swimwear for overweight

Swimwear - irreplaceable thing summer wardrobe of every woman who dreams to spend unforgettable vacation in a foreign fashionable resort in the Crimea and the Black Sea coast of Russia .  It can also be useful to visit the pool, relaxing on the water bodies in the city and beyond .  Find the most suitable option among the diversity represented in the collections of this year will be able to every girl, regardless of the characteristics of the figure .  Therefore, look beautiful and attractive on the beach this summer will be able to all women, without exception, .  And this applies not only slim girls, but those ladies whose figures are far from ideal settings .  After all, most fashionable brands in their new collections paid special attention Swimsuits for obese women, a photo of the most fashionable in this year's models you can find in catalogs and fashion magazines as well as on our website .  Although the height of the beach season has not started yet, now many of the fairer sex are interested in fashion trends of the upcoming summer .

So what swimsuits 2011 for obese women will be in fashion in the coming season? What famous designers have prepared for owners of magnificent forms?

The designer collections this year's model swimwear for larger women can satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated fashionistas. And there really is plenty to choose from. We bring you some of the most relevant in this season of fashion swimwear for the full 2011 photos which can be interesting lush ladies.

The most fashionable models of the season

This year's fashion swimwear offers a wide variety of shapes and colors. We bring you the most relevant in this year's swimwear for plus size women, a photo which you can view on our website.

 Swimsuits for obese women photos

In the summer of 2011 in a fashion to be called monokini - integral or separate Swimsuits for obese women with a variety of side slits as with straps or without them. One of the main advantages of swimsuits 2011 for full is that they allow the owners of magnificent forms to hide figure flaws.

Very fashionable this year, closed swimsuits, tankini called - Swimsuits for obese women, who, as a rule, consist of two parts: Top and panties. This style Fused swimwear for overweight ladies, especially made in dark colors visually tighten shape make it more graceful and slender. In addition, they help to hide some figure flaws, closed swimsuits for total of the fair sex also effectively protect the body from the scorching sun.

Equally popular this summer will separate Swimsuits for obese women, who are not only well-maintained large breasts, but also thanks to maxi panties can hide the not quite perfect belly.

They are still in fashion and swimwear for a full skirt. This style is a swimsuit for full-dress, just perfect for owners of magnificent forms, creating an image of a romantic and vulnerable girls. Skirt swimsuit solid for full not only good at hiding in the folds of the thighs and corrects tummy, but also helps to hide a flaw, as cellulite. In addition, he pulls together a great figure, silhouette makes it easier to visually lengthens the leg, and thus gives the possessor very flirtatious look. Swimwear for full Fused can also accentuate a woman's breasts. And all this thanks to the decorative trim neckline and V- neck dresses fashion swimwear, which help the weaker sex to submit their curvy shapes in the most favorable light.

So this year, the choice of models swimwear for larger women is very wide and varied as ever. This will allow every woman, regardless of her age and the characteristics of the figure to choose the best fit for your figure.

Choose trendy swimwear for the full 2011 - photos from the pages of fashion magazines and catalogs fascinate and attract the eye of the fair sex.

Fashion trends 2011

This season, beach fashion highlights several trends. In anticipation of the summer holiday season to get acquainted with the fashion novelties swimwear will help you published on our website photo fashionable swimwear for overweight girls.

 swimwear 2011 for full

The main "chip" fashionable swimsuit for full ladies this season will be his form, but not the color, as it was earlier. In the new season emphasis in designer collections made on the details. Very fashionable carrying straps are not spared this fashion trend and swimwear for full girls - photos published on our website the latest innovations of the swimming season with the recently concluded weeks beachwear, 2011 in Miami will help you make the right choice.

Swimwear solid for full girls and women, as well as separate bathing suits, this year can be decorated with a variety of laces, rings, ropes, transparent inserts and excesses. However, the most fashionable swimsuits this summer will become crocheted articles. A novelty of the summer 2011 will be a bikini and tankini swimwear for ladies complete without laces and straps. Also in fashion swimwear with asymmetry and various cuts.

As for colors, this year the fashion is popular in the middle of the last century nautical theme in the form of image strips and anchors. Striped swimsuit not only looks fine on the owner of magnificent forms, and slim figure. Also back in fashion favorite with many polka dots. The collections this year, a huge number of models swimsuits with small and large peas. Do not lost their relevance and swimwear for complete fused with pictures of animals, palm leaves and tropical flowers. In a fashion glossy, but not causing Piece Swimsuits for obese women.

Choosing a swimsuit for larger women

Selecting a bathing suit - it is not easy .  Choose the perfect swimsuit that would be nice to sit on the figure, hiding all the flaws and emphasize the advantages figures difficult not only fashionable women, strictly followed all tendencies, but those women who do not attach much importance to fashion trends .  A little help ease your task presented in our photo gallery for the full girls swimsuits .  Do not rush, and never buy your favorite model "by eye" .  Be sure to measure several different models and look at ourselves .  Whichever you choose a bathing suit: to complete with a skirt, dress or a swimsuit, separate swimsuit, he must like you .  In it you should feel stylish, confident and comfortable .  Which one to buy a swimsuit up to you, but if you do not want to spoil your holiday, when choosing a swimsuit for full'll note some tips:

 swimwear for overweight women

  • No matter what you're bathing suit preferring: solid or split swimsuit for full, it must close-fitting shape, but it does not hamper the movements and peredavlivat body.
  • Swimsuit be different reinforced supporting structures have wide straps and tight calyx.
  • Lush indoor ladies perfect swimsuit for a full V-neck, the smell of imitation or draped on top of a bathing suit. Also it looks good on the full figure of a swimsuit with diagonal or longitudinal stripes.
  • Swimwear for full ladies dress with a square neckline and wide shoulder straps fit ladies with lush hips and narrow shoulders.
  • Pyshnotelye ladies should not give preference swimsuit bikini. Also not recommended: narrow straps, thong panties, too closed bodices, bright shiny fabrics, cross pattern, straps, belts, buckles and any other decorations on the hips and waist, bright shiny fabrics and soft cup seedless.

Despite some limitations, swimwear for pyshechek can be very attractive. Perfectly matched the figure swimsuit allow women to count their imperfect form, adjust the stomach and beautifully emphasize your hips and chest.

 Fashion swimwear 2011 for full ladies

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 Fashion Belts 2011

Have you stand in front of a mirror in a simple yet excellent attire, but with a painful longing to know that a fully completed this way be termed as something does not work! .   At first glance, everything is great: combining things in style and color, handbag fit perfectly, brilliantly came up shoes, but this entrenched in the depths of "But" still scratched .  How often, in this case, we come to the aid of straps and belts, how wonderful they sometimes fill our dull suit the style and image of the meaning .  This is not to mention their "talent" to multiply advantages of our lovely figures and very well to nullify its drawbacks, of course, if we are able to wear these essential accessories correctly .  In light of this particular sound amusing facts from the history of the belt: in ancient times served as a belt for a woman not only a symbol of purity and innocence, but is a talisman against the dark forces, and the loss zone foreshadowed significant trouble and even dreadful woes .

Belts, fashion 2011

The modern pace of life undoubtedly helped goodbye female belt with the mystical component of its essence, but gave special significance belt as an indispensable attribute of any standing attire. None of the world's leading designers are not rejected by the trend of using women in their collections of fashion belt, 2011 - Photo provided us illustrate this perfectly. But let's pick up already to the point, and the most trendy aspects including belts and straps in the summer season 2011.

 women's fashion belts in 2011

  • This summer fashion houses did not disappoint the beautiful half of humanity, and often addressed to the style of 80-ies of the last century - the middle of the width of the belt with a flat square and rectangular buckle located on the hips lovely ladies and a bit like a little piece of the male wardrobe. But it is easy to notice that the ingenious creator of the fashion industry largely prefer straps, located on the waist. In fact, it is good - because what could be more feminine and attractive than the figure of "hourglass", regardless of the size of ours.
  • The most common materials used by designers when creating a belt in the summer season, no doubt recognized skin. Collections of famous fashion designer leather accessories just fed up of various textures and colors, from the most subdued to the most eye-catching and even a bit of screaming colors.
  • An interesting element of fashion belt 2011 are brush. Our attention to the fashion shows were presented at the hard belt braided lace-tie closure, the ends of which are weighted by lush brushes, or even a key ring with tassels attached to a thin strap.
  • Favorite World Fashion Week is recognized as a very long thin strap that is twisted around the waist is two to three series - a kind of easy negligence in wearing that in this case demonstrates perfectly dilutes office style notes of summer emancipation. Renowned fashion designer Igor Chapurin in the matter went even further - he put on his models at the same time two or three belts of various colors and textures. This curious combination of a pleasant surprise connoisseurs of fashion and soon this striking trend was seen in other collections less famous masters of fashion.
  • The excitement caused by this year's "energetic" prints, spread to women's fashion belts 2011: belts in large and small peas, abstraction and strips of different directions, animals and oriental prints, floral motifs and black-and-white vector illustration. Those present at the shows with an approving smile critics commented on this interesting trend of recent collections.
  • The highlight of the belt made with a very small soft koshelechkami or purse on the thin straps of the same color are connected with steel rings of yellow and white metal. This duo looks very original and if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this little thing in the store - safely reach for a purse - the purchase would be the highlight of the wardrobe for the coming years. Even more unexpected decision boast famous designers fashion house Lanvin - belonging to them the idea of ​​a sword belt of leather straps simply fall in love with the art of fashion connoisseurs.
  • This is popular in the summer season, lace has found its application in the manufacture of copyright accessories - lace and more, woven and braided belt gracefully fluttered in the fashion Olympus. Summer 2011 fashion belts invites us to perform using the technique of macrame, Irish lace, a large and a smaller knit, using the spokes, and especially appreciate crochet. This trend this summer will appreciate the charming and needlewoman denim lovers, because it models clothing from denim woven belts look best.
  • Finally, the leader of our "fashionable" hit parade - no one has not surpassed belt tied elegant bow .  Breaking into the summer season 2011, the belt-bow is presented to our attention in almost every fashion collection designers such famous fashion houses like Nina Ricci, Sonia Rykiel, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs, and this is not the sorrow of others, not so iconic global brands .  Materials and fabrics from which they are made fashion belts 2011 - photos speak about this very eloquently - full of variety .  Silk and satin, leather and matte lacquer - a great couturier in this year's textile industry applauds standing .  With only one elementary loop or a few that tied elongated belts of various widths, your outfit will get a completely different look and feel will be fine .  As for the harmonious combination of color, here we are acting without any restrictions, without any fear of the boldest contrasts or complete fusion of clothing and accessories .  It should also try to tie a ribbon on the other elements of our wardrobe - can turn a wonderful tandem .

 belts fashion 2011

Trend among fashionable women's belts 2011, which can be traced not so clearly can be called a matter of choice accessories. By and large, a smaller number of mentions in the comments about the fashion shows large and elaborate badges and buckles can be attributed simply to the fact that the appeal of these elements decorate ladies' thong is a fact proven and do not require extra confirmation. Although they met much less frequently in the collections of more modest buckles and belts are fastened at all without the use of this type of fasteners, such as straps designers and innovators have already mentioned the brand Lanvin.

Also, looking at photos from fashion shows, you can not select any color, any pets, of course in addition to the family beige and brown. Some trend for garments shades this summer in the manufacture of belts if not taken into account at all, however, the variety of colors and bold contrasts with the very models of clothes can not help but inspire experimentation.

Another mystery to prioritize is the width of the belt 2011 fashion: there are very narrow, only a couple of centimeters, and girdle, and medium width - no particular limitation in this regard is not expected.

How to become even more beautiful fashion belts in 2011

 Fashion Belts 2011 Photo

A well-known radio and television host Leeza Gibbons claimed that none of fashion accessories is not able to visually so add extra weight, as this will make the belt. We will not fail to respond to recall the story about a poor dancer. Wear the straps must be able to, but it needs to strictly follow certain rules:

  • In no case we are not tightening their belts too tight: the creases that are thus formed at the waist and the hips, visually will add a couple of kilos misplaced. It is necessary to agree with itself, if the belt is not fastened and easily, even playfully, it is necessary to approach the issue from the office nutritionist and sports, and to demonstrate to his beloved "chokehold" decorative belt - not an option.
  • If we do not want our lovely figure look more magnificent, you must also say goodbye to the straps, is fundamentally different from the dress in color. These "adventures" will end up centimeters composing our growth smoothly perekochuyut trio - hips, waist, chest.
  • If the volume of our quite appetizing, or, if we are very much on the nature of miniature, selecting belt we should build on the growth, using the following pattern: the shorter, the more narrow band we buy.
  • Almost all women average ratio of the length of the body and legs, or equal to, or biased in favor of the body. If this is our case, it is worth paying attention to in widths from five to ten centimeters - that it is optimally low.
  • If we choose to strap together, the colors of the upper and lower parts of which are very different to each other, then we will choose the belt, designed in one color with the top, in order to significantly lengthen the legs.
  • If visual pull legs is our top priority, apart from the "triangular" deep neckline ideal option of wearing the strap on the hips, at least a little below the waist, or if the belt should be threaded into the loops, to weaken it.
  • If you are still in doubt about the rationality of the decision to wear a belt at the waist, try to throw a jacket or top fashion this summer season cardigan. The width of your waist or chest will thus be hidden from the eyes of others - you will feel relaxed and look through the belt, incredibly stylish and incredibly attractive!

Many girls are afraid of very bold decisions in her wardrobe, and yet, no one, even the most colorful and extravagant belt by itself will not make us vulgar, but adds flavor to our dress and present it in a new light.

 Women's fashion belts in 2011

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