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The new season comes into its own, dictating the Russian beauties current trends and forcing them to pay attention to the current trends. First and foremost, the girls have to think about shoes, how will be decorated with their slender and elegant legs. Yes, every one of our beauty it is necessary to choose and buy fashion shoes autumn of 2011 - they will be an indispensable element of a rich wardrobe.

But of course, once there is a whole bunch of issues, especially girls seeking to strictly follow the letter of the fashion and not lose sight of any of its many nuances. It is very important to know how to wear shoes on which models to stop depending on the situation, what kind of shoes to combine selected. Yes, enough questions, and each of them, we will try to answer in this article - let's start our review of trends and tendencies.

Fashionable shoes in retro style

 fashion shoes fall 2011 photos

European shoe collection tell us that it's time to go back to the 30th: on the catwalks regal feel the model from which, without exaggeration, was delighted past generations. Of course, in this case, designers have focused on a few specific "chips" that deserve our attention:

  • Retro shoes with thick heels, massive, square and noticeable at first sight - it is their key feature. By the way, these shoes are not only beautiful and interesting, but also very stable, which is doubly convenient.
  • Also, these shoes are attracted to its magnificent view: a snakeskin embossing, color, gold and silver - such options always look impressive, and even chic. It is through this wealth of retro shoes can be an excellent choice for a rout or a dinner party - it is perfectly fit appearance socialite.
  • It should be noted, as the decorated "grandma's" shoes with thick heels: Photo European collections, for example, Louis Vuitton, tells us that such models are often decorated with massive buckles, straps and even bows. Well, from the look of the shoes only wins, but retro is becoming popular in the second decade of the XXI century.

Trendy suede shoes

 shoes with thick heels photo

The brightness of the coming season has no plans to surrender their positions, so her wardrobe is to enrich the spectacular shoes. That is why we advise you to pay attention to the model of fashionable suede shoes - they will be bright touch in the office and in the Casual look'e. In addition, these shoes can be easily selected for the appearance "in the light", that is to hike to a restaurant or, for example, a corporate holiday.

We advise you to be more courageous and not think too long about what to wear suede shoes - they are perfectly combined with any elegant clothes, ranging from the practical to luxurious jeans and evening dresses. What is important is to choose your outfit "Event" - a beauty with impeccable taste can easily do so. After all, the wave of popularity are blue and red, maroon and purple and even orange and turquoise shoe models. Since most demanding fashionista and picky critics greeted warmly colored shoes, what to wear, you can fix just 5 seconds. You just need to get out of the cupboard and pick your favorite dress shoes in the same tone.

His perspective on what to wear suede shoes models, and we are presented with well-known European designers. In the autumn collection of Ralph Lauren, Giuseppe Zanotti, Aldo, and many other fashion houses could and should be guided - they will help you choose among the many stylish look'ov your ideally suited to you and your way of decorating. So let's not shelving them choose and order your favorite model colored shoes, and what to wear them just will not be a problem!

Of course, not a single alive suede trends of the coming season - there has been a number of other trends, as you deserve our attention.

Thick-heeled shoes

 what to wear wedges shoes

Today practicality not only can, but must be elevated to the rank of the trend - this we say many designers, releasing not only stylish, but also very comfortable shoes are designed not only to the warmth of September, but the rain and the end of October. Yes, this season promises to be a successful one for shoes with high heels thick, both for retro, and for the most advanced models. So let's talk more about them and see what we can surprise these shoes.

  • An impressive variety of materials used to create a masterpiece on a thick-heeled shoes 2011: Russian beauty will be able to choose among models of suede, reptile skin and bright fabrics. In short, your wardrobe, you can literally five minutes enriched by several pairs of stylish and practical shoes.
  • This produced as outlined elegant and classic models of shoes with a thick heel black and gray colors and rich bright - red, purple, turquoise, blue. Today it is easy to pick up practical shoes, ideally combined with other elements of clothes and decorate the face of modern women.
  • Finally, it is simply one of the most fashionable shoes fall 2011: European photo collections tell us that they choose all the famous and important fashion designers. That is why she will be able to seamlessly complete your perfect look glamorous touch - branded shoes by Nina Ricci, Fendi, Prada or other pleasing her design house.

Be sure to note that shoes with high thick heel is not just a stylish option - these are real beauties assistants. After this rather massive shoes visually makes maiden eggs longer, slimmer, more elegant - it is very interesting and useful. And the cool rainy weather, you do not just think about the merits of those shoes with thick heels, photos of which you are now looked at in the search to replenish his wardrobe. The coming season should be not only bright and stylish, but also comfortable - this must not forget Russian beauty.

Today we can safely say that the practical girl choosing shoes thick heel: 2011 year ends have the same spectacular and convenient notes, in which he started. Therefore we advise you to include in your wardrobe at least one or two pairs of such shoes, the more that Christian Louboutin, Aperlai, Barbara Bui and other European design houses already offer us their masterpieces.

Platform shoes and wedges

 shoes with thick heels

In the rainy season and the humidity is high outsole saves gentle girlish leg discomfort. Therefore, we advise to think, what to wear shoes with wedge heels, because of the need for their purchase can be no doubt. If you are looking to feeling comfortable even in November, capricious, shoes with high soles simply must have in your wardrobe. Especially in the coming season it will be very relevant - popularity will enjoy just such fashionable shoes fall 2011: a photo collection Yves Saint Lourent, Marni and other design houses tell us about this in a loud voice.

Therefore, do not delay your choice "for later", let's think about what to wear shoes on the platform model, with which successfully combine their clothing.

  • This shoe helps to visually increase the length of the girl's legs to make it more elegant, refined, elegant, so until it is cold, it makes sense to highlight its beauty. This means that to be an excellent choice breeches or short pants, not covering the ankle or calf.
  • Jeans and tight pants - that's what to wear wedges shoes model is unique. Against the backdrop of classic lines and simple lines dress shoes with high soles will look even more spectacular.
  • But large pants or skirts to toe to choose is not necessary - the beauty and attractiveness of the wedges, they would negate. And walking in a dress girl is simply uncomfortable, so when buying a model at high soles and creating a stylish appearance we recommend to make the main emphasis on shoes.

So we dealt with that, what to wear platform shoes - everything was very simple, is not it? All questions of choice, in principle, be solved, so it's time to go to the review of decisions of designer homes - let's see what will be the masterpieces of European brands.

Fashionable shoes Fall 2011: A look at the famous collection

Europe blew up shoes with elongated and pointed cape from Celine and Alexander Wang with high and stable heel. All kind they tell us how to wear shoes strict style model - proudly and with an awareness of their beauty, luxury, chic.

On the continuing relevance of classic flawless us once again reminded Fendi and Chloe: These design houses have presented us their practical shoes on a massive heel with gracefully rounded capes. These shoes give comfort, solid look and are perfect as a business suit and a coat or trench coat - they can be safely worn in September, and November.

Prada and Hermes tells us that the image of a modern girl should be bright even in the rain and slush. In their collections they are chic gold, maroon luxurious, stylish red fashionable shoes: the autumn of 2011 with them will be filled with exactly positive.

With admiration looking at a variety of design solutions and focusing on the latest trends of the coming season, you know that at any time of the year can and should look stunning. Lovely girl, boldly choose fashionable suede shoes, shoes with high soles and heels massive - Your wardrobe should be diverse, and there definitely will be a place for your favorite models.

 Fashionable shoes Fall 2011

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