Fashionable fragrances 2012

The main trends of 2012 in the world of perfumes are: lightness, airiness, notes flirting individuality. The main components are: a floral-citrus fruit and composition with the addition of gentle notes of the East. These fragrances ideally emphasize the individuality of a woman, betray her sexuality, confidence, mystery.

Particular attention should Vanitas fragrance of global brand Versace. This fragrance contains floral and citrus notes with added notes of freesia. The aroma reminiscent of Mediterranean motifs that inspire new feats. This is a very alluring, feminine fragrance for sensitive and very daring women.

This season more than ever popular oriental motifs. Roberto Cavalli presented, as has been known over the line of fragrances Escentric molecules 03, and novelty - spirits «I Love Her». The smell captivates from the very first notes: This is a bold combination of cedar, bergamot, musk and sweet notes of vanilla.

Girls can pay attention to the perfume «Miss Pucci», created by Francois and Christine Nazhel Demak. Its composition consists of: rose petals, magnolia and musk, iris. This will add flavor to your image coquetry and a little flirting.

A collection of fashionable fragrances will join the already well-known perfume by Donna Karan «Be Delicious». New products will be an experiment which violated all the rules of combination: notes of cucumber and green apple, rose petals and violets, as well as notes of white wood.

In short, it remains only to try and plunge into the world of the beautiful and mysterious fragrance.

 Fashionable fragrances 2012

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 Let us always be enchanting: Down with the wrong food!

The skin on your face first will signal that the diet chosen not true: it signals to notice and take action.

The best thing about your health and mental state says it is leather. It will be a great indicator of what the consequences are left wild parties, lack of sleep and poor diet.

You should not blindly trust the expensive creams, because they bring only a temporary effect and decide, not all skin problems. Give her beauty only with the help of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and of the regular cosmetic care also should not be forgotten.
Today, many women use makeup to hide blemishes that occur due to improper nutrition. They better address the root causes - then the skin will shine for its cleanliness.
Let's talk about the five most common skin problems: think, that for reasons of their cause, and learn how to deal with them.

What should I do when the skin is pale?

The reason for this probably lies in the abuse of excessive dieting or fad fitness. Outcome one: your body loses iron. Without meat, carbohydrate and fiber skin falls ill. By the way, iron is absorbed worse in the case when, during a meal consumed food rich in calcium, when consumed tea or coffee.

To remedy the situation, you can start the day with a cocoa drink, really rich in iron. You can add to dishes parsley, sesame seeds, often eating halva, peanuts, dried apricots.

What to do when thinning and flaky skin?

The reason for this is that your body lacks vitamin A. Remember that fatty foods do not give it to effectively absorbed, so you need to restrict their diet consumption.

To remedy this situation, you should try to eat more foods that contain large amounts of beta-carotene, "producing" vitamin A. At the same time food is still possible to use fats, but of animal origin, such as cream or butter. Then, beta-carotene is absorbed well.

How to deal with enlarged pores?

The reason for this problem is, again, in your diet if you are eating regularly consume a lot of sausages, fatty and salty foods, be prepared for the fact that the body does not have enough vitamin P and bioflavonoids.

To put an end to this problem, give up all the above-mentioned food, to opt for fresh fruits, berries and vegetables. Particularly active should consume that also contains the most Vitamin P: citrus, cherry, raspberry, currant, apricot - the day we recommend to eat them in the amount of not less than 600 g

How to deal with sallow complexion?

Typically, such a skin condition associated with digestive problems: it causes goiter, ie, the violation of the microflora. So, we need to limit the consumption of sweet, muffins and canned products.

To resolve sallow complexion, you need to rebuild the balance of microflora: a course of treatment drugs are freely sold in pharmacies. This must be done within 7-10 days, no less, after which should revise its menu. For the good bacteria there is nothing better of dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, but they will not survive if the diet is canned and smoked.

How to deal with the first signs of skin aging?

Possible cause early skin aging - the lack of "youth vitamin" E - believe me, because he is called not in vain. And in this situation should be carefully determined diet. Thus, products to be taken to improve the vitamin A in the body, neutralized with food, is used for the production of vitamin E, and vice versa. Therefore, you need to immediately decide what is to correct the problem in the first place - aging or skin peeling.

To remedy the situation you need to take crude oil and within a year to fill them all to use vegetable salads. Only the bottle should be kept in a dark closet, and every time to close the stopper. This helps prevent degradation of vitamin E on exposure to air and light. It is necessary to frequently eat foods that contain this vitamin, such as egg yolks, milk, avocados, almonds.

 Let us always be enchanting: Down with the wrong food!

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 how to apply self-tanning


  • What is the self-tanning and what is it for?
  • A variety of tools: what are tanning
  • How to choose a tan?
  • How to use tanning
  • How to maintain the effect of sunburn
  • Good to know!

Beautiful tan can not only make you much more attractive, but also hide some flaws. For example stretching, "orange peel" in the most inappropriate places (on the thighs, stomach, buttocks), sagging and other forms of irregularities are much more inconspicuous figure on dark skin. And everyone wants to look charmingly!

Buy natural bronze color in several ways: in a natural way, and with the help of modern methods and means of cosmetology. But it does not always have the time and the opportunity to bask in the bright southern sun, so the majority of people (both women and men) goes to the solarium. But despite the growing popularity of the past, scientists have long shown their negative effects on the skin. So if you care about your health, the most appropriate option would be special funds for tanning. About how to choose them and how to apply them, we talk a little lower.

What is the self-tanning and what is it for?

This cosmetic product, creating (using special substances to stain the skin) feeling that you spent a whole day in the hot sun. This is a great alternative to a sun deck, which, at first, is contraindicated in some diseases, and, secondly, can lead to all sorts of negative consequences of the excessive enthusiasm for them. Problems may begin and end in a banal allergy oncology. Therefore, experts advise to treat the solarium very carefully and seriously.

If you want to give yourself a nice healthy look, without side effects, buy a special lotion. With it, you can get rid of lactic winter white skin or hide small streamers and look stunning on responsible event. Today, many salons offer this service - from the miracle machine in the form of spray tanning "sprayed" over the body. Therefore, to "avtozagoret" you have two options - to see a specialist or to put lotion on their own. Some believe that such a procedure to carry out at home is difficult, but this is a misconception. The main thing is observing simple rules, do it right, and then the skin is dark and beautiful, 365 days a year.

 tanning how to apply

A variety of tools: what are tanning

This is ideal rapid acquisition of sunburn. It is indispensable in the winter or when medically contraindicated for the person to be under the influence of ultraviolet light. Then come to the aid of a special toning lotion. But before we talk about how to apply it properly, let us look at a variety of cosmetics. There are several varieties:

  • tanning accelerators;
  • bronzers (also called bronzer);
  • and, in fact, tanning.

The first category means "works" on the increase in the number of skin pigment synthesized it. Most known accelerator - tyrosine, which is the precursor of melanin synthesis in the chain. This amino acid, falling in large numbers on the human skin, stimulates cells (melanocytes) to produce as much as possible of the pigment, thereby accelerating the tanning process.

The structure consists of bronzer colorants. Therefore, after applying the skin to instantly gets dark. The main drawback - the instability of staining. If water agent can dissolve and stain your clothes, besides due to improper use may remain bright stripes and white spots. If you do decide to buy a product, it takes on the tone or two darker than the natural color of your skin, not to look ridiculous. Put it on those areas of the face or body, which most often are in the sun, for example on line nose or cheeks.

As for tanning, it is produced in the form of a spray, jelly or cream. Dihydroxyacetone, which is included in their composition, by reacting with the proteins of the skin colors of its top layer in a dark color. However, the effect of sunburn is not immediately, and within three to four hours after application. After some time, when the horny scales peel, people gradually "lighter". According to cosmetologists, is the most effective and "long-lived" way to acquire a bronze tint.

How to choose a tan?

No need to buy an expensive tool - the main thing that it gave effect that will look natural on your skin .  You need to choose the right tone .  Take the lotion and apply a few drops on a special paper-probe, then attach it to the arm .  Caucasian girls make better use of products with a light texture, for example, modeling tools or milk 2 in 1, which is both moisturizing and toning .  The fair sex with blond and brown hair get along great with sunlight, so they will suit a darker tan .  It will look natural .  And if you want to skin glowed, take the vehicle with shimmering particles .  First, you will look really charming, and secondly, it will help to hide flaws and irregularities on the body .  For those who have just returned from holiday and wants to fix the result of sunbathing, we recommend a spray or lotion labeled «dark» .

How to use tanning

Once you have decided on the tone, it's time to talk about how to apply it properly. Otherwise, there is a possibility instead of a beautiful dark skin to get the effect of a leopard.

First of all, buy the gloves and put them on the hands. The fact that the palms is much larger pores than in other areas of the body, so the process of applying the lotion they absorb and acquire a bright orange color. You do not want?

If you decide to carry out the procedure at home, the week before, stop using cosmetics, which includes the alpha-acid. But 24 hours before the direct application make depilation. If you are treating the entire body completely, remove excess hair on the arms, legs and elsewhere. In the evening, make peeling and use a moisturizing lotion. The main thing to wait a day, or the means will fall unevenly, with stripes and patches.

Owners of dry skin is better to get creamy, suitable for oily light gels and lotions. Pre try a cosmetic product on the inside of the hand to make sure if there are any allergic reaction.

Before you apply the tan on your face, put on gloves and bandage, I remove back hair. If you carry out the procedure for the first time, to avoid unexpected results, mix the agent with a conventional cream or lotion in the same proportion. Moisten skin around the eyes, or this region is darker than other portions. Then, squeeze a bit of bronzer on hand and fast movements, good shading, apply on your face (you can use for this purpose a special sponge or sponge). Bypassing the hairline and eyebrows. Do not forget the neck and behind the ears place (they also treat). If there were stains on the face and band well rasparte it and make peeling or use whitening mask.

Now for the body. Each site is visually divided into several sections, for example: lower leg, front thigh, back, calf. Rub tanning in a circular motion, moving from the bottom up against the hair growth. Start with the lower leg and climb higher, leaving "for dessert" knees and feet. After all, with a natural tan, they are always a little lighter than other sites. Once finished, apply a small amount on top of moisturizing lotion that will help to redistribute excess cream. Therefore, treat the whole body, in the last instance - the elbows, as well as the inside of the hand. To make the figure visually slimmer hips and darken the sides, on his belly, "draw" vertical stripes, and select the triceps in their arms.

If you use a spray, shake the tube in advance. Then, a short distance (about 20 cm), apply a first coat of cloth and rub or hand in ten minutes, remove the excess with a towel and repeat the procedure. Cosmetics soak for half an hour.

 than apply tanning

How to maintain the effect of sunburn

Four to five hours after application is not recommended to play sports, take a shower, wash and so on. Any contact with water or sweat damaging Sun: moisture is not terrible to him only after he is well "entrenched" in your body. To skin remained dark and beautiful for a long time, richly moisturizes tanning lotion and treat the most protruding parts (nose, knees, shoulders, and cheekbones) every three days.

If you want to remove all traces of the use of funds will help the water with lemon juice or vinegar, hydrogen peroxide can be added or use alcohol-based lotions. Then simply Wash shower gel.

Good to know!

If you use a self-tanning cream or lotion, the handle back and other hard to reach places will be difficult. For this ideal spray.

To skin a long time remained dark, repeat the procedure every four or five days.

Today there are means, which are shown on the body for 60 minutes after application. In order not to go for a long time in the apartment, afraid to touch anything or sit down, choose the product that gives the effect of a minimum of time.

Using the tool for the first time, take an assistant girlfriend or mother. So you will be able to properly handle the whole body in a short time.

Tanning does not protect against UV exposure: skin to remain healthy and beautiful, you can purchase a special sunscreen cosmetics.

We hope these tips will help you stay beautiful and charming!

 How to apply self-tanning: beauty secrets

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