - a half hour), the hair rinsed with copious amounts of warm water. Note curler is still in place. After that five minutes is applied to a special lock, they also pollinate hair after removing all accessories. The final phase - treatment of medicinal drugs that repair damaged strands and soften the impact of the aggressive chemical elements.

Why not make a perm

If you want to have curly hair and you are tired of constantly cranking strands of hair curlers or curling irons on, then you definitely need to do a perm at the salon or barber shop. This result holds more than one month, while you do not have to waste time on installation. Your hair will always look well-groomed, even if you just shoot forth braid and comb.

Unlike conventional curls, these are not unwind in the rain and in the fog. High humidity in the room and wet weather will not affect your hairstyle. Also, chemistry helps to give a thin and sparse hair extra volume and deliver them from fat. Should this procedure even in the professional salon relatively inexpensive.

Why should you give up the perm

Aggressive elements that make up the product in any way adversely affect the condition of the hair. By the way, if the master says that after curling your hair will look like before and you do not need to take care of her, make masks, use special shampoos and balms, boldly refuse his services. In fact, it is either not worked before in this direction, either blatantly lying. Dry and brittle, you will be guaranteed, even if you use even the most advanced and expensive new items.

Another shortcoming, which do not reflect the fair sex, reshivshiesya to perm, is that to rectify the situation as soon as it is impossible. But the curly hair are not for everyone. It's one thing, "I want to be like Julia Roberts in the movie" Pretty Woman "and the other - to try her image on itself. And straighten your hair, if there is something you do not like yourself, you can not. It will be several months before the hair will become so, as before.

This should not make a wave

If you have recently seriously ill, had surgery or have undergone chemotherapy, are in a position or a nursing mother, the procedure is abandoned. Depletion of the body could not bear such a load and may fail. At the time of the perms will have to forget those who recently dyed or the more lightens hair. It will take at least two to three weeks.

Active substances not work on hair women taking hormone pills, as well as, if clients in this period are monthly or there are problems with pressure. In the latter case, you can offer a relaxing cup of green tea or a fresh and invigorating coffee.

And finally - an allergy to certain components included in the composition of the agent. If, during the test, you will feel a burning sensation, itching, and after washing the skin will appear red spots, then you perm completely contraindicated. In this case, you can resort to Biowave.

 I want curly hair

Biowave: gentle or useless?

More recently, a new service - Permanent hair safer means that hardly contain corrosive substances. As stated technology, unlike conventional chemistry, a special component (cystine) did not harm the hair, but on the contrary - strengthens them. Magically colored and damaged a permanent thermal exposure strands recover more quickly acquire a natural shine. Hair becomes smooth, soft and docile, after the air conditioner. You still want to have curly hair, but are afraid of the negative consequences? Then you should become more familiar with the plan.

But we should not deceive ourselves. In fact biozavivka is not completely secure, in some of the fair sex after the procedure, the hair starts to dry break. Another significant disadvantage - if not treated result keeps no more than two or three months. In any case, to treat hair curler need to avoid further loss. Regarding contraindications, they are identical to that in conventional chemistry.

Hair care after a perm

It does not matter, you did chemistry or subjected Biowave his hair, curly hair requires special care, otherwise the locks will greatly pushitsya. Thus, during the first two or three days after the procedure is strictly forbidden to wet the head, sauna, bath, swimming pool, swim in the sea. Otherwise, curls can be straightened.

The first washing the hair should be treated responsibly. So please be nourishing and moisturizing shampoos, which have to be specified, they are designed for curly hair. First, wash skin thoroughly and roots, taking care to ensure that detergents did not get the rest of the hair. Once you spolosnete strand, make a mask, then apply the balm.

Kucheryashki hastily

Girls who do not want to radically change your style, you can occasionally do curls alone at home. Of course, the result does not hold for a long time - until the next washing of the head, but you can always make the hair with straight hair. In some cases, these methods are a great alternative to curling. Please note before you need to head to wet and dry.

  • Wrap on the studs

This method is perfect to owners rather thin and long hair, because the procedure is quite time-consuming. So, take the usual studs that stabs the bun, and wind alternately on the stem thin strands, then gently tighten the tip. After three or four hours, remove the clips.

  • Winding on terminals

The fair sex with a penalty should stop at the terminals. Twisted strands neatly fix, apply a foam or mousse and dry the hair dryer at minimum power. By the way, the wider the fixed curl, the greater the wave.

  • Wrap in curlers

Remember, as in Soviet times, our mothers and grandmothers cooked in a saucepan of curlers that the night wind on hair. Sleeping on a hard plastic - real torture, but the true connoisseur of beauty were ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of curls. However, in our time, such devices can be made even from foam rubber, so any discomfort is minimized.

The only caveat for large curls - is the length of the strands. If you are below the shoulder blades or shorter chin level, then nothing happens. By the way, it is not recommended to use rollers often ladies whose hair and so much whipped, or even drop out.

  • Electric curling

Of course, often twist locks curling is not necessary, or curly hair will become dry and lifeless, but once or twice a month to use a curling iron can be. To reduce damage to a minimum, use a special tool for thermal protection (it previously applied to the strands).

  • Pigtails

Probably every woman at least once in a lifetime trying to make curls using braids, braided on wet hair. Indeed, a simple and safe method even imagine. If you want large waves - braid two or three braids, like small - make a spike or afrokosy. By the way, after these manipulations hair will look like after a perm.

 beautiful curly hair

How to choose the right option?

If you are standing at a crossroads and do not know what to give preference - chemistry Biowave or conventional home method, consult your hairdresser. An experienced master in more detail will tell you about all the advantages and disadvantages, and tell you that your hair will get better.

Not to be mistaken with the size of curls, try on the eve of several different wigs. It is desirable that the length of artificial head of hair is not very different from yours. In some salons, the master can work with your photo, but in this case you will have to pay a little extra for this service. But you are guaranteed to get the desired result, but will not read tea leaves.

Curl hair - it is rather complicated, so your hair should be trusted only to professionals. Going to a salon, always check the availability of certificates and documents confirming the legality of the procedure. It is also required to provide all the necessary papers to the material to be processed strands.

 Curly hair: chemistry, biozavivka or braids?

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