Clothing made of velvet

His Majesty velvet, triumphantly returned to fashion last fall, the new fashion season is firmly entrenched. Women's things out of this noble fabric look very rich and refined. No wonder, for many decades, along with the velvet of silk and satin fabric considered extremely evening. And it is mainly used to create a luxurious evening dresses and ball. Now designers are calling fashionistas wear velvet not only on holidays, but also in everyday life.

Fashionable clothing velvet in the new season can be a soothing shades and colors of gemstones: amethysts, sapphires, rubies, emeralds. It is in these colors you'll find most cocktail dresses and evening publication.

Most recent models of the season evening

  • Perfect evening velvet bustier dress, with a cut of "Carmen", one-shoulder, with interwoven straps around the neck, opening up the beauty of the female shoulders romantic dress with thin straps, and many other interesting options. Opting for any of these outfits, you'll look like a king at any celebration.
  • No less attractive and stylish soft velor dress (this is often referred to as the dress of velvet) presented long models in combination with other fabrics - or bottom or top. Combined with the top models of velvet and a skirt of light fabric, usually silk or satin look very elegant and original. Similar models can be found in the collections of Ralph Lauren, Carlos Miele and other contemporary designers with less well-known names. These dresses will impress any of the modern fashionista.
  • Elegant short black dress with red accents case reminiscent of stained glass, is very popular among modern women. This is not surprising, because this outfit is perfect for celebrations and official events.
  • Clothes made of velvet: red dress this spring have to be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista. Although velvet dresses look great in brown, beige, green, blue, black, burgundy, and in other colors, but the red version, it looks much more elegant and attractive. Moreover, it can drastically transform the female image, make it more vivid and memorable.

 fashionable clothes of velvet

Fashionable stylish clothes of velvet season winter-spring 2012 - is a huge variety of luxurious evening and cocktail dresses and ensembles for both business as well as for everyday wardrobe. The choice of models, styles and colors of dresses, jackets, skirts and trousers dazzle and amaze female.

What velvet dresses are able to attract the attention of today's fashionistas?

Velvet dresses, represented in the collections of contemporary designers, so elegant and enchanting that will satisfy even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Which ones are most popular? This issue is relevant for many modern women who follow fashion trends each season. To find out, we offer to make a short trip behind the scenes of the fashion catwalks of the world, which will allow you to plunge into the world of women's fashion and choose a luxurious exquisite for any occasion.

 Fashionable clothes Velvet

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 Women's fashion jackets 2012

The most pressing of clothing in the off-season is undoubtedly the jacket. He has long been a fashion trend, and in some places - a mandatory requirement. In our time prefer to wear jackets everything from housewives to business woman. Trendy jackets for women in 2012 to meet the needs of the most glamorous ladies who closely follow fashion. Today, the style of this things can be very different. Because of this, any modern woman can easily choose the one most appropriate fashion in which it will look perfect.

The ladies today are interested in the question of what is fashionable jackets in the trend in 2012 will be in the coming season? We appreciate all kinds of selection of different styles, colors, materials, as well as a wide variety of styles.

Fashionable materials which use the most famous fashion designer, steel velvet, tweed, light-weight knit, wool voile, leather and denim.

 fashion jackets 2012

  What is fashionable today?

Perhaps, the leather jacket can be called the most fashionable. Today, I use a soft skin, because it is very easy and pleasant. The choice of such amazing variety of jackets: one on traditional buttons, and the other - with a scythe by lightning. If you believe in yourself - leather jacket is definitely your choice.

  • Greetings from the 90's back into fashion denim jackets. They are perfect for those ladies who are not afraid of bold experiments in the selection of clothing. To make sure your outfit was not like the clothes of workers, it is worth remembering that in any case it is not necessary to wear a jacket with denim another thing. It is best to combine with bright dresses and dark leggings.
  • Timeless classics can be considered a tweed jacket. This option be win-win for any business woman. If you love the English style - is an essential element for such an image. In turn, tweed - a wonderful material, which guarantees you comfort, naturalness and excellent resistance to wear.
  • All the rage, perhaps, can be called a variety of short and cropped jackets. They are wonderful combined with turtleneck tunic of various colors, especially bright. Here it will suit any of your favorite blouse.
  • Long jackets can be attributed to the business, as well as sports and even a feminine style. In the case of the combination of stamp or t-shirts, leggings and jacket with three-quarter sleeves - this style can be called a sport. But long jacket with sleeves, worn with black straight trousers and a white blouse looks already in business.

 2012 fashion women's jackets

Fashionable jackets additions

I would also like to draw attention to fashion accessories jackets. It will be different collars with lapels, with shining tides or mixed colors. It is also possible to insert the collars of other materials, such as fur or leather. Recently jackets with several buttons are considered classics, so designers offer an option on a clasp. Hoses with inflated shoulder again become topical supplement. A relative length - it can range from the mid-thigh to the waist.

Colours, too, will appreciate its abundance. Neutral colors such as black, gray, navy blue, white, beige and brown, highlight the style and elegance. For lovers of rich and bright colors are appropriate these shades as mustard, olive, orange and red, yellow and red.

Fashion accessories to complement your image - a belt of leather: with buckles from various textiles, as well as bags, chiffon scarves, gloves and even fur.

 Fashionable jackets and coats for women 2012

  From what to wear jackets of different styles?

  • Strict, but no less elegant jackets in the style of the 80s again causing excitement among others. Combine them is the classic stuff. If, however, you will have an evening out in a jacket, you can wear it with jeans and a top, for example, with sequins.
  • Military style again gaining major fashion "momentum", and jackets are no exception. Combine this jacket with leather pants, leggings, skinny jeans and favorite accessories - and you'll be on top.
  • Evening jackets are perfectly combined with chiffon or silk dresses. This will add a certain charm to your image.
  • In the new season are relevant velvet cloth, but rather wear any of them. This means that now you just have to buy a jacket to look luxurious, attractive and least fashionable.
  • Old style romantic forgot 20s charm all around. Put on a jacket with a light dress or skirt.
  • Sports jackets are always in fashion, and will be the best complement leather belt.
  • Sexiest jackets unisex. Male cutting of thick fabric, fitted silhouette - and you're irresistible! Wear them better with pants and shirts, as well as with dresses or skirts-pencils.

Style and Fashion 2012 - women jackets - today has become very diverse. Recent cuts to help create their own image, to supplement and enrich it. In this way every girl can become even more attractive, modern, elegant and feminine.

 Trendy jackets for women 2012

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