Fashion jewelry: earrings How to pick out?

If you decide to buy earrings and do not want to be mistaken with the purchase, they need to choose very carefully.

First, assess the shape of your face . Women with an oval face shape earrings fit almost any shape and size. Idelno choice would be round-shaped studs, earrings in the form of large or small rings, wide not long oval earrings or pendants. It is advisable to avoid long narrow pods, they are able to visually lengthen and stretch your face. Rings may be made of any material.

Women with a square face shape should be preferred oval earrings, guttate, small studs with long, thin suspension or striking a rock. Your task - to pull the face and soften its contours. This can be achieved by buying earrings with a pointed or rounded base. Flat base should be avoided as it will make your face more square. Just on your face lost a little lackluster earrings.

Women with a round face shape is better to buy earrings visually lengthen and pulls it. To achieve such an effect is possible by means of long suspensions oval or triangular shape. Triangular earrings visually "extend" your face will attach it lacks sharpness. It is advisable to avoid large and small circular ornaments that round face even more.
Women with a triangular face shape earrings fit round it visually. A good choice will be earrings round shape (both large and malengie), which will remove the sharpness of the chin. Any triangular shaped earrings accentuate your face oval.

Second, evaluate your growth . Women of short stature is best to avoid long suspension, which visually make them even lower. In contrast, women in the high growth such earrings will look very impressive.

Third, evaluate your age . Young girls can be free to choose the material from which made decoration. They are suitable as jewelry made of precious metals and inexpensive jewelry made of plastic, glass and metal alloys.

Women aged better opt for jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum, and precious or semi-precious stones, pearls. Cheap jewelery on them would look out of place.

Fourth, know the measure ! If you do not intend to wear on his neck a necklace, beads or suspension, you can choose bright and large earrings. The brighter your ornament on the neck, should be more modest earrings. Otherwise, you risk to be like a Christmas tree.

 Fashion jewelry: earrings How to pick out?

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 Spring 2011 fashion coat

Spring is around the corner, wonderful time, to which no one remains indifferent. Therefore, it is time to inspect his wardrobe for compliance with spring trends. It's time to think about how it will look like outerwear, chosen to wear for the coming cooler months. After all, in the spring of every cell of all women feel the desire to bring novelty into his own face: makeup, accessories, hairstyle, and of course, clothes. How to choose a coat that can beautify our everyday life? No hassle with it you will not have, because this year the choice will be really huge! So do not hesitate: you will certainly find practical, nice and warm coat for yourself.

Why are fashion coat spring 2011?

Modern fashionable woman in a choice of outerwear virtually no limits: attention to their coats, jackets and ponchos. But even with all this variety of palm belongs to fall in love with women, and designers to coat. Fashion coat spring of 2011 the number of proposals abound designers silhouettes and styles, and therefore able to meet even the most pretentious and refined taste. So feel free to give preference to just such a universal thing. After all, it is always fashionable and actual, from season to season confidently maintains its position.

If you give preference to this type of outer clothing, then your wardrobe will provide a wonderful thing to several seasons, only adding to its then current accessories. In addition, the same model can be worn with a skirt and with the trousers. A coat female spring of 2011 thanks to the variety of silhouettes that exist today make it possible for every woman to pick up that style which will help hide the flaws that do not want to emphasize, and will focus on the merits of the figure.

Classic minimalism is always in fashion

 coat female Spring 2011

Whatever the previous season may be fashionable coats, spring 2011 promises to be the most relevant classical models of medium length. They can be cut free, or close-fitting at the waist. Also fashionable style is called "frock". This feminine coat with a deep cut on the two buttons, which resembles male coat.

Minimalism on a par with the classic style, too, will be the most relevant in the spring of 2011. The most fashionable color this spring - white, so when choosing clothing to draw attention is on him.

Women's coat 2011 with "animal" print

 women's winter coat 2011

Winter coat female 2011, present in the wardrobes of fashionistas around the world, it was sand or camel color. The girls who want to stand out this spring, should be put in the list of your purchases along with "animal" print. By purchasing such a thing, we must remember that in this case, less - just better. Do not combine in one image, several things have animalistic figures. For outerwear such coloring - it is quite self-sufficient thing.

Being fashionable is very easy

 women's coats 2011 Photo

The easiest way to be fashionable in the coming season - the acquisition of capes. She has at least three positive aspects:

  • you will not freeze;
  • you will probably be very different from her friends, wrapped in a coat;
  • you get out of debt charges, and therefore substantially reduce your time costs.

Learning this art as wearing capes can view pictures from the fashion shows. And if in your spring wardrobe is no place for such an object outerwear, you can just throw your existing coat or jacket on his shoulders.

Fashion coat Spring 2011 - the seventies back

 fashion coat spring 2011

It seems that designers have conceived to sort out all retro styles in order. That's fashion coat spring 2011 - it cuts in the style of the seventies. In particular, products of leather or faux suede beige and red shades.

Fashionable coat this spring will not necessarily be a neutral color. As in the women's winter coat 2011 is very topical and trendy form-fitting styles are on the belt, with high collar and pockets. The elegant silhouette of this year, is back in vogue. It should only be glad that the designers again draw attention to the beauty of the female body. After all, any shape decorate clothes with accentuated waists.

Breasted coat

 How to choose a coat

Double-breasted coats and jackets, so-called "male subjects" have long been a part of the name of the female wardrobe. They were popular in the winter and go into the new season, continuing to keep the women's fashion in the style of "military". In this fashion coat spring in this style - it's not just a coat with a wide collar and similar in appearance to the marine jacket and even a stylized military uniform, ie jackets and overcoats.

Today, they come to the forefront, also draped over the shoulders of such a thing will warm you cool spring morning. Since this year takes place in the cell and bestial fashion colors, then you will definitely be able to find for himself a nice double-breasted model.

Short coats spring 2011

 Spring 2011 fashion coat short

Short cuts - it's just perfect for wearing in spring, they are very light and fit almost any outfit. A short coat female 2011 photos from fashion magazines confirm it will look great with both jeans and a dress. In the spring of this year, the choice of fashionable styles with short length just limitless. Starting with a very romantic and feminine models to things in military style.

Short coats, allowing its beauty to show the length and beauty of beautiful female legs are one of the hottest trends this season. They are found in the collections of many designers. Short-top looks perfect such high boots as boots, very topical in the coming season.

Long coat female Spring 2011

 long coat female spring 2011

Long coat - it's always a great addition to your image. Especially it will look stylish with pants, similar to men. And if you decide to choose a model for evening dress, then you should draw your attention to a very feminine model, decorated with flowers, embroidery and bows.

Long outerwear options are in the country on the one hand comfortable, but on the other - a bit impractical when it comes to dirt in the transport and traffic. But along with knee-length - is a very popular thing, our favorite girls and women. After all, they are versatile because they look great with both skirts and pants of different lengths, boots, shoes and boots. Silhouette in vogue mainly fitted, possibly with a belt, and not without it. In any case, a coat female Spring 2011 looks feminine and elegant.

Swing, close-fitting coat or trapezoid?

 winter coat female 2011 casement

Model without buttons, seating at the request of a strap or belt - certainly one of the most fashionable trends of women's coats 2011 photos from fashion shows say about it today. Plow on the principle of a robe or kimono, such options may be trapezoidal, straight cut or have a classic silhouette. And in so many collections, fashion designers have decided to completely abandon the fixation of his coat and left the floor completely free.

This winter close-fitting model among outdoor clothing is not as common. So show your feminine pride - wasp waist - you have the opportunity in the spring. Choosing a fitted top, you will again note and will emphasize your waist. To do this, you do not even have to use additional accessories, such as belts and belt.

Silhouette "trapeze", which was very fashionable in the late 90s, this spring will not be leading a fashionable trend, but not eliminated altogether. Girls who choose to wear such styles, many designers offer "trapeze", made mainly in the form of swing and double-breasted versions.

Leather and fur-lined coat

 leather coat female 2011 Photo

In recent fashion seasons "leather jacket" have become so popular that today there is hardly ever a fashion-conscious woman in the wardrobe where it is not. It is fashionable, not only the usual jackets, leather jackets, and coats of skin.

Fur coat finish is very popular because of its beauty and possibilities of good warmth. Trimmed with fur outerwear, convenient and practical, it will be a wonderful addition to your image. Such a thing would look great with the usual black trousers, and with a favorite pair of jeans, and a beautiful dress frivolous. Therefore, if you are not a defender of animal rights - a trend that is right for you. The acquisition of such a thing - a guarantee that even the coldest winter you do not freeze.

How to choose a coat: the conclusion

How to choose a coat? A few tips:

If you do not have an ideal form, choose a model suitable to your type of figure. The variety of fashionable styles this spring provides for that a very large selection.

Do not forget that the color of clothing has an effect on the complexion. Choose the option that will hide and not to emphasize your flaws. Neutral tones always look good, but bright - you distinguish from the gray mass of people.

When choosing fabrics need to think about how often you are going to wear a coat. If every day, the suit wool, alpaca and cashmere.

Shape sleeve affects whether or not comfortable to wear a coat. The sleeve raglan or "Bat", for example, allow more freedom of movement.

Of course, you should pay special attention to the quality of tailoring: should be straight lines, hold tight buttons, shoulder pads sit well, do not have to hang around a thread.

The coat should fit the size, your lifestyle, and of course, personal taste.

 The best models of fashionable women's coat: Spring 2011

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