2012 trendy prints

Our imagination is constantly amaze the latest trends in the fashion world. Therefore, in order to be ready for the new season, every girl should be able to adapt, to know what is true and what must be swept aside.

The new season puts emphasis on fashionable prints in 2012, so to look stunning all year round, it is best to sort out your wardrobe; at the same time you release your wardrobe for fashion and stylish things.

The original colors do not leave the podium, but on the contrary, there are new interesting way. According to leading fashion designers, the most popular is the combination of the print to another. Ate you think that the ensemble of two or three figures is unacceptable, then you are deeply mistaken.

 Fashionable prints in clothes 2012

What designers offer in 2012?

  1. All last season was dominated by models, calm tones, the same trend continued in the collections of the year. Due to this the designers manage to create original, trendy and topical images. In the new displays have been demonstrated real masterpieces, made exactly in this color scheme. New this year, the best solution is considered to transfer the photos to a variety of clothing. In his collection of the famous fashion designer is actively used different in texture and color of the materials on which were printed portraits and landscapes. This print is perfect as a business girls casual wear, as well harmonize with the style of the business.
  2. Great love of many fashionistas uses print in the form of flowers. That's why he kept at the peak of popularity for several years. In 2012, it also ranked first. Cloth, strewn with flowers, which are different in shape, size and color, capable femininity and unique image. There are a variety of combinations: small and large patterns complement each other perfectly. The ensemble, made up of many small florets, give detail of the image, making it look more complete.
  3. Most designers this season have decided to give their preference animalism that most clearly emphasizes femininity and feline grace. The style, which, according to leading experts, it is very fashionable - prints in clothes 2012, which in many cases can not be imagined without hot animal images. His popularity preserved animals such as a tiger, zebra and snake. Preferring the similar ornaments, you will continue to surprise surrounding the entire current season.
  4. Patterns made in the ethnic, graphic and abstract style, also common to many collections of the new year. Such bold decisions will also appreciate the bright and romantic girl. Shades of ornaments can be anything: how bright and juicy, and the gray and black. In this season compared to the previous designers to create their models using tissue rich and intense hues. No one fashionista they are not left without attention, but in the choice of attire you need to build on their own preferences, as well as the features of a figure.
  5. Scottish cell is still considered fashionable. This year, designers have changed only the size and the color palette, bright combinations which nowadays are considered to be very relevant. Experimenting with different texture of the materials, designers have created many interesting variations.
  6. The designers also do not change the print dots, as it is popular with the weak half of humanity has been for many years. Confirms is its presence in virtually any form of clothing: trousers, hats, jackets, blouses and even stockings. Things with a similar pattern perfectly in tune with each other. The main thing not to forget the basic rule - the color of the fabric and size of the pattern may be different, but the peas must meet one tone.
  7. The girls, who love to be the center of attention, certainly like the proposed designers along with print in the form of stars. This pattern appeared in 2008, but at that time only a few accepted it. Despite this, in the new 2012 season clothes in a star represented in their collections popular fashion houses. Desperate fashionistas certainly will appreciate such "star" dress.

Summing up, it should be noted that the prints and decor in the clothing will carry out an important task in the 2012 season. They dilute the boring monotony of products through a combination of different patterns in the same manner. Huge selection of models allows to choose the thing that you really are. If you do not like the classics - you can choose bright and bold patterns.

As you have seen - there is no limit imagination of designers. So you can easily bring in your wardrobe freshness and variety. Fill it, based on your taste, and you will always look fashionable and elegant.

 Fashionable prints in clothes 2012

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 How to choose a coat

Demi coat - a very important part of the female wardrobe, without which it is very difficult to do in the offseason. This item of women's clothing every year becomes more and more popular. This is not surprising, because the coat, in contrast to the other outer garments, allowing the female sex always look fashionable, stylish and elegant. Early spring weather is unpredictable, so no demi coat can not do.

How to choose a coat that it is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also a well-seated on the figure? It is no secret that in the spring, when everything around blossoms and blooms, every woman wants to look stylish and feminine. We will try to ease your task. Heed the advice of stylists, you can easily find a suitable style outerwear, you will feel cozy and comfortable and still look perfect in any situation.

The most fashionable styles: choose a coat-type figure

So you've decided to buy a female demi-season coat: how to choose a style? Currently existing models of a variety of top women's clothing to satisfy the taste of all, without exception, fashionistas. Let's look in this variety!

  • The classical model of the English coat - today this style is the most versatile option that is ideal for all occasions. And it's hard to disagree. From year to year does not change its shape, made of wool or cashmere, a little below the knee length - this model goes well with the owners of tall angular figure.
  • Strict British double-breasted trench coat - this style for several seasons in a row does not leave the fashion catwalks. For this model, characterized by epaulettes, patch pockets and a belt. Such a cloak coat looks equally good as the owner of magnificent forms, and the slim girl. The presence of such an accessory as a belt with a massive buckle, will focus on the high chest.
  • Overcoat - another very trendy style of women's coats, which visually lengthens the figure of a woman and makes it slimmer. Especially well this outfit looks combined with high heels or platform. Direct long coat with belt suitable tall slender girls.

But women and girls full of low growth in the choice demi coat should pay attention to the tapered cut. Coats trapezoid length just below the knee allows to hide wide hips and other figure flaws.

Women with a V-shape (broad shoulders, elegant bust and narrow hips) when choosing outer garments should adhere to the following rules: try to avoid the combination of different textures, bright patterns and unnecessary decorative elements, especially at the top.

It is very important when choosing outerwear to choose the right size. To do this, try the vending model on a thick sweater, then when worn the product is bubbling on the back and press in the armpits.

Try on a coat, pay attention, do not interfere if the hem of your feet while walking and you do not pull the sleeves.

 demi-season coat women how to choose

The most popular fabrics

For the manufacture of women's outerwear fashion designer prefer to use natural materials that can increase not only the strength but also the durability of products made from them.

  • 100% wool for many centuries used to sew both women's and men's outerwear.
  • Cashmere - the easiest, non-marking, and, most important, the most heat of the material of all fabrics used today in the production of a coat. Due to its advantages, he won the hearts of millions of women worldwide.
  • Tweed - another kind of wool, which is different capacity and durability.
  • Gunny - this quite rough and hard tissue, is currently used mainly in the manufacture of uniforms.
  • Velour and boucle - incredibly beautiful, but at the same time the most impractical fabrics that fairly quickly lose their beautiful appearance.
  • Leather and suede - very popular materials used in the manufacture of clothing. However, to the choice of leather or suede coat should be taken very seriously. And buy things the best in specialized stores. This will avoid the frustration of buying low-quality product.

Buying wool coat, be sure of its quality. To do this, carefully examine the product in good light. First of all pay attention to the seams. Their quality is usually verified yarn fineness and the frequency of stitches. The fabric of the entire length of the product must be uniformly dense. Form sleeves must be free, and its length up to the middle palm bent inwardly no less than two centimeters, while the skirt - at least three centimeters. In products with fur inserts should be visible seams, and if they can not see, then, most likely, they are glued to each other - such coats are more likely to last for long.

What color to choose?

Women's fashion demi coat collections in 2012 will not differ riot of colors, mostly dominated by the classic dark tones. To look fashionable and stylish this spring, stylists advise to prefer brown, gray, black and khaki. But this does not mean that the coming spring will be held in gloomy tones. Along with a dark palette, fashion designers and fashion designers presented many interesting spring models made in bright and light colors. But before you buy a coat a coat, you need to think about it, how often you wear it. For every day a preferred colors tend to accumulate grease, while the output can afford to completely coat any color scheme.

Now that you know how to choose a coat in the spring, you can safely go to the shops in search of a suitable option, in which you will look incredibly chic.

 How to choose a coat for spring: Tips stylists

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