Dresses Fall 2011

Nowadays, most of the ladies prefer trousers and skirts, but still almost all of them like to dress. This is not surprising, because in any other woman does not dress looks so elegant and charming. The subject of ladies' clothes recently was among the favorites of fashion because the well-known designers and fashion designer decided to go back to the origins of women's fashion. In such a short period dress gained popularity among women around the globe. Although the silhouettes from year to year are constantly changing, they still radiate comfort and ease.

You want to know what the dress will be fashionable this fall? Dresses Fall 2011 - a lot of interesting models that can satisfy all tastes and requirements of modern women.   Fashion autumn dress 2011 of the new collections of famous designers will not leave indifferent any fashionista. Choosing autumn models women's dresses this year is very large and diverse. Therefore, with the onset of cold weather, no woman will be left without a fashionable and stylish outfit. What gives us the modern fashion dress Autumn 2011 - photos of the most recent models of the season, you can see how the Internet and in fashion magazines and on our website.

Before you go shopping for a new outfit, no harm will be familiar with the fashion trends of the coming season.

Trends of the season

  • This season, the fashion returns style 90-ies: bows, rhinestones, vivid colors, satin mini-dresses and luxurious accessories.
  • Also relevant are laminates, complex volumes and asymmetry.
  • Doubtless the trend is approaching autumn style 40s, though in a somewhat unusual interpretation.
  • As for colors, many designers have included in their collections have long half-forgotten black. The dominant colors of the autumn collections are yellow, olive, orange, burgundy, red and dark blue.
  • Geometric shapes of clothes still have not lost their relevance. The mod will be black and white silhouettes, stand-up collars and rounded shoulders.
  • Also in the new autumn collections are present curvy shape and draperies.
  • Trendy details seasons: fancy collars and cuffs, flounces and frills.
  • In autumn 2011 knitted dresses are not less popular than last winter or spring.
  • New season - autumn 2011 fashion dress, photo models with a knitted bodice, the bottom of which can be made of contrasting materials that will appeal to many of the fairer sex.

Trendy colors of autumn 2011

What colors painted autumn 2011 season modern designers? This issue is relevant for many women, from season to season watching fashion trends. Judging by the photos dress Autumn 2011 unexpectedly democratic and simple. As in the previous few seasons designers in their collections bet on neutral colors. The predominant colors of autumn 2011: black, red, white, beige and brown. Almost all the collections you can find a lot of models, orange, pink, bright blue, and olive. Fashionistas will enjoy the dresses of unusual colors, which will become the undisputed hit of the fall season.

 Photo Dresses Fall 2011

  • Red

Fashion and sexy always marching side by side, holding hands. That is why this sensitive color that attracts everyone's attention, never leave the podium. He will be present to them always. If you are an eccentric lady who used to be the center of attention, choose an outfit red. Fashionable dresses fall 2011, photo from the collections of famous brands, inviting and attracting the attention of a female from the pages of fashion magazines, will appeal to many women of fashion. To supplement this costume designers are advised to pick up the tone accessories. For cold weather is suitable for both short jacket draped over a dress and spacious poncho.

 Dresses Fall 2011 photo

  • Black

This versatile classic color is always in fashion. So this fall, it will be at the peak of popularity. But the most unusual trend promises to be a black dress with a white shirt front, which in appearance is very similar to a Catholic priest outfit. Is it any wonder that the emphasis in their autumn collections of designers are paying a dark palette. Their traditional choice in favor of trendy colors today, do not leave the fashion catwalks of the world for several decades, it is not accidental: the classic, slimming and always elegant in every situation allows for the perfect look. This autumn dress color, photo we suggest you look in our photo gallery, created especially for those who have always, even rainy autumn, wants to look irresistible, but is afraid of risk.

The current black immodest: it is present almost everywhere, sometimes completely filling the entire suit. Pay attention to the photos of the dresses from the fall 2011 collection of famous brands such as Stella McCartney, Moschino and Altuzarra. Taking their example, you can spice up your image beige high heels and fashion accessories.

 Fall 2011 fashion dress

  • White

When the women's locker room is dominated by dark colors, it quickly becomes boring. Especially in the autumn, when the street all day long, and so the rain is not enough sunlight. Modern fashion - dresses fall 2011, photo models of white included in most of the fall collection. This fall, the white color is permissible everywhere, in street clothes, shoes, accessories, as well as daily, evening and cocktail dresses.

If you are looking for a suitable option as the evening dress, we suggest you view photos from the collections of autumn dress Rodarte and Jason Wu, made of white aerial tissues. You certainly will be enchanted by these truly fabulous outfits.

Fabrics and decor

In the autumn will flower in the fashion and art prints, as well as animals (snake, leopard and Dalmatian) and geometric (stripes, circles, diamonds and squares) prints.

 Fashion Dresses Fall 2011

With the onset of cold weather the designers are in no hurry to put us in a warm cloth. In addition to the new collections we are used to coat a lot autumn models made of knitted jersey, chiffon and guipure. Cold autumn trendsetter offer to wear woolen dresses both individually and on top of other clothes.

 autumn dress photo

The trends this fall built on contrasts. In autumn 2011 the trendy dresses will be decorated with sequins, embroidery, lace, the finest lace and feathers, the ability to insert contrasting fabrics. Also important is the combination of the finest lace and fabrics with floral prints or animalistic. Now that you know almost everything about the fashion trends of the coming of autumn, so that you can safely proceed to the renewal of the autumn wardrobe. Good luck in search of worthy models!

 Autumn dress 2011

Fashionable dress autumn 2011 - an important and indispensable feature of everyday, business and evening female wardrobe. To look perfect this fall, designers and stylists are advised to fill up your wardrobe with several models relevant for the fall season. Autumn dress 2011: photos of the new designer collections, presented to your attention, perfect for any occasion, be it a meeting, party, business meeting or office work.

Fashionable silhouette of autumn 2011

What could be more feminine than a fashionable, stylish and beautiful dress, emphasizing all the advantages of the female figure! Which dress model to give their preference that it is not only fashionable and appropriate, but also a well-seated on the figure? The main thing when choosing a dress autumn 2011 - the right to choose the style and color of dress, suitable to your type of figure. Heed the advice of stylists, you will be able to pick up a fashionable dress that best suited to a particular body type.

The new season of fashion autumn dress, the photo which you can view on the Internet are a few basic silhouettes: rectangular, oval, hourglass or pear-shaped. Fashionable novelty of the autumn season - dresses T silhouette. Such a large variety of different models will allow the ladies whose figures are far from ideal, closer to perfection.

Dress with a trapezoidal silhouette, received the same name with the figure, ideal for owners of broad shoulders and narrow hips. It is also well suited v-neck neck, puffed sleeves and corsets.

 Fall 2011 fashion dress photo

Girls with narrow hips and shoulders, implicitly pronounced waistline (rectangular silhouette) should be preferred flying multilayered fabrics, silhouettes and semifitted models with high waistline.

 Fall 2011 fashion dresses photo

Owners of "boyish" physique is suitable for almost everything except the narrow-fitting clothes and "American cut". Also, the girls with the constitution should avoid closed shoulders and v-shaped neckline. Very good styles with advanced down silhouettes and layered skirts air of a light fabric.

 Autumn dress 2011 pictures

For owners of the oval (O-shaped) silhouette looks good mini-dresses, unless of course allows the growth and shape of the feet. However, large geometric patterns, tight-fitting and stretch fabrics, accents the waist and abdomen in the form of belts and zones should be avoided. But various draperies and soft folds, light masking error figure, on the contrary, are welcome. Ideal - a dress with a low-cut top and extended shoulder line.

 Autumn fashion dress 2011

Girls with a perfect figure, you can afford to wear fashions everything, without exception.

Fashionable accessories

To keep warm the cold autumn evenings, the designers propose to use with dresses fashion accessories: scarves, capes and gloves. Bright fashion scarves to decorate even the most ordinary dress. Cape will make your image more gentle, long gloves and give the lady the charm and charm.

Please note the photo autumn dresses 2011, made in one color with accessories. Such kits will be this fall at the peak of popularity. Choose for your autumn wardrobe red, white, black, salmon, mustard or olive color, in any situation you will be irresistible.

 Fashionable Dresses Fall 2011 - and color trends

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