Skirt Fall 2011

It is difficult to imagine modern woman, in the locker room that would be trousers and dresses, but there would be no skirts. After all, this item of clothing is the epitome of style and elegance, it makes it more elegant and sophisticated girl.

And, of course, each of us wants to be the owner of the stylish wardrobe items, it meets the trends and tendencies of the present. Therefore, in this review we will talk about fashion skirts autumn of 2011, about what they will be. We look at their style and color, we learn about fabrics and models, get acquainted with the decisions and surprises designers - let us be aware that we prepare the coming season.

What material is sewn skirt?

At this moment we should pay attention in the first place, because of the material production directly depends not only on the appearance of clothing, but also the feelings that it brings to the girl. Let's see, from what made fashion skirt Autumn 2011: Photo collections will help us figure it out.

 fashion skirt Autumn 2011

  • Honor and respect will be surrounded by models from the skin - they in the coming season will want to buy a lot of girls. After all, leather skirts look strictly at the same time flawless and interesting, concise and rich. They are the very classic, ideal for office look'a businesswomen as well as for student dress, going to a party.
  • Another stylish trend of our time - this long skirts made of sheared furs, or high-density pile fabrics. They remain the most practical, warm, comfortable, perfect for a chilly and rainy weather, but look stylish enough to decorate a bright wardrobe girl of the 21st century.

These trends are set up on the optimistic mood, because to them the Russians will be able to dress without exaggeration is beautiful and comfortable at the same time taking care of his fragile health.

The colors of autumn 2011 fashion skirts

And in this season of traditional office model will be calm and restrained - are relevant gray, classic black, brown tones. But rigor - this is not anything that can give us the modern fashion: skirt autumn 2011 and will be bright, designed for carrying in a non-setting. That such rich colors and we want to look more closely.

 skirts fall 2011 photos

  • Bright, sensual, restless natures we advise fiery red pattern - make sure these skirts are doomed to success. They perfectly accentuate your energy and become a spectacular touch any look'a.
  • Stylish choice will bright blue model - that they can be used to add notes to your image of grace and elegance. As an example, we can advise ultramarine maxi skirt autumn 2011 - they will be an ideal solution for a hike in the restaurant, theater or concert.
  • However, even bolder colors and shades in the new season will not be left behind in popularity - we suggest you pay attention to the crimson, turquoise, salad model. They help to create a bright and sunny mood, fill your positive image colors, they will forget about the rain and cool.
  • His audience will find original and challenging mini skirt Autumn 2011: the model in the cage, with contrasting patterns and colorful prints will choose a connoisseur and lover of unusual surprise. Outside the offices extravaganza will be a real trend - in the coming season can be worn without fear of daring things.

A variety of combinations of colors fashion women's skirts unleashes every true lover of shopping. Girls, this season we will have the opportunity to buy several stylish and ideal options for us - so let's use it.

Choose a model skirt

Here we have the maximum freedom and minimum limits, because different styles enough girls with different tastes and preferences in clothing. But let's follow the accents designer homes - let's see which models are the current trends in the coming season already.

 Fall 2011 fashion skirt photo

  • Save impeccable business style can help "pencil": stressed classic, but it is 100% modern models - such fashionable women's skirts fall 2011 perfectly decorate the face of business lady. By the way, their rigor can be diluted with bold notes, because the popular will, "pencils", decorated with ruffles, applications, prints, patch pockets.
  • If you want to make maximum use of all those little secrets that are hallmarks of modern fashion style skirt Autumn 2011 "Tulip" should be your choice. And one of the most versatile option is laconic black or brown model - it is perfect for the office and for Casual look'a. Well, going to any youth event, such as a birthday or a party, we can safely choose the tulip brighter - green or blue.
  • Now let's talk about her short skirts mini change in a serious way - simple skinny thing of the past. In their place comes opulence, wealth trim ruffles and frills. Note the A-Line.
  • We should say about pleated skirts - in the coming season they will fold magnet attract fashionistas. And it is clear why - they can be so easily and stylishly combined with various top, from knitted sweaters and cardigans or ending with "masculine" jackets or shirts.
  • Another current trend is no doubt become long skirts: Fall 2011 presents us with a flying light and airy maxi. Of interest is the most popular length and patterns - to mid-calf. That is the piece we can find in the collections of ADAM, Mulberry, Tory Burch and many other design houses.
  • The hits of the season, you can easily record and flared skirts - they look very feminine, and one hundred percent elegant, perfectly highlighting the beauty and elegance of the smooth feminine gait. It is on this have focused Bottega Veneta, Marni, a number of other designers and, judging by the enthusiastic reviews on the European shows, they are not lost.
  • Speaking of style, it is impossible to forget perfection maxi skirts with high slits characteristic - believe me, it must have the upcoming fall and winter. These models effectively emphasize the beauty of the girls' legs luxury - they will make your gait is really fascinating.

Long skirts. The designers will be pleased with?

It's time to see what kind of news we have prepared for the fashion house, on what have focused couturier.

 long skirts fall 2011

The emphasis on lightness, splendor, ease of long models made Tracy Reese, Tory Burch, ADAM, Mulberry. In their collections they presented us with a new perspective on the skirt to mid-calf - their model can safely be considered an excellent example of grace. Modernizes classic popular trends in design houses have decided to Donna Karan and Altuzarra. So, first introduced demanding the attention of the public, "pencils", perfectly in harmony with light blouses, the second did the same emphasis on bold patterns with a high slit, made in warm colors.

All lovers to wear short skirts, fashion collection presents Thakoon, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Mulberry. These design houses offered us a bold options to the maximum laid bare shapely female legs. By the way, another characteristic feature of these skirts - an abundance of decorative elements. They can be decorated with ribbons, stitching, embossed stripes, contrasting patterns - most importantly, that such models always attract attention.

Another trend - the skirt is made of leather, strict and sexy at the same time, made in black, chocolate, fawn or beige. They also richly decorated and decorated - designers generously use rhinestones, tassels, laces, buttons. An attractive novelty of the season will be the fur skirt - she always looks rich, of whatever little animals nor was sewn. The luxury collection of sheared furs we hit Loewe, Betty Jackson, Valentino - these design houses know how to surprise her.

As you can see, their chips lack in this case - the main thing to remember that when searching her skirt designer fashion collections are a great helper. Like the trends shown in this review, they help to correctly choose a stylish model, so be sure to check out pictures of the latest hits - among them you'll find a "pencil", "tulip" or mini to his liking.

 Fashion skirt autumn 2011. The most current model

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