fashion sandals 2012

Elegant and stylish shoes is an important component of any wardrobe. It can make a fashionable accent to each image, emphasizing your harmony and originality. Footwear for the warm season is no exception.

One of its representatives are fashionable sandals 2012. Due to the variety of materials, prints and shapes, they evoke a sense of delight from their fans. Not perceiving the earnest advice of experts, who are increasingly advising us to choose sandals and ballet flats, stylish shoes with heels is the most popular in our time. In the 2012 model there is dominance of expensive materials and decorations.

A variety of lineup

  1. Snake scales or its imitation has always inspired designers to create forms that stand out for their originality. As for shoes, in the upcoming 2012 season will be quite popular rainbow sandals of the same material. At the fashion shows you can watch the models, feet that adorn sandals very unusual bright colors.
  2. Popular regarded shoes heels. The unique pattern of interwoven straps is the highlight of this model. This design method, which is already more than one season consecutive pleased with the views of many supporters of the fashion industry, will make any graceful leg. Therefore, in the 2012 season, you will be easy to choose something for themselves.
  3. But no matter how beautiful and beloved it was not a shoe heels, for everyday wear, it does not fit. Having run in such sandals on a slippery floor shopping center or stony streets of the old town, you will immediately get a feeling for their weak spot. Therefore, for the off-season and walks should give their preference to steady heel shoe, which eliminates the chance of foot sprain.
  4. Asked what sandals are fashionable in 2012, not to mention shoes made of latex. The most popular are futuristic model of the same material. The most fascinating look colorful products of caramel colors. Such footwear is in harmony with the clothes made in sporty style, which is very popular in the summer of 2012. Some designers use latex in creating evening ensembles.
  5. Promises to be a popular model with laces, which are very attractive. By combining with long lace ribbons entwined shin, you emphasize your sexuality and seductiveness. A similar version of sandals heels make you a treacherous temptress.
  6. On the catwalks could see models of shoes made in the hot African style. It is clear that his ideas designers were looking at the sculptures and ceremonial masks. Especially attractive look sandals with high soles of wood. A graceful leather belts, characterized by weaving handmade evoke thoughts of boundless sandy beaches along the surface of a calm blue ocean.
  7. Like fashion clothing, shoes divided into daily and festive. In the spring of the most popular evening sandals will become a model in leather with gold-plated, and the most expensive will be decorated with filigree buckles and chains, as well as crystals.
  8. Whatever the capricious fashion, not our whole life is made up of public holidays. And sometimes spend all my free time only for themselves even better than being in the spotlight. For active lifestyles and long walks, wear shoes with tiny heels or none at all: so the legs will get tired much less.

Dressing this fashionista must include footwear, made in a variety of styles. This will help you prepare for each of the unforgettable pleasant moments that fill our lives.

 fashionable dress and sandals 2012

Fashionable dresses

A variety of delightful dresses, which were presented in a new fashion season is really noteworthy. From all this grandeur, glamor, sophistication and beauty is breathtaking. Still popular are models of different lengths. If we talk about color - white dresses are the undisputed leader. Extremely popular are models with lace. Also relevant are dresses with floral ornaments beige, orange, lemon and black tones.

But the beautiful dress will sit on you perfectly only in conjunction with a suitable model of shoes. Well, what kind of shoes to wear - depends on the dress. Therefore, attention should be paid and the length of the product and the material from which it is sewn. Successfully matched shoes nicely complement the ensemble and complete your look.

So, fancy dress and sandals 2012 new spring-summer season associated with femininity and charm. If, for example, you are a short stylish dress wear light sandals, the appeal and the original appearance you are guaranteed!

 Fashion sandals, 2012: Spring-Summer

 what are shoes

In recent years, shoes have become incredibly popular. It is not only simple and affordable, but also very comfortable shoes. They are suitable for use in every day and are not expensive, that was their great advantage. Shops are literally overflowing with various kinds of shoe; for example, to meet their design platform and fasteners, flat sole and laces, high cut and low heel, and Velcro. Today, we try to answer the main questions: how and what to wear sneakers.

Recently, this type of shoe is constantly transformed and presented to us in a variety of color schemes, with newfangled additions, such as prints. But it is equally important to understand exactly what is right for you by a shoe. It will have to delve into the cabinet or to update your wardrobe, because there are certain styles which shoes did not fit.

Shoes youth

Previously shoes were people with low incomes, and today they are an integral part of fashion and wardrobe "golden" youth. In recent years, these shoes are increasingly and more fill the shelves of various brand-name stores. That's because the sneakers are now fully moved into the category must have.

Yet many girls are still inherent in the stereotype that these shoes extremely athletic, and it must be worn in gym class or classes in any other sport. Today capricious fashion ready to completely wipe out the prejudices of the past years. Indeed, many appreciated sneakers appreciated, especially for the incredible convenience and practicality. And if earlier they believed it was men's shoes, but today they have become very popular among the ladies.

What distinguishes women from men's shoes?

Immediately it should be noted that a woman's foot has several differences from men in structure and form. Regarding the shoe - women, of course, always differ special elegance. At the initial stage of the way fashion designers have put a lot of effort to make the shoes of the average shoe for men in a comfortable, original, and above all, feminine and elegant shoes.

Sneakers for girls performed in brighter colors. On the catwalks are increasing only female models, which are both in the traditional version of the sport, and the more solemn: decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or appliqué. The upcoming 2012 season will be the most relevant model of bright colors and with a variety of prints. Fangled design innovations can also be considered as a stylish buckle fasteners. And some designers presented altogether female shoes with fur trim.

For this style of women's shoes often use the skin as well as a variety of synthetic materials. But for the production of men's sneakers is mainly used ordinary textiles. Another important difference between them - the possible presence of high soles, heels or platforms.

 what is fashionable to wear with sneakers

Fashionable shoes with heels

In recent years, the number of models in the shoe passes for a maximum mark. A particularly besets model - shoes with heels. They are a sure stop on itself interested glances! Many women find this style is quite vulgar, but teenagers in awe of them. But here you decide, whether to succumb to stereotypes and create a unique image.

Best of all these sneakers look with ripped jeans. But in no way inferior to the combination of a shoe with short shorts, which can be considered as a summer beach style. But here we must take into account the peculiarities of your figure. If you are the owner of slender long legs - this is definitely your style. In the opposite case - it is not necessary to emphasize all your flaws, better wear cropped breeches.

From what to wear and match shoes in 2012?

This year, the question of what is fashionable to wear with sneakers, designers offer a response in the form of a multilayered ensemble of bumbling shirts or T-shirts with long sleeves with pants. After all, this version is particularly suitable for those who do not like to bother about selecting clothes.

Shoes look great with a long shirt and short trousers. Bright, for example, orange sneakers feature to ensure that the same color should be repeated in the way again. This can be used to complement the orange T-shirt, or a bracelet, wrap, bag. This combination can be considered universal and suitable for sightseeing or shopping.

Fortunately, and not least look beautiful sneakers with skirts, especially lush. In this case, you can emphasize your slender legs. And most can be considered the rage shoes with tops that can be supplemented by beautiful golf or socks.

The most versatile version of the shoe - black and white. They fit all that your heart desires. It can be jeans, shorts and capris. But the combination of these shoes with a skirt in black or white looks particularly elegant.

For fans of different sneakers with zippers, patterns, sequins, colored laces and inserts also have a wonderful combination. It can be self-colored T-shirt, jeans or shorts. A good supplement will serve as a stylish cap, and the laces of different colors.

Fashion high shoes

This model of shoe has long become the subject of sports shoes comfortable and expressive style for creating or augmenting the image. This model is very popular among young girls.

Especially stylish these shoes look great with skinny jeans or any other tight pants. They visually lengthen legs and emphasize the line of your thighs. This option is very simple and concise answer to the question, what to wear tall shoes. This model of shoes with socks elegant and classical lacing is perfect for any clothing. It can be absolutely any jeans or dresses.

As we mentioned above, on the top of fashion in 2012 will be shoes with different prints that will please their owners brightness and freshness of colors. Very popular prime high shoe will be a combination of different textile and leather inserts. Combinations of suede and patent leather, a variety of processing of natural materials. No less a novelty will hit the metal plating on the outside of the shoe.

Suitable for everyday wear plaid sneakers with stripes, polka dots, classic denim, as well as those that are made of thick fabric. Trendy colors of this shoe in 2012: black, brown, purple, white, orange, turquoise, coral, gray and dark blue. From prints - floral, animal, geometric, themed "goose foot", a strip of sea and various images of cartoon characters. Heath will sneakers of denim in dark blue.

 What is fashionable to wear sneakers in 2012?

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