Fashionable rubber boots


  • Types and purpose of rubber boots
  • Stylish rubber boots, -what are they?
  • Where to buy?
  • How to choose the rubber boots
  • Where and what to wear?

Start talking about this useful in all aspects of shoes, it is necessary from the historical facts. The first models of rubber boots were specially designed to protect feet from rain, snow and dirt, and they were ugly and uncomfortable. However, despite this, the rubber footwear at that time in high demand. Buyers from the first day were able to appreciate the functionality of the various models of rubber. After all, they are really well protected feet in bad weather.

The first batch of such shoes of American manufacturing, has been delivered to Russia almost 150 years ago, a German businessman Fernand Krauzkopfom. Subsequently, only a few months of fruitful work, he was able to establish its own production of rubber footwear. But three years later, the issue of rubber boots was about 20 million pairs a year. At that time no one could imagine that conventional rubbers can be elegant and stylish, and will become a fashionable rubber boots without which now can not do any one, even the most fastidious lady.

Modern rubber boots: types and purpose

Modern high-quality rubber footwear is made on the basis of knitting and winter - in the insulated version. These shoes practical and versatile and virtually eternal. For years, designers are focused on these shoes, which certainly is an integral part of the fashion wardrobe. Today, the House of haute couture collections are in their rubber boots for women, stylized leather, textiles and other materials. Among the huge range you can find, as the classic models, and boots with the most unimaginable figures and with all kinds of ornaments and prints.

Basically, rubber boots - is an independent kind of shoes. However, a couple of years ago, designers have published boots intended to necessarily shod over their elegant shoes or sandals. And it can not fail to please the modern fashionistas. The benefits of these models - and feet are always dry and clean shoes.

Stylish rubber boots - what are they?

Modern rubber footwear radically different from its predecessors. However, today many of the fair sex the phrase "rubber boots" still horrifies. For each of us remember from childhood are ugly and clumsy boots worn by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. But those days are long gone, and with them have sunk into oblivion and uncomfortable model. Since then, rubber boots for women has undergone many changes. If until recently it was only available in black, but now, women's boots and ankle boots made of rubber are produced in a variety of color variations. Coined elegant boots fashionable colors and a wide variety of models, the current fashion allowed all plunge into the world of childhood.

Women's rubber boots with a heel - is not only a trendy hit of the season, but also a very convenient and comfortable footwear that is appropriate for walks and for visits or visits the club. This trend came to us from the west a few seasons ago, it is still at the peak of popularity.

Those who are accustomed to appreciate the comfort and convenience in any season, make your choice in favor of winter rubber boots. Is it any wonder growing with each passing day the popularity of shoes, which brings together the beauty, elegance and practicality? Fashion model Winter rubber boots provided by modern designers, can be equipped with any decorative imitations, such as lacing, zipper and various fasteners. This shoe is designed for women who appreciate the simplicity, comfort and beauty.

Shop windows of shoe shops and boutiques offer an unusually wide range of different models of rubber boots, both foreign and domestic manufacturers. To the delight of fashionistas, designers offer vivid cute boots to suit all tastes. Among presented abundance special attention should be insulated model, since such footwear is ideal for the off-season, slush, wet snow and dirt. In addition, such an attribute wardrobe as rubber boots with a heater, it allows the individual owner to always look fashionable and stylish. After all, many girls want it.

Yet what some 10 years ago on a beautiful, stylish and comfortable rubber shoes at the same time, many women could not even dream of. Buy them in Russia was almost impossible, they can be seen only in the pages of popular magazines, in catalogs of manufacturers, or in the windows of stores overseas.

 Fashionable rubber boots

Where to buy rubber boots?

In anticipation of the spring or autumn, this question becomes relevant for many Russian women, not only in rural areas. These shoes do not hurt, and women living in large cities, as in certain weather conditions, without them simply can not do. Modern designers, beauty care and comfort of women's feet, developed many great models that are sure to impress any woman.

Buy trendy boots from the best-known brands and designers can be in most of the network of shoe stores. But since the season divergent trends with incredible speed, then buy shoes over the Internet is particularly popular. Today, a huge number of people around the world prefer not to waste your valuable time searching for the right product, and are increasingly resorting to the services of an online store - is not only convenient, but also profitable.

How to choose the rubber shoes?

Fashion recent seasons strongly suggests fashionistas to buy for your wardrobe several models of rubber boots that can be worn virtually any clothes. In addition, these shoes simplicity in operation and does not require special care. If you decide to buy this accessory itself, is not superfluous to remember some important nuances required in the selection and use:

  • Since any rubber shoes not warm leg, but on the contrary, has the effect of coolness, you need to wear it on thick cotton socks.
  • Rubber - it's not leather, it is not worn during long stretch. Therefore, you should not choose too tight shoes, even if she liked.
  • If you use the services of an online store, and you can not try on rubber boots, it is best to order one size larger than normal wear.
  • Note the lining of rubber boots with a heater, and if it is - it's just wonderful. It is better if it is made of natural cotton material, it adds comfort wear. If the lining is made of synthetic materials, it is likely in such shoes your feet will sweat. The same applies to the insulation, which is found in some models of rubber shoes.
  • Check for damage on the surface: punctures, scratches and more.
  • Thrusting his hand inside his boot, carefully palpate the lining of the existence of irregularities and folds when viewed from paying special attention to the nose of the shoe.
  • If you choose insulated boots, check whether hanging liner layer, make sure that your chosen shoe it always was glued to the base.
  • Grayish plaque and stains on the surface are a poor indicator of the quality of the rubber used. Therefore, from such a product should be abandoned.
  • Check to see whether the lining sheds in the boot. To do this, soak in water clean handkerchief and rub them linings if stained handkerchief, it means that during the operation the lining will fade and stain your tights or socks.
  • To be sure, it is convenient if you choose the right shoes, it should try on both feet.
  • Of course, if you buy a branded women's boots, their quality will be guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • Rubber - a synthetic material that is not suitable for everyday wear. Therefore, getting to the room, possible change shoes. And do not forget to ventilate their boots because the environment inside their ideal breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Choosing boots, necessary to pay attention not only to the visual characteristics, but also certain features of the materials from which they are derived.
  • Caring for rubber simple. Since it does not require special care, it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth boots and occasionally glycerol - to shine.

  Where and what to wear?

Thanks to the modern fashion and the producers of rubber footwear made her entree even in the office dress code, modern women have the opportunity to walk in rubber boots with heels or wedges not only rave events, but also at work. This unusual hit is amazing and distinctive addition to any image. Famous designers offer shoe boots are practically under any clothes.

This footwear goes well with the cape, pants, jeans, skirts, shorts and even dress. The variety of models allows you to choose the rubber boots to any items of your wardrobe. Now your feet will always feel comfortable, and you will look irresistible, regardless of the weather!

 Fashionable rubber boots - comfortable, stylish and elegant!

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