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Acne - one of the perennial problems! How many people are poisoning the life of these small, but these nasty rashes. For owners of oily skin, they generally are permanent "companions of life." But even if the skin on the face is normal or dry, it is still no guarantee of acne there.

In particularly severe cases need to be treated by specialists (dermatologists or cosmetologists) and lighter forms of acne completely eliminated, and in the home. Cleaning facial acne - a procedure not only hygienic, but therapeutic. And, of course, such a nuisance as acne should try to prevent. Let's find out what measures can help in this, and how do you clean the face of the house.

Preventive measures

You agree that prevent acne is easier than getting rid of them. So try to follow the following rules:

  1. Eat foods rich in vitamin A: dill and parsley, sorrel and spinach, cheese and milk, liver and eggs.
  2. Stick to water-filled diet. Such a diet - the best acne treatment system, although the effect that produces water, is often underestimated. Water hydrates contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. Water also helps to eliminate unwanted toxins, which contribute to the appearance of pimples. For healthy color and condition of the person should drink about seven glasses of water every day.
  3. Start eating a low-fat, low-calorie food, which helps reduce the hormonal imbalance and will be able to normalize the work of the sweat glands. And even if you have acne, a diet will lead to reduce them. Eat as much as possible every day of fruits and vegetables: vegetable fiber and fiber can also help prevent acne.
  4. Change pillowcases on the pillows every two days - pillowcase collects sweat and dirt from your face and hair, while a person sleeps. Therefore, experts strongly recommend to change the pillowcases in two days.
  5. Walk to the bath. Sauna - a great way to clean your face of acne and rid the body of toxins, as the steam opens pores and promotes natural cleansing of the skin.

Means of getting rid of acne is not necessarily looking for a pharmacy. Although the pharmacy has a lot of useful things - such as tea tree oil excellent fights germs and bacteria, which contribute to the emergence of acne. A big plus tea tree oil - that it has no side effects when it is used. Among the home remedies for acne should be mentioned and honey, from which you can make a mask once a week. Honey is an excellent anti-bacterial and healing agent, moreover, it smoothes the skin and adds luster to her.

Use all available methods of purifying the body of toxins and harmful substances, and this will help you prevent acne and even get rid of them. If special measures can not help you, or help the weak, try a procedure such as a cleaning person at home.

 facial cleansing for acne

Facial cleansing for acne

Cleaning person may be gentle or aggressive enough against the skin procedure. Gentle cleansing - is a weekly exfoliating the skin with the help of special tools. It is best to carry out this procedure once or twice a week, causing the skin soft scrubs or peels for the face. These tools contain very small and very gentle abrasives, which exfoliate the top layer of her skin, but do not hurt her. However, when a large number of acne on the face by the use of abrasives should be avoided. In this case it is better to give preference to mask or make films kaolin mask (two to three times a week). Kaolin - is a white clay. It gently exfoliates dead skin cells and absorbs sebum, that is degreasing skin.

Cleaning the face with steam bath - a more efficient procedure. Steam Bath expands the pores, increases perspiration and stimulates the sebaceous glands. For additional disinfection of the water is added herbs: chamomile, sage, linden blossom.

How should a person be cleaned using a steam bath? To start brewed with boiling water, dry grass (three to four tablespoons per gallon of water). And then, covering her head with a towel, hold over steam face ten or fifteen minutes. After that soak through the skin with a clean towel (preferably cotton) and wipe the face of a three-percent hydrogen peroxide solution. Now proceed directly to squeezing pimples.

To do this, prepare in advance sterile cloth (available at pharmacies) and wrap their index fingers. Then gently squeeze the base of your fingers squeeze pimple and all of its contents. After the steam bath the skin is cleaned with no problems, and ripe pimples are squeezed out very easily. If this does not happen, then a pimple is not yet ripe, and squeeze it yet.

When finished cleaning, wipe the skin with tincture of calendula, which narrows the pores. At the end of the procedure we put a mask on the face of contracting on the basis of egg white, lemon juice or cosmetic clay. And remember that the cleaning of the face - a stressful procedure. Therefore, spend it on the eve of the day and if you do not plan to go anywhere. The fact is that immediately after cleaning the person will be far from blooming.

 correct facial cleansing for acne

Safety measures

The procedure for cleaning the face of acne is a not for everyone and not always. It is, for example, can not be carried out at rosacea (dilation of blood vessels, shines through the skin), in the presence of inflammatory acne, boils and eczema. And another very important process sterility. So do not neglect sterile wipes, in the extreme case, treat the hand alcohol. Otherwise the cleaning procedure will have the opposite result: inflamed pimples, and they will be even more.

By the way, all too often reduces the effectiveness of deep cleaning procedures and also leads to the appearance of new spots. Therefore, choose a middle ground. Take good care of the face, take preventive measures, and cleaning is carried out not more than once a month and a half.

Post Scriptum

Once visiting the beauty parlor for cleaning the face from acne, and you can at home to carry out this procedure in the sequence and rules of professional. So what can be a time to splurge for a session of a good beautician. The more that is not such a great sacrifice of those that require us to beauty. Stay beautiful!

 Facial cleansing for acne: beauty without unnecessary casualties

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 Nail piercing

For any woman, nails can become a real decoration or accessory, you just have the courage to turn to the master, who can professionally make your nails a piece of art. Nail design can combine manicure with rhinestones, sequins, modeling, applique and so on. Separately, you can select a tool original decorate manicure nail piercing.

Today, piercing nails - it is one of the most popular decorations of the nail plate, which like many women of fashion. Naturally, like any other piercing, it is based on piercing. Before piercing nail fond only informal youth, but now it's decoration are housewives and business woman, and just creative girl.

Piercing nail as popular as the application. Piercing procedure itself completely painless and safe. Perform a piercing nail can only be healthy and strong nails.

Do not try to hold the nail piercing the house, it is better to use for this wizard in the services of a beauty salon. Look, before you do nail piercing photo works liked wizard. So you're assured of a good result of the procedure. If you decide to spend the piercing nails at home, do it on false nails or with a special set of nails to puncture. Never try to use a needle to puncture the nail instead of a special drill! You can damage the nail plate or get hurt.

How is the procedure?

To begin with, to not damage the nail earring and well kept, reinforced acrylic nails or gel .  If you do not want to damage your own nails, you can build acrylic or attach special tips, which will then be mounted earring .  After strengthening the foundations of the nail plate, you can proceed to the second stage of the procedure: with a small drill on the tip of your nail wizard will do a small hole .  If you do decide to carry out a piercing at home alone, during the piercing, make sure that the drill was exactly perpendicular to the nail, just so you get the correct hole .  The drill should be applied on the reverse side of the nail plate and nail the other side to put on something elastic .  Most importantly, when you do piercings on nails how to make the correct puncture .  Do this very carefully, applying gentle pressure on the drill bit to prevent damage to the nail .

Last, the final stage - the attachment of the earrings. Master, with a special forceps for nail design, nail fixes on a special decoration (matched to your taste). Now you are ready!

If you make a piercing on her nails, not the tips, then the growth of the nails puncture the need to update or remove.

There are several types of jewelry polish .  They may be in the form of studs or in the form of rings .  Different types of earrings are mounted differently .  Most often, ladies opt for ringlets Piercing .  They can be single, triple, snake may be ellipsoidal, etc. . d .  In ringlet can be flat, wide edge, on which the pattern is applied .  On ringlets fix stones, beads, rhinestones, and sometimes small and suspension .  The second type of decoration - a carnation .  Types of studs can be divided into earrings made of solid metal and earrings with inserts .  Carnations are fixed with a small nut and varied in form .  The shape of the cap-stud earrings can be absolutely any form from geometric figures to different flowers, suns, etc. .  In order not to injure your finger, cut the tip of the stud earrings special tweezers, but do not make it too short, otherwise the earring could fly off and become lost .

Beyond the usual decorations in the form of earrings, stud or ringlet, it became popular to use multi-tier jewelry. For example, chains that connect the ring in the nail plate with a bracelet or a ring. At the peak of popularity and suspension for nail piercing with special shpringelnymi snaps. They perfectly capture your decorating and can be easily removed and dress. Suspensions for nail may be of different shapes - hearts, fish, locks or key. They may be gold and silver, and may be of simple metals. Charms on nails decorate their owner and give the image of extravagance.

Try to pick a decoration so that it will blend in well with your other jewelry - necklaces, earrings or bracelets. So you ensure the integrity of your image.

Piercing Jewelry can be bought in the store - their range is quite large. If you like originality and creativity, you can make your own earrings. To do this, it could not be better suited to the old chain rings to which you can attach any suspension. The most elegant nail piercing looks of the French manicure.

Most girls stop by the nail piercing question: Does not hurt decoration in everyday life - in the kitchen or at work. But reviews of clients with piercing say that you get used to shackle a couple of days.

Piercing accepted to do on the ring finger or little finger, as they practically are not involved in the daily work. Thus, you reduce the risk of cracks, breakage and loss of nail decoration.
If you spend a nail piercing procedure at home, the nail before drilling, cover it with varnish. Then wait for the paint to completely dry and proceed to drill the nail. Be careful if you have weak and thin nails, the piercing can lead to delamination of the nail plate.

As long as you wear an earring on your nail, you should observe certain precautions to avoid hooking decoration for anything and do not break a nail. Very often damaged nails, decorated with dangling earrings. If possible, remove the earring at night or when doing household chores.

When ready, the results are sure to please. You are in for a long time to get a manicure beautiful and original, perfectly complement your image. Be creative, create a new image, going to be creative. Do not be afraid to experiment and your nails will not go unheeded.

 Nail Piercing

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