Fashion Accessories 2011

Women's fashion accessories always attracted attention to its owner and isolated it from the gray faceless mass. Made from quality leather, metal and other materials handbags, belts, shoes and jewelry look is always interesting and very stylish. This year's fashion is very brave, but sometimes a bit massive objects, suitable for those who wish to make a special emphasis on some parts when not too bright and eye-catching outfit: leaves, butterflies, various insects cute. This is a wonderful addition to the appearance that you decide to create together with your clothes.

Fashion Shoes Spring - Summer 2011

Among the fashion accessories 2011 photos are presented in the official catalog of the collection spring-summer, only the most gentle, stylish responsible the latest trends and to wear comfortable shoes. Designers with success in their new creations have realized the best creative ideas.

Actual colors: various shades of brown, pastel colors and trendy coral color. The collections are comfortable oxfords, fashion wedges, ankle boots stylish, elegant stud and massive heels!

 Fashion Accessories Spring Summer 2011

Materials best this season for shoes - it's leather, wood, woven straw, lace, treated with a laser. Among the colors of the women's fashion accessories like shoes popular are neutral and metallic colors, classic brown, as well as such as a saturated blue tones and various shades of red. Trendy sandals of spring-summer 2011 were presented at many fashion shows and some designers have proposed a collection of open shoes with high heels. Primary colors chosen for them - it is beige, brown and gray. Some of them are built entirely in imitation reptile. A lot of models have the classic thin high heels and open toes and a heel portion.

 Hair Accessories 2011

The most current trends of shoes this year:

  • wooden heel and sole;
  • shoes, sandals;
  • Fashion Accessories 2011 with straps;
  • Shoes made of saddle leather;
  • print on boots;
  • buggy with a top;
  • pastel colors;
  • Textile sandals;
  • empty heel;
  • the main trend of the season - clogs.

In recent years, except for shoes and sandals, have become quite popular boots with open toes and ankle. Consequently, many fashionistas the question arises: what to wear these fashion accessories spring - summer 2011? Because the street is mainly a completely different weather conditions than the models on the catwalk and in the heat is not very comfortable to be shod boots of thick leather. Designers offer under the boots to wear thick tights or matching shoes, or contrasting colors, and possibly thin tights without fingers. And they recommend wearing boots with golf and socks or tights with print, which is combined with the overall style of dress.

Fashionable handbags for spring-summer 2011

Each season, designers pick up on the top of the new fashionable wardrobe items and Spring 2011 was no exception to the rule. It gave the fetish fashionable women around the world in the form of bags, and its brand is now becoming more important than the brand of your clothes. Indeed, in recent years, none of the fashion trends are not experienced such a rise as the production of luxury bags. Today is a new symbol of fashion and the main source of income, because some models do not even have time to reach the shelves. Some of fashion accessories spring - summer 2011 too may suffer the fate because eminent designers have prepared for this season, a lot of interesting.

 2011 spring fashion accessories

Collection bags spring and summer of 2011 blooms, smells and shines a riot of colors! This is the true incarnation of tenderness and femininity romance spring. Many items are decorated with floral prints or or flower on the strap, or have a checkered pattern. Cute little bags full of small or large flowers. This season, designers offer collections of famous handbags, repeating the colors in outfits from their collections. This is the subject of brown, blue, black, and green and white colors. Latest models of both small and medium-sized, with small handles. Such bags require carrying in his hand.

The trend of volume also moved from winter to summer, but in a modified form - the bag is now even bigger and closer in size to the road Baul. They surprise us accessories having a cut surface with massive buckles, clasps, prints and embroidery.

Another distinguishing feature of which are fashion accessories 2011 spring - it is an extravagance, so the designers spared no imagination.   Obvious examples of this are round, white, light, of a mesh fabric bag and scandalous model created of transparent materials and immodest publicly display all the habits and secrets of its owner. These models will certainly become real mega-hits. In short, the designers really tried to do everything to ensure that the bag has become one of the main fashion detail of the season, bringing in a maximum brightness, richness and extravagance.

Fashion jewelry and jewelry spring - summer 2011

Fashion jewelry for spring - summer 2011, presented at the fashion shows, it is mainly bracelets and necklaces. They meet all the trends spring-summer clothes, partially stylized world of reptiles. Therefore, some designers as fashion accessories 2011 spring offer plenty of leather jewelry. Here and in a variety of weaving leather braid and large original decoration of the leather laces around the neck. The design collections are also bracelets that this season they recommend wearing just a few pieces. And you can combine different textures: the metal, beads, ribbon and leather. If you wish, you can do for themselves with their own hands fashion accessories. We just need to show a little your imagination.

Fashionable space this year will be divided into areas: the urban style of the successful modern woman and romantic retro diva. Accordingly, all the fashion accessories 2011 photos which you can see today in reports from the shows fashion collections can be divided into two camps. In one - a wide gold, silver, black leather bracelets, metal chain, and the other - a necklace made of feathers, brooches in the form of cute insects, floral decorations, plastic bracelets and long earrings brush. According to the materials and colors also tracked two currents coldly, metallic, coarse and heavy jewelry created for a business woman, and floral, bright, natural color and flying, plastic, flexible material - for a romantic and refined beauty.

 Fashion Accessories 2011

The main trend of fashion jewelry in 2011:

  • This year, almost all designers have embodied their fantasies and ideas expressed in the creation of bracelets. To date, this is the main item among the ornaments, firmly occupies the first place. That bracelet, which is now an independent decoration, bold solo in accessories, as they do not constitute a group.
  • Metal still dominates the plastic, with a distinct and completely naked, with lots of shine, links, various metallic colors.
  • A novelty of the season can be called black metal, concise and rigorous, predictive maintenance to minimalism that all historians are predicting fashion. So you need to prepare in advance of this era.
  • Such ornaments as earrings last season were very bulky, but in the spring of fashion giperdlinnye variations of such details.
  • Many famous fashion designers support plumage, so ignore this detail, too, is impossible.
  • Among these fashion accessories 2011, as necklaces and beads, fashion collections are presented in a very diverse options: the model of the large beads of white and black and short original necklace made of metal and feathers.

Fashion Hair Accessories 2011

Hair Accessories always enliven the image nicely complement the hair and our eyes are sure to catch this wonderful accent. Style, grace and elegance dominate in the world of fashion and hairdressing trends. Unique hair accessories in 2011 with well-chosen haircut will make any woman beautiful and stylish, because they have a great impact on her physical appearance.

 Fashion Accessories, 2011 Photos

The hottest trend among fashion hair accessories this year:

  • big bow;
  • floral accessories, creating a cute innocent look;
  • ordinary hair clips, perfectly suitable for everyday wear and adds an interesting bend hair;
  • combs hair, charming and impressive;
  • wavy clips, elegant and perfect for formal occasions;
  • the novelty of the season - headbands with feathers (from peacock to red and bright pink), giving romanticism and originality;
  • rims with bulky fabrics;
  • vintage hats, mesh in a bohemian style with flower;
  • small but mysterious veil;
  • bandages on his head as an accessory for any occasion.

Do not neglect the trendy hair accessories 2011, and you will look stylish, feminine and fabulous. Select the items according to your way and hair, and you definitely will be the most beautiful.

Often it seems that every season designers offer the same thing. It seems that nothing catches the eye and does not surprise us when viewing the collections fresh, but not this spring. Great news for fashionistas - the coming season will be rich with interesting new products and new trends.

 Fashion Accessories Spring-Summer 2011

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