Accessories Collection Spring Summer 2012

Every woman seemed reborn with the advent of the new fashion season, as he takes on the appearance that enhances its advantages in this period. In this it is supported by not only the great ideas of famous fashion designers, but at first glance minor, but the finishing image of accessories.

Modern fashion trends - this is classic stuff in the ensemble with fashionable details. Accessories - Collection spring-summer 2012 will help you to always look fashionable woman inveterate, if you complement them with fresh notes.

Let's look at this issue in more detail. Accessories can be barely noticeable touch or a heavy accent, which is able to fully translate the admiring glances. Sometimes, in order that the image was the most perfect, you need to create a single ensemble, although sometimes be small enough tapes or narrow straps for its completion.

What is fashionable accessories will be in 2012?

 fashion accessories 2012 spring summer

Beautiful bags, which are very relevant in the spring-summer 2012, diverse color palette and used materials to create them. Along with traditional skin of snakes and crocodiles, designers began to actively use the amazing combination of weaving from straw and various straps and beaded embroidery and laser processing give bags chic style. Now in vogue big bag with two handles on the sides and small bags on the elongated belt and various clutches - they will attract more attention to you.

Belts, which are very varied in their design, are very popular in the summer of 2012. Today it is an independent accessory and the function of forming fitted silhouette is in the past. Their diversity is no limit: leather, textile, suede with bright buckle or without thick and thin, with simple design or unusual, looks like a wide corset belts are trendy this season. Fashion accessories to the 2012 spring-summer is present in many popular magazines, from which draw their inspiration fashionista. They are placed not only articles, but also photos of new collections of famous designers.

It makes all kinds of popular fashion belts on skirts and trousers with a high waist. Beaded braids and original versions of classic belts overlap with decorative items ethnographic character.

 Fashion Accessories Spring 2012

Every summer fashion season is characterized by a variety of headgear, in particular hats, which are able to protect thin and delicate skin of women from the scorching sun. Wide field, that were popular in the last season, this summer will also occupy a leading position. But now this tradition carefully diluted with straw hats that will please the followers of fashion in retro style. Along with them come back into fashion shawls, scarves, bandanas and scarves, which can be lined with fur for cold weather or from lightweight silk for frying. Dressing as a tape or knitted strip with a small bow - the original trend of the season.

Fill a strict dress in bright colors will help you stylish jewelry, so without it anywhere. Brooch, which is unfair started to forget, starred in this year. A lover of fashion trends will have to reconsider their views on account of this accessory. Especially now that its location does not matter.

 Accessories Fashion Collection Spring Summer 2012

In the fashion now and these types of jewelry like chains, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets that original look, combining with each other. Stratification - the leading trend of the season. Romantic girl will love the decorations in the form of beautiful flowers.

In 2012, it will also be popular accessories that adorn the neck. Many women will be appreciated by those original products like necklace of large beads, pendants resembling an oval, and a variety of chains. Bracelets already in vogue for several seasons in a row. And this year the producers in our court presented products made from wood, leather, stones, as well as chains with various trinkets. Bright, fun and positive look suspension as peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables.

But in the summer, perhaps, difficult to see the girl who would not wear sunglasses. Give your image enigmatic and mysterious, they are able to change beyond recognition. Shape points varies from round to rectangular, and the color of the frame blends with the color of the glass.

Almost all women love accessories, so that they can change even the most unusual thing. Do not argue with the fact that fashion can make our life bright and interesting, so many of her admirers form in itself extraordinary creative talents. Thus, new designers who make this world a more positive. The same role is carried out both summer and Fashion Accessories Spring 2012.

 Fashionable accessories. Collection Spring-Summer 2012

 how to wear clutch

Fashion accessories play a very important role in the life of every modern woman. This is not surprising, because often they are the highlight of the one that can make your image fashionable, stylish and unique. The most important women's accessories is undoubtedly bag, without which we are nothing. After all, without a fashionable handbag is unthinkable wardrobe any of our contemporaries. So today we'll talk about the most graceful, elegant and original handbag, whose name - clutch.

How to wear a clutch? This issue is relevant to many women who have in their arsenal a similar model or just thinking about buying it. The name of this fashion accessory now comes from the English word «clutch», which translated literally means "enough, bowing." This immediately becomes clear how to properly wear a miniature handbag without handles - clasping her hand and pressed to the waist or hip.

Clutches - what, where and what to wear?

 wear clothing with a gold clutch

Perhaps no other bag does not look so feminine, as a clutch. This is the main advantage of miniature bags without handles. Until a few years ago it was considered a refined clutch accessory and used exclusively as a complement to an elegant evening dresses and luxurious toilets. But today things have changed, and this little masterpiece, is not like a miniature diorovsky bag purse, can be seen not only on secular reception and dinner party, but also in the office. Now the clutch accessory became more functional than before, so it is often found in everyday life. Fashion designers of clothes in one voice repeating: worn clutch can be anything; most importantly, that fashionable handbag combined with clothes, nail polish and jewelry.

So, what to wear Clutch bag? Today a variety of models, shapes and sizes clutches allows each woman to choose the most practical and at the same time elegant option for any occasion. Do not be afraid to experiment and exercise their imagination! But do not forget that the clutch - is not just a handbag, it is also a fashionable addition to your jewelry, which should be chosen according to the style of clothing. With its arsenal of not one but several fashionable and original handbags, you can easily complement any ensemble you created. Moreover, the fashion accessory you can take with them not only for a business meeting, corporate party in a restaurant or a club, but also to the usual disco or a meeting with friends, adding to them a business suit, cocktail dress or an evening dress.

 what to wear Clutch bag

  • Leather Clutch

Leather clutch - a versatile accessory that goes well with many things a woman's wardrobe. Mini-bag made of genuine leather is ideally suited to any style of clothing, but it looks especially good in the business ensemble. Win-win situation - a combination of the clutch with a classic jacket and pencil skirt. Designed in harmony with such a model, and outer clothing - mink coat, fur or sheepskin long elegant coat.

  • Varnish clutch

Varnish clutch - a traditional accessory that looks great with things in the same tradition. Make no mistake, the combination of the ensemble as a little black cocktail dress and miniature lacquer handbag, bring 100% success of its owner.

  • Figured clutch

Figured clutches. They are so different and all so cute. A variety of shapes and materials - quilted, pleated or multi-layer, made of fur or leather leopard, python or crocodile attract the attention of fashionistas and enjoy unprecedented popularity among the fair sex. These bags are very creative, you can wear them on any occasion perfectly with any clothing. The main thing - to fashion accessory in harmony with your image.

  • Elegant clutch

Elegant clutches - richly decorated pattern, palm-sized, designed for exceptional events. These bags look great with elegant evening gowns.

 How to wear clutch

  • Golden clutch

Clutch golden. Gold is always in fashion. What clothes are golden clutch? Fashionable Handbag made of metallic leather or fabric - perfect as an evening accessory to a monochromatic outfit. Painted in gold tones looks great clutch complete with a classic black dress or any other laconic style.

  • Large clutch form without decor

Great decor and without a clutch - a great option for business women. Flat bag envelope fits in well with the strict office dress code. This bag worn with a strict dress and pumps, or a classic elegant suit.

  • Bright clutch

Bright clutches of soft thick fabric. Miniature handbags in velor, velvet, velvet and suede, in appearance resembling cosmetic - a constant companion for any lady youth party. A huge range of clutches in a variety of variations of fabrics, shapes and colors will be able to satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Similar models can be worn with anything - with jeans, shorts, short skirts and tops, shirts, sundresses and light dresses.

  • Clutch unusual shape

Clutches unusual shape. Today in the collections of many famous designers can be found unusually shaped clutches, in the shape of the packaging of liquid soap, seashell or a heart made of suede, satin, denim, fur or skin "under a reptile", decorated with sequins and rhinestones. Any of these options is perfect for an evening out in the light. Undoubtedly, such an unusual, but at the same time incredibly stylish fashionable thing to attract attention to your person, and at the same time emphasize your uniqueness and individuality.

 How to wear a clutch? The most successful combinations