fashion blouse 2012

Fashionable blouse 2012 - an exquisite element of the wardrobe of every modern woman. This is no ordinary women's shirt, and item of clothing that you can show your mood - from business to romantic. Most likely, this is why in the wardrobe of each of the fair sex so many of them that these blouses can already sell, but, of course, no woman to such a move would not go. It's a piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion, but only changed in line with modern trends.

Shirts - the most versatile type of clothing, they are perfectly combined with skirts, pants, jeans and even shorts. Simply purchase a pair of trendy blouses to create a unique style. Who made a lot of species for all occasions - in a word, blouse everywhere in our way.

Women's blouse today - a variety of colors and a wide range. Everyday fit blouse strict cut with a low-key colors, and elegant model of bright colors are best left to the publication. The choice of color and style plays an important role personal preference, age and taste. Some would prefer a romantic models, while others like a more explicit options with great hint of sexuality.

Do not forget to choose clothes that relies not only to face, but the figure - a beautiful and well-fitting model - it is an ideal to be pursued. Should take utmost care to detail, for example, a bad cut of sleeveless blouses easily transforms into a beauty queen weightlifter and inappropriate stature collar will turn you from a beautiful swan with a long neck in a snowman. In the new season very rich choice of models, so the problems with the choice of the right style for your figure and the mood is not difficult.

What shirts are fashionable in the new 2012?

Shirts fashion 2012 retro style do not lose relevance. Lush puffed sleeves gathered in the narrow cuffs and rounded collar look very feminine. These models are perfect for women with a form of figures "Apple".

 fashion blouse 2012

Modern designers love to play with translucent fabrics. Blouses organza, rayon, lace, silk and chiffon - the most romantic. Today they will be a hit of the season! This is a good choice for those who do not wear the jacket without a shirt. Very easy, like breeze, chiffon blouse becomes true combi partner with any suit. An interesting detail - a small stand-up collar, a scarf or ribbon. Also very relevant puffed sleeves and long sleeves with wide cuffs. Blouses in this style can be combined with a skirt or trousers. This option is perfectly suited for a meeting or a party. In it you will feel the most beautiful and tender.

 fashionable blouses 2012

White blouse 2012 fashion jacket-cut - the most important part of the wardrobe. In the coming season, it becomes very attractive. The reason for this - incredibly dramatic fabric and fitted silhouette. These blouses can help look stylish, elegant and fashionable at work. Perfectly complementing their accessories or unusual buttons. Fine pattern is also ideal for this season.

 Fashionable white blouse 2012

All the famous designers fashion houses in the new season using various prints and patterns for their new collections. Fashion blouse will look to the decor, located on the back of the product. For blouses in the style of casual use geometric patterns, animal prints or simple drawings of subjects with simulated newspaper.

 fashion blouse 2012 with print

Fashion Trends 2012 - is the brightness, individuality, confidence.

 Fashion blouses, 2012: a versatile piece of clothing

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 trousers 2012

In the wardrobe of each of the fair sex are always present things that never lose their urgency, regardless of the seasons and different trends. Sure enough interesting and trousers 2012, a wide variety. All the girls appreciate their comfort and versatility in any weather and season. Many modern designers will provide a huge selection and a variety of styles. Now you are ready to explore new brands and models to choose something for themselves.

  What, then, will be the most fashionable models of women's trousers in 2012?

 Trousers for women 2012

The classical model of trousers

  • Classic is always in fashion. Slightly flared towards the bottom, low or high waist, a neutral color - a great choice for work in the office.
  • Hit all seasons of the coming year have become narrower trousers. A distinctive feature - mandatory smoothed down arrow. Of course, this model is known to everyone for years, but another important difference was the following detail: a slightly shortened trousers, and now they will not hide your favorite boots or ankle boots.
  • Knitted leggings 2012 will bring some novelty. They are fairly simple, mainly to the presence of textured picture or just one color.
 women's pants 2012

Leather pants

  • I am not going anywhere, and already familiar leather pants. Now they are not perceived as an extraordinary rage, yet have already gained a good position in the women's locker room. Now, these pants can be combined with elegant blouses and jackets.
  • Galliffet long ceased to be gray and inconspicuous. In the new season, they will become more bright, decorated with different prints, large flowers. The best fabric for these trousers Military style will be silk and velvet.
  • No less urgent is the novelty of the coming year - blumersy or pants made of fabric or lace, a completely different length. The lower edge of pants must be bomber with a rubber band.
 women's pants 2012 - new items

Fashionable prints

  • The trend in 2012 will be high-waisted trousers. Relevant details will be wide belts, scarves and shawls. Best of all these pants will be combined with high heels.
  • Another undoubted hit steel white pants. Most of these models long wide narrowed or shortened. All self-respecting designers have presented this model in their collections.
 Women's fashion trousers 2012

Texture and finish

However, many designers fashion houses have remained loyal to it narrow trousers, and even girls are not with the perfect figure will be able to choose an acceptable option.

  From what to wear fancy pants?

Traditionally, all in addition to the pants will be mid-thigh sweater or blouse strict.

 short pants 2012

Shorter model pants

  • For a shortened version of the narrow trouser suit long sweaters that are easy to hide any figure flaws on the hips. Also, women's pants 2012 graceful look great with slippers and high-laced boots - there is a question of your taste.
  • Pants, made of jersey, it's best worn over boots. By the way, very misleading to put such tight pants in comparison with leggings or tights.
  • By the perfect cotton leather jackets and jackets pilots and plain blouses.
  • Pants with an unusual finish, shiny, multi-well will be combined with the monotonous riding.

Regarding the choice of fabric can say the following: preferring the subtle, flowing, light fabric. This chiffon, silk, satin, lace, thin skin and practical cotton. Unusually look shorts and leather pants in a wide flared version.

 pants 2012 - fashion trends

Metallic luster

What can be said about the details and special touches to create an accent? A feature of next year will be a slight tinge of hippies - embroidery processed cuts, bright stitching. The trendy collections are a variety of laces and belts, including thin, interestingly tied in a knot. Garnish with women's pants 2012 stripes and big buttons, lace and pleating, patch pockets, slits at the bottom, with buttons and transparent inserts, cuffs other colors. In fashion also includes pants with inserts of different materials and applications in the form of conventional geometric shapes. Actual colors will trousers orange, bright blue, pink and green, burgundy and beige.

Well, thanks to our advice in the new 2012 you can not only look beautiful and elegant, but also very fashionable!

 Trousers 2012 - newfangled trends for you, girl!

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