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Any woman takes care of the constant enrichment of the wardrobe, the expansion of "Arsenal", which will seduce and fascinate men. And to do this it needs to constantly, because everything flows, everything changes: for example, fashion styles dresses 2011 is already quite different for those who were at the peak of their popularity a year or two ago. Yes there a year, even the seasons are making their adjustments - and all these changes need to keep pace.

Of course, that your style has always stressed thin and flawless, it is necessary to monitor the outgoing NEW: Now you need to know, if not all, much of what stylish trends of the year has already managed to give us, and that would be a sensation in the near future.

We will be happy to help you find out - let's look at the most interesting and iconic outfits, which have already come out this year, and think over what in the future we will be able to surprise the fashion designer.

What styles of dresses 2011 already on a wave of success?

 fashion styles dresses 2011

Ethno-style still evident: even surprising that from such a popular summer sundresses did not want to give up and in a cold season. Admire the collection of the famous couturier, we can often see how modern clothes off with folk patterns - "grandmother" colors look surprisingly stylish and organically. Of course, inveterate opponents of ethno-style may doubt it, but it is very easy to check. Just look at the styles of dresses 2011: Luisa Beccaria photo collections of Louis Vuitton or without words say about the popularity of folk patterns.

Another very brave, but continues to enjoy steady demand Idea - military style: it is surprisingly emphasizes femininity, sophistication and elegance. Collection Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel disclose it to the full, forcing admire the strength and confidence of the fairer sex. However, in the winter we could see, and very different collections of these houses - decorated in the style of the 50's, 60's, they were once again reminded us that fashion always comes back.

Popular and fitting models with a free cut of the lower part: now they can often be seen in the number of new products Luisa Beccaria. The lightness and airiness of these outfits is almost perfectly underlines the beautiful women walk, making the fairer sex more elegant and refined.

Reflecting on new fashionable styles of dresses 2011 spring fashion designer known preference for wool, wool blend, cashmere, knitwear, leather fabrics. Also, do not allow limitations on the length - a popular and effective outfit could be a mini and maxi. However, women's heart more than anything fall averages model, the length of which was just below the knee.

When general denial of a certain style and a very bold collections is not surprising that success and continue to enjoy turtleneck dresses, because they are both independent and full-fledged subject of the wardrobe, and a wonderful addition to the pants, leggings or jeans.

Black color - a popular trend

 styles dresses 2011

We all know very well, both in the cold like heat and sun, which is why in spring success begin to use bright colors and shades reminiscent of spring and summer. But this year the popularity and black: it is perfectly visible on the collections of Gucci, Mark Jacobs, Tracy Reese.

For many women have become classic evening dresses, wallets, which were introduced more magnificent Coco Chanel. Mini size and stylish black color is a symbol of elegance - this outfit will prefer to put on and coquettish girl, and confident in his attractive woman. Much love and success are models of velvet, chiffon, satin and brocade dense - at a dinner party, a reception or a serious social events, they look simply stunning.

This discovery early this season - black chiffon dress with ruffles: the elegance and rigor of accented perfectly complemented by airy lace: a woman who has put this outfit is a business and mysterious at the same time. The length of the model is quite bold with the standards of early spring - mid-thigh, but then the effect is impressive.

Influence of brown color on styles dresses 2011

 brown dresses 2011 styles of photo

On current trends, we have told in detail, but in the spring changes occur constantly - you need to make a fresh coat of paint to your wardrobe. So, from March particular success was the use of brown and all its many shades. Victoria Beckham, Bottega Veneta, Ricardo Tisci and many other well-known fashion designer connected all their imagination to this spring every woman could suggest that it is necessary to taste.

  • Dairy dresses and gowns of ivory at the same time talking about modesty and sense of style: these outfits are selected girls who prefer an unobtrusive but pleasant elegance, ladies, delicate taste different.
  • Sand and brick color looks businesslike: this is a great option for work - each employee will be able to pay tribute to the women emphasized austerity, but no one can say that she's wearing looks outdated or too cold and forbidding.
  • Auburn looks enticing and attractive, reminding us that in the soul of every girl hiding secrets crafty little devil, and release it to the outside is far from everything. Such styles of dresses 2011 are quite bold and original, they are sure to pay attention, noting the chic look and style.
  • If we talk about effective, it is necessary to pay attention to the golden color - such outfits always look rich and luxurious, well-emphasize all the advantages of a slender female figure. This dress - a great option for a flirty seductress of men's hearts, accustomed to conquer the stronger sex only one eye.
  • And, of course, it looks stunning "snake skin" - a selection of sexy and confident women who know that they will pay thinking that men would turn in awe listening to the clatter of heels receding.

It is time for bright colors

 fashionable styles of dresses 2011

Yes, brown color at the peak of popularity, but he can not please everyone, and it does not matter, because the spring has something to please lovers of original and daring outfits. In a fashion includes bright colors and unconventional solutions - is proving its collections Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Tracy Reese and many others home.

  • Purple Dress - is a stylish challenge has its own charm and appeal. It is a magnet for fashionistas and anyone who loves them - in such dresses woven chic and luxury, fine taste and genuine courage. If you want to amaze and surprise, it is worth adding to your wardrobe with something purple.
  • No less attractive is the color of fire and passion - bright red, yes, these outfits are suitable only bold and confident women, but how effectively they look. When a woman wants to be in the middle of a secular reception or party wants from it did not take fans admiring glances, she should give preference to shades of red.
  • Green - this is a true symbol of spring, a riot of colors and flowering, the beginning of a new season full of vivid emotions and impressions. Therefore, the color of the dress looked quite bold and defiant, but no less attractive. This outfit would say that you like to enjoy life, are open to all new and interesting. It's safe to say that green is one of the essential components of the most popular and fashionable styles of dresses in 2011, so this lover of shopping should first pay attention to such things, enriching your wardrobe.
  • Closer to fly all its advantages reveal yellow outfits - they are like a woman smiling dandelions stretching towards the sun. This girl dress exudes joy and happiness infects the joy and cheerful mood, and it can not attract. That yellow dress can decorate a very cloudy day - the girls, take this into consideration when you spin front of the mirror, choosing an outfit for a date.
  • Blue - another interesting and rather mysterious color that is in the wake of the success of the spring and summer of 2011. The variety of colors allows you to choose it as a quiet and refined dresses that is put on a modest family event like the birth of the beloved grandmother and bright and spectacular outfits in which she will be the most prominent in a nightclub or on incendiary party. Blue - one of the most unpredictable and therefore doubly attractive, remember this.

Decorative items

 styles dresses 2011 spring summer

Spring-Summer promises to please us with original and bold decisions in many famous fashion designers. Same Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci have already managed to surprise some "return" in the 50-60s - retro demanding ladies greeted with enthusiasm.

And that's just the beginning: the spring and summer of 2011 at the peak of popularity will be a lot of decorative elements.

  • Already mentioned ethno-style will be the perfect accompaniment with rough edges: together they are helping to create an image as well as bright and prominent rebel, and it is always pleasant to men. If you are going to win the hearts, is to choose bold dresses that are stored at a glance.
  • Excellent look and paste leather and fur: they make any outfit not only more elegant but also richer. This stylish evening dress is perfect for a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant. Fashionistas who want to make a good impression in the high society of the season spring-summer 2011, we recommend you opt for the skin.
  • As will be appreciated and dresses with ruffles and drapes: Of course, all should be in moderation - just lush bottom is stylish and in harmony with the form-fitting top. This wonderful dress sitting, making possible small disadvantages seductive figure in dignity - a style perfectly suited to young girls, and already sure of its beauty and attractiveness of women.
  • In the spring and summer of 2011 in the wake of the success is multi-layered: the combination of a combination of different textures and always looks interesting. This dress without a word to say about the fact that its owner chooses only original and unusual, but stylish things. This outfit will prove a delicate taste that connoisseurs are sure to enjoy the elegant and beautiful - if you want to surprise, layering should be your choice.
  • Many spring and even summer dresses add appeal collars collars - taking into account the overall severity of the dress they look quite original. And while this collar adds comfort to the woman, will allow it to feel more comfortable. Such a thing would be an excellent choice for the changeable April, when a promising summer heat suddenly gives way to the cool March.

Jewellery dresses

 styles dresses spring summer 2011 photos

In spring and summer at its peak and evening gowns will be a fully open and bare shoulders. Build, drapery and paste - it is certainly good, but success will be to use and simple in cut, but spectacularly decorated dresses. A typical example of this are the recent collection of Ricardo Tisci, Lagerfield, Ferretti. Dresses of the houses are decorated with large stones, rhinestones, sequins - they perfectly underline asymmetric neckline, making the outfit ladies simply fascinating. By the way, these designer collections of models you can see and above multilayer assembly - combined with decorations obtained no less interesting. Therefore, it is safe to say that Ricardo Tisci, Ferretti and other houses will find something to please the beautiful half of humanity in the coming season.

Following the advice and picking up new things in the wardrobe of every girl should remember that the crucial role played by her own tastes. Keep this in mind, stopping at a particular style of dress in 2011: a photo of a model only helps to choose - it all depends on what exactly you are.

 Fashionable style dresses 2011: Spring - Summer

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