"Long live individuality! "- So you can call the main trends in the art of hairdressing. What hairstyles stylists offer us this year?

Trendy tail

Trendy hairstyles astonishingly varied and extravagance. At the peak of popularity - familiar to us from childhood tail. This may be a classic tail around the neck or high "horse" tail on top. Tail - the fastest and easiest option to bring their hair in order and give my head a neat appearance. Ideal slicked hair without parting - such hairstyles in 2012 can be seen at the shows, and Diane von Furstenberg Louis Vuitton.

However, the trend of the hair in 2012 is deliberately sloppy ponytail. This can be very voluminous tail comb to separate strands protruding and decorated with thin braids and intricately shaped tail, bushy tail, intercepted a lock of hair as a fashion show on Valentino, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Emilio Pucci. At Gucci bushy tail intercepted a lock of hair, while Versace tail unusually intricate shapes.

 hairstyles for long hair

Spit - a hit in 2012

Want to be in the spotlight? Then Spit - is exactly what you need. A wide variety of braids, not only did not lose its popularity; furthermore, they are on top of the fashion Olympus. Fashionable hairstyles of braids, and all sorts of tangles will satisfy even the most discerning fashionistas. At the shows Kenzo, Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, you can watch the tight weave of the braid, referring to the avant-garde style. Spit with vybivshimisya shaggy strands, like Erdem and Band of Outsiders, will be very useful on a romantic encounter. With such a hairstyle you'll look really cute and feminine. Experiment, try, braid braids as only allows your imagination, and you will always meet the fashion trends.

 hairstyles of braids

Spectacular hairstyles

Do you want to short haircut? The most fashionable hairstyles for short hair in 2012 declared bob haircut. It is in the new season will be a very shabby appearance, ragged strands carelessly parted bangs and fuzzy. Bob can be smooth, three-dimensional, asymmetric or classic - a choice only for you. No less urgent is boyish haircut a la garcon, which is worn with a bit disheveled locks.

If you are the owner of medium length hair - haircut for you based on the square, presented in trendy interpretation: light negligence, graded, asymmetric or classic straight bob. Bangs can be straight, oblique, elongated. What matters is that hair was light and mobile.

You have long hair? For long hair cascades relevant haircut or straight hairstyles with bangs thick, starting at the very top with an uneven, slanted or straight edge. Chance hairstyles for long hair without bangs.

 trendy hairstyles and haircuts

Trendy parting

Incredibly bold and stylish look to give every girl hairstyle with side parting. Trendy hairstyle parted for several seasons do not go with the world's catwalks, they can be seen on the catwalk Yves Saint Laurent, Antonio Berardi, Alberta Feretti.

 hairstyles for long and short hair

Nodes, beams and rollers

Almost every collection you can find hairstyles with nodes and beams in different variations. No wonder beams, rollers and nodes so loved by many celebrities and stylists. Feminine and subdued looks tall and neat bun, like Donna Karan. The sloppy beam offer to collect hair Giorgio Armani and Elie Saab. Sophisticated and elegant, "snail", "flowers" and "star" built of his or overhead strands worthy complement an elegant evening dress.

 hairstyles of braids 2012

Splayed hair

Fan of the romantic style in the upcoming season offers many options for hairstyles based on the flowing hair. Trendy hairstyles for long hair - flowing locks of Hollywood, like Christian Dior, loose straight hair like Versace or just slightly "brushed by the wind" hair.

 trendy hairstyles for long hair

Timeless retro style

For lovers of chic and glamor - retro style. In fashion outfits, accessories, hairstyles and therefore, brings us back to the past century. Today, hairstyles that were popular a few decades ago, look very stylish and original. Girls high Babette and incredible fleece again confidently striding the catwalk. Trendy hairstyles in retro style, of course, is hardly suitable for the office, but at a party attention and success is guaranteed.

 hairstyles for long hair in retro style

Hairstyles with accessories

Trendy way you can create not only due to hairstyles. Becoming increasingly popular hair accessories. Various ribbons, flowers, headbands, headbands, barrettes and bows just scrunchy help highlight your unique style. Tails and beams decorated with original scarves and braids woven leather laces, decorated with beads and bright ribbons. Incredibly popular accessories fur. In conjunction with the appropriate clothes, they look elegant and organically.

 hairstyles and accessories to them

Be assured of the irresistibility. Boldly experimenting in search of a new image, because that is one woman, can absolutely not fit another.

 Fashion hairstyles 2012

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 Useful properties of ginger


  • Why ginger is so useful?
  • Useful properties of ginger
  • The use of ginger for weight loss

That ginger - very useful for the human plant has been known since ancient times. In ancient China, India and Japan, this plant is considered a universal remedy. At the time it was used in disorders of the respiratory system, digestive system, as an antidote. Today, the use of ginger is recognized, and its extract is contained in many medicines.
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Why ginger is so useful?

Use ginger due to its unique chemical composition, which includes minerals such as sodium, potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium. In addition, it contains vitamins, amino acids, and essential oils.

Experts call the main reason for such a useful product - a large number being a part of the zinc. This element - one of the vital to the human body as a whole. He just needed for immunity, vision and the reproductive system.

 Ginger and its beneficial properties
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Useful properties of ginger

Use of the cardiovascular system

Ginger is an excellent remedy for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Doctors have proved that it helps clean the blood vessels, improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol levels. It also improves the functioning of the heart and brings a comprehensive benefit the entire cardiovascular system.

  • Cancer Prevention

After many experiments on mice, scientists have concluded that ginger - a great tool for the prevention of skin cancer and bowel. The current study is continued and perhaps soon doctors announce usefulness of the product and to prevent other cancers.

  • Benefits for Men

Today well established that ginger - a product that increases the potency in men. Scientists have found that if you use the root of the plant on a regular basis, the level of male testosterone to grow, which in turn will encourage sexual activity.

  • Benefits for women

As for the fair half, ginger since ancient times been used as a remedy for infertility. At present, on the basis of the plant and several other herbal ingredients created by modern means, prescribed for women who for a long time can not get pregnant.

  • Ginger in folk medicine

Traditional recipes suggest using ginger for colds, flu and sore throats. Also, it is recommended to relieve nausea. The root of the plant is used as a diuretic for edema of cardiac and renal nature. Ginger is taking to strengthen the immune system, maintain the body in good shape, allergies, asthma, as the anti-stress medication, some skin diseases.

 the use of ginger
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The use of ginger for weight loss

Ginger has another feature that will please many women who want to lose a few extra kilos. Since ancient times, the Roman nobility used this product for weight loss. The effectiveness of the plant for weight loss support, and modern doctors. The whole point is its ability to rapidly stimulate the digestive system. Losing weight with the help of ginger, you can not just put in order the figure, but also to bring the body of harmful toxins and wastes.

Ginger - a real miracle plant, a part of which contains a large amount of nutrients. It is used as a folk medicine and pharmacy for the manufacture of modern medicaments.

 The most useful properties of ginger