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  • Famous historical sites in Greece
  • The world-famous natural wonders of Greece
  • Temples, monasteries and sacred places of Greece
  • Features Greek museums

For tourists with a variety of preferences Greece - a paradise on earth. Even unusually fastidious travelers will find something to your liking, it's an ideal place for lovers of beach activities, and for lovers of the classics, ancient history and mysterious legends. Most of those who had a chance to visit this amazing country, believe - it is impossible to see all the noteworthy places, having been here only once.

Annually, the sights of Greece attracts more than 10 million tourists, because the homeland of the ancient civilization centered so many stunningly beautiful, interesting and well-known places, as nowhere else in the world.

Greece is considered one of the best resorts and tourist centers of Europe, it is on this blessed land, even the smallest town or one of the countless islands have their own unforgettable, eventful history and myths.


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Famous historical sites in Greece

  • Athens Acropolis. This upper fortified part of ancient Athens - the Greek capital. At this point the Greek were the main shrines and buildings of extraordinary beauty of the classical period. At the top of the Acropolis are the world-famous ancient temple Erechtheion and the Parthenon, a number of other structures of the 5th century BC.
  • Temple of Poseidon. Once a magnificent temple of white marble, which served as a beacon for day sailors, located on the most prominent part of the Cape Sounion in Athens. Who is left from the construction of 16 columns, one can find an autograph of Lord Byron.
  • The amphitheater at Epidaurus. Among the ancient Greek city it was founded more than four thousand years ago and the famous theater, which at one time was considered one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, about old times reminiscent of the well-preserved ruins of the amphitheater, they intensively excavated, being very famous archaeological sites in the country.
  • Delphi. This ancient city is famous in the first place, "Delphi echoes" are picked up every word spoken in a whisper, and it raznosyaschim the neighborhood, increasing the volume to maximum and then gradually muted. In this city once famous Pythian Games were held, and here is located the Sanctuary of Apollo.
  • Mykonos. The ruins of the impressive archaeological site of the Bronze Age located in the Peloponnese. Historically, this place is associated with one of the most famous Greek myths and legends.
  • Acropolis of Lindos. This place is considered "the jewel of Rhodes." A wonderful monument of ancient architecture located on the picturesque steep rock. On an area of ​​over 8,000 square meters. m focused incredible number of historical sites from different eras. Particularly noteworthy relief of the Greek warship, long vaulted gallery, Temple of Athena Linda ancient theater.
  • Ancient Olympia. As the name of this historic site, it is easy to guess what the main function was entrusted to him. For thousands of years, Olympia is a sanctuary of Zeus and the famous venue for the Olympic Games. One of the richest museums in Greece considered to be the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, since it is here that are very valuable exhibits related to the ancient city.
  • Palace of the Grand Masters. Palace completes the famous Street of the Knights of the medieval city of Rhodes. External and internal appearance of a grand building with a rich history impress at first sight. In addition to the beauty of the palace, you should pay attention to the interesting exhibits from different periods in the development of the island. Antique furniture, mosaics, sculptures, rugs and much more await visitors to the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, opened at the Palace today.
  • Island of Delos. It is a unique place on the scale is not one country, but of the whole world. It is one of the largest open-air museums. It was on Delos can feel like an archaeologist in the ruins of the ancient but well-preserved of the lost city.
  • The palace of Empress Sissi. Achillion Palace was built in Corfu by the decision of Elizabeth of Austria in the late 19th century. Large building and huge gardens with stunning views of the island are noteworthy travelers how wonderful examples of architecture neo-classical Greek with specific features.
  • Knossos palace. There is an ancient legend that this place - maze with many intricate passages, in which King Minos concealed the Minotaur. The main features of the palace - is, of course, age, unusual blood-red columns, the huge stairs and no windows. This place is considered to be the hallmark of Crete.
  • Panathenaic Stadium (Panathinaikos). Unique Stadium in Athens, one of a kind. The peculiarity of this structure is that it is done in white marble. In ancient times, held here dedicated to the goddess Athena Panathenaic games, and in the late 19th century in the stadium held the first for a long time the Olympic Games.

In Greece, 17 sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.   Historical Sites of Greece has always attracted considerable interest among travelers, because 15 names from the list included cultural criteria and recognized as "masterpieces of human genius," and 2 - on the mixed cultural and natural and are "natural phenomena with exceptional beauty and aesthetic importance". Another 8 facilities in the country are candidates for inclusion. Creation of Greek nature deserve no less attention of tourists, rather than achievement of human hands.

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The world-famous natural wonders of Greece

  • Meteora. Christian monasteries built on huge cliffs. It is still a mystery as hermits managed to lead the construction of such highly complex environments. The six monasteries in the territory are still valid.
  • Love Canal. North-West coast of the island of Corfu is known to many through intricate creation of nature - the rocks are cut by yellow sea channels, forming a picturesque arch over the water. According to legend, couples who proplyvut channel, hand in hand, will be linked forever and never be separated.
  • Cave of Petralona. Not far from Chalkidiki at 300 m above sea level is the amazing beauty of the cave, famous for the bizarre decorations of stalactites and stalagmites. Long ago, this cave served as a home for the old people at the excavations there were found animal bones, the skeleton of a Neanderthal, and traces of fire and stone tools.
  • Myrtos Beach. This incredibly beautiful beach is situated on the west of Kefalonia, at the foot of the mountains. Beach from a unique white sand mixed with white pebbles shaped like a crescent moon and smoothly into the crystal clear blue water.
  • Cape Prasonisi. This natural wonder is located in the most southern part of the island of Rhodes. It is a small island that connects to Rhodes isthmus of sand, which in summer flooded with water. Prasonisi is an ideal place for windsurfers, because there never dies down wind, but ordinary tourists too, do not pass by the natural beauty surrounding the old lighthouse.
  • Valley of the Butterflies. This European conservation area on the island of Rhodes, within which resides an incredible variety of butterflies. Quiet green valley seemed designed for privacy, only the faintest sound of a babbling brook yes flapping wings can disturb the tranquility of the place.
  • Seven Springs. According to legend, in Rhodes, in a place where the land of the 7 keys to beat the cold water piping can be cleaned from the 7 Deadly Sins. And if, the courage to walk barefoot on the cave in which the flowing stream collected from sources, if not you can get a lifetime indulgence. Those wishing to try their luck a bit.

 Temple of Poseidon

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Temples, monasteries and sacred places of Greece

  • Athos monasteries. Holy Mountain Athos is one of the most revered in the Christian world. Here is the kind of autonomy - monastic republic with a population consisting entirely of men. 20 ancient convents, monasteries and hermitages scattered cliffs. The ancient Greeks believed this beautiful peninsula with the highest mountain in the perfect place to worship the gods.
  • Cathedral of St. Andrew. In the city of Patras in the Peloponnese is the shrine of the Christian world. The peculiarity is that the largest Orthodox church in Greece, located on the supposed site of the crucifixion of St. Andrew.
  • The Church of St. Demetrius. Christian basilica in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. According to tradition, the site of the construction of the temple died martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica.
  • Mega Spileon. The oldest monastery in Greece, located high in the mountains on the way from Athens to Kalavryta. To this place every year flock large number of pilgrims, because according to tradition in this place the apostle Luke wrote his Gospel and made of mastic and wax icon of the Mother of God.

 Theatre of Dionysos

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Features Greek museums

Greek museums deserve special attention, as they are considered one of the most full of exhibits and interesting to visit in the world. Few people know as an interesting fact - for many years now the Greeks give their guests the opportunity once a year to freely visit the ancient monuments in the light of the full moon. The doors of museums in an evening open for free admission, collection on display until late and theatrical performances and concerts bring a festive mood.

Most popular museums in Athens, Greece - National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Cycladic culture, the National Gallery, the National Museum of Modern Art; Crete - Ofraklion Archaeological Museum, the Archaeological Museum of Chania; in Thessaloniki - Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Museum of Byzantine Culture, State Museum of Contemporary Art and many others.

The rich world countries cradle of modern civilization is ready to open its arms. Solar and welcoming Greece has always waiting for the guests, preparing to unveil a little more of its secrets and legends.

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