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Somehow, it is believed that the woman's hand look beautiful only with long fingernails. Yes, it is perfect and original, you can draw and make volume modeling, but then the short nails can give play to imagination. The main thing to choose the right idea for a manicure and do it carefully, paying attention to every, even the smallest detail.

First, you need to give the correct form of marigolds. If you have short fingers complete, the form must be oval and as close to the natural version. But if the fingers are elongated and elegant, it can be done, and a square shape.

Most perfect

Manicure for short nails must be done carefully and with skill, do not treat it as something serious. Varnish can be applied to any color - from dark to light. Just keep in mind, too dark shades visually shorten the toes, so carefully select such colors.

Masters prefer manicure pastel shades or completely colorless. The most fashionable look for short nails manicure - French. How to do it? It is very simple, only need to buy a special set for the French manicure, which includes special strips, clear coat and white matte. In the kit can include not only white matte and, as an option, pink or blue - but it will not be a classic. Let's get started:

  • Prepare the nails: Cutting cuticle, to shape and remove paint residues.
  • We cover the nail varnish-based, for example, colorless. Dye dry, if necessary, put the second layer.
  • Now draw a white matt lacquered "smiles" on the edge of the nail. To do this accurately, use the special sticker.
  • Do not remove the labels as long as the paint dries completely. If too early to get rid of them, the pattern may smudge, and all your efforts to nothing lead.
  • After drying and removal of labels, apply a final layer of clear varnish - fixing.

That's it - a perfect look and trendy manicure is ready, it will last about five days. You can use the idea of ​​multi-colored French manicure, but it will look outrageous and creative, so for everyday jewelry is unlikely to fit. But if you are accustomed to extravagant personality and stand out among all the risk - there's a lot of ideas: black with red, green, blue, yellow and orange.

 Fashion Nails for short nails

Options manicure

Manicure for short nails can be monotonous. There's nothing wise and complex. Just carefully put varnish on the nails may have to make several layers. Luck should "sit" without divorces and glades, especially if you use enamel. You've got to look at the light - if noticed any dashes or stripes, try to rectify the situation.

Girls who prefer pearl shades of nail polish, worry about divorce is not necessary. Even if there was some kind of bobble and uneven lay lacquer, then the general appearance of manicure is not affected. Moreover, for short nails pearlescent lacquer will also become a factor of the increase.

In short nails could and should make drawings - they can be very different, the ideas end in sight to be seen! For these nails are appropriate simple drawings in the form of slips and various flourishes. This is done very simply - need only two or three nail colors and a toothpick (or needle).

 beautiful fashion manicure for short nails

Learn how to make drawings

Apply a couple of layers of the pitch, then apply a drop in the uncured paint a different color and a toothpick begin to draw, following the fashion. You can make simple dash, as if waving. And you can show their artistic abilities, then turn your manicure into a real masterpiece: roses, twigs, leaves, sea and boats, small animals faces ... Fashion - lady capricious. It is changeable and contradictory, it is not surprising to see women marigolds short funny little face Mickey Mouse or Octopussy.

Manicure short Marigolds can withstand all the pictures and colors should be avoided only one - volume figures, sculpting. Nail this form it would be an excessive burden, it looks so ridiculous entourage makes even shorter fingers and kutsee. Decorated with rhinestones, figures insects or flowers, too, is undesirable. This manicure looks good only on long nails, and short it will look untidy and defiant.

Here's what is perfect manicure for short nails, so a smooth transition of color - from dark at the tip, to light at the cuticle, or vice versa. Go to the barber shop, and let an experienced technician will make you a manicure. You see for yourself and remember the technique of application, before you can try to repeat his own.

And one more rule: whatever manicure was not the most important thing - to constantly monitor them. Mangy paint and a bit shabby, regrown or broken nails have never brought beauty female hands. It is better to often change the paint, once in 2-3 days to make a new manicure than the "shine" shabby and crooked nails. In this case, even the most refined way, the most beautiful and the most professional hair makeover will not save the situation.

 Fashionable ideas for short nails manicure

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 hot manicure


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Hot manicure - one of the most popular treatments in beauty salons. It's a great way to give back skin of the hands soft, smooth wrinkles and age healthier nails. The uniqueness and effectiveness of such care is determined its high cost. However, you can save on the services of a professional master of making such a manicure at home.

Features hot manicure

The technology of hot manicure in many ways similar to the classic. Hands immersed in a special lotion or fluid cream for 10-15 minutes. Liquid steaming pre-heated to 30-40 degrees for the "revitalization" of the active ingredients composition. The palms and fingers degreased, massaged, and then rubbed nourishing cream. After a hot bath can begin to clean nail polish and cuticle.

Classic manicure is contraindicated if you have a fragile layer and the nail plate. You can not say about the hot - it restores the porous nails, moisturizes the epidermis and even helps with joint pain. It easily copes with peeling and micro-cracks occurring due to the low temperatures during the cold season. Another significant plus hot manicure: dermatological diseases, cuts and scratches are not contraindications for this procedure.

 hot manicure technology

Methods of cream manicure at home

To prepare for a session of beauty, wash your hands thoroughly and remove paint residues, if any on the nails. Medical and colorless compositions, too, must be removed because they interfere with the penetration of the medicinal ingredients in the cuticle and nail sinuses. Use for this purpose a liquid without acetone - it causes irreparable damage to nails. Rasp wet nails can not be in any case, so the pre-treat them sawing. Hard, thick nails nail file suit with large abrasive, thin and brittle "Show" glass tool coated fine fraction.

For steaming the top layers of skin and nail plates require a special tool. Apparatus for hot manicure can be purchased at any store of professional beauty equipment, or order through the Internet. The standard unit provides two modes of operation: heating and maintaining temperature. Do not forget to purchase a disposable pan, you'll pour the solution and manicure.

This device is easy to replace enamel basin or bowl. The bowl is filled with a suitable lotion or cream, and the liquid is heated in a water bath to the desired temperature. The disadvantage is that the liquid will have to periodically heated as it cools rapidly. And the time interval required for the cream is absorbed in the hand, is increased to an hour. But hot manicure will cost much less.

A few minutes after you leave the brush in the tub, begin to massage. Without taking his hands out of lotion, start successively knead the hand and wrist. Gently tapping fingertips of one hand on the back of his hand the second. Rub and stretch the tendon, "tortured" daily "dialogue" with the keyboard. Finish the massage intensity of the "tingling" carpometacarpal "membranes" between the fingers.

As the next stage of nail care hot manicure involves softening cuticles. It is often combined with so-called "European" view of the removal of excess skin in the hollow nail - using sliding the orange stick. Do you prefer a classic manicure? Then cut off the cuticle nail clippers steamed, pre-disinfected in 95% alcohol to prevent infection in the resulting hole. Before you remove the excess skin on the nail, rub it a few drops of essential oil of orange or bitter almond.

Pat palm cloth to remove any excess cream. Buff your nails to make them look healthy and well-groomed. Hot manicure usually includes "sealing" of useful substances in the nail plate. If you have a special cream with minerals and vitamins, carefully rub into each nail by means of a drop of 1-2.

The final stage - applying the base coat and colored lacquer. Using bases in this case, certainly, because the nutrients absorb into the nail plate, or will not have a positive impact. To speed up the drying nail lacquer, use the special spray fixative.

 technology hot manicure

Hot manicure: folk recipes

Purchase a lotion or cream for softening bath is easy to replace the means cooked at home. As the basic component typically used glycerin furatsilina solution, vegetable oil, lanolin or beeswax melted.

Cook 3 tablespoons of broth chamomile, 2 tablespoons yarrow and 2 cups of boiling water. Melt over low heat 3 tablespoons beeswax, add 2 cups of olive oil and the infusion of herbs. Stir and boil. This lotion has excellent moisturizing and healing action.

200 gr. butter or margarine quality melt 2 tablespoons oil extract of vitamin E. The resulting mixture drip a few drops of essential oils of geranium and eucalyptus. This composition when used regularly, smoothes fine wrinkles on the hands and strengthens nails. However, if you suffer from excessive sweating, beware of using it too often.

Hot manicure for oily skin of the hands will be useful if you use a lotion in the manufacture of oil of lemon, sweet orange or lime. If the money for expensive essential oils you do not, boil the dried peel of citrus fruits in salted water. Cool the infusion and store it in the refrigerator for 1 month. For one session is enough to mix a glass of orange broth with 50 grams. lanolin and heat in the bath.

Hot manicure is not by chance called "royal." Neither healing nail will not return your nails healthy and well-groomed appearance faster than luxurious baths and proper massage. Moreover, the money to pay for it is not necessary.

 Hot manicure at home

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