causes of syncope

Timeout appearance baby into the world is the happiest in the life of any woman. However, apart from pleasant emotions future mother accompany some minor nuisance. For one of these troubles include dizziness and fainting whose causes are different. Very often, vertigo - a sign of pregnancy, it is this symptom a woman realizes she is pregnant.

Rare pregnant woman can boast that it has never had the feeling that the earth starts to walk away from under their feet. And more than anything else at this time expectant mother wants to sit down. And, most often, pregnant women complain of dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy are much more likely than later. Even in the medical literature describing the symptoms of pregnancy, dizziness is one of the first places. Incidentally, the fact that the first signs of pregnancy - dizziness and weakness, also due to the start of a sharp change hormonal expectant mother.

Fainting at the early stages of pregnancy - one of the most unpleasant phenomena. And that, in general - is explained by the very, very simple - even a huge belly that makes a woman clumsy, does not cause much inconvenience as nausea, dizziness and weakness. But on the small pregnancy your "interesting" situation is quite imperceptibly. And your pale skin and dilated pupils may be left without attention surrounding it at the time. When you most need help - unfortunately, modern society has become almost completely indifferent and inattentive to people around.

But if you suddenly became ill and close people near there - always ask for help from others, telling them about his condition. In this issue tightness totally inappropriate - we are talking about not only your well-being, but also your crumbs. After all, you do not want to spend precious time unconscious, without receiving any medical treatment? A dizzy during pregnancy gives you a chance.

What is fainting?

Very often people fall into various extremes and then confuse fainting with severe dizziness and weakness, if not a coma, terribly frightened at the same time. In fact, not right nor those of any other. Fainting doctors call momentary loss of consciousness - literally a few seconds. Longer finding the unconscious - a few minutes or more - is a serious complication and requires the earliest possible intervention of health professionals who can provide professional medical assistance. This is true not only in respect of fainting - nausea and dizziness during pregnancy may also indicate serious problems.

Fainting never comes immediately - always the first to appear related syndromes such as:

  • Throbbing in temples
  • Cardiopalmus
  • Dark circles before the eyes, blurred vision
  • Desudation
  • Feeling chills, or, on the contrary, the heat

In that case, if a pregnant woman does not sit down and relax, possible short-term loss of consciousness. Therein lies the main danger of fainting - if a woman is just no support, it will fall. And if the fall will be a failure. A woman can get hurt very hurt and crumbs, which increases the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

What's happening?

Of course, this sense of malaise is very irksome and frightening future mother. And if she still does not know exactly what caused this state, its anxiety and concern has grown significantly - because every mother worries about her, though not yet born, crumbs.

And, besides, ignorance of the causes of the condition can sometimes lead to complications in normal pregnancy. This occurs if the ailments are not caused by physiological changes in the body of a pregnant woman, and disorders in the functioning of vital systems and organs. Dizziness and fainting during pregnancy in women can be caused by:

  • Iron-deficiency anemia

Very often, a pregnant woman feels constant discomfort, dizziness and can fainted often. In addition, a pregnant woman may complain of a sense of lack of oxygen, ringing in the ears, the appearance of black spots before the eyes, weakness, increased sweating, trembling. At the same time the impact of any external factors such as stuffiness or a large concentration of people who are not connected with this painful condition of the pregnant woman. A reason may be trivial iron deficiency or, in other words, a reduced hemoglobin content in the blood which is responsible for the delivery of oxygen to body cells. Most often, vertigo in late pregnancy is caused by iron deficiency anemia.

Identify the presence of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women it is not difficult - it is only necessary to take a blood test. Laboratory examination of the blood accurately determine the level of hemoglobin in the blood of pregnant women and allow the doctor to diagnose the presence or absence of iron deficiency anemia. Corrected this state is quite simple - based on blood tests the doctor will choose the pharmacological drugs containing iron and the optimal dose for each individual woman. After receiving a course of the drug, as a rule, anemia disappears without a trace.

However, note the following features of the flow of the disease - long-term iron deficiency anemia can occur without any outward symptoms, does not prove itself until running until it receives the form in which the treatment takes longer and requires some effort. That is why it is so important to diagnose the disease in time - to this end, a pregnant woman should have regular blood tests.

  • Fatigue, anxiety and stress

As we know, life with the onset of pregnancy is not terminated. And it is no secret that the modern pace of life teaches people a lot of surprises in the form of chronic fatigue syndrome, and various stresses. And if also a family woman, waiting child what - a problem - the situation is aggravated at times.

Yet these stresses not only provoke a pregnant woman dizziness, weakness and even fainting, but also jeopardize the proper harmonious development of the fetus - a violation of bookmarks and development of internal organs, the normal growth of the baby. Of course, I do not want any expectant mother.

Therefore, it would be difficult for any but a pregnant woman should observe the maximum possible sparing regimen. Try to relax as much as possible, walk in the fresh air, to avoid conflict whenever possible. Remember that according to Russian legislation, you have the right to ask for a transfer to an easy work, without reducing wages.

  • The presence of a pregnant woman's chronic cardio - vascular system

Very often, women who have pre-pregnancy suffered from any - any cardio - vascular system, in early pregnancy occur frequent fainting. In order to avoid this, a woman who knows about the disease should take a responsible approach to the issue of pregnancy and begin to prepare for it in advance, having a preventive treatment. Otherwise dizzy early in pregnancy will be your constant companion.

If, however, in this case, during pregnancy a woman has problems such as dizziness and fainting, she necessarily should immediately contact your doctor. Self-medication and ignoring this issue is unacceptable in any case - it endangers the normal course of pregnancy and its successful completion.

  • Hypotension

Another very frequent companion of pregnancy, especially in the early timing of it is hypotension or, in other words, low blood pressure. In this disease the blood pressure of women is lowered to figures 60 and 100 millimeters of mercury below. There is such a state as a consequence of disturbances of the cardiovascular system, in particular, reduction of vascular tone.

Suspected hypotension in a pregnant woman can be in the following situation. The woman has a fairly high level of hemoglobin in the blood, no chronic cardio - vascular and definitely not. However, fainting, this woman still happen, and not only once, which can be attributed to random events.

Most often the woman's condition deteriorates significantly in the following situations: a pregnant woman is in a stuffy room or crowded, long time spends on his feet, take a hot bath or simply - simply experiencing hunger. Even mood swings pregnant women can provoke fainting. Usually, the cause of sickness is just lowering blood pressure in the future mother.

Note the following caveat - when low blood pressure pregnant woman is rarely loses consciousness sharply and suddenly. As a rule, the attack develops gradually. Gynecologist referred the following symptom onset symptoms of hypertension: a woman a feeling of weakness, dizziness or headache. And only if the time is not taken the necessary measures, a pregnant woman faints.

If something similar happens to you, do not panic - usually single, rare cases loss of consciousness does not bring any harm to the health of mother or crumbs. However, to put notify your doctor still is necessary. The doctor will conduct the necessary examination and will be able to ascertain the cause, causing dizziness, fainting and a pregnant woman. And knowing the cause in most cases can be effectively prevented seizures.

In the same case, if you do not and do not determine the cause of sickness, fainting attacks will go more and more often, and their duration will continue to increase. And all this can not affect the status of the fetus. Indeed, during unconsciousness largely deteriorating blood supply to oxygen and consequently can lead to the development of the child fetal hypoxia. That is why a pregnant woman should make every effort to minimize these complications.

 dizziness during pregnancy

Low blood pressure

It reduces the blood pressure for different reasons. One of the main, the most common reason is sharply increased pressure on the whole body of a pregnant woman, and in particular on the cardio - vascular system. Such a load causes certain changes in the heart, which are perfectly natural and reversible, but can lead to the appearance of syncope.

The increased load on the heart is due to the fact that a pregnant woman is greatly enhanced metabolic processes in the body, to the needs of the fetus for nutrients were completely satisfied. In addition, pregnant women significantly increases total blood volume, as an additional placental circulation, and there is a natural increase in body weight.

In addition, an increase in the size of the uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm, and create increased pressure in the abdomen of a pregnant woman. All these factors together have a direct impact on the rhythm of the heart. To reduce the load body relaxes heart muscles. That is, ultimately, leads to lower blood pressure in pregnant women. However, this feature is typical for 6 - 9 months of pregnancy. Just before birth the body is mobilized and ready for the upcoming stress during delivery, returns all systems, including cardio - vascular, in the previous full mode.

Another common reason for reducing the pressure in pregnant women is a radical change in hormonal levels, the natural process while waiting for the baby. Changing the content in the blood of pregnant women of various hormones often leads to a change in the rhythm of the work of many vital organs and systems of the body, which in turn leads to low blood pressure - regular or periodic, depending on the individual characteristics of each woman. Dizziness causes during pregnancy is the same as and fainting.

Treatment of syncope

Very often pregnant women are afraid to report their fainting and dizziness gynecologist, believing that they necessarily admitted to hospital for treatment and preservation of pregnancy. However, this is not entirely correct. Know how to avoid fainting, not enough. If fainting cause serious disturbances in the state of health, hospitalization is a must - otherwise exposed to a serious risk of a child's life and health of the mother. Staying in this case the house - top negligence and irresponsibility - "maybe" not the best friend of a pregnant woman.

If you absolutely know for sure that your body has no major deviations, and you do not suffer from chronic diseases, and also in the event that your doctor - a gynecologist will give its consent to deal with the problem of syncope can be in the home . However, be prepared for the fact that the pressure to fully normalize "pregnant" of numbers you are unlikely. And, indeed, should not - the main purpose of which is to pursue a pregnant woman - the stabilization of the condition and well-being.

Following are the basic methods of stabilization of the pregnant woman and prevent fainting. All these methods are approved by leading doctors - gynecologists and will not bring any harm of the pregnant woman or her child. However, before you put them into practice, still show your doctor - rarely, but sometimes it happens that the individual characteristics of pregnancy or health status may be a contraindication to these methods eliminate the dizziness and weakness during pregnancy.


There is a misconception that a pregnant woman should try to get plenty of rest and lie down. However, in reality this is not so. After all, pregnancy is not a disease, and a pregnant woman - a sick person. Such tactics may lead to very different consequences, in particular to excessive weight gain and problems during childbirth.

Doctors - gynecologists have long noticed a strict regularity - the more active life is a pregnant woman, the easier it is to endure the discomfort associated with pregnancy and the easier her labor pass. Of course, we are not talking about a woman pinned to the back-breaking, exhausting exercise. However, physical activity is a must for a normal pregnancy. In addition, it is necessary for the well-being of the future mother.

Correct similar complex exercise not only tone up the body of a pregnant woman, but also a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, lungs and nervous system, and supports normal abdominal muscles that a pregnant woman is important. Well-developed abdominal muscles effectively support the uterus grows in size, taking on the role of natural bandage, as well as providing an invaluable service during pregnancy.

In addition, women engaged in physical activity during pregnancy, very quickly returns to normal blood pressure and a tendency to disappear fainting. Thus, the exercises will help stabilize any pregnant woman.

However, in no case do not pick their own set of physical exercises - it is supposed to do a specialist. Ask your doctor to tell you more about this - perhaps in your clinic there are special classes for pregnant women. If there are none, the doctor - a gynecologist will paint you a whole set of exercises that you can do yourself at home.

Also in the large cities there are special schools for pregnant women, which provides classes for pregnant women. Some pregnant women gymnastics in swimming pools.