Jacquet massage

There are several methods of performing therapeutic massage. And one of them is a method of massage for Jacquet. It has developed a French dermatologist Jacquet (1860-1914). Massage Jacquet stabilizes blood circulation, dissolves pus pockets, and normalizes metabolism. That is, this massage is used as resolving agent for various skin diseases.

Jacquet massage technique is also aimed at the normalization of the sebaceous glands and improve the microcirculation of the skin. Jacquet massage performed on the face, back, hips, chest . Jacquet massage - a technique that is used without applying creams or oils, and with the use of talc, which is sprinkled with a small amount of skin.

Therapeutic massage Jacquet is usually carried out more intensively than cosmetic. This type of massage is used to solve problems such as poor circulation, excessive secretion of sebum and acne treatment.

Technique of massage

In Jacquet massage method of fairly difficult to perform .  This method consists in the rhythmic tingle that made the thumb and forefinger, which is done during the seizure of the skin .  Such seizures great impact on the surface layer of the skin and the deeper layers - the subcutaneous tissue .  It is necessary that such tingling were strong enough .  That is padded thumb and index finger to grip the skin in all its thickness in the area to be treated, and then the quick short movements and compress it in all directions and thus bypassing the entire surface to be treated .  Typically, the contents of which is pressed out of the eel, like curd or spiral rod with a black head, which is a greasy cap, which is heavily polluted by dust settles on the skin .  Tweaks must alternate with vibration and light strokes .  If the skin is dominated by festering acne, then massage Jacquet is contraindicated .  When the massage techniques Jacquet it is necessary to remember the directions of skin lines .  Such movement leads to stimulation of normal blood flow and activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby they prevent excessively increased sebum, which is usually the cause of acne .

This technique makes it possible to perform massage work on those layers of the skin, which do not fall under the influence of the usual massage (in which there is a massing of the surface layers of the skin).

The schedule of sessions of massage

Massages medical Jacquet first few days should be made on a daily basis, then the frequency of procedures should gradually decrease and reach no more than two - three treatments per week .  A session of massage should last no more than ten minutes, .  Longer duration is strictly prohibited .  And in order for you to be able to achieve an optimal result, you need to be sure to spend at least ten sessions .  This is the number of sessions helps to ensure a high quality result .  Of course, you can do this massage and a little longer than ten procedures .  Quite often massage Jacquet used after cosmetic procedures such as cleaning of the skin because it contributes to its rapid recovery and healing .  Keep in mind that this procedure can be trusted to do just experienced, because the technique of this massage is rather complex and necessarily requires the skills and expertise .

Face massage

 facial massage Jacquet

Face massage Jacquet is usually used for younger women who suffer from oily seborrhea skin with acne, spots and stagnant infiltration, as well as if the tone of the facial muscles is significantly reduced. The massage face Jacquet, as well as on other body parts, previously applied talc. The duration of this procedure, approximately five to six minutes. In total twenty procedures conducted at intervals two or three times a week. It is best to every such procedure for cleaning the face, where the skin is treated with a solution of two percent salicylic alcohol. Facial massage consists of three types of movements (stroking, kneading, vibration). Unlike other types of cosmetic facial massage is the very nature of kneading movements (deep and plucked that allow squeeze out the fat).

Indications for therapeutic massage Jacquet:

  1. acne, scarring of the skin a coarse skin
  2. acne is inflammation of the stage
  3. a coarse skin

Progress massages Jacquet:

  1. First comes the cleansing
  2. Then he massages with means for your skin type
  3. At the end of the final cream

Home Care for problem skin:

  1. primarily as a skin cleansing;
  2. further mask to narrow inflammatory, wound healing;
  3. at the end of the cream for oily and oily skin;

Contraindications for facial massage Jacquet:

  1. pustular rash
  2. the presence of virus or exacerbation of chronic diseases
  3. allergies and dermatitis
  4. any violation of the integrity of the skin
  5. strongly expressed rosacea (spider veins or mesh)
  6. acute inflammation of the facial nerve
  7. male pattern of body hair in women (hirsutism);
  8. flat warts
 Face massage Jacquet

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 plastic facial massage


  • Plastic facial massage
  • Engineering plastic massage
  • Results plastic massage

Massage the face and neck is extremely important caring procedures. Good educated massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and this helps to relieve swelling, tissue oxygenation, improve their nutrition, so that the face is fresh and glowing. In cosmetic use different types of massage, and each of them performs its particular function and is aimed at addressing certain problems. One of the most effective types of massage is a plastic face massage, which we want to tell you in more detail.

Plastic facial massage

This type of massage has a significant effect on the tissues of the face and neck. As a result improves lymph and blood circulation, strengthens muscles, increases skin turgor. Indications for plastic massage are sluggish, aging skin, excess fat tissue, decreased muscle tone.

Plastic massage recommends a course that includes 10-15 procedures. The amount depends on the patient's skin condition. It is important not to interrupt the course (usually make massage every other day). After a full course is recommended twice a month to do the procedure support. Very often alternates beautician plastic massage, which is performed for talc, with cosmetic, performed by the cream. This is especially effective for people with dry skin.

A very important role is played by the correct technique of plastics (meaning plastic massage). Therefore trust the implementation of this cosmetic procedure can only be qualified beautician with medical education.

 plastic facial massage technique

Engineering plastic massage

Plastic massage is performed by alternating the pressing, vibration and locking movements, which are produced by the so-called massage lines. This is a very important point that should definitely be taken into account so as not to stretch the skin. In general, the same movement as with other types of massage, a fundamental difference lies in the kneading technique that executes reciprocating motion in a circle.

  • Starts with plastic massage strokes - go on the massage lines from the top, completing fixation on each line.
  • Surface faces kneading is performed:
  1. from the middle of the chin to the earlobe
  2. from the corner of the mouth to the tragus
  3. from the nose to the temple
  4. from the outer edge of the circular muscle of the eye through the nose and brow arch to the temple
  5. from the middle of the forehead to the temple
  6. cheeks from the temples to the mandible
  • Surface kneading neck muscles:
  1. from the submandibular region to the ear lobe
  2. from the lower jaw to the clavicle (on the side of the neck), the subclavian region, sternum
  3. from the sternum of the anterior side of the neck up (the lower jaw)
  • Deep kneading (performed in the same way as the surface).
  • Effleurage (staccato) - the massage lines from the bottom up.
  • Vibration - from the bottom up.
  • Stroking - the final stage of plastic massage.

After completing the massage the skin should be wiped with lotion or decoction of herbs (if indicated) and impose appropriate mask (depending on skin type and current problems). Very good mask with a lifting effect, which shows nearly all patients in need of plastic massage. They fix the result obtained from massage.

Currently, many salons offer advanced the so-called chiroplastic massage, which is based on the principles of plastic massage, but the technique has some of the differences. This procedure was developed by the Spanish professor of the Institute of Manual Therapy (Barcelona) Enrique Garcia Castells. According to the specialists of aesthetic cosmetology, today it is the most effective massage with a strong lifting effect.

The highlight is, firstly, very energetic, even abrupt, movements, due to which it is possible to achieve increased blood flow to the tissues. And secondly, this massage is not just a person - obligatory work on the back and side of the neck area, neck area, the trapezius muscle and hands (from the shoulder to the elbow). The results are impressive.

 plastic massage

Results plastic massage

Already in the title of this massage it laid deeper meaning - analogy with plastic surgery. And I must say, rightly so. Masseur thanks to a special technique in a sense, the person models, improving its contours. But age-related changes just require just such intervention, in which is possible to restore the shape of the face.

How can achieve this effect without drastic intervention, but only by a massage? Deep study of stimulating muscular frame, an impact not only on the facial muscles, which are already by their nature are in good shape, but also on the static muscles, gives a stunning result. No scalpel, no anesthesia, no recovery period (as it is needed during surgery) it is possible to achieve stable rejuvenating effect.

Thus, plastic massage leads to the following results:

  • wrinkles
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • swelling go
  • increases tissue oxygenation
  • They disappear or become inconspicuous dark spots
  • narrow pores
  • rashes disappear
  • the skin becomes more supple and elastic
  • restored oval face

From a certain age plastic massage is sure to include a program of care for face and neck, of course, if there are no contraindications for massage as such. The only thing I would like to note - this massage requires professional knowledge, in particular on the anatomy of the face and neck. However, any massage should only be performed by professionally trained persons.

 Plastic facial massage - technique and results

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