• Makeup removal
  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Humidification
  • Food
  • Protection

The skin - the largest organ of the human, which protects our body from harmful viruses, bacteria and protozoa from hypothermia and overheating. But it also needs protection and care. Especially facial skin, which is much softer and more vulnerable than the skin on the body. Proper care of a person will make your skin radiant and not only gentle but also allow her to stay longer young.

Facial Care - is a system that requires adherence to certain rules:

  1. The regularity. Conduct all necessary procedures for the care of the person need to constantly. Only regular and continuous care will allow the skin to remain fresh and clean.
  2. Moderation. Apply any cosmetic product on the face should be in homeopathic doses. Excessive use of creams, serums and other cosmetics can cause oversaturation of the skin, and as a result of allergies, pore clogging and other troubles.
  3. Suitable cosmetics. All cosmetic products that you use should be perfect not only for your skin type, and age appropriate.

Up to 25 years of skin firmness and elasticity, the regular cell renewal. Therefore, at this age, you should not use cosmetics, which contain substances produced by the skin itself. If you start using anti-aging cosmetics too early, the skin will become "lazy", which will lead to its premature fading. For the young skin, usually characterized by increased sebum. Therefore, in this age, the main thing - to keep the skin clean. Suffice it to regularly use a good cleanser and moisturize the skin with a light cream melting texture. In addition, once a week to clean the skin soft scrub cleanses the pores and make the mask.

From 25 to 30 years old skin produces less collagen and elastin - the first signs of aging. Usually, this small and fine lines. With this age beauticians are advised to use the funds to start "against the first signs of aging." Do not forget about the delicate skin of the eyelids. At this age, you can restrict a refreshing cream or gel for eyelids.

After 30 years of wrinkles become deeper and more visible. It's time to use the means with antioxidants that will block the free radicals - cause cellular damage and wrinkles.

Finally, after 40 years, to protect youth enter the powerful cosmetics. The cream of wrinkles should include retinol, elastin, collagen, vitafibrin and other active components.

All facials include several complementary steps.

  • demakijazh
  • purification
  • Toners
  • humidification
  • food
  • protection

Let us examine each of these in more detail.

Makeup removal

Before the procedure of purification is required to remove the makeup. There are various means for removing makeup.

Milk is suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Means in the form of a lotion - for normal to oily skin. If you use decorative cosmetics counter, then it will help to remove the two-phase liquid makeup remover on oily basis.

If you have limited time, it will help to quickly remove makeup, special make-up remover wipes. However, such an express option can be used no more than twice a week - can deteriorate the skin.

During make-up remover is not necessary to rub your skin with force with a cotton pad soaked vehicle. So you get irritation of the skin and premature wrinkles.

A cotton pad with the liquid makeup remover need a few seconds to attach to the eyes, lips and other parts of the face. During this time the vehicle will have time to dissolve make-up, and he retired from the skin quickly and easily. After removing the make-up can proceed to the washing.

 Valuable facials


Cleansing - one of the main stages in the care of skin. Cleanser in combination with water effectively removes sebum and dirt accumulated on the skin throughout the day.

To cleanse the procedure did not leave on the skin discomfort, you need to properly choose a suitable cleanser.

For dry skin, perfect gentle cleansing milk that will not pull the skin and leaving a pleasant sensation of velvety. Suitable and creamy cleanser that is perfect to cleanse the skin without disrupting its lipid layer.

Suitable for normal skin cleansing and refreshing gel cleanser with moisturizing ingredients. In general, the holders of a normal and trouble-free skin has a unique opportunity to choose for themselves any cleanser that will be comfortable skin.

Oily and problematic skin effectively clean foam for washing and gels, which contain antibacterial ingredients and fine abrasive particles.

Combined skin more suitable means, the composition of which includes both and softening and anti-inflammatory components.

Sensitive skin by dermatologists and cosmetologists are advised to wash and not, at least in ordinary water. It is better to clean the skin micellar water. Not only does it effectively cleans the skin, but it tones and soothes irritation - frequent companions sensitive skin.

Today the cosmetic industry offers a variety of cleansers for different skin types. Air foams, mousses, gels and colorful smoothies luxurious facials converted into a pleasure!

It is better not to wash with warm and cool water. While easy to massage your cleanser, then rinse with plenty of water means. But the use of all kinds of sponges and sponges for washing should be abandoned. They are very aggressive effect on the skin, and it can hurt. In addition, wet sponge - perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that may cause inflammation in the skin.


Many women neglect this step in the care of the face. However, this is a very important part of it.

The main task of tonic - give the skin tone and prepare it for the application of moisturizer. Tonic cleared fills the pores and prevents them from contamination. In addition, the prepared tonic skin cream to bed and is absorbed much better.

For dry and normal skin suit tonic with soothing ingredients (for example, camomile, cornflower).

For oily and problem skin, choose tonic without alcohol. A part of the alcohol can further trigger activity of the sebaceous glands. Salicylic acid - a component for a more appropriate tonic. She gently dries inflammation, tightens pores and helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.

After the tonic you need to immediately apply a moisturizing cream.


As you know, proper hydration needs of any type of skin absolutely.

Choosing the right moisturizer for yourself, pay attention to the active ingredients and caring components.

Converts dry skin intensively moisturizing creams, which are based on hyaluronic acid is included. It restores moisture balance and keeps moisture in the skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid is well absorbed by the skin, as originally included in the composition of the epidermal cells.

Vitamins E and C - antioxidants known - must also be part of a quality moisturizer for dry skin. They not only neutralize the harmful ultraviolet radiation, thus preventing the appearance of age spots, but also improves the complexion.

These vitamins also help normal beauty of the skin to maintain its balanced state.

For oily skin the most suitable moisturizer is a light gel, which includes antibacterial components and dehumidified (tea tree oil, calendula and aloe extracts).

Cream for sensitive skin should contain only hypoallergenic ingredients, and ideally not have no color, no odor.

And finally, any moisturizer must necessarily be composed of filters SPF of at least 15 units.

In addition, the functions of moisturizing day cream can and give tone and radiance of the skin. Fashionable new cosmetics - BB-cream - just has the above properties. This versatile tool makes the beauty-facial incredibly easy and enjoyable.

 facial winter


Periodically, our skin needs a deep cleaning. In this case, to effectively help all kinds of facial scrubs. Peels are necessary in order to facial skin is cleansed of the upper stratum corneum and become better absorb the nutrients of the creams and serums. Exfoliation makes any facial efficiently.

In addition, the exfoliation of dead skin cells using a scrub makes the skin radiant and younger. Improves blood circulation and thus the complexion.

Exfoliation should be done 1 day a week for dry skin 2 times a week for normal and 3-4 times - for oily skin. Use at the same time can be as ready peels and gommazhi or made at home.

After peeling especially effective will operate facial mask.

They intensively nourish and soften the skin, saturate it with useful substances. Masks are equally useful for both the young and for aging skin. Do you need a mask 1-2 times a week, using ingredients that are suitable for your skin type.


At various times, the facial skin needs protection. Facials would be incomplete without protective equipment.

Koldo cream - winter

This protective cream with an oily texture, which protects delicate skin from chapping, frostbite and loss of moisture and dehydration of the skin. Although the fat content, the cream does not clog pores and does not cause allergies. This cream is useful during walks and rather long stay on the street. However, the make-up applied on a cream that will permanently lubricated, and the cream is left on the face shine.

Sunscreens - summer

As soon as the solar radiation is becoming more or less active, beauticians are advised to begin to use sunscreen for the face. This not only protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, prevention of age spots, but also protection against premature aging.

If you have very fair skin, use a cream with a protection factor of at least 40 units, if the average light - at least 25-30, and Darkie can use creams with a protection factor of up to 15 units.

In general, it is worth noting that the facial - it is not only the beauty treatments, creams and lotions. It is proper nutrition, outdoor exercise, and most importantly - in a good mood and good spirits.

 Facials. Basic Rules

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