bridesmaid dress 2012

A very important component in the form of newly-married couple playing top dressing bridesmaids. Accordingly, the choice of dress for them will increasingly depend on the heroes of the occasion. This year presents fashionistas special pleasant moments. There are many trends, perfectly emphasizes femininity and fits perfectly into the festive atmosphere. This season choose the bridesmaid dress is not a problem - in 2012 is full of interesting solutions designer - photos from the catwalks of famous designers illustrate this perfectly.

Color range

Wedding fashion in the coming spring-summer season presents a gift to girls in colorful colors. The eyes will be pleased with the fundamental dress green, blue, pink and purple hues, as well as the charming raspberry. Persistent pastel colors accentuate the tenderness of girlfriends. It does not give up leadership positions and red. In the autumn and winter season perfectly cope with the task of classic black color - a bridesmaid dress in 2012 will be the trend. Through vivid elements, like red shoes, handbags white or purple shawls, they will look especially impressive.

This year can be offered to young guests to choose one particular bunch of the color spectrum of your wedding. For a palette of purple and orange is perfect a bunch of orange snapdragons, and the other - purple delphinium. Bouquet culprits celebrations can contain all the colors together, complementing final composition.

 fashionable bridesmaid dress 2012

Style and materials

This season, choose options or models Ankle-long to the knees. Atlas, romantic chiffon or shiny silk, taffeta are the hits of spring and summer. Current solution fits into the framework of modern style - a huge flower wide belt at the waist or belt neckline or rectangular model with one of her shoulders, naked back. In 2012, there is a dress for the bridesmaids that can be regarded as a trend of the year - a model with short sleeves, similar to the one in which it was Pippa Middleton at the wedding of her older sister and heir to the British throne - that day it was a masterpiece by Alexander McQueen.

Of course, the cost of girls associated with the acquisition of orders for the wedding procession will turn into a round sum. Therefore, the money is not in vain, designers recommend this season to choose generic versions. Prefer simple and sexy models, you can use them on other activities, and they are certainly not dust in the closet. An excellent option in this case can be considered a stylish cocktail dress - in 2012, the bridesmaids can wear it more than once.

 Bridesmaid Dress 2012

Another instance of the universal in the spring and summer season is dress-transformer. The models differ in length and with different cuts, with or without straps, tight or large - is a winning option for creative people who like novelty. Many species use serves to emphasize the individuality of each woman who wears it.

Rage is also a return to the old model. Vintage clothes or accessories will take you to the beginning or the middle of the last century, and perhaps even in the Victorian era. This style of celebration exactly long be remembered by all those present!

Any dress for the bridesmaids, 2012, photos of which are presented on our site, may well be an excellent example of the latest fashion trends and trends. Beautiful dresses this season are sure to impress any of the fashionistas, who will delight the newlyweds and their bright and shiny appearance.

 Fashionable dress bridesmaid 2012: what it will be?

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 Wedding Fashion 2012

New wedding dresses this season pick up already-established trend of previous seasons, but do not think that they have their own characteristics. Bride this year will be extremely feminine, fascinating and easy.

Wedding dresses are romantic, feminine, soft and gentle. Gradually begin to disappear All coarse and heavy forms, saturation and excessive decoration, large crystals and dense tissue are replaced by light and soft fabrics, soft and flavorful Swarovski crystals and airy chiffon.

The main trend in fashion wedding dress - a return to the vintage style and retro. In 2012, will look very beautiful wedding dress in the style of the 60s, but optional, you can choose the dress of another era.

Not the first season designers create strapless dresses that emphasize the bare chest and neck, arms and shoulders. Style of this kind dress suit girls with any growth, type of figures and other parameters. In addition, this style of top wedding dress perfectly combined with various types of skirts, skirts with light from an elongated loop, shortened to the lush front skirt. Strapless dresses are the most fashionable in 2012.

Another trend is an expression of retro style. Front waist dress decorated with a bow of appropriate dress fabric. Bow can be virtually invisible distinguishing the transition from the top to the skirt, and it may be a smart accent, with patterns and long ribbons. Designers also recommend to place the bow and on the fitting with a high waist.

Most of the girls who dream of a wedding dress, at first present themselves in the image of a princess from a fairy tale. Fashion styles of wedding dresses are ideal for the implementation of such a dream. Complicated and heavy styles of wedding dresses have gone out of fashion, but in the form of dresses princesses are in vogue, if only he had the skirt is made of light material or in a dress has beautiful, flowing, light folds.

Brides who do not want to blend in with the other girls, dressed in traditional white dress, can choose a more unusual, original and brilliant version. You can watch not only the dress, made of colored fabric, and white dresses decorated with different color trim.

Wedding dresses new collections often with beautiful lush skirts. Such opulence they give no heavy layers of different material, and easy multi-layered tulle. The fluffy skirt portion may be located not only at the waist but also depending on the style at mid-thigh and even on the lower leg.

In 2012, more and more into fashion romantic image of the bride, and it is achieved through the almost imperceptible, the asymmetry of the light in her dress. Experts and designers are dresses with spaghetti straps, and a complicated brim. In such dresses often have a light, flowing, long train and a beautiful, sophisticated draping.

Design imagination knows no bounds. Basically, they can cater to finicky public, but sometimes they would not succeed. Trends in fashion in 2012 are worthy of careful consideration to buying a wedding dress. Every woman and girl should choose, what style will suit her more, what will be the finish, cut and color of the dress.

 Wedding Fashion 2012

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 Women's Wedding Shoes

The wedding day is probably the most important day in the life of every girl. From that day begins life stage that can be called the most important in life. That is why everything has to be perfect, starting with hairstyles, outfits, rings, flowers and ending with a solemn mood. Women's wedding shoes, perhaps, a very important thing to build your image, and if in the past shoes hidden under a long dress, but today they delight us with his infinite variety - they are not ashamed to show everyone around.

Unfortunately, bridal shoes - this is not an area where you can show endless imagination. The dress can be anything, but when choosing a shoe you must first think about your comfort, as you have to walk in it all day.

 women's shoes wedding

Fashionable Wedding Shoes

  • If you are planning your wedding on the beach is now very fashionable, choosing women's wedding shoes, should take this into account. On high heels in the sand you do not pass the graceful and beautiful, and will pull those shoes is that you do not decorate. It is best to wear ballet flats or sandals in white, decorated with rhinestones.
  • It is very fashionable this year is considered to be women's shoes satin wedding. Its only disadvantage is that it is not suitable for daily walks or hikes, as well as to work in the office, and it is designed for a wedding or other special days. But going into the shoes of such a wedding limousine to the place of your registration, you will look like a princess!
  • No less fashionable lace material is considered. Probably due to the fact that Kate Middleton walked down the aisle in lace shoes from the fashion designer Alexander McQueen, the material is now at the peak of popularity.
  • Luxurious and incredibly trendy this year - the aristocratic velvet slippers. This material is now at the top of popularity and "walks" in all the world collection and podiums. And why would not walk in these shoes to the music of Mendelssohn, because these shoes - the most luxurious accessory that does not require any additions.
  • Hits novelty in wedding fashion patent leather shoes will be in the style of the 60s and 80s of the last century. But the image of the wedding does not tolerate insolence and debauchery, so styles such shoes should be as simple, bright colors and decorated with minimal, because the shiny skin itself is an elegant material and perfectly complement your image.

 wedding women's shoes

Fashion add-ons for your shoes

The most fashionable additions bridal shoes are, of course, rhinestones. They can cover the full surface of the shoe or post on straps and heels. No less a hit novelty can be considered lace, both main and supplementary material to your shoe. Very beautiful additions in the form of ribbons, as well as various decorative flowers that will give your legs elegance and delicate femininity. The vintage fashion is back, so wedding women's shoes can be supplemented with a decoration in this style. The high popularity of the position occupied by peacock feathers, so they are happy to add to the bouquet, hairstyle and shoes.

I would like to note that the recent fashion trend believe a tandem white wedding dress with shoes of any bright color. The most important rule, which would be worth to remember - shoes have to match the color with a bouquet or a belt on your dress, and the combination is allowed to tie or socks groom. But do not choose the color causing too, because you have to look bright and extravagant, but not vulgar.

The wedding day you should be remembered forever, and so you should try as much as possible in preparation for the celebration. Footwear has a very important role, because it affects the comfort of the bride, so your shoes have to be comfortable and immaculate.

 Women's wedding shoes: special model for celebration

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