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  • Creative manicure "Gazeta"
  • Blue mist on nails
  • French manicure
  • European manicure
  • What are the secrets nail stylists reveal?

If you want to learn more about the fairer sex, look at their hands. The sleek, well-groomed handles talk about loving yourself person, possessor extraordinary bright personality. A woman who is constantly concerned about their appearance, about their image. This lady always want to look stunning - from head to the tip of the nail. And that just does not go fashionista in our time, to achieve the desired goal: a fashionable haircut, clothes from top designers, bewitching fragrances and trendy manicure.

Beauty of hands begins with beautiful nails. Nails reveal the true "I" women and indicate its attitude. For any girl they are reason to be proud of their appearance. Gel nails look good enough, give hands aristocratic appearance and visually lengthen the fingers. Nail design allows you to turn the woman's hand in a work of art. You can decorate these nails with rhinestones and sequins, or create a transparent nail design, or make a stylish pattern on the lacquer.

On artificial nails all this beauty lasts long enough. And do not worry about what color nail does not fit the tone of your attire. Nail Design Master always take into account the fact that a beautiful woman often changes outfit and offer you a one-stop solution - design, made of several colors, in harmony with your belongings. This trendy manicure will look original and natural, emphasizing the perfection and unity of your image.

Creative manicure "Gazeta"

For this nail art at home you need a newspaper, however, "print" at the Marigold latest news is unlikely, because the image will mirror.

  • First, apply a light varnish, preferably two layers. For nails are not translucent, the coating should be uniform, it must be absolutely flat background for newspapers and bukovok. If you use the base coating is a single layer of light lacquer is sufficient. Very good dry;
  • Cut the paper into pieces measuring 3 by 3 cm;
  • After the need to pour alcohol into a bowl. Dip into alcohol nail, hold for 5 seconds;
  • Attach a piece of paper to this claw. Press and hold for about 15 seconds. The main thing that the newspaper had not moved out, because then the seal can swim and will not clear;
  • When the claw imprint text, image may go beyond the nail. Take a cotton swab and remove these sites by using nail polish remover;
  • Cover the nails fixing varnish;
  • Now you need only connect the imagination and to experiment with the color of the background paint and newspapers.

 beautiful fashionable manicure

Blue mist on nails

If you are going to go to a party, then a manicure "blue haze" is just what you need! For his performance you will need about 10-15 minutes. And most importantly, this painting will not go unnoticed.

  • Is applied to the nails of dark blue paint;
  • Each fully the wet nail, white lacquer need to conduct longitudinal strip along the center of the nail. The strip should not be too thick, middle length;
  • After a needle in a chaotic manner to take away the edge of the white band in different directions, thus creating a kind of pattern;
  • Give a nail to dry, and then cover it with clear lacquer.

That's all shocking manicure ready. As they say, all brilliant - easy!

French manicure

This manicure was proposed by ORLY in 1976. She was born the idea to give your nails healthy look, while highlighting the bright white painted protruding edge. Style involves a form of "spatula", as well as a reasonable length of nails. And still "jacket" is popular among the ladies who prefer an elegant naturalness. After all, such nails are suitable for any image, style of clothes and mood.
The main feature of the French manicure - this is the grown length of the nail, which should not be more than 6 mm. Under the nail white pencil draw lines, while stressing the regrown part of the nail from the inside. Quickly and easily. However, sometimes used instead of a pencil white lacquer. This is necessary when the nail does not want to grow, or broken.

Luck can be regrown nail to increase the length of the rest by "arrival" on the nail bed, you will not be able to make a pencil. This procedure can be simplified by using special strips for French manicure. After drying, the strip just come unstuck. The next step - applying varnish to the entire nail.

 European fashion manicure

European manicure

This manicure is considered the safest. With continued use nails are neat and well-groomed cuticle becomes. Defining the proper shape nail file nails. Then apply a cuticle of a special liquid, consisting of fruit and milk acids. With sticks get rid softened cuticles. The treatment ends with the application of oil, strengthens the cuticle. Now paint the nail varnish pastel.

This type of manicure is most easily done at home by yourself. Yes, he was not particularly notable, but the nails will always look neat, and their design will suit any outfit.

What are the secrets nail stylists reveal?

  • Wizards do not recommend the use of metal nail file to shape the nails;
  • For healthy nails is desirable to use a sand-coated nail file and nail for the layer - fine with a buffer zone;
  • Do not soak your nails before filing, they must be dry;
  • Today, the fashion square shape nail. But we should not follow it blindly, because the shape of the nails need to be individualized to each woman. Along the length of the finger as well as the proportion of the nail plate form;
  • The square shape suited to owners of long thin fingers;
  • Women who have another form of fingers, fit classic oval shape of the nail;
  • Use dark and bright colors to visually lengthen your finger, yet for this suit vertical patterns;
  • If you are far from graceful hands and nails are wide enough, you can not cut the nails too short when seen from the tips of the fingers of the hand. Short nails should be given a form that will help to create a harmonious look to your hands;
  • On oblong and oval shape will look great nail design colors, decorate these nails, you can in a bright style;
  • As for the French manicure, then it will suit both long and short nails, because in our time version of "tunic" you can choose for every taste;
  • Contrary to popular belief, short nails, you can paint as you like. For instance, using the graphics below, smooth lines or sharp transitions. Just do not be put at risk by using diverse colors. It is better to take a few shades of the same color, because they will look harmoniously with white and black patches;
  • Decorate your nails manicured flower, you will add femininity and romance appearance. If your nails are short, put a thin figure, place it on the edge or on the side so that it is not reduced even more visually your nail;
  • Filing must be done from the side of the center. Corners do not need to file away in order to avoid ingrown nail;
  • Manicure end the hand massage with the application of oil or a nourishing cream;
  • It is also used paraffin, which allows you to bring your pen in order for a short time.

If you are into fashion, as well as the advice of stylists know, you can easily make your own fashion manicure. Remember, your nails - it is an integral part of the entire image. Regular grooming hands, keeping the state of the nails, in any situation you'll feel confident!

 Fashion Nails - confidence in any situation!

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 harmful if teeth whitening


  • Yellow teeth or what determines the color
  • Types whitening
  • Take care of your teeth properly

In the twenty-first century, teeth whitening - one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic medicine. And no wonder, because the Hollywood smile - a symbol of success and popularity of the person, on which, of course, have time to play and manufacturers of toothpaste and dentists. All of them are excellent and promise fast results without any harm to health. But is it really so, or there are some nuances, of which you are not trying to say.

Yellow teeth or what determines the color

Remember once and for all, perfect white teeth do not exist. But why then do some light gray smile from nature, while others have to resort to various means and methods to at least a little closer to the dream? The fact that dentine under the enamel has a yellowish tint. And the thicker and denser enamel itself, the lighter will be the teeth.

But in addition to genetic predisposition, the state is also very much influenced by lifestyle. Smoking and excessive absorption of coffee, tea, wine and other beverages can lead to dyes that smile become dark brown. Yellow spots can also occur after certain drugs (especially after antibiotics). Although the color of the teeth does not affect the health, yet many people are willing to lighten their tone for two or three.

 It is harmful to whiten teeth

Types whitening

At the moment there are quite a few ways how you can whiten your teeth, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the final decision depends entirely on you. Yet, before deciding on such procedures, be sure to consult with a specialist, weigh the pros and cons.

So, in order to become the owner of a snow-white smile, you can either turn to the dentist, or carry out the procedure at home using toothpaste, special gels and strips, as well as using traditional methods. In the latter case, you should be especially careful.

The desk whitening or what the doctor ordered

We decided to turn to the dentist? Excellent! Be patient and go on first inspection. The way, the whitening procedure takes about one and a half to two hours. On the eve of the physician must spend to clean and inspect the condition of your teeth to make sure they are perfect condition. On the day "X" in the areas to be treated special gel is applied, and on the gums - a protective ointment that you do not get burned. Once the doctor has finished with your smile you inflict a means of reducing the sensitivity.

In some cases, no trip to the dentist can not do, especially when due to injury one of the teeth much darker, which is seen in the background healthy. In this case, resort to the internal bleaching during which the cavity by means of a special nozzle is applied to the gel, and then establishes a temporary seal. After a couple of days, all carefully cleaned and re-sealed.

Cons whitening in the dental office

Why should you give up the snow-white smile, if everything is so easy and simple? Firstly, after whitening teeth become more sensitive to cold and hot. So you will either have to buy a special paste to somehow deal with the problem, or to control the temperature of food and drink.

Second, the concentrated gels destroy the enamel, the deposition of the small cracks that will eventually grow. Also, despite the protective ointment, you can get a little burned tongue and gums, which is why for several days the mouth is incredibly sick.

Danger or who desk whitening is contraindicated

So, in any case should not be decided at this the fair sex, who are in a position or lactating mothers, as well as planning to have a baby. It is necessary to postpone the bleaching, who is already damaged enamel. First you need to properly treat your teeth, get rid of tooth decay and tartar, and only then to resort to these procedures.

And last but not least - it is allergic to these drugs. In any case, a specialist at the beginning is to test on a small area means to eliminate some of the negative consequences. This is done in a day or two before the date, and if during that time there will not irritation, you can safely sit in the dental chair.

Bleaching: expectations and reality

Expect miraculous transformation is not necessary, because in most cases, whiten teeth by one shade or two, not more. One hundred percent of the Hollywood smile, if you have dark brown spots, you no guarantees. Usually, your doctor informs in advance. First, it defines your color on a special scale, and then offers two or three best option.

 teeth whitening damage

Home bleaching or ourselves with a mustache

Is it harmful to teeth whitening at home, you can not say for sure. If you act according to the instructions, to keep funds as much as is specified on the packaging and not saved on a cream or paste, nothing terrible will happen. But if you decide to experiment and held, for example, the longer the gel is laid, the consequences could be unpredictable.

Cons domestic procedures

Unfortunately, the efficacy of various bleaching agents, however they are expensive and have not been publicized, is quite low. Positive results do not stay very long - about two and a half years, after which the tooth color ceases to be what he was before.

  • Pastes

There are two types of whitening toothpastes. The first part consists of abrasives that help you get a fairly rapid effect. Unfortunately, some manufacturers add cheap ingredients, because that spoils the enamel. As a result of constant use of such means you can go bad teeth. Therefore, for mechanical bleaching, use only quality certified pasta.

With regard to the chemical method, then there also has its pitfalls. In this case, the paste is added special supplements, are "erode" plaque and stains. Thus enamel itself is unaffected. But, firstly, the active agent is very weak, and, secondly, after it may rise and tooth sensitivity.

You can not use whitening toothpaste, if you are allergic to certain ingredients in the composition, sensitivity to hot and cold food, damaged enamel or tooth decay. In any case, always take breaks and be sure to visit the dentist, especially if there is pain or discomfort will appear during the meal.

  • Gels

This tool is applied to the tooth surface using a special brush, and then, after some time, rinse with water. Usually on the whole process takes about two to three weeks, and the plaque should be light, superficial, or gel can not cope with it.

  • Soda

One of the oldest methods used by our grandmothers still. The only advantage of such procedures - is the availability, because the product has the kitchen almost every housewife. That's all good and ends. Soda not only destroys the enamel, but also greatly injure the gums.

Take care of your teeth properly

To further you do not have any problems with your beautiful smile, stick to a set of rules that will keep it intact until old age. So brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning before meals and in the evening after dinner. Every time after eating the food rinse the mouth with special solutions or purified water.

Do not forget to use special dental floss, with which removed the remnants of food stuck between teeth. But in any case, do not use the means at hand, because you can damage the gums or tongue. With regard to chewing gum, then there are two opinions. On the one hand they help freshen breath, and on the other they stretch and break the seal damaged enamel.

Eat fruits and vegetables, including carrots and apple. But do not rub them on a grater, and bite off a piece. It is also recommended to chew solid food and tough to give the load on the gums. And, of course, half-yearly dentist.

 Is it harmful to teeth whitening and what the consequences might be

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