Bags for women 2011 fashion trends

To look fashionable and stylish enough to take a nice handbag - and even the most boring business black suit will look amazing. On such a wonderful new thing as a fashionable handbags spring 2011 women will have to consider all women of fashion very soon. After all, it's a wonderful time of year - spring and the warm season brings new fashion trends and a wonderful opportunity to set off its image memorable and impressive accessories. Well-chosen and beautiful detail gives charm to the simple toilet. To be fully prepared for a long-awaited spring offensive, we talk about what will be trendy this season.

What will be fashionable handbags spring 2011?

Renowned designers will delight fashionistas and give them a very real spring tale .  Although the classic form of bags, a collection of some designers were very romantic due to the warm color palette, delicate pattern and unusual decor .  Braided handles, refined metal finish, body beautiful embroidered leather laces - all this makes fashionable handbags spring 2011 women's really feminine and gentle, which corresponds to a beautiful time of year .  Some models will delight those girls who really missed the sun and saturated bright colors of summer .  Coral, light brown, pink - these colors in combination with the simple and refined forms of bags and accessories perfectly complement the beautiful and relaxing summer toilet, bright and austere outfit .  Some of the leading lights of the fashion prepare a great gift to all the young girls who prefer the convenience of sports style .  Colorful ladies rucksacks leading brands promises to be quite relevant .  Woven bags are also quite popular - they will join harmoniously in an atmosphere of warm and bright spring evening, summer vacation and fun trips with friends .

Bags of spring-summer 2011 will be very different. The most relevant small bags clutches, baguettes, handbags, bags, purses, shoulder bags, briefcases and suitcases. Classic and retro style in combination with the original finish will be a choice of elegant ladies. Lovers of the more serious of accessories too, should not grieve - designers have not forgotten about them. The focus of the coming spring will not be given form and color execution and decor. The choice of materials known authors are very democratic fashion collections. Used leather, textiles, suede, straw, plastic, that is all that is always nice and traditional. But this does not mean that women's fashion handbags 2011 will be boring, because the original design of radically transforming the usual materials and presents new and new surprises. Braided leather handbag or clutch fluffy - these accessories this spring are simply doomed to success.

Trends Spring-Summer 2011

They say that fashion is windy girl fickle in their mood. Especially true this statement sounds in relation to fashion handbags spring and summer of 2011.

This year, stylists offer a humorous approach to the selection of summer bags because they will look very funny compared to Sacs, the most popular in the past season. Today it is difficult to imagine the image of a stylish modern woman, who is not complemented by a fashionable bag. So leading designers and stylists in every show his erect a well-deserved podium, with higher and higher, this wonderful article of clothing. How, then we saw him trendsetters this year?

    Handbags 2011 - fashion trends of the coming season:

Popularity as a model with a short handle and fashionable shoulder bag, which in the season spring-summer 2011 worn over the shoulder.

 Spring 2011 fashion handbags

Objects decorated with a pattern in the style of "Animal", imitating animal skin pattern - very popular today in clothes and accessories. For example, a bag, "zebra", available in the collection of one of the most famous designers. As well as bags of fluffy fur, very warm and cozy again in vogue.

 fashion handbags

The most current spring-summer 2011 will be red and red accessories, because among flowers bags than black and various shades of brown, climb to the top of fashion is orange and red. Items of clothing color orange will raise the mood in any weather, the main thing to choose the right combination of all shades attire.

 fashion handbags 2011

Small versions of women's fashion leather handbags or made of other materials. Ladies handbag small size may not be practical, but it is always very easy to find everything you need: keys, lipstick, money or the player with your favorite music. Small size models on a long strap comfortable enough to stroll on a warm summer evening. Costume jewelery of handbags - is braided and proderzhka edges.

If one bag does not fit all right, this year you can take a second bag and wear the two together. If you just can not choose between a large and small size, carry two at a time, because today it is fashionable.

 Spring 2011 fashion handbags for women

Handbags in the form of purses as well as before, are relevant in the new season. But the designers decided to thoroughly review them for comfort and practicality, because in a small purse for a lot of little things not carry away. So this year, and they are usually worn together with a large and roomy bag. For such a case, choose two things contrasting colors. Some of the leading figures of fashion and find all the original decision and presented a model of knitted top with sewn leather wallets.

 the most fashionable handbags

Women's bag in the boot - very original and at the same time fashionable. Spacious bags, bags and backpacks are also relevant and wear them in 2011 as a casual wear and evening dress.

 women's fashion leather handbags

The most stylish thing and the undisputed hit of the past season was the bag. Such a wonderful thing are in hand. In the spring fashion trends remained bags traveling bags, but will be much more popular portfolios. This is not surprising, because the fashion style of the Seventies fashion of today replaces the forties.

 fashion handbags 2011

Denim as a material for bags in the trend today. Denim bag, like a made of faded jeans thing - it's the latest fashion trends in hippie style as fringe as decoration, is also very relevant for the summer models.


 Women bag 2011 fashion trends - portfolios

Many fashion houses offer women remember school days this spring and take up portfolios .  Moreover, today's fashionable portfolios absolutely nothing to do with boring classic brown or black-only transfer of documents from office to office .  All these fashion collections business accessories different original colors that this season should always be in harmony with the color of clothing or footwear .  Some designers have portfolios of classical form and according to the size, massive hooks in gold or matching the base color, bright juicy colors and fun horizontal stripes .  The school theme is also evident in the color models of bags with long shoulder strap .  They look very much like a mini-portfolios, decorated with huge carbines .  Even Beloved by all clutches that are at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row, thanks to the large carabiner too, began to resemble a miniature portfolios .

 portfolios - fashion handbags Spring 2011

Some designers these items even more like school bags, and even have a front pocket, where students often put pens, rulers, pencils, belts to be worn behind his back and a neat little karabinchik. Bold combinations of various bright colors, cell and flowers will give fashionistas present spring mood. There are designers who have created handbags, briefcases, representing a cross between a clutch and a briefcase. They have a rounded shape, a more pleasant texture than other trendsetters, and black and white colors, with the occasional bright moments in the style of patchwork. There are some portfolios presented in the spring-summer collection, which are decorated with colorful flower prints.


 fashion handbags - clutch

Clutches are still very popular design the most fashionable handbags. It is not surprising, because they are just perfectly fit into any wardrobe evening, subtly emphasizing the graceful curve of a woman's hand. In addition to the clutches, portfolios, actual option this season is long clutches of strict rectangular and oval clutches. But the main difference between all these models - a flashy bright color.

 Clutch - Fashion handbags 2011

Although some fashion houses still offer this spring clutches noble, relatively restrained saturated colors: purple, lilac, coral. They are decorated with fringe, lace, beads and beautiful irises.

 Spring 2011 fashion handbags women clutches

Bags clutch large size rectangular shape can also be found in some spring-summer 2011 collection. Among them you can find the traditional options of white leather, and original clutches color chameleon.

    Woven bags and bags of bags

 the most fashionable handbags, wicker

Very fashionable model of spring-summer 2011 - is woven bags. And this season, they are not only very fashionable string bags, beach bags big-bags or baskets, trapezes, and braided in the form of a decoration to the classic version of today's popular bags, valises. When selecting this year is very important to pay attention not only on the color and shape, but definitely on the invoice. For example, Stylish bags, traveling bags, made of smooth leather of exotic reptiles, are decorated with elegant woven straps.

 women's fashion leather bag - bag

Special attention deserves such an option fashionistas fashion accessories like handbag bag .  This kind of fashion handbags 2011 is unsurpassed stylish and practical at the same time, which is important in a mad rhythm of modern life .  By the way, this season some members of the haute couture fashion trends have combined with conventional woven handbags, leather bags bags and introduced a line of shapeless models made of braided leather .  A very interesting option bags bag submitted in one of the collections - a laconic exact copy of a large package from the supermarket, made of the skin and get rid of all the decor .  This model looks very stylish .  There are designers who have for bags, bags of special weakness, so in one of the fashion collections you can see the unique bag bag made of black alligator leather .  In the new season this fashion re-introduced several unique patterns, resembling the bag, and made in a unique exclusive technique of weaving leather .  However, the bag bag of skin of various reptiles can often be seen in the spring-summer 2011 collection .  This is a very simple and at the same time very stylish ladies' accessories .

Color diversity

If you are thinking about what color choose, the choice is really great this spring. Your attention provided a model of orange, pink, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, blue, beige and white colors, as well as all sorts of shades. Among women bags 2011 fashion trends are usually presented in a monochrome palette with the dominance of classic colors: gray, white, chocolate, terracotta and black. Particularly relevant from several different combinations of colors and materials.

In fashion colors animals - a python, crocodile and leopard, zebra and tiger. In this classic still remains a classic, so black and brown bags pertinent as ever. Those who want something unusual, unique and truly stylish, must pay attention to models that are made in silver and gold color scheme. These bags are especially popular in the spring and summer of 2011.

 silver fashion handbags 2011

Some designers this spring, preference is given to natural pastel tones, soft skin and modest hardware.

 pastel female bag 2011 fashion trends

But this fashion trend knocked contained in all the collections of the popular emphasis on expressive bright red. Most likely, such fancy red bag is designed to be a bright spot on a white or pale sandy suit or dress.

The individual bags are distinguished Italian brand vintage patterns and colorful painting, from which it is simply impossible to take your eyes. These stylish models will be more relevant than one season.

 Spring 2011 fashion handbags with vintage pattern

Originality in detail

Individuality above all - a basic rule of the coming spring. The hottest handbags are of different shapes and colors, but they are in any case will not be similar to each other and faceless. For the warm season it is very important, so the fashion designers used as decoration variety of options: lace, embroidery, fringe, ornament, leather inserts, weaving, chains, flowers and ribbons of fabric and leather .   Developers spring-summer collections made these stylish and practical details still. For example, a silver long chain with a small pendant used as a handle, a small, almost imperceptible handle on the clutch, beautiful buckle, with which you can very simply shorten or lengthen the belt - it's much more easy to put into practice and the uniqueness of the new spring models.

These are bold and dazzling, nostalgic and cute, tiny and spacious, classic and original handbags from leading trendsetters we wear in spring and summer this year .  Those women who do not have sufficient funds for it to acquire women's fashion leather handbags, can always find valuable brands in addition to a rich selection of various budgetary bags .  Often, their quality is not much inferior to nominal bags and is even wider variety of options and colors .  Fashionable bags of warm season 2011 is so diverse that just look at first! They admired the variety of colors, shapes and texture solutions, creating a positive, true spring, warm and bright mood .  .