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Prom - this is the most exciting and special occasion in the life of every high school girls, which must be very carefully and thoroughly prepared. Choose Shoes for Prom 2012 will not only schoolgirls but also graduates, graduating students.

Each young lady standing on the threshold of a new, adult life, wants to be a queen at its first, most important ball. It is not enough just to buy expensive fashionable dress or shoes. It is important that every detail of your image spoke of a refined and impeccable taste. If your dress is complemented by a variety of decorative elements, you should not choose a very bright, decorated than any shoes on graduation 2012 photo is shown below.

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Choose Shoes for Prom

The most popular, of course, are high-heeled shoes. This shoe looks wonderful, in fact, extend the legs and gait makes it more feminine and attractive. Still, choosing a pair of shoes for the upcoming holiday, do not forget that in it you will have to spend the night: walk, participate in contests, dancing, etc. And the legs of young girls practically not adapted to high-heeled shoes, and many experts advised not to be in it for a long time. Also, if you have never worn these shoes or not accustomed to it, there is a great risk of looking ridiculous.

If you opted for shoes with high heels, it would have cost in advance like them to be trained. The best option - to such a model, then you can wear in spring and summer season. A tall girl with long legs is better to choose shoes without heels, for example, a light ballet flats. Not only that, they are incredibly practical and easy to use, so in the coming season, and they are still incredibly popular. No less hits are models of sandals and platform shoes that are also very comfortable to wear and perfect girls of short stature.

 Shoes for Prom 2012

Fashionable shoes for several prom

Designers are back to our wide selection of different models that can satisfy even the most avid fashionistas. But when choosing a shoe designers are advised to choose its color and style to the dress, and do not forget about fashion and comfort.

  • The most relevant in the coming "graduation" season are ballet flats, besides, they are still in vogue. They perfectly complement the romantic image. If your choice has fallen on the dress in the style of retro, polka dots, with a magnificent short skirt or with puffed sleeves - such shaped is best suited ballerina.
  • Sandals look great with long light sundress. It is very fashionable, comfortable and practical.
  • Timeless classics in the form of boats with open toe back in vogue. This shoe is great harmony with both long and short evening dress and give your image of mystery and romance. This season, incredibly fashionable boat decorated with ribbons and flowers, crystals and stones. It looks pretty recess in the form of droplets on a pair of high heels.
  • The most feminine and sexy women's shoes - sandals is high and very high heels and stilettos. This season, a topical style, complete with thin straps with unusual weaves, silk ribbons, metal chains and than pretentious, the better. Under long dress perfect stiletto sandals with a thin strap around the ankle, supplemented flowers or bows. Very fashionable are metal and gold shades that fit perfectly to any color and any model of dress.
  • The most fashionable footwear for prom 2012 - is sandals or shoes that perfectly match the color of your skin. Beige shoes of different colors - a unique and incredibly versatile option: not only that they are gentle and feminine, so they are still perfect in any way, and will be the place in any situation.
  • Looks great shoes with heels of unusual shape. That original heels can be very bright detail that will make your evening together some zest and charm.
  • And again, "animal" prints take on a leading position. Leopard shoes or sandals with snake pattern - namely the bright and spicy accent, which will surely attract the attention of others.

In conclusion, I would advise every girl to pick up for the upcoming ball, not only beautiful and fashionable shoes, but also the most comfortable, so very carefully Treat her choice.

 Fashionable Shoes for Prom 2012

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 patent leather shoes with heels

Very often, women's shoes are the main element of a stylish image. They most likely indicate the taste and mood of their owner. More recently, we talked about fashion trends shoes autumn and winter, but come spring, and it is worth considering what it means to decorate their slender legs in warm weather. Fashion trend this spring will be patent leather shoes with a heel, because they are able to enhance the beauty and elegance of the female figure. In the warm season will be relevant saturated bright colors, large parts, catchy prints and, of course, patent leather and high heels.

If we talk about colors, in 2012 will be popular bright colors, such as red and some other colors: green, turquoise, yellow and bright purple. Special attention deserve prints warm spring-summer - a different kind of stripes, flowers and stars.

Top 10 most fashionable patent leather shoes

Patent leather shoes are back in fashion, so all the famous designers have incorporated them into their new collections. Among them are 10 of the most fashionable models, made of patent leather.

  • Bright red pumps on thin high heels. They look great with a little black dress, and emphasize your femininity.
  • Patent leather shoes golden brown are particularly popular in the coming year of the dragon. In such footwear every woman can feel like a queen of the evening.
  • Slipper juicy spring colors: green, orange, turquoise, yellow, give freshness to your image and raise your spirits. Such footwear is better to combine with clothes and handbag muted tones.
  • White patent leather shoes with high heels fit almost all the colors of your outfit. Feel free to experiment with dresses and pants of any color, but do not forget to add accents of white in your image. This can be a bracelet, necklace and other accessories.
  • Classic black pumps with translucent lace inserts give a special charm to your evening together. These shoes will be particularly fashionable in the coming season.
  • Solid lacquered shoes with high heels or platform. This model will emphasize the sex appeal of any woman and make it visually slimmer figure.
  • Lacquered shoes with shiny details and stones. Their winner will undoubtedly be the center of attention. Moreover, the coloring does not play much importance, because the main emphasis is on flashy items.
  • Open-toed shoes do not go with the fashion catwalks. They will make your foot more gracefully and make a beautiful tandem with the dress to the knee.
  • Shoes of crocodile skin and snake. In the new season, this model promises to conquer the hearts of fashionistas. Indeed, in the year of the dragon-like material will be at the peak of popularity.
  • Boats with an unusual heel. Originally designed high heel will not leave indifferent any representative of the fairer sex. The main thing is that shoes and clothes were made in the same style.

Every year, women's fashion is becoming more democratic. If earlier lacquer heels were the perfect couple only cocktail and evening dresses, but now everything has changed. Pages of fashion magazines are full of pictures of lacquered shoes with completely different styles of clothing. Starting from a strict office and ending with a casual everyday. According to many stylists, very relevant to the combination of such a shoe with a bright top.

 patent leather stilettos

Red patent leather high heels

Another symbol of seductiveness and sexuality are shoes red patent leather. His return to the fashion Olympus, they are obliged to Valentino. It is thanks to this extravagant designer red shoes again shone on the catwalks. This aggressive and vivid detail of a ladies' toilet is able to rivet the admiring glances of boys. So, the scientists of the University of Rochester has been proven that women who were in their way of a bright red accent, was more attractive to men than others.

Bright red shoes will surely make colors of the image of any girl. But it is necessary to know how to combine these models with other items of clothing, so as not to look ridiculous. The most important rule, which should be subject to wearing red lacquer heels shoes - appropriate.

Suffice best option is a combination of everyday scarlet boats narrowed jeans and dark tones. Very impressive look short skirts or loose overalls with a similar footwear. The stylish combination can be considered a long summer dress and coral high-heeled shoes. And for the trendy and daring women can be advised to combine red patent leather shoes and apparel to the animalistic figure. It looks very bright and tasteful.

As for the colors of outer clothing, the designers are advised to combine neutral colors - white, beige, black, gray - with screaming tone shoes. Very true look red pumps and a business suit. Lovely tandem can make red shoes and dress with small floral print. Especially designers show the whole palette of hot hues, from bright crimson to muted burgundy.

What you should not wear bright shoes?

Expressive fiery shoes have many advantages but impose certain taboos to their owner:

  • It is impossible to simultaneously combine several bright red things. It is necessary to expertly accents in a stylish manner with the help of scarlet accessories.
  • It is not necessary to combine the shoes as flashy colors with colored tights. This overloads the image and looks tasteless.
  • Choosing red patent leather shoes, give up the platform; these models are not winning and hardly decorate their owners.

Self-sufficient and distinctive red shoes with high heels do not tolerate competition with similar color handbag. They look very aggressive and can set the tone for the ladies' room. If you choose this style, you should remember that these shoes requires a woman of refinement, elegance and inner harmony, otherwise you risk to look vulgar and provocative.

Undoubtedly, bright high-heeled shoes can cause increased attention from others, because they are very feminine and elegant. But the main thing - is to feel comfortable and confident in such an extravagant shoes. To be able to create a complete image and keep a proud posture. Then you definitely will succeed, and fashionable shoes will give you a personality and charm.

 The most fashionable heeled patent leather shoes

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